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Contest: Win a Toshiba Excite 10 From NVIDIA and Droid Life! [RAW] (Update: Winner Picked)

Day 3 of Reader Appreciation Week is here! On day 1, we gave away a Nexus 7. Yesterday, we gave away an HTC One X. Today, well, let’s go big (as in screen size) and hook someone up with a Toshiba Excite 10. While we may not have given the Excite 10 a ton of love as it arrived during a time when 10″ tablets were flooding the market and rarely stood out from one another, it’s safe to say that this device is no slouch. Thanks to its Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, 10.1″ Autobrite Gorilla Glass display, dual cameras, and variety of ports (including a full sized SD card slot), it matches up nicely to most tablets in the industry on paper.

Who wants one?  


Update: We have our winner! Thanks to everyone that has entered. We still have two days left of goodies!

Prize:  1 (one) Toshiba Excite 10 tablet

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, tell us what your favorite Android device of all time is, and why.
2.  Feel free to share the contest post on your favorite social network.
3.  Here is a Tweet that we would love to see you share:


Follow @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra to win a Toshiba Excite 10 tablet!  http://bit.ly/UVQrQ2 #android #contest #raw

4.  Also, follow us on TwitterGoogle+, and Facebook if you aren’t already.



Tomorrow (9/27) at 9:00AM PT, we will randomly choose a winner from the comments.

A big “Thanks!” again goes out to NVIDIA for putting up so many amazing prizes this week, including the Toshiba Excite 10. Be sure to check out the Tegra Zone for all of your gaming needs.

Good luck!

  • MudRacer

    OG Motorola Droid! Had that sucker rooted a week after I got it.

  • Of course mine ans most of everyone elses favorite would be the original motorola droid. It was the phone that introduced us to android. Have been in love with it since.

  • Shawn Mayers

    My favorite android device is my thunderbolt. It was my first droid cause I joined in late and it’s still my favorite.

  • garcia525

    Favorite device is my Droid X. It was my first Android device and the reason why I’ll always carry a Droid phone.

  • Nexus S i9020T Loved that phone. It was so fun and easy to root and run custom ROM’s.

  • jofficus44

    Has to be the OG Droid. It stayed in the family after I upgraded, passing to my wife and then her brother, and has been going strong for years!

  • elecga

    Droid X was my first android device also but my favorite has to be my current S3

  • probably the droid x once I was able to get a rom on it. It was a good mix of power and battery life. I love my nexus but the battery life is crap.

  • Muhannad Agha

    HTC One X it’s the sexiest phone I’ve touched

  • DanWazz

    Galaxy Nexus.It works great, and the developer support keeps it fresh and exciting.

  • OG Droid made me a believer in smartphones after the initial iPhones failed to impress

  • tuzzah

    My favorite is my droid Bionic. Just love my phone. And I am hooked on android lol. Read everything I can on android.

  • Christopher Quan

    OG Droid. It started it all

  • The Motorola Droid line has a fantastic keyboard for SSHing; that line has been my favorite.

  • farmerbrian

    So far its my Bionic with ICS

  • pip ster

    My htc EVO Droid. I haven’t touched my laptop in over a year. I do everything on my phone.

  • Scott Fried

    Honestly, as bad as it sounds, my Bionic! It’s the only android device I have ever owned though. Even though its taking forever to get ICS, it is such a solid phone. Dual core, 1GB ram, removable battery, expandable storage, great battery life, great radios, etc etc. Once we finally get ICS, this thing will still be a solid phone for probably another year almost.

  • Andy Blystone

    OG Droid… if only i hadn’t left it in the rain…

  • epps720

    Has to be the OG Droid

  • Wayne Broder

    My favorite is the Galaxy Nexus. It is a huge step up from my OG droid which I loved. But all around the Galaxy Nexus’ performance makes using the phone a pleasure.

  • Dilson Silva

    Favorite device is whatever my current one is. Currently the SGS3.

  • M A

    my HTC Amaze

  • G A

    I like my Kindle Fire

  • Galaxy nexus, it is the new breed, right behind it, is my OG droid. That’s why I wake up and say Android4life!

  • My favorite device was the Droid Incredible. The form factor was the key.

  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Everything just works, and it does absolutely everything so well!

  • Dexter Fichuk

    HTC One X because htc really started to define a new line of smartphones that were well rounded all over

  • OG Droid! Still works till this day!

  • Jeffho

    Droid X.

  • chris grant

    Of my android devices my favorite is my good old nexus one because it introduced me to android and it still does the job with style.

  • Dawdroid

    OG Droid (my first Android phone)

  • Jamarcus White

    OG Droid, Because in a world that doesn’t……………….Wait for it…………….. DROID DOES

  • OG Droid, no question. It got me hooked on Android from day one, and is still the best form factor IMO.

  • My favorite device so far is my Droid Razr Maxx but I love my wife’s Xoom tablet!

  • The droid incredible. You can’t kill that phone.

  • Mike Bates

    HTC G1, the phone that started it all and brought us the original Android.

  • Tuna

    I love my Nexus 7…. coming from the Xoom, while I can’t use it everywhere, just the size and feel is amazing, let alone the power and performance.

  • muadib279

    My favorite Android device of all time is the S3, because it’s my first.

  • Love my Galaxy S3…does so much at once. Driving directions, Pandora, phone calls, and hotspot all while driving to a vacation with the fam in the car. Can’t beat it!

  • Samsung Galaxy SIII

  • Anthony Cole

    OG Droid was rock solid

  • Galaxy Nexus..However the Eris was my first tatse of Android. After that never looked back.

  • Michael Johnson

    Samsung Galaxy SIII

  • Galaxy S III, my latest phone. Does more than any other phone I’ve ever seen, looks great, is just an awesome device.

  • Droid x2!!

    .. because it’s my first and only android device so far. Despite it’s downfalls I still love android. Stuck with the x2 until my upgrade. If I choose a device without using it though, I would choose the One X. The design really appeals to me, and it’s specs rival that of other phones.

  • DanThompson87

    Galaxy Nexus. WAY underrated! Amazing screen and I love the look of the phone, at first glance you cant even see the outline of the screen or the notification LED. Also Mods are the best part of android phones and G-Nex is the best when it comes to mods.

  • jallen98499

    OG Droid…i learned so much from that little device!

  • So far, I gotta go with my current phone, Motorola Droid Razr. I’ve had the best smartphone experience up to this point in time. It’s fast, does what I want and more.

  • roy69

    OG Droid cuz it started the revolution 🙂

  • chucklehead322

    I love my Gnex because I can do whatever I want to it!!