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Contest: 10 Different Spigen Cases for the Galaxy S3 Up for Grabs [RAW] (Update: Winners Picked)

As we roll deep into day 2 of Reader Appreciation Week, we thought it was time to hand out some cases from one of our favorites, Spigen SGP. We have cases for the Galaxy Nexus and HTC One X to giveaway later, but today, it’s the Galaxy S3 that’s getting the love. There are a variety of case types to be had, ranging from flip covers to leather pouches to minimal plastics to TPUs. We’ve got it all covered here. 


Update: Our 10 winners have been picked and emailed! Check your inbox! 🙂


We have 10 cases total. All of the specific colors and types are pictured above and listed below, along with links to the cases for those of you who need to see different pictures or views of them

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, tell us how many Android devices you own and what they are.
2.  Also, tell us which specific case and color you would like.


Today at 3PM PT, will choose all 10 winners.

And how about a big shoutout to Spigen SGP for hooking us up with all sorts of goodies this week. We have more cases from them on the way, but they were also generous enough to toss out one of their Klasden Levanus backpacks as a prize. For those not familiar, know that my travel bag is now a Klasden. It’s a great backpack.

  • Achilles

    i only have 2, the Droid X(my first droid/smartphone) and now my new obsession the S3…and far as the cases goes, if i get chosen. surprise me!

  • jon

    1 droid x .1 gs3, 1 Asus transformer, black crumena

  • wonderGirl412

    I have a samsung G3 and a fire
    ultra flip case green

  • ovvnt

    Galaxy s 3, ultra flip case (white)

  • Keyan X

    I have wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to many to name, but I will include my S3, GNexus, and Nexus 7 as those are my daily devices: Ultra thin black

  • deslotnick

    Galaxy Nexus and SGIII….Ultra thin air in black

  • I’m getting a galaxy s 3 tomorrow, could use a case. Have an Droid Razr Maxx and a Transformer Prime tablet.

    I would love a black modello case.

  • I have owned 7. Original Droid, Droid Eris (Sp?), 2 Droid X’s, the Motorola Xoom (Still going strong with Jelly Bean!), Galaxy SIII, and the Motoactv (LOVE it!) Illuzion case!

  • rody_87

    I have 4 devices: GS3, droid RAZR, OG DROID And a nexus 7”

    Ultra flip white

  • Fshnrob

    My devices I have are a Verizon Galaxy S3 running CM10 Nightlies and a Nexus 7. I would love the Crumena Leather Pouch in black. Thanks!

  • i only have the s3 and i would love a flip case in green

  • luisrb7

    2 Devices: Galaxy Nexus and S3.
    UTA in black!

  • Illuzion Faux Leather Case: Yellow or
    Ultra Flip Case: White, Yellow, Green color does not matter

    I’ve owned the OG droid, droid x, HTC thunderbolt, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3 (current phone) the samsung Gtab 7, and hoping to get a Nexus 7 soon.

  • I_Rod88

    I own 3 Android Devices. GSIII Droid X (my fav) and Nexus 7

    Ultra flip case white or green


  • Erik

    Droid X, Galaxy Nexus, Droid Razr Maxx, SGS III

    Ultra Flip Case White
    Ultra Thin Air

  • Just the galaxy s3, Ultra Thin Air: Black

  • Oh lord, umm, I own a galaxy nexus, my girlfriend a galaxy s3; we both own an older model, droid 2 and x respectively, and i just bought her a nexus 7. There may be a couple other old spare devices lying around. She’l absolutely love a purple case for her phone.

  • jseah114

    2 Galaxy S3’s, 2 Rezounds, 1 Razr Maxx, 1 Asus Transformer, 1 Toshiba Thrive, and 3 Acer Iconia A500’s (all currently in use). No longer in use but available for backup is Thunderbolt, Bionic, and original Incredible. Crumena leather pouch either in white or black will be most appreciated.

  • I own 2 Android devices. Galaxy S3 (d2vzw) and HTC Incredible (inc). I would like an Ultra Flip Case in White.

  • zakry obrien

    Galaxy nexus, s3, og droid, droid incredible. Ultra thin air black:)

  • mojorizen

    Currently use one the S3.

    Previously used the the X, X2, and the Galaxy Nexus.

    Will take the leather pouch in brown or black.

  • Kevin Matthews

    Samsung GS3, Droid Razr, Droid OG, Droid 2, Droid 4, Droid X, Nook Color with CM7, Kindle Fire (does that count?) I’d like to get the Modello TPU in Black please.

  • giovanny.o

    I own 2 android devices, the galaxy s3 and the galaxy note 10.1 tablet. I would like to get the black modelo tpu case

  • kjun14

    GNex, Droid X, and a DINC ! Would love the Ultra Thin Air Black for when I switch to an S3

  • I have a galaxy s3, white, 16bg.

    I would love to snag the black leather pouch.


  • giovanny.o

    I own two android devices, they are the Galaxy S3 as well as an Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. I would like the black colored Modelo TPU case

  • 3 Devices. Verizon Galaxy S3, ASUS TF300 & Nexus 7. Would like Ultra Thin Air: Black

  • 3 devices: Droid X and moved on to Samsung Galaxy S III and a Kindle Fire.

    Modello TPU:

  • I have two Galaxy S3s for Tmobile. One in white and one in blue. I’d love a purple Modello case for the white one!

  • Matt

    I have four devices… GS3, Bionic, Dinc, and a Galaxy Tab 8.9
    Would love to have the Ultra Thin Air: Black

  • Still have my DInc, Tbolt, Nook color rooted, Kindle fire rooted, and my GS3 (pebble blue) running CleanROM.. I’d appreciate any case but the modello in black would be my top choice!

  • Bobby Incognito

    3 devices: Droid X (recently retired), Galaxy S3, and HP Touchpad with CM9 (that counts right?). I’d prefer the Ultra Flip Case in white.

  • I have the GS3, Thunderbolt, HTC Rezound, and the Asus Transformer Prime. I would love the Illuzion Faux Leather Case: Yellow PLEASE! Thanks.

  • Rafy286

    In total I’ve had about 7 different android devices but currently own 3 (GoogleTV, Gs3, Nexus 7.)

    I would like the black modello case.

  • coleygirl

    Galaxy s3 and motorolla Xoom !!! White leather =)=)=)=)

  • Craig Lambert

    6 – HTC Eris, HTC Incredible, HTC Incredible 2, 16 GB Galaxy S III (White), 32 GB Galaxy S III (Blue), 32 GB Transformer Prime. All are being used at this point but the Eris. I have 2 boys that use the HTC Incredible & Incredible 2 on Wi-Fi only.

    If randomly selected, I’d like the Black Ultra Thin Air Spigen case.

  • 2 sgs3’s .. 1 sgs2… and a nexus 7. And a raspberry Pi (if that counts?!)

    I would like a white pouch if possible .. thanks

  • Jorge Delgadillo

    I have a SG3, Thunderbolt and Droid Razr. Spigen ultra flip (white).

  • 4 Devices: Motorola Droid (RIP), Samsung Stratosphere, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nexus 7
    I’d love to get the ultra flip case either in Green or Yellow
    Thank you.

  • JoeTi

    4: Droid OG, Droid inc, GNex, GS3.
    Ultra Flip Case:  Yellow or Green

  • Nexus 7
    Galaxy S3
    Galaxy Nexus
    Droid Bionic
    Droid 2 Global

    I would like Ultra Thin Air – Black or Modello TPU – Black

  • Kristian Sandoval

    HTC HD2 and the Samsung Galaxy S3
    Ultra Thin Air Black!

  • Heather Villines

    Two Devices – Galaxy s3 (3 days old!) and a Asus Nexus 7 – I’d take the Illusion Faux Leather case in Yellow!

  • Johnny R

    2 Devices – Droid 2 & Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. Ordering an S3 this week and the black
    Ultra Thin Air sure would look nice on it….

  • shdowman

    3, two galaxy nexus, 1 samsung fascinate.

  • SubMatrix

    I own the Galaxy S3 and the Droid Incredible. I’d like the white Ultra Flip case!

  • Nick D

    5 devices – 2 Galaxy S3’s, 1 Galaxy Nexus, 1 Droid X, 1 Galaxy Tab 10.1 (wi-fi)

  • Dx, gs3 …..white flip!

  • arthur2142

    Five Android devices: OG Droid, DroidX2, RAZR MAXX, Nexus 7, Galaxy S3. I’d love to win the Ultra Thin Air Black case.
    Edit to add rooted Nook Color running CM9.

  • spliced249

    Gnex, GS3, Droid X

    Black Thin air GS3