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MOTOACTV Golf Update Live Again, Grab It if You Missed It the First Time

Previously, Motorola released an update for MOTOACTV that included golf functionality, but it was only available for a limited time. Over the weekend, we received an email from a reader who plugged in his device and was prompted for the update to build number 1.7.12 N8. This is a quick note to all ACTV users who missed the update, that you should go check and see if your’s is also prompted to update.

Let us know down below if you’ve had any luck.

Cheers Flipapotimus!

  • Is this available on the 8gb version?

  • Update is working!

  • Joey Miranda

    love my motoactv never had a problem with the sweat on it, granted i dont sweat like crazy i am very cautious about wearing it on my boat and near the water, just due to the fact that any water and any electronics dont get along, what i love most about the actual watch is that its rooted so its running full android, so mowing the lawn with headphones in rockin out to pandora is grrrrreat 🙂 esp when phone rings in the house and i can answer from wrist.

    • Mason Lammers

      I have wanted one of these but couldn’t ever justify buying one because I do not run or work out enough for it to make sense. (LAZY) Would you say it has enough functionality rooted (or unrooted) for an average Joe to wear as a daily watch? I love the idea of like you said, using it mowing, Pandora, etc.

      I would appreciate anyone chiming in for some feedback!

      • Joey Miranda

        yeah i dont really work out i walk on the treadmill every once in a while but its also good to see how many steps i take and so on, but it has amazing functionality as an android watch, i wear mine every day, i love the pandora while mowing thing esp since it leaves my phone on the charger. some of the other things i use it for are x10 (controlling my lights around my house with it) controlling my ip camera and being able to see inside my house from my watch anywhere in the world, and also being able to see texts without having to take phone out of my pocket. theres many other features but those are what i use it for most. also have put my slingplayer on it to watch my tv however its hard to see a tv show on that size screen lol.

        • Mason Lammers

          Thanks for the insight, I appreciate the help. I purchased a 8GB one this morning which goes against everything in my being of not going big the first time. I figure I can pawn this off to my wife if I am sold once I receive it and get the 16GB for me!
          DL has the greatest community.

          • Joey Miranda

            yeah DL rules! if you have any questions let me know. or search google for “motoactv wikispaces” and the first link gets you to everything you’ll need in order to root 🙂 enjoy!

  • Awesome DL! Thanks for putting this up as my alter ego!

  • Guest

    I think they actually advertise it as “sweat resistant” which is a little less than water resistant in my book. I find mine holds up well to sweat and humidity and the like. A friend on mine used his while biking in the rain though and it didn’t turn out so well for him… Overall I love it though!

    • I saw too many notes on Amazon and other sites about people’s watches failing only from sweating and then their repair claims being denied by Motorola. I’m a heavy sweater, so it’s not worth the risk to me. If they came out with a truly waterproof model, I’d be all over it.

      • I have had an Actv for 4 months now and use it with the watch strap at the gym and while running. I sweat a lot when running and zero issues so far.
        I would venture a guess that if you don’t have the headphones plugged in or the headphone plug (little rubber piece) in (same with the microUSB port) then sweat would be an issue. If you are sweating directly onto the face – again i could see it being an issue. But if you use it properly I doubt you have much to worry about.

  • I really want one of these, but I’ve seen horrible reviews on their water-resistance and Motorola’s warranty response to these issues. And the price cut a while back makes me think this is a one-off product and there won’t be a next version. It’s a shame, because I think Motorola was really close to something with the MotoActv that could have really shaken up the GPS/fitness watch market for the better.

    • jonny6pak

      I’m one of those guys who sweats like a beast all the damn time. I ran 13 miles the other day and came home completely drenched. When I say drenched, I mean drenched. There was not a dry spot on me–even my shoes got sweaty. The thing survived it like a champ. I don’t know if they had a problem with the devices that the remedied in manufacturing, but I’ve never had any issues with sweat or slight spray. I wouldn’t take it swimming, on a boat, or out in a storm, but it handles sweat like a champ.

      I should note that I wear the watch band. I don’t know that I would have trusted it inside my pocket.

    • Robert Manlapaz

      ive got one myself was caught in a downpour on my bike and it got drenched, that was months ago and no real issues to report. I also wear it on my wrist while i snowboard and didnt have any issues. WIth that said though, i wish the product overall was better, im constantly thinking of different devices to replace it. But if you can land one for 100 or so and understand its limitations its a good enough bike computer that will keep your phone in your pocket. I didnt find value or use wearing it as a watch, it was kinda a lame duck in that regard.