MOTOACTV Golf Update Live Again, Grab It if You Missed It the First Time

Previously, Motorola released an update for MOTOACTV that included golf functionality, but it was only available for a limited time. Over the weekend, we received an email from a reader who plugged in his device and was prompted for the update to build number 1.7.12 N8. This is a quick note to all ACTV users who missed the update, that you should go check and see if your’s is also prompted to update.

Let us know down below if you’ve had any luck.

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Motorola MOTOACTV Drops Significantly in Price to $149, Includes $30 Watch Strap

The Motorola MOTOACTV fitness tracker has been reduced significantly in price over the last week or so. Originally introduced at $249 for the 8GB model, you can grab one today for as little as $140 at some stores, but $149 seems to be the standard price. When purchasing, the MOTOACTV also comes with a watch strap now, something that was an extra $30 at initial launch. If the 8GB model doesn’t sound like it contains enough storage, you can find the 16GB version for as little as $180 at retailers like Walmart.

For those that haven’t followed our coverage of the MOTOACTV, just know that this has quickly become one of the finer fitness products around. This fitness tracker has golf software for scoring rounds, tracks dozens of fitness activities, syncs with a solid web interface, has companion apps that allow you to receive Facebook or Twitter updates, shows you notifications for calls and texts, and even has built-in GPS. This may also sound odd, but Motorola updates this thing like crazy and is always listening to users on how it can be improved. At launch, it may have been overpriced. Now, this almost seems like a steal.

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Motorola MotoActv Update 7.10 Available – Improves Notifications and Performance, Fixes Bugs


If you own a Motorola MotoActv fitness watch, you should have an update on the way as build 1.7.10. In it, you will find improvements all over the board to things like the golf scorecard when playing back 9s, less force closes, better notifications for unread messages, and fewer battery drains from having WiFi on. This update will work with both 8GB and 16GB devices, including those without the golf update.

It looks like this update will be available any day now. Go plug in your watch and see!  (more…)

Motorola MotoActv Receives Update – New Features Depend on Whether or Not You Loaded the Golf Software

Owners of the Motorola MotoActv, you have an update available. It’s fairly minor, but we wanted to point out that there are different versions of it depending on your current software status. If you took the golf update before it was pulled in early April, you get build 1.6.12 which includes new golf stuff. If you forgot or didn’t care about the golf software and missed your opportunity to update to it, you get build 1.6.13. The updates are essentially the same, one just has golf features and the other does not.  (more…)

MotoActv Golf Update Build 6.6 is Available Now, Quick Hands-on

The “Golf Edition” update for the Motorola MotoActv that we were told would be avaialble during the first week of April is now here. The update itself installs in just a few minutes, bringing your device up to build 6.6 (not the 6.5 that was reported yesterday). Once you have it loaded, you should find “Golf” under your activities list. When chosen for the first time, you will need to download courses for your location (by state), head to a golf course, and let the GPS do the rest of the work.

While in a round, you can swipe left or right to view hazard distances, set the location of your ball, update your scorecard, and more. From a golf GPS perspective, this actually looks pretty impressive. And with the sun out in Portland today, I’m getting the itch to go try this out. While the price may have been questionable upon release of the MotoActv, this golf update (at least at first glance) appears to be nothing by good.

To download, plug your MotoActv unit into your computer and tell it to check for software updates. If you own the 8GB MotoActv, you need to download this before April 16. After that, it will be a paid add-on. 16GB MotoActv owners do not have a time restriction.  (more…)

MotoActv Updates on the Way: Syncing App Available to All Android Devices Tomorrow, Golf Software 6.5 to Fitness Units Too

Tomorrow, Motorola will release the first update to their MotoActv pairing app for Android smartphones. Currently locked to only a couple of phones, this update will make the app available to all Android phones running 2.1 and higher. Not only that, but they finally added some functionality to it which turns it into more than just a battery draining notification system. In fact, this now sounds a lot like what Nike’s Fuelband app does on iOS and should do when it is released this summer to Android(more…)

Current MotoActv Devices to Receive “Beta” Golf Software Update in April

When Motorola announced a new “Golf Edition” of the MotoActv this morning, my instant reaction was, “Well, what about current owners? Will they see a software update to include similar software?” We reached out to Moto who informed us that there will indeed be a an update to bring the golf software to existing MotoActv owners. It will carry a “beta” tag and will be available some time in early April, close to when the “Golf Edition” is released to the public. So no, you do not need to pawn your current device on Craigslist in order to get the 20,000 courses and virtual scorecard that were introduced today.