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Monday Poll: Which of Verizon’s New Phones Interests You the Most?

Since we talked about Verizon’s epic Q4 2012 roadmap in a post earlier today, which ended by asking for your personal preference in the devices mentioned, we thought we may as well make it official with a poll. HTC has the DROID Incredible X in the works, Samsung the Galaxy Note 2, Motorola the RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD, and LG the Spectrum 2. But beyond those, there are Windows Phone 8 devices, a new slider from Samsung, and others on the horizon. If you would pick one, what would it be?

Which of Verizon's New Phones Interests You the Most?

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  • I’m wicked excited for the Galaxy Note 2, but there is one caveat that is pissing me off. The way that Verizon branded the home button. I know it’s petty, but it’s ugly as hell.

  • I’m


    May I ask what you benefit from having a Nexus device? What if it has lower specs? Serious question… thanks 🙂

    • KOBALT

      Also, cant custom ROMS fix any issues you dont like?

      • Nathan

        Nexus devices are guaranteed to get updates. That is the biggest thing. Unfortunately, Verizon delays them for a few months and messes with a few things like Google Wallet. I may not have a Galaxy Nexus, but after reading many comments, I can say with certainty that even a year later, people will tell you that the Galaxy Nexus can pretty much keep up with the Galaxy s3. It certainly isn’t AS fast, but it is a very quick device. I’m even thinking of getting one now that it is pretty clear Verizon won’t get the Nexus 4 because of what they did to the Galaxy Nexus.
        Yeah, custom ROMs can fix pretty much any software issue that the phone has.

  • the note 2 looks like something out of one of those fake apple stores in china…

  • sensible_newhampshirian

    how about the one that doesn’t force me into a share everything plan

  • Sporttster

    I would say none of them interest me presently. When my Maxx gives out, then I’ll be looking to upgrade, but due to Verizon’s ridiculous sharing plan and the possibility of losing Unlimited if I don’t shell out $500-$700 for a new phone, I won’t be looking for anything new for QUITE some time! Not losing unlimited or jumping at buying a hugely expensive new phone to keep it JUST yet. I may just be staying a gen behind to keep from paying ridiculous prices for a new phone. Just get a good used one off Ebay for much less.

  • froader

    BTW, testing out Tmobile since Sat. And happily impressed! $90 all you can eat!

  • froader

    Anything from a different carrier. 10+yr. Customer and it took 7 replacement Galaxy Nexus tofto fix a defective phone. $8.17 credit for my troubles and blacklisted for exercising my warranty w a device that they have pretended is not defective. .09 hw seems to work, but all .10 had major signal problems. No, jb radios arent the solution.

  • Boss_king

    something else – NEW NEXUS I NEED KEY LIME PIE ASAP! or watever the next update is to improve this lag in jelly bean still a lil lag i need a nexus with iphone smootness

  • droidbeat

    Incredible X is likely to be the beast of 2012. Else, the Nexus 5 to be based on it.

  • master94

    Why a red back and white front?

  • Manny

    You forgot to add the iphone 5

  • Bionic

    The .246 build of ICS for Bionic has officially moved to the production server!! Rejoice my fellow bionic owners! This means we’re getting the OTA soon (next monday?)

  • a.youth.in.Asia

    I wonder what the results would be like if you included the i(nnovation)Phone to the mix? Seeing that you have Windows Phone 8 phones on there..

    iSheep say baahhaaa??

  • Jared T

    i would probably get the next Nexus phone..hopefully if its from Verizon. Ive been using a Galaxy Nexus running eclipse Jelly Bean and i couldnt be happier. i am exited about the new fleet of Windows Phone 8 devices, though.

  • Zach Armstrong

    I would say Nexus 2 but since Verizon is really the only choice that has coverage in my area. I would have to say wait for something else.

  • brandnew234

    I’m up for an upgrade and the choices are all so amazing, I love the Note II features, but the UI is… bland&reminds me of GB.
    I like HTC’s UI, and build quality.. but their batteries.
    And then there’s Motorola, great phone. But the specs make it so-so in terms of future proofing.
    I wont settle for anything less than a flagship droid.

  • johnc7995

    Should have added the iPhone 5 to that poll, just for shits and giggles.

    • Bionic


  • EvanTheGamer

    Something Else: Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2

  • c4v3man

    You need to make the choices bigger, 13 people screwed up and picked the LG Spectrum 2. Obviously the text was too small and they selected the wrong option…

    • moew

      Bitches love the Spectrum 2, they are buying it in record numbers. Just because YOU want more specs, doesn’t mean it’s a bad phone. downboat 4 U!!!!1!!!11!!11!!

      Plus it has qi wireless charging built in, and it’s cheap on-contract!

  • robert alexander

    Nexus! Can’t wait to see the new nexus lineup

    • DroidJ

      This! I can’t believe “The next Nexus” wasn’t an option.

  • Mchl496

    I have a galaxy s3. Galaxy note is a bigger version with a quad core processor… bigger battery and yea. I have big hands and 5inches would not be a big deal.

    • freddy

      same size as ur tool?

      • Mchl496

        ^Proving that 14 year old boys ruin most websites…

        • LionStone

          freddy = manny ?

      • a.youth.in.Asia

        Funny, that would make him 3 inches bigger than you and a third of the size of your ex boyfriend???

  • IPhone 5 … Come on keep it real … 5 millions phones sold in a weekend … People sweating a new Nexus and where is it ????

  • JulianZHuang

    I voted something else. I want i5.

    • Bionic

      then get off this website, fucktardd

      • JulianZHuang

        Why? I’m still stuck with gn for another year. So I’m still consider an android fan. Beside, I also use zune hd as mp3 player and pre ordered itouch 5. Why you can’t be little bit more open mind. Why you so angry and mad toward other os.

        • Bionic

          no true android fan would ever get an iPhone

          • JulianZHuang

            Than you are no different than an isheep.

        • Diablo81588

          There’s no such thing as an itouch.

          • JulianZHuang

            Haha Ok.

  • androidkin

    The Next Nexus device

  • Guest

    The next 4.5″ no-bezel/buttons device with high-end specs. Oh wait, nevermind, Android is obsessed with size! 🙁

    • brandnew234

      Droid RAZR M. Check it out.

  • Adam Medina

    Honestly none of those interest me more than the iPhone 5.

    • Bionic

      then get off this website, fucktarddddd

  • airos4

    Optimus G… Hoping for Vz

  • Jeff

    If the new Nexus has quad core processor and a 5.5″ screen or bigger I will wait before buying the GNote2

    • Guest

      There’s always Google Nexus 7″ tablet

    • Bionic

      i dont think bigger than 5.5 is practical in any way for a PHONE

    • NinjaHobo

      I would agree with this, pretty much anti physical home button etc after using the gnex…. but I’m also very impatient.

    • Boss_king

      keep dreaming!

  • Kerry Davies

    THe GSIII is to big for me my Nexus is at that big point. if HTC can make there 5′ phone feel no bigger than mine, with a super small case then ill be interested but other wise im out. What happend to small phones I want thin I want power and I want something that doesnt fill up my pocket

    • KleenDroid

      They still make the smaller phones for those that want them. But most of the top end phones are tending to be geared to the majority that like working with a bigger screen.

      But I hear ya… I would rather carry a smaller phone… but I want to use a bigger phone.

      • Kerry Davies

        I kinda just assumed thats what tablets were for. If i wanted something to be bigger ill use it.

  • GazaIan

    Being an Android fan site I could see the results tilted towards Android phones, but I’m actually interested in the HTC8X.

  • If there’s no new nexus, the Note 2! The GSIII is a beast with CM10. I love my Nexus and will miss the hell out of modding my softkeys with Photoshop.. but I really am getting tired of its hardware. Then again.. I’ll miss DroidTh3ory as a dev!

    I’ve found myself in a bit of a dilemma..

    Nexus or bust!

  • marballe


  • ddevito

    I’d give serious consideration for a Note 2.

  • Out of the Android phones, I would have to say the Galaxy Note 2. A quad-core Exynos with Verizon LTE is very tempting, however I’m VERY intrigued with Windows Phone 8 and the HTC 8X especially. I’m a huge XBOX 360 gamer and will upgrade to Windows 8 too, so I’m curious to see how well all the syncing is between desktop, mobile and XBOX, especially with SmartGlass.

  • droid razr i from intel :3

  • I’m going to vote None. I’m done with Verizon. GSM Nexus here I come!!… in another 1 1/2 years.

    • frankandsimple

      been there done that!.. biggest issue with GSM nexus for me was T-Mobile coverage inside stores/buildings. SUCKS!!.. Went back to Verizon thru their win-back department and got iphone 5 for free and a return of my ETF. But of course, you have other choices with GSM.
      When you leave Verizon.. you’ll realize what you are missing.. at least in my case that was true.

      • Bionic


    • Bionic

      ever heard of LTE?

    • Boss_king

      im right with ya!

  • frankandsimple

    Droid life tried to shut out the iphone from the poll by not even offering it as a choice (you know it IS a phone offered by Verizon).. and yet, the most popular option picked is “something else” ..

    Yes, I know something else may mean other phones not listed here.. but this is just FAIL!.

    • Liderc

      You realize the site you’re on is called “Droid Life” correct? We don’t buy iPhones, ergo – it’s not even an option. “Other” means Nexus to us.

      • jay_peter

        So why is the Lumia 920 in the possible options, hmm?

      • LiterofCola

        Not necessarily.

        • Liderc

          Yes, yes it does.

    • jay_peter

      They probably did so knowing the iPhone would be the best selling phone in Verizon’s history.

  • They said Verizon phone guys. And it’s doubtful that VZW gets another Nexus after defying Google multiple times

  • Br_d

    I played with a Note in an AT&T store the other day and it got me really excited about the screen size. I love it. It will just depend on if VZW will let me keep my unlimited data plan. If I have to buy a phone off-contract, I will probably just replace my Tbolt with a Galaxy Nexus off eBay. I’m not going to spend $800 on a phone.

  • Hazadriel

    New Nexus on Verizon with S4 and accessories on day one.

    • Paul

      I’m assuming you meant S4pro?

      • Bionic

        S4 is really good, but the pro is where its at

  • TheRobotCow

    Since there is an uncertainty about getting a new nexus, i would have to say Nokia Lumina 920. Yea i woulda chosen the razr hd but i still will prefer my nexus.

  • Moto better listen to this . . . .
    -Unlocked Bootloader
    -Quadcore LTE
    -HD front/back Camera
    -1080p Display
    -Jelly Bean OS
    -Decent Battery Life/ Removable Battery
    -SD port
    anything else?

    • Bionic

      ive always had removable batts but why does it matter if the damn thing is 3300mah??? Why do you need to remove it?

      • its always nice having a backup battery for emergencies.

        • LionStone

          These are my backups, one a Richard Solo 1800 mAh, pretty small…the solar one is, the Solio, will hold a charge for up to a year and can be plugged in to juice it up too. The solar one is especially good for the back country. They are sealing the battery more nowadays, but I hope not on the HTC beast because I like the option of swapping out with a fresh battery too. I’ve had these since my blackberry days and they still work fine though.

  • Screw VZW That charge too much for their service.
    I went too TMobile and saved $45.00 per month, similar services.
    No Contract for the WIN !!!

    • Bionic

      try driving out of the city and try talking to me then, LOL

      • lol thisismyname

        I do it all the time and my reception is just fine. I pay $30 a month instead of $100+.

  • Charles

    Anything unlockable, where’s the galaxy nexus 2?

    • Bionic

      so you would buy a chastity belt from VZW?

  • Q’s

    Accidentally chose Galaxy Note 2 thinking it said Galaxy Nexus 2 -_-

  • jay_peter

    You left out the iPhone 5.

    • Diablo81588

      Noone here is interested in that.

      • jay_peter

        Maybe so, but the 5+ million people who pre-ordered one would disagree with you.

        • Liderc

          Luckily for us they’re still too dumb to learn how to use the internet.

        • Diablo81588

          Let me spell it out for you, since you can’t seem to read properly. Noone “that reads this site” is interested in that.

          • jay_peter

            Oh, but the Lumia 920 is considered acceptable?

          • Bionic

            windows 8 is worse than IOS

          • Diablo81588

            The 920 is new and unique. The iPhone 5 is the same old tired iPhone.

        • Bionic

          no one with a brain cares

    • Bionic

      no one cares

  • David

    Why not include the iPhone 5? Its a phone, its on Verizon, and its new.
    Been burned by the HTC Thunderbolt and the invisible ICS update. Burned by the HTC Incredible before that.

    • NemaCystX

      The OG Incredible was the best on Verizon at that time, especially after the DROID X was out since it was so buggy and had hardware issues. I still have my OG DINC and I held off on getting the DINC 4G because I had hoped a bigger DINC would come out. I’m a huge Red/Black DINC fan and the DINC2 was a sham i think, very disappointed in that one.

      • Zach Armstrong

        I have the DINC 2 the phone phone worked well for about 6 months. Now I have been thru 3 in two weeks. The phone is a joke.

    • jay_peter

      I hope you’re not expecting a real answer, because you won’t get one on this site.

  • JoeTi

    Next Nexus, please. Since I updated to Jelly Bean, my Gnex is enough until then. Although I have crazy processor envy for the S4 and its amazing battery life.

    • Stephen Freeman

      I am with you here. Nexus or bust!

      • michael arazan

        Nexus with quadcore 2 gb ram and something that will play flash videos on the new os please

  • NemaCystX

    Even if we don’t get a new Nexus, seeing how better and better the developers are getting at porting AOSP to “popular” devices. I could live without another Nexus.

    If the DROID Incredible X gets as much developer support as the Nexus on Verizon did or as much as the ThunderBolt did in its “hayday” I look at them being able to get ports like AOKP and CM10 on them as quickly as possible. You gotta remember that developer support rides on how popular the device is and how many developers get that same device (for testing reasons). Its just like supply and demand.

    Considering HTC lets people unlock the bootloader and most developers are good at rooting and S-off on HTC devices, I look forward to this winter and hopefully the DROID Incredible X isn’t just a Rezound 2

  • jdrch

    Definitely the GN2. I have strong suspicion that 1.5GB RAM is insufficient for a 1080p device like the DIX.

    • Paul

      It should be fine because none of the apps will be drawn in 1080p, or very few at least. Though who knows what Sense is going to have now that HTC has their hands on that processor.

      • Diablo81588

        Nothing is more useless than upconverting.

  • jayrod


    • azndan4

      Agreed. Motorola just keeps breaking their promises and coming up with excuse after excuse.

      • Diablo81588

        And dan keeps trolling moto post after post.

        • azndan4

          The Motorola fanboy speaks!

        • LiterofCola

          Just about

    • phekno

      I whole heartedly agree. What a load of crap.

  • motcher41

    None…VZW sux…if i had to choose…id pick none….id write in the galaxy nexus 2

  • I’m guessing the Optimus G won’t be going to VZW then?
    I didn’t realize Nokia releases CDMA phone here in the U.S.
    In any case, I might follow the Optimus G, where ever it lands.

  • burkett375

    not excited about any of them….

  • what I want will likely not be in existence until next fall… motonexus ftw

  • Mario Mendez

    Something else – LG Optimus G!

  • Whatever the next Nexus phone will be 😉

  • Phobic

    Aside from the next Nexus (if VZW gets it), I’m strangely looking forward to seeing the Lumia 920. I have no experience with Windows Phone yet this phone looks pretty darn good to me.

    • PSU_DI

      A good camera, is slowly making it to the top of my list of must haves for a phone. The PureView Tech looks awesome, but I’m still hedging my bets against a dominate MS Mobile OS.

      • I’m switching from Android 4.1 to Windows Phone. Tired of the lag.

    • they do have good radios and build quality, can’t deny it

    • ojaymayo22

      I’m the same way. If the new nexus doesn’t have huge innovation like the Lumia 920, I think I might just test it out for a change.

  • The one with the unlocked bootloader!!! Oh, wait…

    • LiterofCola

      How original!! Oh, wait…

  • htowngtr

    new RAZR but only in developer version, screw paying subsidy and losing unlimited

    • PSU_DI

      but you’re still stuck with slow updates and Blur…

      • obviously you don’t understand the benefits of a phone with a unlocked bootloader

        • PSU_DI

          But I do, just because the bootloader can be unlocked doesn’t mean that aosp will load properly out of they box. There is still a lot of work that devs need to do. Just look at all the unlocked HTC devices that still can’t run aosp perfectly yet. Plus when you take in account that most of the developer phones won’t have a big following and will be a side community to there consumer devices I just don’t see why people would choose them over the nexus program.

        • Paul

          He’s right though. There will be slow updates either way. People won’t be working on the new Razr for compatibility for roms when very few people can flash it. Most of the people that would consider a developer edition are going to get one of the much faster phones coming out.

      • Raven

        I actually like the new Blur and would probably not bother to flash anything else for that reason, but I MUST have root access on my phone and therefore I would do what it takes to get root on it.

  • Only answering Incredible X because a new Nexus wasn’t an option.

  • Travis Shepherd

    ANYTHING unlockable, wink, wink Big Red!

  • Something Else = New NEXUS!

    • im with this guy

    • PSU_DI

      +1.. If there is not a Nexus that is compatible with Verizon’s network this year, I will hold out as long as possible with my Galaxy Nexus and then drop VZW as my carrier. My next phone will be purchased through the play store, it’s up got VZW if they want to keep being my SERVICE Carrier.

      • Liderc

        Exactly. Nexus or nothing.

      • GazaIan

        Good, good. You’re making the right choice 🙂

      • Nicholas Neveu

        I agree 100%

      • Kerry Davies

        Right, the play store has the nexus way cheaper than VZW anyways. 659 for all your phones Verizon really

        • c4v3man

          Guess they discounted them $7 then…

      • MFG

        Exactly what I’m doing. Verizon better be in that Play Store.

      • BGRUGGER

        I agree…however, i cannot part with unlimited 4g! it would break my heart.

      • Ron

        I’m done with purchasing phones from VZW or any carrier, Google Now baby, in the real world long term, it just does not make sense. At the price VZW charges for their service, all the phones should be free…