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Monday Poll: Which of Verizon’s New Phones Interests You the Most?

Since we talked about Verizon’s epic Q4 2012 roadmap in a post earlier today, which ended by asking for your personal preference in the devices mentioned, we thought we may as well make it official with a poll. HTC has the DROID Incredible X in the works, Samsung the Galaxy Note 2, Motorola the RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD, and LG the Spectrum 2. But beyond those, there are Windows Phone 8 devices, a new slider from Samsung, and others on the horizon. If you would pick one, what would it be?

Which of Verizon's New Phones Interests You the Most?

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  • I’m wicked excited for the Galaxy Note 2, but there is one caveat that is pissing me off. The way that Verizon branded the home button. I know it’s petty, but it’s ugly as hell.

  • I’m


    May I ask what you benefit from having a Nexus device? What if it has lower specs? Serious question… thanks 🙂

    • KOBALT

      Also, cant custom ROMS fix any issues you dont like?

      • Nathan

        Nexus devices are guaranteed to get updates. That is the biggest thing. Unfortunately, Verizon delays them for a few months and messes with a few things like Google Wallet. I may not have a Galaxy Nexus, but after reading many comments, I can say with certainty that even a year later, people will tell you that the Galaxy Nexus can pretty much keep up with the Galaxy s3. It certainly isn’t AS fast, but it is a very quick device. I’m even thinking of getting one now that it is pretty clear Verizon won’t get the Nexus 4 because of what they did to the Galaxy Nexus.
        Yeah, custom ROMs can fix pretty much any software issue that the phone has.

  • the note 2 looks like something out of one of those fake apple stores in china…

  • sensible_newhampshirian

    how about the one that doesn’t force me into a share everything plan

  • Sporttster

    I would say none of them interest me presently. When my Maxx gives out, then I’ll be looking to upgrade, but due to Verizon’s ridiculous sharing plan and the possibility of losing Unlimited if I don’t shell out $500-$700 for a new phone, I won’t be looking for anything new for QUITE some time! Not losing unlimited or jumping at buying a hugely expensive new phone to keep it JUST yet. I may just be staying a gen behind to keep from paying ridiculous prices for a new phone. Just get a good used one off Ebay for much less.

  • froader

    BTW, testing out Tmobile since Sat. And happily impressed! $90 all you can eat!

  • froader

    Anything from a different carrier. 10+yr. Customer and it took 7 replacement Galaxy Nexus tofto fix a defective phone. $8.17 credit for my troubles and blacklisted for exercising my warranty w a device that they have pretended is not defective. .09 hw seems to work, but all .10 had major signal problems. No, jb radios arent the solution.

  • Boss_king

    something else – NEW NEXUS I NEED KEY LIME PIE ASAP! or watever the next update is to improve this lag in jelly bean still a lil lag i need a nexus with iphone smootness

  • droidbeat

    Incredible X is likely to be the beast of 2012. Else, the Nexus 5 to be based on it.

  • master94

    Why a red back and white front?

  • Manny

    You forgot to add the iphone 5

  • Bionic

    The .246 build of ICS for Bionic has officially moved to the production server!! Rejoice my fellow bionic owners! This means we’re getting the OTA soon (next monday?)

  • a.youth.in.Asia

    I wonder what the results would be like if you included the i(nnovation)Phone to the mix? Seeing that you have Windows Phone 8 phones on there..

    iSheep say baahhaaa??