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Apex Launcher and Nova Launcher Receive Updates, Jelly Bean Enhancements and More

For anyone that uses the Apex or Nova third party launchers, you can go pick up their updates in Google Play this morning. For Nova, there are a ton of fixes and it also adds in some Jelly Bean goodies and “Project Butter” improvements. As for Apex, it’s pretty much the same. Lots of fixes, Jelly Bean improvements, but it also adds the ability to force the tablet UI on your homescreens.

As a note, there are reports that the Apex Launcher update has something wrong with it and is force closing a lot. You can rest assured that the developer is working on a fix and will release an update as soon as humanly possible.

Nova Launcher | Apex Launcher 

Cheers Joseph!

  • Can anyone tell me the widget being used ofr the date? is it simplistic text?

  • Apex update is fixed. 1.3.1 is available now, and the developer has apologized for the inconvenience. Works perfectly once again.

  • I’d laugh if it came out that both launchers where made by the same person.

  • Capt Crunchypoo

    Def DONT update Apex! You will no longer have a launcher!

  • Nova update is working great, I’ve been running the 1.3 beta since my D4 got updated to ICS. The market version seems to be smoother and less FCs. Widgets update fine.

  • MichaelFranz

    4:09PM EST – Apex is fixed, check play store

  • jonny6pak

    Apex released an update. It’s working fine again.

  • Bigsike

    Been using Nova for over a year now and it’s been great the whole time. Glad to see the updates keep rolling in.

  • Ross F.

    Apex is fixed

  • kie

    Apex is fixed now with teh 1.3.1 update

  • Apex is fixed now!

  • Ryan

    I had the same force close problem with apex

  • Brittany n

    I’m having the same issue with apex as well which really sucks cuz I hate using my stock launcher

  • Think those are the Placid icon theme.

  • liquidsense

    Nova is exponentially better than Apex (setting aside the fact that Apex is currently fubar). It’s a difficult transition to go from Apex to a whole new launcher, but definitely give it a shot. You will not be disappointed.

  • Jeremy Gentry

    i just bought a gnex because of the jelly bean update, upgraded from crappy thunderbolt. is there a reason i should use one of these launchers over the stock one? the only reason i used it on my thunderbolt is because the stock launcher was terri-bad

    • More customization options

    • drathos

      They give you some more customization options than the stock launcher does, like changing the number of homescreens, the number of rows/columns on the screen, number of icons and paging on the dock. You can also have different transition effects and gestures. There’s a bunch I’m leaving out, too, because I never delved that deep. Just got the few extras I wanted and was happy with Nova.

      • Jeremy Gentry

        thanks! 🙂

      • Pedro

        Don’t forget the ability to backup all of this through a factory reset that’s required on occasion when trying new ROMs.
        Factory Reset –> Reload Nova –> Restore Backup — > Profit

        If you own a Nexus, you will probably be loading new ROMs on occasion.
        Shoot, I’ve even uploaded the backup from my GNex to Dropbox and used the same setup on my XOOM.

  • ElysianF

    Apex Launcher update cause my phone to go into a force close loop, making it unusable. I’m on CleanROM.

  • A side question : what’s the launcher app, theme and icons used in the partial screenshot used in the article ? Thanks !

    • Peter Sharp

      Yea I want to know this too. Thats a great looking lock screen.

  • john

    apex fail makes me realize nova is nice also

  • Steven Walt

    Yup Apex is hosed right now. Nothing but FC’s. Had to roll back to an earlier version. If you updated and do roll back make sure that you don;t have automatic updates for Apex checked or you will go through the whole thing again.

  • mcp770

    if are using the beta updates of apex you were already on new version. The update today actually rolled it back causing issues like fc. I restored stock launcher deleted apex installed and all was well. if you are on beta don’t take the market update.

  • Dinofan01

    Anyone have the apk for the previous version of Apex?

  • enerjak

    I read this literally 2 seconds after I updated Apex. -____-

  • mtkregs

    HelixLauncher FTW!

    • Ah the good old days.

    • moelsen8

      wow taking it back. i miss helix haha

  • Robert Jakiel

    Apex is fubared after the update. FCs constantly on every device I have tried. Titanium Backup FTW!

  • Casey Puyleart

    Apex is all full of FC on my Galaxy S3 running rooted VZW VRAGL1 firmware. Sux too, because those god-awful generic TW home screen app folders make me want to puke.

  • would definitely like to know what icon pack that is, can anyone put it up?

  • That icon pack looks awesome..which is it?

  • guys, do update your apex launcher

  • philnolan3d

    I installed the Nova update earlier. I see the widgets still don’t update themselves. Previously Nova crashed several times a day on my RAZR Maxx, I’ll have to give it more time to see if this has been fixed.

    • drathos

      Surprised to hear that Nova was crashing on you. I haven’t had any stability problems with Nova since switching. Back in the 2.x days, I sometimes had FCs with ADW or Go, but they were rare, too.

      • philnolan3d

        Yeah it crashed a LOT (maybe still will). It wasn’t really a big deal, just had to hit Home and set it as default again, still kind of annoying.

  • Cowboydroid

    I’ve been using the betas of both for a while. These updates are essentially the same (with the exception of Apex falling on its face). They’re a little better than when they were released, but they’re still not as smooth or stable as the stock Jelly Bean launcher. Frequently it drops frames right after being woken up.

  • Dr_Buttballs

    Apex’s update boinked my phone.

    • John

      I hate when anything boinks my phone O_o

  • moelsen8

    stay away from apex. had to restore a titanium this morning after updating. force closes when you press the home button. gnex running cm10.

    • EMcTx

      I had same problem with Apex. Had to restore with Titanium Backup.

    • Same. Rolled back to the latest beta. Droid RAZR.

  • ddevito

    Love Nova on my N7. Landscape home screen orientation!

  • Sean Zubrickas

    What icon pack is that?

  • how do you do that thing?
    the one in the photo above?
    those icons are glorious.

  • DigitalEnforcer

    I LOVE the Nova launcher on my GS3. Brings back the stock android without having to root it.

  • S2556

    nova is working great! 😀

  • I was going to update until I saw people were having so many issues with it. I think I’ll wait until those have been cleared up.

  • aero0311

    First off, Apex is awesome, but the update causes a force close and makes it useless. I hope there is a fix very soon.

  • Mike Yost

    Apex is completely unusable with the latest update, will FC the second you try and use it. Back to Beta6 for me.

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      Same here. 😐

    • ToddLower

      I had screen redraw issues on beta6. I’m still on beta5

  • Travis Shepherd

    Apex FCs. Dont download

  • therealjbriggs

    Force closing a lot is an understatement for Apex. I can’t even launch it once on my s2 running CM10. Eagerly waiting for that update.

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      Haha, same here, FCs immediately on trying to launch it. CM10 on the Galaxy Nexus.