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LG Optimus G Could Hit the U.S. in November, Similar to the LG Optimus Nexus?

That name has a good ring to it. LG Optimus Nexus. According to the Associated Press, LG’s newest device the Optimus G, will be hitting the States this November. So far it is only rumored to come to both AT&T and Sprint, but with no word yet for Verizon. The newest rumor to pop up from Android and Me backs up a previous rumor suggesting that LG may also be working on one of the new Nexus devices and could be titled the Optimus Nexus. As of now there’s no evidence to support the claim, but with LG putting out specs such as the ones in this newest device, it might be nice to see LG give a Nexus device a shot.  

The Optimus G has a 13MP camera, sports Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Pro (which is a beast), and that 4.7-inch WXGA True HD IPS+ display. LG and the name “Optimus Nexus” was tossed out as a possibility back in August, along with devices from Sony and Samsung, so this rumor matches up nicely to that.

From what we know on the device, would you be down to try an LG Nexus with the specs mentioned above?

Via:  Android and Me

  • Michael swaim

    if you look back over all the
    Optimus G Videos out there from the last few days, in one of them Reps from LG said this only 1 of 2 Quad-core phones they are making. So maybe there is a QC Nexus on the way.

  • RoadsterHD1

    this does not have a SD slot. only 32gigs internal. WTF

    • Shawn Goede

      Why do you need one with 32gb internal

      • RoadsterHD1

        Because I have movies in mine and over 1800 pictures. I have a 64GIG SD in my Bionic and I have 17 movies and 5 series of Comedies plus pictures and video and other misc stuff. I have 10gigs left, and internal SD side of the phone has less than 3gigs left. My whole phone has 80gigs of storage and I use every bit of it. I’m just saying its nice to have options. I HDMI out to my flat screen and watch movies.

  • joejoe5709

    Before I gave in and finally joined the world of smartphones last year with the Galaxy Nexus, LG was my favorite phone maker for years. Everyone in my family had LG. I personally had four of them over nearly 10 years. I even bought two LG TV’s due to my loyalty. So it would be nice to see LG get back in the game enough for me to reconsider my love affair with Samsung. Either way, I guess it’s Korean phones for me! haha

  • joejoe5709

    Oh Lord… Last year we had rumors of a Nexus Prime. Now we have the Optimus Nexus? Why not just call it the LG Optimus Nexus Prime.

  • john0214

    i would really like anyone but LG.

    • Trevor

      Haha, I was thinking the same thing. I really haven’t heard anything but bad stuff about LG smarthphones. LG feature phones are another story, but they’d really have to wow me to get me to buy their Nexus.

  • meh… waiting to see what the other manufacturers bring

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    Nexus device or not, the specs on this have me considering LG for the first time in a very long time… will hold off and see how the early adopters do. Have to pay full pop to preserve my VZW unlimited — no way I’m jumping on day-one.

  • sdny8

    The Google now voice for it sounds like optimus prime

    • Ethan

      This would make me buy this phone.

  • Joshua Colon

    I would definitely consider LG if they made a Nexus device. I’d have to see the final product though first because I agree with many readers who would rather have on-screen navigation controls versus hard buttons.

  • JDD


  • RoadsterHD1

    how much RAM does this have?

  • RoadsterHD1

    I want Motorola to build the next NEXUS devise.

    • mgamerz

      I bet they’d lock the bootloader on verizon just to troll nexus users

  • Southrncomfortjm

    Would be interesting to see how custom ROM development changes with 3-5 Nexus phones. I’d have to wait and see if any one phone got most of the developer attention before making a final decision. That said, I have a GNEX I only got 6 months ago, so I’m no upgrading anytime soon.

  • hope it comes to Big Red…this is the best phone that ive seen or heard of in a while and probably a while to come……check the video on here also this the junk

  • Ibrick

    From what we know on the device, would you be down to try an LG Nexus with the specs mentioned above?


  • I would give it a shot based on the specs but wheres the front facing camera? Love me some hangout time with the wife and baby. Can’t give that up.

  • RoadsterHD1

    This is an impressive phone. Nice job LG!!!

  • PC_Tool

    Come on LG…call it the LG Optimus Prime…

    …you know you want to…

  • Andrew Remmers

    I don’t know how I feel about an LG Nexus to be honest :/

  • markgbe

    i would stab a man for an Optimus Nexus, but only if it has on-screen buttons

  • John Jenness

    “G” for Google? Alot of that fancy-skin crap will have to get dumped if it’s a Nexus.

  • Zach Armstrong

    I’m sill on the fence with LG smartphones.

  • Knlegend1

    Would definitely be my first LG phone. As long as its the new nexus that’s all I care about.

  • wickets

    i feel sorry for s3 owners…… 🙂

    • KleenDroid

      I don’t have one… but why?

      • Lactose_the_Intolerant

        King of the smartphones about to be replaced by the next king of the smartphones… which will be replaced by the next next king of the smartphones. (that’s important to some people)

        • willy y

          just keep buying new phones, its not difficult

        • wickets

          “King of the smartphones”……i think this one is going to be king for a little longer than 4 months though!!

          • Lactose_the_Intolerant

            Hope does spring eternal.

  • cowdog

    I can’t image good reasons why LG would release the same phone, once branded as their device and then secondarily branded as a Nexus? I would think that both LG and Google would want differentiation. I could see LG releasing a lower spec Nexus device and putting their marketing muscle toward selling their flagship phone.

    Overall I think google’s nexus approach is crazy. It made sense to help get android rolling, showing a spec and feature set that manufacturers could follow. Now, unless google wants to rein in the android-based phone market, what is the advantage of a Nexus phone to google. They make their money on services, and android is far and away #1.

    • It’s called giving the consumer a choice, which is what Android has always been about. There are people who actually like the OEM skins and couldn’t care less about updates. For those people, a carrier-branded and subsidized Android device makes the most sense, spend as little money upfront as possible while signing a service contract, and being happy with your choice for 24 months. But there will always be a part of the market (no matter how small it is) that appreciates the Nexus program for what it is…pure stock Android as Google intended, quick updates, unlocked and easily hackable/able to build from AOSP, with no carrier commitments, and support coming direct from Google.

      There’s nothing bad about having a choice.

      • cowdog

        Don’t get me wrong, a nexus phone is my interest. I would to see the LG Optimus as a nexus phone. The screen alone would sway me over AMOLED options. But from a for-profit perspective — let’s face it, that’s what really drives companies — I struggle to understand the nexus model, particularly the idea of the same phone (essentially) released under 2 separate brands, LG flagship and Google Nexus. Because I want something doesn’t mean it makes dollars and sense in the real world.

        • Well if you really think about it, nobody is losing any money on the deal. Whether or not you buy the LG flagship at the subsidized rate or the Nexus version for full price, LG is still getting the same profit regardless of the profit model being used. They’ll either get the money from the carrier or from Google. The only difference is, Google has to worry about the software-side of things…updates and bug fixes and the like. LG supports any hardware issues one way or the other. Theoretically speaking of course.

  • This is a hard one. It makes sense and then it doesn’t. It makes sense in the way that LG announced US availability right at the exact same time we’re all expecting a Nexus announcement to be made, and supporting that theory was the little oddity of LG not announcing any carrier launch partners at their US event. It doesn’t make sense however that LG would be so quick to abandon their UX/software “enhancements” so quickly. I mean all of that stuff was a very major part of the unveiling, not just the hardware specs.

    Even still, make it available starting Black Friday weekend, direct from the Play Store, with a 499/599 price point for 16/32, pentaband GSM and LTE onboard, and I would say that’s a very good addition to the Nexus program

  • this would be awesome, because that last video you posted of LGs software looked cheesy as hell. stock android is so much classier.

  • I would love a redesigned Optimus G as a Nexus, it would be a great phone. The specs are downright beastly and with Google running the software, it’d be perfect

  • Alexander Garcia

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if they release the multi-Nexii as the following…

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus II
    HTC Nexus X
    LG Optimus Nexus
    Sony XPERIA Nexus
    Motorola RAZR Nexus

    That would be a dream come true for me!

    • Detonation

      +1 for the Razr Nexus

      • Southrncomfortjm

        +2 for RAZR MAXX Nexus.

        • To Far

          +3 RAZR MAXX HD Nexus

          • GeorgeB

            RAZR MAXX M HD Nexus…… In PINK!!!! HA jk

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      HTC Nexus… yes, it’s time for HTC to return to the Nexus line.

    • Maybe next year

  • chanstar

    I almost jizz’d when I saw the pic but stopped myself since there is no confirmation….. sigh.

  • i hear about the guys at A.C. talking about how nice the new LG phones are…i am just waiting to get my hands on them. the older ones (verizon 4.5″ one was the last one i touched) was a terrible design and just felt cheap. hope these new ones are better. its all about the final specs….must have the high MP camera, must have quad core, 2gb ram, and ON SCREEN softkeys. if that is the case, i may have just found a replacement for my nexus

  • Might as well give up my hours and dreams of having another nexus device on Verizon.

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Never say never.

  • Ron Obringer

    so if this is a nexus device its going to ship with Key Lime pie then? Couldn’t see google having an additional nexus device shipping with an “old” OS.

  • FarmerTechno

    As great as it sounds, I don’t see this happening. LG made a big deal about their UX for the Optimus G, I don’t think they would cast it by the wayside so quickly. Even Panda said the G almost launched with GB instead of ICS. Doesn’t sound like a company that would trot out a Nexus, no matter how many of them they’d sell.

    • I sort of get the impression that OEMs don’t make Nexus devices to sell a ton of them. Instead, they make them to get their hands on Android builds earlier and maybe even to cozy up with Google a bit more.

      I could see them creating a Nexus – we’re just hoping it’s close in specs to this Optimus G.

      • joejoe5709

        I think it would certainly bring a lot of “street cred” to LG if they could pull it off. How many times do you still see the Galaxy Nexus out there even a year later? I think every time Kellex and other publications do an article it’s almost always an S3 or a Galaxy Nexus. Good, long term advertisement for LG. Then again I could be wrong. 🙂

  • Shawn Goede

    It’s not going to be a nexus it’s going to be G they are going to have a whole G series

    • I would agree 100%. I think what the rumor from A&M is saying, is that a phone with similar specs to the Optimus G could be a Nexus.

      • Shawn Goede

        I agree

  • gadget_hero

    This is what I have been waiting to hear this with stock Android is a beast, I have never wanted a LG phone until now! Any idea what bands are supported?

  • Keith0606

    if it was a nexus i’d consider it, problem is after getting used to software home,back,multitask buttons I don’t think i want to go back to capacitive buttons.

    • joejoe5709

      To this day, every time I show a video to friends they love how the software buttons shrink away. Very cool.

  • slops

    LG has had a rough time the last few years, i think a great way for them to make a comeback would be to make some google experience devices even if they’re not ‘nexus’ branded. get rid of the OEM specific crap like touchwiz, blur, sense and all that nonsense and release something unadulterated.

  • Justin W

    Highly possible… Depending on what the others have to offer. If the Sony or Samsung’s device have quad-cores, I might go with them… But I’m still biased towards Moto, even though their phone’s technology isn’t so up-to-speed with the new devices that will be coming out.

  • DigitalDK

    Not if it doesn’t have on screen nav like android is supposed to…

  • sdzero

    I don’t think so. A Nexus device without onscreen nav buttons, that is not stock android, no way.

  • DanWazz

    Would Google make a Nexus without on screen navigation keys?

  • Butters619

    I never thought in a million years I’d be excited for an LG phone

  • Bigwavedave25

    Only if there is a redesign to remove the hardware Nav keys!!!

    To me, a stock NEXUS device should have sofykeys built into the UI. I am spoiled by my Galaxy Nexus with not having those buttons take up valuable front real estate and will now be requiring this on my next phone, Nexus or not. The device just looks so much cleaner IMO.

    • geedee82

      I agree, if this rumor ends up being true, it comes to verizon, AND it loses the hardware nav buttons, I would definitely consider this as my next phone.

    • Butters619

      You would think Google would force that or they would look a little silly.

    • Tim242

      Valuable front real estate? Are you kidding me? The software buttons take up valuable DISPLAY SPACE. I use AOKP and shrink my buttons to 24. It still bugs me that they take up display space.

      • Bigwavedave25

        My point exactly (sort of). If the nav buttons are part of the UI then they can be removed to free up the real estate (and make use of LMT or AOKP-like power button controls). Not limiting the actual screen size like hard keys would. The biggest thing for me was the ability to CHANGE the images and what they looked like. I fell in love with swapping them out and making my own (almost as much as flashing Roms). At least then it is up to the user to hack and do as they please. Not limited by the manufacturer. Hard keys are so 2010… 😉

        • Tim242

          This would be all fine and great if the removal of the buttons actually decreased the bezel. The Nexus has the most bezel of any phone I’ve ever had.

  • RedPandaAlex

    This might get into “shut up and take my money” territory. I’m trying to be rational though. The unlocked Galaxy Nexus is still a solid device, and I’m guessing it’ll be more than serviceable for another year.

  • ayyyyy

    psh, the specs are too good to be a nexus…

  • I would consider this device on it’s own merits but would probably pull the trigger as a Nexus device…..come on Verizon!!!

  • I would totally be in for this phone to be a Nexus, but one thing makes me think that it won’t be: it has dedicated buttons.

    I would be willing to bet that all Nexus phones are going to go with the on-screen buttons.

  • jayray78

    I can’t help but think that this would never happen. LG is struggling to survive in the US market. They have finally made a worthwhile piece of hardware, and what seems to be a good skin. Do you really think they would take all that R&D money that was just invested in the new skin and throw it away just for the sake of less than 1% of the android community? Its bad business through and through. You don’t canabalize your flagship. Wishful thinking, but it will never happen. I can imagine you might see a similar variant, but it won’t be the same.

  • Sirx

    This would make a VERY promising start to the army of Nexus program! nexuses? nexi?

    • Justin W

      Nexii sounds awesome to me xD

  • As a Motorola Fanboy I’d love to have a Motorola Nexus RAZR or Nexus X what ever it may be called, but specs like this its hard not to pass so I’d take a chance on a LG Nexus phone

  • frankandsimple

    LG is a classic example of how a good hardware alone is not a recipe for success. I wish them all the success.. but it’s ALL about the software.

    • Justin W

      AKA, it would be a huge success with stock KLP.

  • Kizipotamus

    You guys have to promise to buy me one though. Otherwise I don’t want it to happen.

  • frankandsimple

    Looks good. (LG.. ha!)
    One thing I’ve always like about LG devices is that they don’t use Samsung’s pentile and use their own IPS displays..

  • sam_evans7

    Yes. KLP FTW

  • Tutunkari

    I hope not. LG makes hideous phones.

    • New_Guy

      you HAVE to see the video that DL posted about an hour ago of their new Optimus G. Made me drool a little, not going to lie.

    • zUFC

      we all thought that to. did you watch the video? You can’t NOT like this phone

      • New_Guy

        Indeed. This phone made me immediately change my feelings towards LG.

  • moelsen8

    i’m in

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    This can only help Android cohesion and experience. Would love to see many Nexus devices

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    I’d imagine having multiple Nexus phones released in the same time period would lessen the value of the brand, but then again, people still love Galaxy phones, and there are a ton of different Galaxy phones released all the time.

    • Jroc869, Cool story bro

      I think it will add to the value of the brand. It will reach more people and they will know what a Vanilla Android is like.

    • Tommy Thompson

      They could release a High end Nexus, and a Mid range Nexus for the budget conscious. That would make sense to me.


    And so begin the Nexus rumors for 2012…

    • It’s about time, really. What, it’s mid September and we’re just NOW getting to it? I needed Nexus rumors 3 months ago! 😛

      • New_Guy

        This is a darn good one too.

        • TheDrunkenClam

          Well the rest of us don’t. Skins are the ruination of android. Skins are what keeps users from having a unified experience. Skins are a major contributing factor to fragmentation

          • New_Guy

            Well, we all have our own opinions. I would agree with you 99% of the time. But, after watching the video of the UX for the Optimus G, I am inclined to make an exception. This is the first skin where I can honestly say that an OEM made the UI better. No person who watches the demostrations of that cross-platform/multitasking should have any argument about that one.

          • rockstar323

            I disagree. The ability to skin allows manufactures to build a device unique to them without having to design their own OS. This is also why I prefer Android over other OSes, it allows me to make my phone, MY phone. It allows someone that has a bad experience with Android to give it another shot. Say the average consumer bought a HTC and didn’t like it, they could buy a Samsung and it would be like a completely new device even though it’s running the same software. If all Android phones ran stock Android, normal consumers would have no reason to try it again if they buy a crap phone the first time around. I also think that if Google required everyone to run stock the manufactures would have invested more heavily in Windows phones. I have a Nexus, and it’s running AOKP, it may be built from AOSP but it’s not stock Android and I prefer it that way.

            I don’t like skins either but Android enthusiasts like us make up a very small footprint of the Android user base and most of the people I know with HTC or Samsungs stick with those manufactures when they upgrade because they like Sense/TouchWIz. Honestly it doesn’t really matter what our opinions are on the subject because in the end Google and the manufacturers are going to go with the option that makes them the most money.

          • James

            iOS is a “unified” experience.

          • DrewNusser

            Usually that’s the case, but this skin is awesome. Maybe lose the skin but keep some of those features, especially the multitasking ones.

        • Justin W

          It won’t – unless Google decides to use their version of Android as the official KLP release, which is unlikely. They will use Vanilla KLP or JB (betting KLP, but so far there have been absolutely no rumors about it’s development).

        • moelsen8

          yeah seriously, i just watched that video from earlier. that is sick, absolutely sick.

          • New_Guy

            It truly is a skin done correctly. It’s beautiful, slik, and adds even more functionality to an already great OS.

    • moelsen8

      it’s like walking into macy’s and seeing their christmas decorations in september.. but this is actually cool!

    • LiterofCola

      I would actually get an Optimus Nexus device if it looks as good as the G does.

  • adb.push.Freedom

    Remember the Nexus Prime lol now the Optimus Nexus… someone in the rumor dept likes Transformers

  • There’s no way that’s going to happen to the Optimus G. Maybe another LG phone but not the Optimus G.

  • I can’t say that it would be a first choice because I’m a samsung fan (GNex), but that Would be a beautiful thing for the Nexus line. Hopefully it would make Samsung step the specs up on the next Nexus

  • If its stock android. MAYBE.
    But anything software from LG turns me off

  • Nope. Specs are nice but LG is crap.

    • slops

      i like your icon, sir

  • kos


  • Booyah

    If this has pure JB on it, absolutely.

    • It won’t be $350 on the Play Store.

      • Justin W

        I second that.. Maybe $500-$550 (for VZW or Sprint)

  • Derek Duncan

    yes, please