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DROID Bionic Lapdocks Available Today Through DailySteals for $60

If for some reason, you still find yourself in need of a Motorola Lapdock and own a DROID Bionic, then look no further than today’s deal over at DailySteals. Since Motorola has essentially killed the Lapdock now that former CEO Sanjay Jha is no longer in control, you’ll probably find fire sales like this all over the internet. In fact, Verizon is willing to part with them for $50 if you can find a store with any in stock.

I personally cannot stand the Lapdock. I own both the Bionic and RAZR versions and have found them to be completely unusable for long periods of time. The idea may have been good on paper, but the execution, like many Motorola products over the last couple of years, was terrible. But again, if for some reason you can’t move on in life without having owned a Lapdock, today is your day.


Cheers to everyone who sent this!

  • Bodiew/aStogie

    Interested in knowing if you use any of the floating apps on your lapdock?
    I do and can’t live without it on ICS. Plus it keeps my battery charged. I get better battery life than the Razr MAXX

  • balthuszar

    just bought the razr lapdock for 50 from my local vzw store, if i had paid full price for it, i’d be returning it…i’m not understanding why the pictures show the connectors on the phone being on the side of the phone(which would make it much easier to use)

  • Percy Snow

    It was $40 at some headquarters in baton rouge, la. My bionic has an amoled screen, i was lucky..

  • James

    A headsup, the lapdock and webtop accessories for moto phones of 2012 apparently don’t work with the Razr M and Razr HD’s if anyone buys one with the intention of it serving their next upgrade or phone aswell.

    A moto rep at their Razr M release said ‘the older Moto handsets had personality or lockout chips that prevented just any hdmi-USB combo device to hook up to the Lapdock. The HD’s have the necessary ports but not the internal components to support the older webtop series.’

  • thiefnthanight

    Is this compatible with extended batteries?

    • kixofmyg0t

      Yes. It works with mine.

    • Daniel Clifford

      Yup, no issues. Its fine for travel and light use.

  • Jason W.

    I bought a Bionic Lapdock for myself and one for my wife because we both have Bionics. This 50 dollar deal is so worth it! I run ICS on my Bionic and the webtop experience is incredible! Again, we have the Bionic Lapdock not the 100.

  • Laki S.

    I got the Lapdock 100 for my Bionic and it’s TERRIBLE. Laggy as all hell and crashes all the time. Worst Moto purchase ever.

    • Silver Veloz

      This one is the regular Lapdock specifically for Bionic, not the Lapdock 100. I have the Bionic Lapdock, and it does what it advertises just fine.

      • Daniel Clifford

        Agreed, I have not had these issues. Also, @Diablo81588:disqus I have seen the YouTube vids of the newest version from ICS and it looks awesome.

    • Diablo81588

      Have you used it on ICS? The experience is actually quite good. No more, “out of memory” notifications. When used with a wireless mouse, its really a cool device.

  • Silver Veloz

    I don’t use the Lapdock all the time (Laptop computer at home), but I have taken it with me on vacations and it does what I need it to do. I showed a couple friends last time I was out of town and their comment was, “can I get that for my phone?” I said no you have “i”—-.
    I showed them how it worked and how I can take a call (speakerphone) and still browse while talking. I have also been using a wireless mouse and turned off the mousepad. This works wonders.
    It’s a steal at this price. I would have not purchased it at the original $299 or even reduced to $199. But for $50 or $60, hell yeah!
    I’m sure it will be even better once we get “ICS”
    If you have a Bionic – I endorse getting the lapdock. Enjoy.

  • Mike

    ICS UPDATE????????????????

  • Greg

    I bought 7 from my local store and I am hoping to resale them around the holidays. I hope they work with the new Razr Maxx with out any mods.

  • At that price if I had a bionic I would go for it. I wouldn’t mind having one for my s3 to keep in my work truck, but probably would end up not using it.

  • If the “new Motorola” adapted chrome os t their laptop docks, but still used the same app from phone functionality, I would definitely pick that up

    • Daniel Clifford

      I think this is addressed in the ICS update…maybe.

      • Me

        What ICS update lol

        • Daniel Clifford

          LOL. The leaked one.