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Cry-on Series 3 Android Collectible, Shake the Paint Can!

Andrew Bell took a minute today to show off another Series 3 Android Collectible, the Cry-on. It’s basically an Android Krylon spray paint can that when shaken, might motivate you into tagging your office wall. OK, so there isn’t actual paint inside, but it certainly sounds and looks like it. Another fantastic bot in what appears to be the best collection yet/

In even better news, the shipments of Series 3 collectibles have cleared customs and arrived at the “magical toy cave.” That means we are days away from them shipping to retailers and then onto your doorsteps. Who’s ready? 


Via:  Dyzplastic

  • I might have to grab a few of these newer models. Definitely some unique ideas that they’ve presented.


    Andrew Bell better hope that Kry-lon doesn’t have that shake-ball-rattle patented. Hiyooooooo!!!

  • Trevor

    Haha that’s pretty awesome. I could see how someone could become somewhat obsessive over collecting these things. I myself will be buying a Nexus one as long as it’s reasonably priced.

    • they come in a sealed box. you don’t pick what one you buy. it’s a hitted box. (unless you buy from ebay) but from dead zebra the are $8.

  • He has outdone himself this time. So excited he’s going to be at the Android BBQ!

  • EvanTheGamer

    Just too cool.