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Android’s Q3 Smartphone Market Share Numbers Posted, 68% Sticking with Google

According to research firm IDC, Google’s Android OS has been bringing in some exceptional numbers during this year’s Q3. As reported by the Huffington Post, Android held a monstrous 68% of the world’s smartphone market share, followed by Apple at 17%. During Q3, a total of 104.8 million devices were sold which is quite the jump from last year’s Q3 figures.

Following Google and Apple is RIM at 4.8%, Symbian at 4.4%, and Microsoft at 3.5%.  Of course, analysts will be keeping their eyes glued to Apple’s numbers as the iPhone 5 begins to become available for consumers.

Via: Huffington Post

Cheers Barski!

  • Yep. Android is the king of the hill. Apple second place because they lost their luster and can’t do any better. Its a open source not closed.

  • Guest

    Thanks Tim-o-tato!
    What’s ironic is today I was walking past a TV news on. They were discussing how Apple was worth more than Switzerland’s GDP…and blah blah blah. So I stopped to watch. Then came some analysts. One said Apple was going to end up being like RIM. The next said something along the lines of losing “the visionary” has shown in the iPhone 5. Never once have I heard the news report something more correct.

  • nightscout13

    Has anyone seen Cnet’s claim that iOS accounts for 65% of mobile internet usage????

    • Diablo81588

      I’m sure that includes iPads and iPods. This is about smartphone marketshare.

      • nightscout13

        No trust me, I have no doubt that Android is on top. Cnet was trying to spin and tweak the numbers to make it look like iOS was on top.

    • spunker88

      There are mobile browsers than run an iOS type user agent to get to mobile sites. Its not as common of a practice anymore but sometimes this was the only way to get a mobile site redirect.

  • Apple is a fan base system.
    It’s the same people that keep buying upgrade. Their number is not going to increase.
    Those millions that pre order the 5 already own an iphone so the overall number for Apple won’t change much.

    • mx

      Each new iPhone model has sold as many units as all previous iPhones combined. That is a fact that somewhat contradicts your theory.

  • For crap’s sake. It’s going to be the same story with the iPhone 5 as it was with the 4 and the 4S. It’s going to sell like crazy for the first month, then things will settle down and Android will dominate again.

    • Tristan Cunha

      I can’t believe that post on HuffPo includes the line “will the iPhone 5 change that?” No, it’s almost impossible, and no one who pays attention to the smartphone market or technology in general thinks there’s any chance that the iPhone5 will change that. It will sell very well, probably about as well as the 4s sold at launch, in terms of market share. It will sell a lot more units, but that’s mostly due to the rapidly increasing size of the smartphone market. With the 5, 4S and 4, Apple will probably capture about 20% of the smartphone market over the next year or so. Any analyst who thinks that the introduction of a new model will upset the fundamentals of the market should probably be fired. Will the iphone5 sell 100million units? Probably not, and it might need to sell two to three times that number to be the #1 mobile OS over the next 12 months. How about this for a question – will Apple’s three phones outsell Samsung’s lineup up smartphones? Now that’s at least an interesting question.

      • The iPhone is still the number one selling single phone. But Android outsells iOS by a HUGE margin.

      • Vikram Sharda

        What you need to read carefully is that those numbers are from the second quarter of 2012. iPhone 5 will definitely change those numbers for the 3rd and 4th quarter of this year and it won’t be as biased 68:17 % in favor of Android.

        • Tristan Cunha

          Well yes, those numbers are going to change, no one thinks they won’t. And the quarter when a new iPhone launches is always their best quarter. Does that mean that iOS is going to be more popular than Android (in either marketshare or install base) at the end of the year? Not a chance, and no one who is paying attention thinks that’s possible.

          • Vikram Sharda

            Well, my point was only to say that the Huffington post article is with respect to a single quarter and is not talking about overall market share. So yes, I agree with having “will the iPhone 5 change that?” in the headline cuz that’s the most likely outcome for the next quarter. Annual sales of Android phones will definitely be more than ios

      • Tim242

        You are confused. iPhone is at 33% install base. These numbers are not install base, just 2nd quarter sales. The iPhone 5 will most certainly change this for the next few quarters.

        • Tristan Cunha

          Here’s the quote from the headline: “Google’s Still Beating Apple, But Will The iPhone 5 Change That?”
          Only someone who hasn’t paid attention to the mobile market for the last 3 years thinks that’s possible. It’s so unlikely it’s not even an interesting question to ask, it’s just a way to throw a popular search term in to the headline.

          • Tim242

            Apple is beating Google. Google only sells Nexus devices. All other Android devices are sold by OEM’s, not Google. It is TouchWiz and Sense devices selling in droves.

          • Tristan Cunha

            If you want to be pedantic, Google only makes one Nexus device, the Q. So Apple is crushing them on that metric.

            But do you think the headline “Google’s Still Beating Apple…” refers to devices that Google sells through they’re store? Or do you think it’s meant to mean Google’s android OS? And if it does mean that, do you think that could change, that iOS will outsell android this year?

          • Tim242

            The headline is wrongly stated. Besides, OS to OS numbers are much closer with the iPad numbers included. I know that Android phones are the majority. My point is, Android = Google as iOS = Apple.

  • Michael Forte

    I don’t see Apple’s market share increasing hat much , even with the iPhone 5 release. Most of the people buying iPhones are heavily vested in Apple’s ecosystem already.

    • Tim242

      These numbers are not install base, they are sales during the quarter.

      • SolipsisticPsychologist

        Sounds like Tim, who used to rave about his Galaxy Nexus, then who said he got rid of it, only to post later how he had it again. Now has an iPhone, which would explain his denial of facts and reality, and can’t accept this article. Been spending most of your time at Endgadget?

        • Tim242

          The facts are that these numbers are sales during the quarter, not install base. Another fact is that people need to learn the difference between quarter market share, and install base. BTW, don’t have my iPhone yet.

  • summit1986

    Unless something truly epic comes along, everybody is going to stay where they are now. Why switch to another OS only have to repurchase all of your favorite paid apps all over again?

    • I agree especially as I have an iPad (it was a gift) where I find many apps aren’t free or don’t have ad supported versions and I already purchased them for my phone I was really frustrated in having to purchase them again.

  • PyroHoltz

    That Lego Android is SWEET!

  • New_Guy

    Apple can keep their record breaking day. Google has had a record breaking quarter!!!

    • Tim242

      Google did not. Android as a whole did. Manufacturer-wise, only Samsung.

      • New_Guy

        And who own’s Android??? That’s like saying Apple did not have a great week, iOS did…

        • Tim242

          Google does not own Android. Android is open source software that anybody can use. Comparing Google and Apple is truly comparing Apples to Oranges. Google gets very little profit from Android, mostly from licensing fees from Gapps. It’s the OEM’s that make the true profit. Samsung is the only one in the game of profit from Android.

          • New_Guy

            Oh really now?… Do yourself a favor and ask Acer who owns Android. I guarantee they’ll have a completely different take than you do…


          • Tim242

            Google makes Android, then distributes it to open source. Android makes Google little to no profit. Android selling well is not to Google what iOS selling well is to Apple.