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Mysterious 5 Inch HTC Device Shown in Press Render, Might Be Called ‘One X 5’ (Updated: Concept Art)

These days, you have to even take press renders with a grain of salt, but could this be the final rendering of the 5 inch HTC phone/tablet hybrid we have been hearing rumors about lately? We must say, the black and red is looking pretty good on this device, and would hopefully point it squarely in Verizon’s direction. And we also have a tentative name for this beast of a phone: the One X 5.

Update: Β The image above is a concept image by Flickr user Dannix. It’s not real, meaning the name won’t be HTC One X 5. Well, unless he’s just calling this a “concept” to keep HTC’s legal department off his case. We’re leaning towards it simply being a pretty picture. The artist also created a concept for the next HTC Flyer device which looks fancy, but again, is also just a concept.

1080p screen, quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor and LTE packed inside the awesome build quality that the One series already has – what else do you want from a phone? This certainly looks like the pictures of the “dlx” device that we first uncovered in a benchmark a couple of months back. A rumor over the weekend suggested that it may also contain 1.5GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, a non-removable battery, and a display with 480 ppi.

HTC has a press event lined up for Wednesday, could we see this device being announced or will HTC make us wait a little bit longer?

Via:Β Engadget

  • I wish that HTC would take a cue from this person’s renderings and thin the devices out a touch. If HTC devices were as thin as that render profile, I’d be interested for sure.

  • The phone does look really good, sleek yet bold

  • trob6969

    What else do I want?! How about an SD slot!

  • bogy25

    If I was in charge of HTC I would hire this guy……..

  • kris

    Ima shell out 700 bucks for this phone, but it needs to either have a huge battery ot a removable one….I know they’ve been saying it wont be removal le…but I hope it is anyway. 8 currently have resound and other than battery life its a top of the line phone. No excuse for anything less than 3000 may tho knowing HTC it will be like 2200

  • Give me this in Nexus form and I’d pay $350 on contract.

  • Well finally some light after i yelled all day that it is FAKE, or rather a concept drawing. You can clearly notice the width of the device as being to wierdly slim

  • Nagini

    “Awesome build quality”? Please, have you not noticed that when you put pressure on the lower sides of the screen on the One X that it pushes into the LCD panel itself and causes temporary discoloration and bleeding? That shouldn’t happen.

  • BSweetness

    Looks like it’s a concept render from a fan, not from HTC:


  • turn it into a nexus device and throw a huge battery in there and i would be down to buy it

  • jay_peter

    Meh. I’m not impressed.

  • Had To

    Will it have NFC so people can touch their 5 inch DIX together?

  • You had me until “non removable battery.”

  • Mc

    Megaman X5

  • hldc1

    I’d buy another HTC device if they’d get rid of those stupid effin’ capacitive buttons.

  • Rick Lopez

    I held the LG 5″ phone today and its way too wide. I think 5″ phones are too big. My GNEX is really a great size for a phone.

    • Paul

      You mean the Intuition with the 4:3 aspect ratio? That’s not a good source to rule out 5″ phones…

      • coolsilver

        Yea the Intuition looks nice except it is so wide.

  • Chris Nelson

    Predicted battery life 5 minutes. Also why would anyone want edge to edge screen? If I had to take my case off anytime I wanted to see the whole screen, I’d be peeved.

    • Paul

      Why would anyone want a case? They put so much effort into making the phone thin. Just my opinion at least…

      • MKader17

        That seems a little obvious. I always throw my Gnex in the Otterbox when headed to the beach.

      • Chris Nelson

        just dropped my sgs3 on the bottom corner from 6′ and instead of a broken screen it was fine. instead of scratches on the edge it is pristine, instead of tears, joy… broken scratched up phones suck.

    • MKader17

      While I think that’s an exaggeration it is good to point out. If a case goes to the edge of the screen then it is really hard to use the edges of the screen. I noticed this on my moms S3 with an Otterbox.

  • I expect a similar fate to the Rezound. Failure.

    • Noel

      I see failure if no SD card slot or a removable bigger battery and if not on multiple Networks.

  • Butters619

    It looks like they photshopped a screen on and tried to make it edge to edge and went too far over on the left so it hung of the side of the phone.

  • Justin

    Verizon IS getting a One X! The main difference: It’s better xD

  • Walter Bennett

    why are there still physical buttons? Man I am getting annoyed with that.

    • Paul

      imo physical buttons can still be a good thing. If it is going to have a chin, they might as well have touch buttons there so the screen has more space for webpages, etc.

      A great example is the Razr M. That could have easily had buttons on its chin and the screen would have had more usable space.

      • EC8CH

        Do it like the G-Nex… on screen buttons and just enough bottom bezel to grab when holding in landscape = best design for the front of an android phone.

        • Paul

          No arguing there, but manufacturers are still obsessed with how thin a phone is and are making phones with big chins and on screen buttons – which just makes the chin seem out of place and useless space.

        • Art Holguin

          this should be mandatory on android devices.

    • RedPandaAlex

      I’m thinking there’s a reason you haven’t seen on-screen buttons on non-AMOLED phones. It probably doesn’t look as good without those deep blacks.

  • bogy25

    Is that the new iphone 6?

  • dsass600

    Too tall. Not wide enough. Too thick. Red is nasty. Screen is fake in picture. Battery most likely sucks. Camera lens obviously sticks out…

  • k323

    Its obviously fake cuz the it shows the old market. I know on the evo lte press shots they show the play store and not the market

    • Justin

      I would never have noticed that had you not mentioned it. Thanks, lol.

  • fsadfas fasdfasdfa


  • duke69111

    A 3800mah battery would be nice…

  • The naming for devices is just getting silly. It’s worse than Acura’s cars.

    The hardware looks attractive. A five-inch screen with a (reported) resolution of 480ppi is probably amazing, As others have suggested, battery life will likely be an issue. I can live with Sense, maybe because I’m using an Incredible 2. I find it more attractive than Touchwiz. I don’t get how any new device, yet to be launched, is hitting the market without Jelly Bean installed. (I’m staring at you Moto.)

    I must say, though, that after checking out my wife’s S3 I find that the devices are getting just a touch too big. The heft and bulk of the devices has come down, but they are still pretty big. I don’t like having stuff in my pocket as it is, and these 4.8″+ devices should be designated “cargo pocket only.”

    • MichaelFranz

      you think this is bas, go look at that LG 5 incher…yuckkk.

      But i agree, sense is more tollerable then touchwiz, but to be honest, im hoping to have it unlocked and once binaries and kernel source are released, i think you will see some CM10/AOKP goodness on it. Remove the sense and i bet this will fly.

      If it doesnt have NFC im probably out of it, ive grown a custom t using google wallet when I can, so no NFC may be a deal breaker

  • chaosrv

    Black with red accents – is there any doubt this is headed to VZW?

    • That should be a clue, but, surprisingly, the EVO 4G LTE on Sprint has red accents. I always thought that yellow accents would have been more appropriate for a Sprint-branded device.

  • Larizard

    Let’s play the game: Where will Verizon squeeze in their logo this time?

    • Kiss that HTC lettering on the top of the screen goodbye.

      • MichaelFranz

        Probably right, but i would be happy if the just but one above the beat logo, i’d be fine with that

      • LionStone

        yep thats reserved for: VERIZON… boo!

  • Dave

    I’m actually enticed by this…if they can get that screen in the size of the GSIII (if the smaller bezel is any indication), then I might have just regretted my GSIII purchase!

  • S_T_R

    One X 5? They redo their entire branding, then turn around and muck it up again? How about Five X?

  • I_Am_Roy_Halladay

    This basically looks like the OneX got the iPhone5 treatment. They stretched the screen upwards and thats about it. The specs are pretty amazing though. Just wish it were a Nexus

    • MichaelFranz

      i agree it does, but its moving to the latest and greatest as far as processor tech goes, while the apple a6 is only a dual core, this would be a quad core and a quad core S4 at that. Based on the reading this thing could hit 88mph and////////////////////////////////………. πŸ™‚

  • r0lct

    Well that might be the international name and DIX for Verizon. After all DIX would be a name synonymous with Verizon.

    • Brent Cooper

      I see what you did there… πŸ˜‰

      • azndan4

        Unnecessary and overused

  • Bewara2009

    I keep throwing my money at my computer screen but it doesn’t want it!

  • Bill Mitchell

    This looks like much more of an edge-to-edge device than the Razr M…

    • Butters619

      Although the Razr M isn’t truly edge to edge, you should go play with one and look at it in person. They did better than anyone else has done.

      • Bill Mitchell

        That’s very true; it’s a nice looking device! I just wish they would’ve done that for the Razr HD so I could get top notch specs AND design. Not that the M’s specs are bad, but I’d still call it an upper-mid range device. If this HTC’s specs are true, however, it seems like it would be a top-notch device in every area! Except maybe battery life :p

        Also, I feel as though you should know that I read plenty of your comments on here and Gizmodo and I always read them in a Butters voice… It just brightens my day, every time.

        • Butters619

          They did a much better job with the bezel than the first Razr/Maxx, but I completely agree it would have been sweet to see the “edge to edge” on a 4.7″ device.

          And sometimes when I read back my own comments to check for spelling I do the butters voice in my head just to see.

        • Try living with the Droid Razr for a day and complain about battery life lol If this comes to Verizon and it has the rumored Quad core S4 and a 1080p screen I might just ditch the Razr for it. The battery life certainly couldn’t get ANY worse than my RazR!

  • Droid4All


  • If it gets Jelly Bean this year and gets the update for whatever the next Sense will be then yes I will buy it

  • edwoordd

    I hope the phone has a sd card slot and a big battery, i wanna move on from my Tbolt and at least be able to my 32gb sd card.

  • Mustang5Oh

    I was so excited for the hardware I completely forgot about Sense. πŸ™

  • WrinkledForeskin

    I’m so getting this if the specs are true, anyone want to buy a flawless S III with an extended battery and a Seido naked belt holster? πŸ™‚

  • chevy chase

    when did it become cool to have a phablet ??/….smh guys. I really think 4.3 is the max. My gnex is a little awkward for me and i have big hands.

    • FarmerTechno

      To be fair, driving in East St. Louis was a little awkward for you, too…

  • For me, it may come down to what the battery life is on this to determine this phone vs. the Droid RAZR Maxx HD.

    • Diablo81588

      Half, if that.

      • Most likely. Which would make this a perfect waste of an awesome phone.

    • I hear you, but I just can’t do Moto after a couple bad experiences with Droid Xes.

      • Their build quality is pretty damn good, though.

        • azndan4

          The build quality was pretty bad on my Droid X (defective lcd screen), Bionic (defective volume button), and Atrix (defective bluetooth and wifi module).

        • Agreed. That’s why I’m hoping we’ll see a Nexus built on the RAZR HDMaxx.

  • MKader17

    Wow, HTC was able to keep cues of their old styling and make a great looking phone. The holidays this year are going to be as exciting as the Nexus release last year!

  • Steve Douglas

    Please let this beast have a SD card…

    • Trevor

      5 pairs of fingers (and thumbs) crossed. I don’t even think that’s possible to do.

      • Steve Douglas

        Eyes as well. If it has no SD card and only 16G… this is a deal breaker for me πŸ™

  • LordStickMax

    hardware buttons!?! unsubscribe. i like htc but i hate this trend in their latest devices.

    • I still cannot fathom why they are clinging to these….

    • JoshGroff

      Capacitive. >.>

      • LordStickMax

        you know i considered clarifying non-software but i figured anyone who would correctly me to be a jerk. lol

        • Trevor

          In that case, it should be “correct” not “correctly.” I joke, I joke

          • LordStickMax


        • JoshGroff

          Capacitive is technically hardware. πŸ˜‰

  • motta2003

    Looks interesting…still think the 5″ screen may be *too* big…and if it has 1.5GB of RAM I’ll feel a little bit gyped that I didn’t get 2GB.

    • Then again, this screen looks pretty “edge-to-edge”…may not be that different in size.

  • r0lct

    Hopefully this hits as well as the Note 2 before end of year along with a new Nexus. Would be a great Q4 to pickup a new phone.

  • teknic

    physical navigation buttons… ugh

  • Clint O

    I’d buy

  • jphanes24

    Knowing HTC, the battery will be horrendous on this device. Even though it’s 1080pi beats the Note 2’s, I’ll pass on this one. The Note 2 for some reason is more appealing.

    • nwd1911

      To me the most appealing thing about the Note 2 is that they already had a very successful phone and it will improve upon the current success. I really hope HTC pulls this off though, I’ve only ever owned HTC since being on Android.

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    Wish this was coming to att

  • Realistic87

    capacitance buttons…….
    also, 1080p display, super powerful quad core, terrible power sucking cdma network, NON-REMOVABLE BATTERY? stay attached to a wall otherwise this thing will be dead in a hour!

    I’d still take one though

    • The new Snapdragon S4 Pro is supposed to be one of the most power efficient processors currently.

      • Realistic87

        that’s good to hear then

        • Yeah, I’m really looking forward to it πŸ™‚

  • Trueblue711

    I like the red touches on this phone. It seems that HTC is contradicting the whole purpose of their One branding… to have ONE flagship device. Now there’s several “HTC One” phones.

    • I think they realized that they can’t survive on one phone a year. Need to have 2 flagships, one in the spring and one in the fall.

      • r0lct

        They might survive better if they can get it on every carrier under the same name like Samsung. I’m sure this has a lot to do with Verizon shafting the OneX.

        • Justin

          This must be their one version of the One X. Not going to lie, though, I like it (rather, what it’s rumored to be) better than the actual One X.

        • Trueblue711

          Verizon is usually the one who makes carriers change the name and features for them, so I think it’s the other way around (HTC probably refused to change things, or VZ wasn’t interested).

      • Trueblue711

        Even 2 flagships are good, but they have even more than that. The AT&T One X is different than the others, and then they made the One S, and now the One X 5.

  • coolsilver

    With Beats Audio? Nah, I’ll pass. Not that I will ever buy HTC again anyway.

    • George264

      I don’t understand when you people comment. It has Beats Audio? I’M NOT BUYING IT. So… if it has an extra feature that you don’t like, and you can not use, you don’t buy it? That’s like saying, someone with an iPhone 4 says the iPhone 4S has Siri, NOT BUYING IT

      • JoshGroff

        That’s like not buying a car because it has bluetooth connectivity or heated seats…

      • coolsilver

        I wouldn’t buy an Apple phone either. Regardless of round corners.

  • If it released this year with Jelly-Bean installed…i would do it…

  • RedPandaAlex

    And now you see the folly of including a number in the brand name of your flagship line of phones

    • paul_cus

      Yeah, pretty awkward name for a phone.

  • Please take my money!!

  • Kentholio

    A gigantic battery to go with that gigantic phone. Please HTC, dont let us down!