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Mysterious 5 Inch HTC Device Shown in Press Render, Might Be Called ‘One X 5’ (Updated: Concept Art)

These days, you have to even take press renders with a grain of salt, but could this be the final rendering of the 5 inch HTC phone/tablet hybrid we have been hearing rumors about lately? We must say, the black and red is looking pretty good on this device, and would hopefully point it squarely in Verizon’s direction. And we also have a tentative name for this beast of a phone: the One X 5.

Update:  The image above is a concept image by Flickr user Dannix. It’s not real, meaning the name won’t be HTC One X 5. Well, unless he’s just calling this a “concept” to keep HTC’s legal department off his case. We’re leaning towards it simply being a pretty picture. The artist also created a concept for the next HTC Flyer device which looks fancy, but again, is also just a concept.

1080p screen, quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor and LTE packed inside the awesome build quality that the One series already has – what else do you want from a phone? This certainly looks like the pictures of the “dlx” device that we first uncovered in a benchmark a couple of months back. A rumor over the weekend suggested that it may also contain 1.5GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, a non-removable battery, and a display with 480 ppi.

HTC has a press event lined up for Wednesday, could we see this device being announced or will HTC make us wait a little bit longer?

Via: Engadget

  • I wish that HTC would take a cue from this person’s renderings and thin the devices out a touch. If HTC devices were as thin as that render profile, I’d be interested for sure.

  • The phone does look really good, sleek yet bold

  • trob6969

    What else do I want?! How about an SD slot!

  • bogy25

    If I was in charge of HTC I would hire this guy……..

  • kris

    Ima shell out 700 bucks for this phone, but it needs to either have a huge battery ot a removable one….I know they’ve been saying it wont be removal le…but I hope it is anyway. 8 currently have resound and other than battery life its a top of the line phone. No excuse for anything less than 3000 may tho knowing HTC it will be like 2200

  • Give me this in Nexus form and I’d pay $350 on contract.

  • Well finally some light after i yelled all day that it is FAKE, or rather a concept drawing. You can clearly notice the width of the device as being to wierdly slim

  • Nagini

    “Awesome build quality”? Please, have you not noticed that when you put pressure on the lower sides of the screen on the One X that it pushes into the LCD panel itself and causes temporary discoloration and bleeding? That shouldn’t happen.

  • BSweetness

    Looks like it’s a concept render from a fan, not from HTC: