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Asus Pushing Out Updates to TF700 and TF300 Tablets, Bug Fixes and More

It may not be Jelly Bean for the Infinity, but users can begin to download updates for both the Transformer Infinity (TF700) and Transformer Pad (TF300). For the TF700, it looks like ASUS is bumping up the firmware for the camera and have also simplified the boot animation. Once we get a full changelog, we can update the post. For the TF300, ASUS has already rolled out Jelly Bean so this is more of a maintenance update with some bug fixes and improved performance.

Well, guess I’ll throw this out there – where’s Jelly Bean for the Prime? I’m still waiting, ASUS.

Via: XDA

Cheers Ben, Nick, SteveG1253, and Joelseph!

  • Mikesphoneandtab

    As a TF300 user I’m so happy that Asus has been rolling out updates as much and as fast as they have been. I’m sure that the TF700 will get Jellybean soon enough, maybe even 4.2. It definitely has enough power to drive that OS.

  • Gem

    The latest firmware update confuses me. Lots of crash, the interface seemed to downgrade, the visuals isn’t as clear and crisp compared to the previous firmware. 🙁
    Can someone please explain what happened? Asus TF300

  • Mario Irelan

    i love android. but conquering a lion is harder than a cat (ios is the cat) in terms of functionality. asus has dissapointed me in updates the the tf 101 got so many of. last asus and android ever

  • androidfan 4life

    where’s the update to jelly bean there Asus for the tf201 hell it was the first of the quad core tablets to come out so what’s going on Asus make it happend

  • PackmoorWarrior

    Sick of the Wait or cancel popup appearing in the browser on my TF300, hope they have fixed this bug.

  • Brian Sargent

    I bought and returned two TF700’s after waiting for months for it to come out. They both became so sluggish and unresponsive that I couldn’t keep it after spending that much money on it. The last one I had locked up, froze, and rebooted itself more than once. There were times that it was sluggish (even on performance mode) on games like 100 Doors where there was minimal animation on the screen. Have spent two months trying to get a good device so I am not planning on getting another TF700. Going to try the Nexus 7. If that doesn’t work then who knows…

  • J. Gilbertson

    Glad I took my prime back to best buy for the Galaxy Note 10.1!

  • The Don

    WHERE IS MY PRIMES JELLY BEAN!!! I use this tablet everyday and it hangs up and force closes all the time
    ..they really should’ve named it the Asus transformer force close

  • SteveG12543

    And to add to the last question, where’s the (official) JB update for the TF700?

  • Higher_Ground

    I guess I’m lucky – haven’t really had any issues with JB on my tf300.

    • Ethan

      Same here with my TF300. Got it about a month ago, booted it up and installed JB- no problems. Always a nice feeling when I don’t purchase a top-of-the-line item but get reliable support from the company. Asus is one of the best.

      • delerivm

        Ditto…. couldn’t be happier with mine

    • DrXym

      Mostly its been stable but I had to reboot yesterday when wifi got “stuck”. Also the keyboard integration is still really annoying. For no reason it’ll pop up while typing and ask what input device I want to use… er the one I’m typing on please.

  • Pegleg

    ASUS must have hired some people from Motorola and Verizon the way they are handling the update process!

    • I feel so bad for tf201 owners. i have pretty happy with my TF300 and its update progress. my only gripe now is the I/O lag…but that may be more hardware than anything else

  • bit

    Yeah, I’m not very happy with my 700t for much of the reasons listed here.
    that, plus the one way boot loader unlock which kills support is a bad move for Asus.
    Samsung or “Google” next…

    • Floyd Gray

      I guess in all oddity for me compared to everyone else, it seemed to improve my performance and a lot of my apps have stopped crashing as much…go figure.

    • why is it a bad move for asus? you are putting unsupported FW on your device which could and probably will cause issues…they just dont want to be held responsible for your mistakes if you make one.
      they are not forcing you or anyone to unlock your bootloader.
      and they are at least giving you the option to do it unlike SOME manufacturers out there.
      i think they handled it the “hacking” scene perfectly. yeah i would LOVE a reversable unlock just in case…..but i am completely fine with how they handled it.

  • Im in quebec canada i dont receive the update someone receive it

  • James Hill

    Hey, I just used the unlock tool does that mean I will not get the update? If that’s the case I’ll just have to use a custom rom.

  • TF201 Jelly Bean is delish.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Asus gave the TF201 the big F YOU

    • PalmerAdam

      and the customers who bought one

    • Raven

      What about the TF101? Although I am not really looking for JellyBean on it, I am still having random stability issues. GMail locks up all of the time for me and many games that work just fine on my Acer A100 (same Tegra 2 chip) stutter and lock up after playing only a short while on my TF101 since they upgraded it to ICS which has been rather botched.

    • New_Guy

      Trust me, I have the 300 and the JB update had quite a few bugs. I was considering downgrading back to ICS to be honest with you. Believe me that this new update comes for good reason. They really rushed JB to be the first with it out and it feels more like they used the 300 as a guinea pig than showing favoritism. I wouldn’t feel slighted with the 201 on this update.

    • i heard asus is giving 80% of there tablets jelly bean even the dual core eee pad slider so dont give up yet

  • New_Guy

    Glad I got the TF300 :)…

  • Allen Byrd

    I want Jelly Bean so bad on my TF700. 😮
    C’mon, Asus!

    • New_Guy

      You might want to allow them the time. Got it on the TF300 and it was full of bugs. I was just contemplating factory reseting it back to ICS this afternoon just to get my stability back. Glad I waited to see this article :)!

      • Allen Byrd

        Yeah, thanks!
        If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of bugs were you experiencing? I don’t think any early Transformer Prime users had bugs with their update.

        • New_Guy

          After the update, the tablet would random reboot like crazy when I had it connected to a wifi-hotspot. It would also just lag for no reason at random times. Other times I would try to touch he menu at the bottom right corner of the screen and it would not respond for about 10 minutes or so. I also gained a lot of lag in the home screen at times. I had none of these issues before the update to JB. Thankfully, this new update seems to have fixed those issues so you should feel comfertable in updating now. It just felt like Asus rushed it to be the first with it out. People are complaing that the higher-end versions didn’t get it first. Well…there is definitely a reason why :).

          • Allen Byrd

            Alright, thanks man! 🙂

          • New_Guy

            Any time!

  • droyd4life

    I’m done with OEM updates and waiting for carriers 😛 after having the samsung vibrant and asus tf101, I’m going nexus all the way.

  • HotSauceLouie

    Prime has been left for dead. Should be called the ASUS Forced Close. Have a good one ASUS you stink!

  • FAL_Fan

    Yeah Tim, I agree, where the heck is jelly bean for the prime?!

  • Maybe my TF300 won’t crawl to a stop during app updates now!

    • Adam92Wilkins

      or randomly crash

      • Or that…Jelly Bean on this tablet is pretty unstable.

        • Since the update it seems to be more stable for myself.

          • Glad to hear it. I haven’t had much time to play around with it yet. That being said, the 10 minutes or so I used it for did seem smoother.

          • New_Guy

            Me as well.

      • New_Guy

        Those reboots were killing me. The update stopped them. Thank God

    • New_Guy

      Not a chance. Even the iPhone slows down during downloads. I just hope it stops the random reboots and mysterious thing that happenes where I can’t get the settings menu to come up. Also experiencing some homescreen slowdown when wi-fi starts. All are random issues and can’t wait for this update to finish :)!

      • Maybe we’re experiencing different issues…mine goes unresponsive during app downloads/updates and becomes completely unusable until it’s done. I have owned many other Android devices and never had that problem.

        • New_Guy

          Ouch, that sounds irritating as hell. I had to turn off the autoupdates because the updates would inconveniently come while playing Zen Pinball. No bueno when you’re playing ball #3…

        • yeah, that is the terrible I/O problem that seems to plague the TF prime and tf300T. it got substantially better with the original JB update, but it was still there. i was hoping this fixed it…but it doesn’t seem so. i have learned to deal with the issue. i dont get the ANR messages in the browser any more so thats a HUGE plus.

    • After the update that issue still occurs. But plays all video files no problem.

  • Nice!