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iPhone 5 on Verizon Can’t do Simultaneous Voice and Data, Something Android Phones Have No Problem With

Just a heads up for those of you thinking about jumping ship and picking up the next iPhone. According to a Verizon spokesperson, the new iPhone 5 cannot do simultaneous voice and data, something all LTE Android phones seem to have no problem with. We aren’t exactly sure why it can’t, but it certainly doesn’t make this new single 3G+LTE chip of Apple’s seem all that magical any longer. 

Here is the statement from Big Red:

“The iPhone 5 was designed to allow customers to place a voice call on the Verizon Wireless network, while letting customers access the Internet over the WiFi.”

As a reminder, simultaneous voice and data means that you can place a phone call and then also use your phone’s data connection at the same time. For example, if you were to place a call to your significant other who then reminds you that it’s your anniversary, you can stay on the line with her while also pulling up Open Table to book a reservation for the dinner that you forgot about. (Yes, I totally stole that example from an ancient AT&T ad.) Or while you are sitting in your hotel on a conference call, you can book your afternoon tee-time or catch up on the latest Android news here at Droid Life.


Simultaneous voice and data will apparently work just fine on the AT&T iPhone 5. Or not so much?

And of course, all of Verizon’s Android phones are capable of performing such a task. In fact, a couple can do simultaneous voice and data over a 3G connection as well.

Via:  The Verge

Cheers scrub175!

  • tilly

    You know what a funny thing is? The talk and data usage at the same is a patent that google is held for android devices. So Apple isn’t going to COPY it like droid DOES with apple!!!!!!!!!

    • LionStone

      “You know what a funny thing is?”

      Yes, you saying dumb things.

  • Silver Veloz

    A good example of using voice and date together. I have a Droid Bionic and when I’m using my lapdock and the phone rings, I can answer and it goes automatically to speakerphone, while I’m still on the net browsing. The lapdock is powered by the Bionic.

  • Michael Lewis

    I’ve NEVER used voice and data together in my life. Why would I want to start?

  • Yakuzahi

    You will need SVDO in order to do it on 3G.

  • I can do that with my GS3 and GNex even on 3G with Sprint…

    • LionStone

      Cool…Inc4 does it on 3G and 4G

  • Masta Marc

    this is a nice looking phone though… all hate aside.. very sleek

  • Andrew

    Android phones don’t have 8+ hours of 4G LTE browsing time, something the iPhone 5 has no problem with.

  • Kane

    I haven’t looked into this. But what is the point of this feature. Talk on the phone while sending a text message and surfing the net?

    • It’s helpful if you’re on the line with someone and need to look something up quickly, whether that’s a restaurant reservation, directions, or any other Google search. You’ve never gotten a phone call from a friend or family member who’s away from home (and so are you, or at least away from your primary computer), doesn’t own a smartphone, and they ask you to look something up for them?

  • ryan

    my galaxy nexus cant do voice and data at the same time

    • PSU_DI

      If you are on LTE, it can, I used it last night. If you are on a 2g or 3g connection then it doesn’t work.

  • Chris

    It’s not that iPhone 5 cant, its the Verizon that can’t support this cause it’s running off of CDMA. ATT has no problem with simultaneous voice and data.

    Nice try there in poor attempt of discrediting the iPhone Kellex!

    • PSU_DI

      There are some Qualcomm radios like the ones in the Thunderbolt and Rezound that allow simultaneous voice & data over 3g on VZW network, but what the article is referencing is that even on LTE the iphone can’t do this. ALL VZW LTE android phones can if they are in an area with LTE.

    • The point he is making though that the iPhone 5 is an LTE phone, Verizon LTE phones can do both voice and data at the same time. The iPhone 5 cannot.

  • AtrixDeveloper

    I guess there’s no love for Verizon, AT&T and Sprint models do voice and data just fine.

  • So it’s sort of like dial-up internet, except you’d get kicked off-line anytime someone calls. Glad I got a GS3 🙂

  • Does anyone know what Samsung was threatening about if Apple released an LTE iPhone? Might it have been related to this?

  • Steve

    You know something. This would matter to me if my 4g actually worked on my Razr. In the course of a day, I might see the 4g sign once or twice and only for a moment or 2. And I live in a market that Verizon says is saturated with 4g service. WTF

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      I feel your pain good sir. I own a house in a suburb of a major city, and I probably see the 4G icon pop up on my HTC Rezound, oh, maybe once or twice every three weeks, no lie. I drive over to one of the film locations that I’m working last month, not even two miles away, and I have full signal bars and 4G blaring all over my smart phone. It’s absolutely ridiculous to me, how my house is basically in a void for Verizon service.

      One of my good friend’s lives the next street over, and when I’m at her house, yep, perfect signal! I’ve even gone so far as to have some Verizon dorks drive out to my house with one of their signal testing devices, and after testing the signal right in front of my house, they reported to me that my signal here is “below normal to bad”. Thanks for repeating to me what I told you already Verizon. I then proceed to ask them for a free home signal amplifier/extender, and I’m told that they will be happy to sell me one for $200. So I say “You want me to pay you an additional $200 to fix your inadequate service, on top of the massive amount of money I already pay you a month, for said shoddy service?!”. They of course say “Yes.”, or they would be happy to let me out of my contract without the Early Termination Bleed You Dry Fee. That would be wonderful and angering, except I currently have other mitigating circumstances that keep me from easily being able to do so. Plus don’t even get me started on the adventure I had when they tried to charge me for two new phones when I purchased my HTC Rezound. Verizon customer service has to be the most idiotic and unequivocally inept service, that I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with. If there was a group that was the complete opposite to MENSA in every way imaginable. Well, Verizon would hire every single person that got rejected from that group.

  • JoshHenry

    I thought this was hilarious..

  • Guest

    Doing voice and data would have taken a third antenna in the phone. That’d increase the phone’s thickness and weight. The logic is why bother for a technology that will be dead in a year or two when voice can be done over LTE as well. I get it in the long run, but dumb in the short run.

    • PSU_DI

      This is wrong on so many levels… It doesn’t require a 3rd antenna, the “feature” is patented technology and has to be licensed to use, I know Qualcomm own the 3G CDMA patent for this, I’m not sure who has the LTE version. In any case Apple has chosen not to license this which is why the phones doen’t do it.

  • yarrellray

    My Galaxy S3 on Tmobile pimp slaps all Verizon smartphones in this category.. Plus Tmobile and it’s GSM HSPA PLUS 42MPS network simply blows Verizon out the water.

    • Tim242

      Next week, your iPhone 5 on Cricket and their awesome, fast, nationwide 4G network will be the best and will pimp slap us all. Then, by next month, C-Spire wiireless will be your new carrier of choice due to their superior network in Mississippi.

      • yarrellray

        Stop hating and join us you know in your heart Verizon is weak. And the funny part is when those crappy iphone 5 users start using LTE that network will slow down to a snails crawl..

        • squiddy20

          Why should he? What he said was pretty much true. Within the past year alone, you’ve been on all four major carriers, jumping from one to the next because you’re too poor to afford their services (Verizon), or because you don’t get “42 MPS” (whatever the heck that is). Of course, recent real world data (from a third party) shows that even your “pimp slapping” T-Mobile with it’s HSPA+ 42 network isn’t getting even a quarter of those speeds. What was that about “snails crawl”?

          • yarrellray

            Thank God I have choice, I have plenty of income and can purchase whatever I want on any carrier at any time. At best Mr. Squiddy20 your living at home no longer in college struggling to find a job. Pretty funny at best there’s plenty of people out of work with more knowledge and business experience than you. You will never find a real job your not bringing anything to the table your a bum. If you need a loan hit me up and let me know some real nice devices are coming soon it will be time to replace that crappy bloatware filled Sprint Galaxy Nexus. If you have one I think your a liar you still have that Samsung Moment on Metro pcs. Stop fronting and faking you crusty loser. Gotta go my man a great podcast is about to begin on my Galaxy S3. Pretty sure you won’t be watching a close to 2hr podcast on that crappy slow as hell Nexus on Sprint.

          • squiddy20

            Oooo! You think you’re a big man with “high income” just because you can afford to spend a few hundred dollars every few months? How pitiful. You talk big, and you even claim to have “kicked Verizon to curb” even though we all know you couldn’t afford their services. Just 5 years ago, you were homeless on the streets of NYC. 1. If you knew how to manage your money, you wouldn’t have been poor in the first place, and 2. even if you’ve got the money to throw around for cell phones, most sane minded people wouldn’t use it to jump from carrier to carrier on a whim. Sane people would use the money to better their lives, get a better education (which you’re in so desperate need of), or enrich their life. You? You spend your money on useless smartphones which you “push up on”.

            “You will never find a real job your not bringing anything to the table your a bum.” Awww you must be talking about yourself: http://boweryapplications.org/Images/mmDocument/Red%20Door%20Jun2007.pdf Coming from a “bum” like yourself, I’m not impressed.
            “crappy bloatware filled Sprint Galaxy Nexus” HAHAHAHAHA! How stupid are you?! What Nexus phone is EVER “bloatware filled”?! I would stop here, but calling you out on your own stupidity is just plain hilarious!

            “you still have that Samsung Moment on Metro pcs” Here’s how I know you’re pulling this pitiful “insult” out of your ass and/or lying yourself: The Moment was never on Metro PCS. I’ve told you as much every single time you’ve used this stupid little “insult”. You even once said I had a Moment on Simple Mobile, an alternative carrier that runs off of T-Mobile’s GSM/HSPA+ network. The Moment was a CDMA ONLY phone, and was available ONLY on Sprint. Even a quick Google search would prove as much. Try some fact checking once in awhile. You’ll make yourself look like less of a fool.

            “Pretty sure you won’t be watching a close to 2hr podcast on that crappy slow as hell Nexus on Sprint.” You’re right, I won’t be watching a 2 hour podcast because: 1. I don’t have the time for that kind of stupidity 2. If I were to watch it, I’d watch it on my 2009 MacBook Pro, not my smartphone, which would be connected to my Wifi network at home provided by Comcast. You just don’t know when to shut up do you? Does it ever occur to you that not everyone relies on their smartphone for Internet access like you?

          • yarrellray

            You can plaster anything you want it’s pretty funny it’s the same thing all the time I embarrass your pathetic staying at mommy’s house little boy. You make me laugh at you daily your pretty comical thinking you are up on everything you could hold my crouch on a bad day. Your a pitiful homosexual who uses the Internet to stalk and troll and trust when I find out where you are it’s going to be a grand day for the Internet. You are a well known coward but don’t worry our day to roll up on you is pretty soon college boy.

          • squiddy20

            In what universe do you “embarrass” me? You know relatively nothing about me. You don’t know my name, where I work or live, my likes or dislikes, etc. You just come up with hopeless “insults” that you think might fit me, but are usually far from the truth. It’s “pretty comical” that you think you’re “embarrassing” me. Come back when you know anything of substance about me.

            “you could hold my crouch on a bad day.” 1. I think the word you were looking for is “crotch”. Please try harder next time. It’s pitiful that you can’t even make a well thought insult. Downright sad. 2. I wouldn’t want to “hold your crotch” at any time. God knows how many diseases and germs are covering it.

            “Your a pitiful homosexual” So what if I am? The fact that you would insult me, or anyone else about their sexual preference speaks volumes of how ignorant and stereotypical you are. Grow the f*ck up, or shut up.

            “trust when I find out where you are it’s going to be a grand day for the Internet” Good luck with that. Considering you can’t even use Google to fact-check your sorry ass, I’m not worried in the least.

          • yarrellray

            Oh yeah that sounds so wonderful pecker face. Now time for you to go play with yourself as usual..

          • squiddy20

            Brilliant response! I really can’t come up with anything better! You’ve stumped me with your awesome vocabulary /s
            “Pecker face”? Did it take you 10 hours to think that up? You claim to be “embarrassing” me, and yet you have nothing with which to embarrass me. Not even your “insults” (or your pitiful attempts at them since they fail so miserably) embarrass me. I usually laugh at how stupid and downright wrong they are. For instance, as I said before, in what universe is a Nexus phone “bloatware filled”? It’s completely STOCK Android you stupid moron.

        • Tim242

          Verizon is far from weak. They have LTE coverage at my mom’s house in the country. The county she lives in is 2 hrs from a metro area, and only has a population of 4,000…in the entire county. I have 4G all the way there, from Little Rock.

  • yarrellray
  • Apparently there isn’t an app for that.

  • bc777

    No 1X radio in the phone is why!

    • Diablo81588

      So no voice on Verizon? Lol..

  • JulianZHuang

    never care about voice and data on my gn.

  • Diablo81588

    Apple, leave radio design to people who know what they’re doing.

  • kwubba

    My main question…is there anybody that reads this site regularly really contemplating on jumping ship off of Android to move to the iCrap 5?

    • Liderc

      No, but they get google search hits by posting about it, so they do it.

    • JB

      I have an iphone 4 and an android tablet. I imagine I’m not the only one who uses both ecosystems.

      • kwubba

        Ok…wow…are you going to stay with the I*hone and upgrade to 5? Are you paying for apps on both systems?

        • JB

          I’m on straight talk and bought the I4 cheaply because the original owner broke the screen (which I replaced with a $50 kit). I’ve bought most of my apps on android (iOS seems to have more “free app of the day”s). I don’t plan to get the 5 because it doesnt seem to be much of an improvement. I like to tinker on my android and I want my phone to work smoothly. I think there is some things that iOS does better as well; updates, backup (tibu is good but not comparable), more apps (though most apps are eventually on both), better apps (devs make a more finished product on ios), the play store’s build.prop screening of apps is a broken system, etc, etc.

  • Spiced Apple turnover

    I’ve got a GNEX and it doesn’t do simultaneous voice and data.

    • I have a GNex and I can. Are you in an LTE area?

    • Tim242

      On 4G, it certainly does.

  • Carlos carrasquillo

    Thats probably because they implemented the LTE with the cdma into one chip lol fail

  • Royal2000H

    Back when AT&T ran the ads that Verizon phones can’t do voice+data at the same time, I seem to recall Droid-Life saying – well it’s not that big of a deal, no one actually does that. Now the tables have turned and we’re saying it is a big deal?

    • Yeah, because they were the ones trying to bash the Android base for not having the feature, and they go and leave that feature off for 4G when we enjoy it… and some of us with certain handsets on VZW can do it on 3G too. I love hypocrites.

      • Royal2000H

        Seems like we’re being hypocrites just as much as they are. I personally text while making plans more than make calls, so it wasn’t an issue on my OG Droid, and now that I have a GNex, I can do it but don’t.

    • tobie azeez

      we’re only saying it is a big deal because back then the iPhone was only on At&T so iPhone owners would use that feature as fire power against our Android arsenal. So now that most the new Android phones can do it, and the new iPhones can’t (besides at&t) its a big deal.

    • Rezcommando4231

      IDK who said that, but not being able to use data (3G or 4G) while on the phone sucks. Try to find something while driving, using G maps and talking to the person, and see how bad it sucks when the map won’t update.
      I use 3G data and voice together nearly every single day.
      Rezound has it, SGS3 has it. Won’t buy a phone w/o it.

  • Qman

    “We aren’t exactly sure why it can’t, but it certainly doesn’t make this new single 3G+LTE chip of Apple’s seem all that magical any longer. ” WRONG

    There is a qualcomm modem in there doing LTE MDM9615M baby.

  • ai3rocks57

    “Something Android Phones Have No Problem With”? My GNex can’t do this, as many Android phones can’t. Kellex, you’re just feeding the Android trolls with this post.

    • Jackson

      Lol my gnex can lol something is wrong with yours

    • Kenny Lussier

      This worked for me on my GNex using stock ICS, AOKP, CM9, and Liquid. You might want to return your phone as defective.

    • Diablo81588

      The Galaxy Nexus, like any other LTE phone on Verizon, can support simultaneous voice/data when connected to LTE. Only a few have SVDO, which supports it on 3G. This was already mentioned in the article though…

    • I can do it on my Nexus only when I’m in an LTE area… I’m almost always in an LTE area 🙂

    • john0214

      TBolt had this even on 3g

    • Tim242

      The Gnex certainly does it on 4G.

    • Tim242

      All LTE phones do.

    • shopdroid

      My Razr with its big bezel can do it just fine. LOL.

  • Really? That single 3G+LTE chip can’t handle multiple streams at once? Seriously? So it’s just 3G or LTE instead of 3G&LTE when it’s running? How pathetic is that!

  • John

    I guess somebody else own the patent to it.

  • jseah114

    According to the NY Times blog, the reason iPhone 5 can’t surf and talk is because Apple decided not to add a third antenna (it already has two to improve reception) that would have allowed it to connect to the LTE network at the same time it is connected to the voice network.


  • Diablo81588

    Funny, I didn’t hear them mention anything about simultaneous voice and data during the keynote. I wonder why? Does….

  • freddyDaMan

    can this be true? oh my. i guess i thought the MDM did the 3G and LTE and some other processor handled the 1X. like the Qcom based android devices

  • s23

    Alright I get it, Android > iOS by a mile. iOS is playing catch up. But please, don’t make these fanboy-esque articles bashing the iPhone and every little thing it copies from android. Make no mistake I am an Android fanboy and pretty much hate apple except for the ipod. Lemme try defending Apple for once.
    1. Android blatantly copied iOS with its first release. Android had nice features that were distinct to 1.0, but cmon, its clear they were inspired by apple. Dont give the b.s. argument that Android effort started before Apples.

    Thats the only thing I can defend apple with. lol so sad. But stop the HATING! Appreciate both and live life! -End of Rant

    • sylent101

      Exactly I’m an android fan but all these “iPhone can’t do this and android can do this” posts are unnecessary; honestly who cares. I like my g-nex, I don’t care what apple is doing.

    • Tim242

      Whom did apple get it’s inspiration from? They did not invent the touch screen. I agree with the rest of what you said.

  • freddyDaMan

    SVDO is why other 3G devices can do this.

  • tgom222

    Anyone know how the SGS3 does this on 3G? I’ve done it with mine but couldn’t do it with my old droid x.

    • Diablo81588

      It supports SVDO.

  • chris125

    Well samsung go make a commercial bashing apple for this. Or verizon make another droid does iphone doesnt commercial.

    • BrianLipp

      Google or Sammy or someone should take a cue from the 90s sega/nintendo commercials “Droid Does what iPhone Won’t”

  • nightscout13

    When will that chinese company file a lawsuit for design infringement? This is definitely the same design.

    • florious80

      I’m guessing when Iphone5 comes out in China, then they may litigate. I don’t believe they have a patent on the design here or in Europe.

    • Hothfox

      I think that Chinese company stated that they built their phone off of leaked iPhone 5 pictures. So.. yeah.

      Though someone needs to take Apple to the cleaners. Freaking patent trolls.

      • nightscout13

        Give Apple a taste of their own medicine.

  • GreekManX

    GSM will throw data and voice in one pipeline CDMA won’t pros and cons in each

    • Tim242

      Except that the at&t version won’t support it either. LTE is not GSM.

  • GreekManX

    no it is the chip prob because ATT and Verizon are different CDMA and GSM

  • CIFchamp24

    Well it wouldn’t be the chip though right? If it can do it on ATTs LTE network.

    Nvm. I saw a reply for this.

  • sadDay

    After 7 years with android i am going to the evil side. I am so tired of the phones rebooting and roms dont really help. I just want a phone that works. I had almost the whole droid line up. I tried the iphone for the first time and it just worked.

    • eddieg28sp

      Seven years??? wow. Talk about an Early adopter. LMFAO. Go troll somewhere else.

    • fgclolz

      You obviously haven’t tried Jelly Bean. No reboots here!

    • That’s weird. Seven years on Android, huh? Uh — okay. By the way — are your pants still on fire?

      From Nokia’s to Palm to Blackberry to LG to HTC to Motobloata’s to Samsung — I’ve never ever had even one single solitary phone do rebooting or anything remotely similar. Of course — I’ve never rooted and/or ROM’d a single solitary phone either.

      Maybe your phone(s) wouldn’t be so perpetually screwed up and repeatedly infested with pernicious glitches if you didn’t download and install operating software not provided from the phone manufacturer or service provider that alters the phone’s OS and/or completely replaces their OS’s with ROM’s and whatnot. Personally, I would never download and install cell phone operating software coded and published to questionable websites by nerdy nefarious tech tinkerers in their Mom’s basement. But that’s just me.

      Or — maybe you’re just a real life incarnation of Schleprock. Who knows.

      Anyway — enjoy not being able to make a call and use data at the same time. There’s really nothing quite like talking to dear old mom on speakerphone while simultaneously cruising p0rn sites on the phone at the same time whilst out and about.

      • indianafanatic

        Wait, you cruise porn sites while you’re talking to your Mom?

        • Not porn sites only — but I have done so. When she calls and starts talking I could put the phone down and go make a sandwich, eat it, clean up the mess, belch, fart, go to the bathroom and take a dump, wash my hands, return to the phone — and she’d still be talking and never even know I was off the line.

      • cuzzinbinh

        its not even about rooting, some of the android phones just have that rebooting issue from the get-go. for example my stock thunderbolt, my sister’s stock razor maxx, and my cousin’s stock galaxy nexus. from gingerbread to ics, there are certain bugs in the coding that causes them to reboot randomly. hopefully jellybean’s coding fixes this.

    • Jackson

      Lol first Android phone sold October of 2008 sorry bud

  • Jordan Webb

    You can shoot me, but I assume that this single chip is going to give the iPhone awesome battery life compared to a lot of the high-resolution VZW LTE Android phones out there, and I’d take that battery life over simultaneous functionality 99% of the time.

    • GreekManX

      how is 8 hours on 3G/4G good battery life the Razr M gets 10

      • LionStone

        Also the i5 standby time is spec’d 1/2 the time of the Droid Inc4 ! 18.6 days for the Droid and 9.4 days for the i5… Droid FTW!

    • I’d rather have a RAZR Maxx which isn’t much thicker and has a bigger screen, crazy awesome battery life and going to have Jellybean. I had to think for a split second if I wanted a iPhone after the announcement yesterday. I still don’t think I will ever want a iPhone. It seems like Apple isn’t innovating as much as it is litigating. Boo to Apple!!

  • m82a1

    LOL hahahahhahaha

  • Answer2K1

    An iPhone that doesn’t do something, doesn’t do it because it’s not “cool” enough for Apple (see NFC & wireless charging)…. http://allthingsd.com/20120912/interview-phil-schiller-on-why-the-iphone-5-has-a-new-connector-but-not-nfc-or-wireless-charging/

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    Honestly speaking, who really ever uses both at the same time? I’ve had my Android phone for nearly 2 years now, yet I’ve never had the desire to perform both tasks simultaneously.

    • I do. More and more often.

    • The key here is when you’re using your phone as a hotspot. You would get kicked off the internet if you get a call… kind of like back in the day on a modem. If someone would call you and you were logged in to your ISP you would get kicked off. I guess the “one wireless chip to rule them all” choice was a bad decision for CDMA networks.

    • If you make calls over bluetooth, you have the phone free to do things at the same time. Or be a hotspot while on a computer, as others have mentioned.

  • Wow, that is really lame of Apple. I was just on the phone while tethering my SGSIII to my laptop simultaneously. Its hit or miss with Verizon reps though. They frequently get things wrong. I mean, they told me I could use an LTE Galaxy Tab as a phone if I put my phone’s SIM in it – not VOIP mind you, as a phone… I clarified this with them.

  • drewfus0929

    Interestingly enough, every time I make or accept a call, my data connection drops out completely. Doesn’t matter if I am on 4g, I can only make calls, no data is available. d

    • Just sat here, called my job, and surfed the net while it was going through the intro prompt… vzw Galaxy Nexus.

    • droidfan

      Just this evening I put my brother on speaker phone to check out a YouTube video, hecould hear it while it played on my Razr Maxx.

    • florious80

      You may have a defective unit? I do simultaneous voice and data every night, checking traffic condition while on the phone with wife. It should work. Which phone do you have?

  • DAMN! Just when I was going to buy an iPhone 5!

  • Hm. What about a phone call with GPS on. (Honestly asking?)

  • scrub175

    I’m stunned here. I switched to iOS waiting for the LTE iPhone for just this service. Back to my gnexus

  • I was seriously going to preorder tonight at 3am..had android since the DROID but was wanting something new (to me). However, this news just made Apple lose my money. That’s ridiculous. Don’t expect the AT&T commercials to stop since the Verizon iPhone still can’t. Perhaps I should just switch to AT&T…nah.

    • Tim242

      The at&t version will not do it either.

    • Liderc

      You’ve really used this feature enough to not switch after you decided to switch from a better OS to a worse OS? lol. I’ve probably used it twice on my Gnexus.

  • Knlegend1

    We don’t care!!!!

    • THIS

    • florious80

      I guess it makes me happy since I’m a part of the android army and this points out the short coming of a phone that they claim (falsely) to be so innovative and revolutionary.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    on top of this.. hopefully a turn of the tables Samsung and HTC initiated lawsuit due to the LTE usage

    • New_Guy

      That’s a very good observation. But, I’m sure Apple would deny it back and forth even if it were true.

  • nightscout13


  • evltwn

    I know one iPhone user who won’t be happy about that. Especially since he just sold his iPhone 4S.

  • koosh

    • New_Guy

      That was my thoughts exaclty. No joke.


    • John

      I hate that phrase with a passion, but you found a good use for it.

      • Jroc869, Cool story bro

        his execution of that phrase was something like a well placed, thats what she said. well done

      • Justin Latham

        are you kidding me? it was seriously an epic ad campaign. those commercials are the number one reason why I am an Android man, proud for 3 years!!!

        • John

          Nope. I sh it you not..I’m being honest. I despise VZW for creating the ‘Droid’ word. It’s confused too many people. Either way, not a big deal, nor relevant on this post, but we’ll agree to disagree 🙂

          • oryanh

            And to think Motorola has to pay LucasFilm everytime it uses “Droid”.

          • msnight04

            Actually, Verizon does. There are non-Motorola phones that Verizon branded Droid.

          • Mark

            Whenever my friends complain about the Iphone and not using youtube and what not I always pull out the classic line, “When there’s no limit to what Droid GETS, there’s no limit to what Droid DOES”. Makes them look like fools everytime

          • a.youth.in.Asia

            John wouldn’t sh¡t you! You are his favorite turd!

        • New_Guy

          I can honestly say that it is one of the main reasons I purchased the OG DROID. Those commercials practically made me salivate.

        • fixxmyhead

          nah i never even paid attention to those ads. i got here by word of mouth from my friend. bought my first one and i never even knew anything about android or even tested one before that was 2 yrs ago

    • I guess now we know how Apple is getting such good battery life.

      • user311

        Has nothing to do with the tiny screen or my guess of cheaping out on components that matter.

        • ceejw

          Powerful components that are also very power efficient are generally more expensive, not cheaper.

      • I’ve got a feeling this device won’t get the good battery life as the previous models. Bigger screen (more backlighting and more pixels to push), LTE, and they made it thin like the Razr which my Razr gets around 11 hours of normal usage.

    • New_Guy


    • Lucky Armpit

      I’m going to have to test this out. I was under the impression that Android phones also couldn’t talk/data at the same time. I thought I remember seeing the 3G/4G symbol disappearing when on a phone call. That was a Verizon thing, not an Android/iPhone thing. Will investigate further, thanks for the heads up.

  • thenew3

    It is a magical device, to be so far behind on technology, yet capture the minds and wallets of so many! That right there is black magic!

    • Beezey


    • michael arazan

      Verizon offering iPhone 5 FaceTime across all data plans – UseFaceTime over cellular at no extra charge and on whatever data plan you have– That’s one option I wish android had the ability to make video calls to everyone and anyone over cellular network, without the use of a third party app.

      • Matthew Cobb

        Google talk comes built in.

        • florious80

          Absolutely. Not only that, if you use Google Hangout, you get a conference video call with multiple people. He must not own an android phone to have made this comment.

        • slaamaaaaa

          you guys are missing his point. hes saying cross platform (iphone to android), not android to android.

          • JB

            Facetime isn’t cross platform either (unless you’re counting OSX).

          • michael arazan

            I’m talkin cross platform to using different devices and carriers.

        • SKAVENG3R

          G TALK is one of the most underrated apps.

  • ApplesNAndroids

    Simultaneous voice and data over LTE is not possible on any of the iPhone 5’s.
    AT&Ts iPhone 5 will drop LTE down to HSPA(+) in order to make a voice over data call.
    This was an Apple fault, and I’m pretty disappointed as a fan of both iOS and Android.
    However, I will still give it a shot while waiting for a new Nexus. (I have a tech addiction)

    • give it a shot? Just get the damn 4s with iOS6 on it… same damn thing when it comes to regular use

      • applesnandroids

        I actually have a 4S I just want to checkout the new hardware. Same reason I went from my galaxy nexus to a Galaxy SIII.
        (Sent from my Nexus 7 🙂 )

  • Paul


  • MotoRulz

    Two words.. Ha Ha.

  • Matt Tithof

    Can the Gnex do it on 3G? I know it can on 4G but I rarely make any calls let alone call and use data at the same time in a 3G only area

    • drewbie_al

      Nope… no SVDO on the Galaxy Nexus.

    • I know for sure the HTC Thunderbolt could be connected with ((3G)) and use phone and data at the same time, besides working on 4G LTE using voice and data.

  • This is too funny.

  • mrjackson

    Single chip is the reason, current LTE phones have dual chips.

    • Diablo81588

      Any phone with a Snapdragon S4 has a world mode LTE/CDMA/GSM radio imbedded on the SoC. That includes pretty much any new smartphone released in the passed 6 months on Verizon/ATT.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Soooo….. HD Voice support, that no US carriers are supporting . . . but not something BASIC like this?

  • zepfloyd

    “Simultaneous voice and data will apparently work just fine on the AT&T iPhone 5.”
    Not entirely true, they get bumped to 3G for data, they can’t use LTE on calls either. LOL Apple fail.

    • That’s the case for all LTE phones on AT&T. Thanks to CSFB.

    • Yikes.

      • fh

        Rather than going on conjecture, you should take a look at the rationale from a design perspective:

        In short, most other phones handle simultaneous voice and data using separate CDMA and LTE radios, and 3 antennas (1x Receive for both CDMA/LTE, 1x Transmit for CDMA, and 1x Transmit for LTE). New radios integrate, like the one in the iPhone5, integrate CDMA and broad LTE support into one chip. But you still need 3 separate antennas. Apple chose to go with just 2 (the same as on the 4s and 4):
        1) to meet design (size, weight) requirements
        2) to minimize the number of model variations to cover most markets around the world

        The second point is the real sticking point. With only 3 iPhone 5 variations (which are all nearly identical because of the “simplified” antenna design), Apple is able to support 4 bands of GSM, 4 bands of WCDMA, 3 bands of CDMA/EVDO, and 8 bands of LTE.

        By comparison, Samsung has no fewer than 9 Galaxy S3 variations to cover their global networks. (4x GSM, 5x WCDMA, 3x CDMA/EVDO, 6x LTE).

        Once VoLTE rolls out, this will be a non-issue, and we might see other phone makers start adopting 2-antenna designs for similar size/weight purposes, since 3 antennas will no longer be necessary. It’s just a gamble Apple decided to take early on.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m and Android believer, and I’ve used an iPhone before and dislike it very much for many other reasons (iOS and its ecosystem is really poor). But lack of simultaneous voice and data is a temporary minor setback (until VoLTE arrives), and one only a minority of Apple fans will complain about (look how many still bought the 4 and 4s). On the other side, unified design reduces production costs and lets Apple rake in more money from the premium price.

    • florious80

      While i’m lmao, I wonder how come since it has both LTE radio and cellular radio? Any LTE phone on Verizon can do both because of this dual radio set up, why can’t the iphone5? It just doesn’t make sense to me, unless this is intentionally set up to be this way?
      In fact, HTC Thunderbolt can do that on 3G!!!

      • zepfloyd

        It is intentional. The iPhone 5 has an all in one integrated chipset, similar to what happens with the S4 in the GS3. The difference is Apple is using 2 dynamic antennas around the side, the Galaxy uses 3. They have opted to not power both CDMA and LTE at the same time. Probably in part to squeeze out everything in terms of battery life. The consensus seems to be when VoLTE is ready, you would get both back at the same time. It’s a very bad choice in the short term. This is why AT&T is impacted too. LTE is not really GSM, just based on, so it has a handoff process as well and when on a call it will use GSM only.

  • I wonder if that’s because they designed it with LTE and CDMA on the same chip?

    • John

      Yeah I was wondering that too.

    • I heard something about a ‘dynamic antenna’ it is using. Must be that.

    • ceejw

      This is probably what it is. I bet it helps with battery life though.

  • Smh adroid just looks better and better everyday. Glad I had no interest in the ip5 to begin with 🙂

  • Probably a downside of the integrated 3G+4G radio. At least with our dual-chip Android phones that 4G radio can stay on while you’re talking.

  • Need two antennas for SVDO and SVLTE.

  • drewbie_al

    Um, no. AFAIK, the only way you can do SVDO (simultaneous voice and data over EVDO) is to have two EVDO radios. The Thunderbolt and Rezound had two radios: 1 LTE/EVDO and 1 EVDO/CDMA. To my knowledge, none of the Samsung phones have had it.

    edit: The rest of the LTE stable can only do simultaneous voice & data when in LTE territory.