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What do You Want to See in the Next Nexus Phone?

With Apple’s big event out of the way, our focus should now return to what we may see in November or December of this year from Google. Yes, I’m talking about the next Nexus phone. Rumors have led us to believe that LG, Samsung and Sony will all produce a Nexus phone. If Google sticks to their schedule from the last couple of years, we could see these devices by mid-November or early December. That’s only a couple of months away.

It was about this time last year that early rumors surfaced for the Galaxy Nexus, so it’s probably safe to say that we could start hearing Nexus talk again any day. Until that happens, it’s time to toss out your predictions or must-have lists. Many of you won’t buy another phone unless it’s a Nexus, so let’s talk about what it would have to be in order for you to bite.

Do you want Samsung to produce a Galaxy Nexus 2 with the same form factor, but new processor, camera, and other insides? Can LG win you over at all any more? Their new Optimus G is supposed to be a beast, so what if they turn that into a Nexus? And Sony, can they take their stylish hardware and steal your vote by putting stock Android on it?

Let’s do this – you tell me who of those three you would rather purchase from, and then run down a list of specs that you would need to see. I’ll drop mine in the comments to kick it off.

  • droidbeat

    Samsung, 5″, 1080P display, SAMOLED+, best camera, best processor, thinner, lighter, battery that lasts 2 days, thin bezel all around, loud clear audio.

  • i would lke to see HTC have another go at the new Nexus, maybe with the s4 pro. Other than that, Samsung and Sony would both get some $ outta me. No LGs please.

  • tom dulin

    Bottom line, this phone BETTER HAVE at least an exynos4 if not an s4 pro in it + cdma + LTE. Those are all musts…if not the specifications will not even compare to that of the galaxy note II. I REALLY hope google pushes the envelope with its spec’s this year and doesnt leave us with a pre-depricated phone like they did last time with their outdated TI OMAP which was considerably slower than that of the galaxy sII’s chips which came out way earlier….I really hope google doesnt skimp out and do something cheap like a tegra3.