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What do You Want to See in the Next Nexus Phone?

With Apple’s big event out of the way, our focus should now return to what we may see in November or December of this year from Google. Yes, I’m talking about the next Nexus phone. Rumors have led us to believe that LG, Samsung and Sony will all produce a Nexus phone. If Google sticks to their schedule from the last couple of years, we could see these devices by mid-November or early December. That’s only a couple of months away.

It was about this time last year that early rumors surfaced for the Galaxy Nexus, so it’s probably safe to say that we could start hearing Nexus talk again any day. Until that happens, it’s time to toss out your predictions or must-have lists. Many of you won’t buy another phone unless it’s a Nexus, so let’s talk about what it would have to be in order for you to bite.

Do you want Samsung to produce a Galaxy Nexus 2 with the same form factor, but new processor, camera, and other insides? Can LG win you over at all any more? Their new Optimus G is supposed to be a beast, so what if they turn that into a Nexus? And Sony, can they take their stylish hardware and steal your vote by putting stock Android on it?

Let’s do this – you tell me who of those three you would rather purchase from, and then run down a list of specs that you would need to see. I’ll drop mine in the comments to kick it off.

  • droidbeat

    Samsung, 5″, 1080P display, SAMOLED+, best camera, best processor, thinner, lighter, battery that lasts 2 days, thin bezel all around, loud clear audio.

  • i would lke to see HTC have another go at the new Nexus, maybe with the s4 pro. Other than that, Samsung and Sony would both get some $ outta me. No LGs please.

  • tom dulin

    Bottom line, this phone BETTER HAVE at least an exynos4 if not an s4 pro in it + cdma + LTE. Those are all musts…if not the specifications will not even compare to that of the galaxy note II. I REALLY hope google pushes the envelope with its spec’s this year and doesnt leave us with a pre-depricated phone like they did last time with their outdated TI OMAP which was considerably slower than that of the galaxy sII’s chips which came out way earlier….I really hope google doesnt skimp out and do something cheap like a tegra3.

  • joejoe5709

    As far as hardware, I wouldn’t be picky. The Nexus is usually all about highlighting the best technology of the year/current market rather than being bleeding edge. Regardless of the OEM, if they made a Nexus with similar performance to the GS3 I’d be a happy camper. Heck, it’ll still beat the iPhone right? Haha.

  • joejoe5709

    Sammy is my favorite OEM, but let’s give somebody else a try for a year or two. I think if they want to give us one of those thin flexible phones as a Nexus in 2013 I’d be fine with that. πŸ™‚ Until then how about the others come play? Or at the very least, let’s get a Nexus from multiple OEMs but that’s really unnecessary if you ask me. If I had to pick one single OEM to produce the next Nexus I’d like to see HTC pick it up. Second choice would be Moto, but since Google owns them I think that’s a little weird.

    That said, unless it’s absolutely mind-blowing I’m fine with my Galaxy Nexus for another year. One full year later it still competes pretty well with current devices. We thought we’d have rampant quad-cores and insane levels of performance when really it hasn’t changed too much. Add in the (mostly) prompt updates and the dev community, I really truly love my phone!

  • Motorola built, 2GB of RAM, edge to edge (or close to it) display. 720p screen, virtual buttons, NFC, Quad-Core CPU.

  • Chris

    Wireless charging and a really nice/high quality back camera
    Better battery as well but I can easily make it through the day so not a high priority for me.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    I would love to see a Motorola Nexus. I would love to see their BEST screen with the RAZR MAXX battery and AOSP Android. As well as, an amazing camera

  • Robert Jakiel

    Universal Antenna, S4Pro w/ Adreno 320 OR Tegra 3+ (same as One X+), 2 Gig RAM, 32 Gig storage, 720p 4.5″ screen, 12MP camera w/ f2.4 stop, carl zeiss optics and backlit, 2 mp front cam, NFC, 802.11 a/b/g/n, MicroSD slot, replaceable 2200 mAH battery, REAL edge to edge screen and no physical buttons. Yeah… that would do it.

  • I think a Sony Nexus would be interesting but I would really like to see a (Moto) Nexus:
    *4.5 inch 1280×720 true HD screen
    *Edge to Edge screen (similar to the Razr M)
    *Kevlar back (without the ugly patterns), 3,300mAh battery
    *13MP HD camera on back
    * 2GHz TI OMAP5432 duel core CPU
    * 2GB of RAM
    *8.6mm thick
    *micro sd card slot

  • dapoktan

    agreed that battery life should be key… if they can introduce impressssssssssive battery figures.. THAT would be a clear differentiating feature.. most chips, cameras, screens.. are par for the course now… gimme JB and loooooooong battery life.

  • John Davids

    Easy. Unlocked bootloader, build quality and radio quality of Moto, 4-4.5″ screen with true 1080p HD, 12MP shooter with an 8 MP front facing, 4G LTE, NFC, quad core CPU/GPU, battery that can last 12-16 hours of moderate use, 2GB of RAM, gorilla glass 2, NO PHYSICAL BUTTONS, great car dock and home dock accessories, higher quality speakerphone, wireless charging, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, storage I could care less about (everything is in the cloud), and that is pretty much my dream phone πŸ™‚

  • I’m more interested in what LG and Sony will potentially do with the Nexus line than Samsung. I have the Galaxy Nexus and I like it a lot, except for the materials and build quality. It feels like cheap plastic. I’d rather have more glass, metal, or kevlar.

  • i’d love to see the galaxy note 2 rebranded as a nexus. That is all. btw the samsung galaxy nexus radios BLOW!

  • If it’s not made by LG? My fingerprints. πŸ˜‰

  • I want a Sony — love the design of the Xperia.

    1) ~4.6″ 720p display (1080p will be great, but not necessary — no PenTile, but Sony wouldn’t put one in anyway)

    2) 2Gb RAM — while it’s not required right now, it may become necessary next year

    3) MicroSD card slot

    4) Latest and fastest CPU — I don’t care what it is, just give me the latest and fastest one

    5) RAZR MAXX level battery — A MUST

    6) LTE/CDMA/GSM radio — makes it much easier when I go oversea (BTW, CDMA is listed because I want it on Verizon.)

    7) PlayStation Certified

    8) MicroHDMI

    9) WirelessHD

    10) Relatively thin profile

  • firant

    I’d like a Mooogle phone. Motorola’s build quality has always been superb, and I think they could use the boost of an official Google blessing with a nexus device. Still, now that they’re Mooogle that would probably scare the other designers too much. Ah well, no RAZR NEXUS anytime soon.

  • Daniel Flanigan

    Samsung or Moto… Moto if the screen is great. (for the build quality). I hate Samsung’s build quality. 2GB Ram, 8MP Cam, Better FF camera, Quad-Core, Better GPU, DPI to match or exceed iphone5. Put a decent battery in it this time!!!! (That means you Samsung!)

    Honestly, the only huge problem I have with my Gnex is the battery…How can I show off the big, beautiful screen if the battery is so puny?…

  • j_peter

    I’d love to see an operating system that’s actually worth a crap.

  • Gr8Ray

    Quad core, bigger battery, better radios and IPS HD.


  • Here is what I think the next Nexus MUST provide to be competitive in today’s smart phone environment:

    Outdated Dual-Core CPU
    Lower Resolution Smaller Display
    Minimal RAMNo SD ExpansionPropriety OEM OS SkinPropriety Docking/Charging SystemNon Revolutionary CameraCompetitive Form Factor
    No NFC

    And then I want the manufacturer to ask their competition for $2.5B because someone else built last year’s phone before them.

    ….. /sigh

  • I would consider buying a Nexus from Sony. They make great phones. If they were to take the xperia design, smash it with a razr, give it the nexus curve, 3300mah battery, 8 mp camera, quad core processor, have tons of Sony brand accessories at day of sale and you’d have a winner. Don’t get me wrong, a GNex 2 would be sweet but if Sammy pumps out the same thing after a year they will start looking like apple. Which we know how Apple feels about imitators. We’d have a whole ‘another patent war.

  • Ryan5609

    Better camera in low light, bigger 8MP sensor. Cortex-A15 processor would be awesome, will more than likely be an S4, but that would be good enough. Make the screen a bit brighter and easier to see in the sunlight. Larger battery by default, I don’t mind a thicker phone, but if it is gonna be think it better have a big battery that can last. Oh yeah Jelly Bean, but that is kind of a “duh” statement. Maybe just an updated version that can help Chrome run as fast as the stock browser, but a faster processor might help with that. 2GB Ran will also help. Basically make it a true Android flagship phone. I know that’s not what they have done in the past, but that could always change.

  • prestone1

    i have always felt my gnex was a little slower than the s2 and s3. id really like to be blown away with the speed in the next go, otherwise i might drift towards the s3/4

    i also wouldnt mind seeing a moto or htc nexus. i was quite satisfied with my original d.inc. my gnex is better but i felt my d.inc was more fluid

    i expect to see a 2000+ mAh battery stock.

  • Made by Samsung w/a Ketchup Dispenser.

    • JoshGroff

      Only if the ketchup was free, and Heinz.

      • And fresh?

        • JoshGroff

          I would hope it’s fresh, otherwise I’d be contacting customer support.

          • Ha ha.. “So, like, I was eating a hotdog, and I was thinking how nice it’d be to try out my new phone’s ketchup dispenser.. And, uhh, so, like, whatever came out definitely wasn’t ketchup..? I had an iPhone before, and their ketchup just seemed a little fresher..”

            Verizon CS: “Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that! Well, we’ll get this solved! I have the same phone and I love my ketchup dispenser! First off, I’m going to have you remove the battery…”

          • JoshGroff


    • Really? A thumbs down? Ha..

  • I’ve owned two android phones. The OG droid and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Eeach one has been a completely new and gratifying different experience to have. I feel the innovation and evolution from these devices and its visible. From the hardware to the OS itself. While a solid camera, long lasting battery, better screen and other hardware specs are important to me, the OS is a must. To a certain extent the hardware gets you so far and impresses you for so long but the OS you will interact with everyday until a new upgrade.

    So, on this new nexus, What do I really want? I want to see a Motorola Nexus phone. I want to see that merger from Moto and Google actually produce something solid. I would like Google to break free from the providers and for once call the shots! It can. It has the pull to do so now. I don’t want a “DROID” that VZW has paid ridiculous money to advertise and is stuffing it down your throat every 30 seconds on tv. I want a powerful, pure google experience phone from Moto and Google with the specs up to par or better than razr maxx hd. That’s all.

  • Mr ilheis

    I would like a Sammy and Sony Nexus. One based off the SGS 3 specs and the other based off of the Xperia T specs. I still love my G-Nex and one almost identical would be nice. Just upgrade the CPU S4/T3, GPU, RAM 2GB, Screen and Camera.

  • Michael Lewis

    All I want to see is a nexus that isn’t messed up by verizon.

  • cleetose

    I love my Galaxy Nexus, and all I want is a bigger battery. If the next Nexus won’t deliver I’m going with a Razr Maxx HD.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    For specs wise, I just want it fast and able to keep a charge for a good full day of use. I like removable memory, removable battery, and prefer an actual HDMI hookup. As far as the device, I would like it to be built out of quality materials and not plastic and preferably by MOTO because they know how to build some quality devices that are slim yet strong. Micro USB and HDMI on the bottom with the headphone jack on top. Volume rocker below the power button on the right hand side. (easier to use in a landscape dock). Cameras are a gimme, lower MP with higher quality prefered. Dual flash. LED top center or on the chin. Micro LED on the front for video calls. Again, I will mention MOTO because they make excellent docks and accessories and that is a plus. (skip the 3 seashells from the Nexus) If we are off in dreamy dream land, the device would be fully waterproofed and capable of taking a few drops. The device should also ship stock with a set of quality headphones with mic, charging cable, a portrait dock, and a case. (Remember back in the day when some phones came with a box full of extras. Yea, that was nice.)

  • Daniel

    A Nexus Droid QWERTY Slider from Motorola would be amazing, also two-stage camera button while they’re at it πŸ™‚

  • A good radio, removable battery, sd card slot, right around top of the line specs as of release.

  • TrevorSP

    I want to see a Motorola badge on the back.

  • Christos

    I want the Next Nexus not to be made by Samsung!

  • Nicholas Neveu

    More power, more memory and as others have already stated…a real camera. I think at this point in the Android game, a good number of consumers will be willing to pay a premium for that feature. I travel a ton, and usually carry two or three

  • steve

    Super AMOLED PLUS !!

    Look at the screen on the Droid Charge from 2 years ago and compare it to the screen on the Galaxy SIII.

    The lower res SAMOLED + on the Charge still looks awesome, better colors, and pops more than the higher res GSIII. The Droid Charge is also MUCH BRIGHTER. Yes, the GSIII is higher resolution, but the colors on the Charge are still better.

    We need a 720 SAMOLED+ people!

    • steve

      The screen is the aspect of the device that you interact with most. It matters more than the processor, sound, ram, size, etc.

      No matter what you are doing, you will be interacting the with screen. (even most phone calls are managed via the screen)

  • 1) Great battery
    2) Camera that will allow me to toss my point and shoot
    3) Integrated LTE on SOC for power savings

  • Rotkaeqpchen

    I want a DROID NEXUS for Europe, with a 4.5 inch screen, replaceable battery, camera button, qwerty keyboard with a OG Droid like improved dpad, great stereo loudspeakers and 1GB of RAM.

  • I’d like a little variation on the already awesome samsung design…
    1. bigger screen
    2. smaller bezel
    4. built in NFC instead of this battery crap that works half the time
    5. better and more microphones
    6. nvidia t3 or better processor
    7. key lime pie to be a beast of an OS
    8. support for docks to go into linux desktop
    9. volume keys on the same side as power button (can’t tell you how many times i’ve accidentally went into bootloader or took a screenshot with a case on)
    10. brighter, more vibrant screen (current one is very underwhelming)
    11. software keys that are translucent (looking at you, google)
    12. a tablet companion
    13. synchronization of everything including APP DATA. i’m tired of beating the same angry birds levels without being rooted (this one’s also for you google)

  • Havoc70

    One that doesn’t have to wait for Verizon to get off their lazy stupid asses to get updates!

  • Tino

    I’d like to see it not from Verizon ever again

    • PSU_DI

      Yeah, not from them, but have a phone compatible with their network. Then shove the unlocked phone into VZW’s network that they have no control over, that’d be awesome.

    • Bsody

      Thanks bud, you just screwed me

  • PSU_DI

    I Think that a Sony Nexus would be awesome but the specs would really need to push the boundary for me to switch away from VZW, and I know there is no chance of a Sony on VZW so here’s to hoping.

    CPU/GPU: TI OMAP 5430 2.2Ghz Quad Core SOC

    Memory: 2Gb of RAM

    Display: The latest Sony HD Reality Display with the Mobile BRAVIA Engine in either 4.5″ or 4.8″Cameras: 13MP f/2.4 camera, this needs to be something special, Sony’s camera department should be involved, also it needs with a centered 2MP 720p HD front facing camera

    Connectivity: BT 4.0, Wi-Fi(ultra fast), NFC, HSPA+, & LTE all on board

    Gaming: PlayStation Certified for High Quality games

    Output: MHL with HD AV out

    Battery: Sony’s Li-Poly battery tech for fast charging, wireless charging would be a nice add-on.

    Storage: 64GB, or 128GB models, no need for SD if you have that much storage available.

    Glass: The latest Corning Gorilla GlassBuild Quality/Material: Sony builds quality phones, so it should be hard for them as long as it doesn’t come off plasticity. If it is anything like the latest Sony Flagship, I’d be happy.

    Audio: Dolby Digital Plus or equivalent technology.

  • AJA0

    I really hope Motorola gets to make the next Nexus. Sure, people would say Google is favoring them (because they own them).. But all the other top manufacturers (HTC, Sammy) had their shot, I’d LOVE to see a Moto Nexus.

    Top build quality + Best Radios + Unlocked Google phone = Perfection

    • JoshGroff

      Always, but it looks like they might not have the chance this year. Assuming everything’s set in stone. :/

  • JoshGroff

    1) Made by Sony
    2) If it must be plastic, that backing the N7 has
    3) 1080p, not required, but I’d like to see it
    4) S4 pro or OMAP5
    5) 2GB RAM
    6) 32GB+ internal storage
    7) PlayStation certified (if not, FPSe will suffice), but without the Sony store pre-installed so people that don’t want it won’t complain.
    8) It’s Sony so It’ll probably have a pretty awesome camera.
    9) An awesome battery

  • Paul Hargus

    Something with a TRUE 10+ hr of SCREEN TIME.
    Sleep-standby should never count.

  • Paul Hargus

    I dont care, as long as it doesnt have a




    Make a DROID X3 Nexus. 5″ 1080p, quad-core, 2GB RAM, removable battery, on-screen buttons, stock Google. I still think the DX was the greatest phone ever.

    • breadable

      My friend’s DX was a huge jump from my OG Droid and a great phone that lasted for his whole 2 year contract. Now he’s on an SIII. The RAZR is pretty much what the DX3 would have been minus the name.

  • greatest phone ever

    Quad core processor with 2gb of Ram A 4.5+ in screen. 12 Mp Camera, 16 and 32 gb built in with storage like we have on the s3 and ohhh yeah at least 2500 Mah Battery and a the battery cover should be a solar panel for solar charging while you are out and doing what you do. That would be the perfect phone ever. And make it in like 8 different colors so we can all be us and different.

  • Mr.K

    I would love to see a waterproof coating added to the phones from the mfg. I believe there’s a similar coating that could be applied to the screen to prevent greasy faces and fingers from leaving marks.

    If my new Nexus could survive a pool drop and withstand the oils from my skin that would be tits!!!

  • A sensor that detects nearby Iphone 5’s and automatically plays a laughing ringtone.

  • summit1986

    Push updates directly from Google, no carrier approval, do not pass GO, do not collect $200.

    • JoshGroff

      This ^

  • Mordecaidrake

    Battery life that isn’t atrocious. I have the Galaxy Nexus now, and the thing doesn’t even last through a football game if I’m checking my fantasy scores every once in awhile.

  • Guest_Person

    Slightly smaller phone, like a 4.3-4.5″ with no bezel or physical buttons. I know you big-handed folk love them 4.8″ phones, but the SGS3 I have right now just feels so massive in my puny hands. Beyond that, I’d be happy with the SGS3 hardware in the above described package. May be a quad-core for future-proofing? That’s about it.
    Oh, and MHL-HDMI output

  • scruffykid

    Dream phone is one they ACTUALLY have software updates for

    • JoshGroff

      So in other words not on Verizon.

  • Justin Evans

    I think the next nexus has to be the future of phones so i say 3 GHz processor, 3 gb ram, 14 megapixel camera, And the next Super duper AMOLED screen, ans battery life that lets u web search for 24 hours. U may call them unrealistic but it will happen one day, why not sooner? And also i want a button on it that when u hit it a stripper pops out and dances for u like i was promised when the iPhone 1 came out. LOL thought it was funny

    • T4rd

      Why not sooner? Because present tech doesn’t allow it. And if it did, it wouldn’t be affordable for anyone, even after they’re subsidized. Sans the stripper thing, maybe in a couple years =p.

  • Hmm….

    One thing, and one thing only: the Motorola M on the back.

    • JoshGroff

      That would be freaking awesome.

  • vincentquest

    I would love to get 1080p screen, HDMI out, 13 megapixelcamera, full screen, 4.7″, beats audio, bluetooth 4.0, dnla, a decent cardock and 128gb micro sd card support. Am I just wishing here or can this really happen?

    • JoshGroff

      SD, not likely, same with Beats. HDMI out, maybe, everything else, most likely. I’m expecting 1080p from Sony, but I won’t be disappointed if it’s not.

  • shamu11

    It would benefit android greatly to either release a carrier wide nexus phone or 5 nexus phones all unlocked and on contract.

  • I would want it to be made by Samsung or Motorola Thinness of the SGS3 or RAZR Screen size of SGS3, better Camera, HD Screen 2GB of RAM w/e the best Quadcore is and have the battery life of the SGS3 OR RAZR MAXX. I think if we had that combo it would be pretty sweet

    • JoshGroff

      S4 pro, or Exynos would be legit. I prefer Tegra on my tablets though for obvious reasons.

  • 1) Battery
    2) Battery

    3) Battery

    4) Battery

    5) Battery

    6) Battery

    7) Battery

    8) Battery

    9) Battery

  • Laki S.

    I’m still hoping that Moto makes a Nexus… If not, then the only thing that would make it better would be a Razr Maxx size battery.

  • mintslice

    Very keen to see the LG with a nexus-ization.

  • Alexander Mozina

    manual updates through google.com enough of this carrier over the air sh*t

  • porky

    How about a Nexus radio that works.

  • Peter Bell

    WiMAX, A15 Dual Core, Unbreakable Screen

  • BrianPowell12

    Snapdragon S4 Pro (I would actually prefer a dual core MSM to a quad core APQ, integrated modem = better battery), near edge to edge ~4.7″ screen, >720 IPS+ w/ in-cell, 2GB Ram, LTE-Advanced ready, 2500+ Mah battery (can be built in, I will never buy extra batteries), NFC, Solid build, Off-Contract price of $400 or less.

    Honestly, if anyone can come close to that while matching the price I’m there. LG is close, but I hear the Optimus would be $299 on contract at Big Red. I have had VZW in all 8 states that I have lived in since 2002 without any complaints, but I don’t want to give up my Unlimited Data and I am considering prepaid w/ HSPA+, so Off-Contract it must be.

  • Alex

    to many problems with my gnex on VZW from radio issues to poor quality control on the screen, my next one would be a Moto if they decided for one.

  • Raghav

    They should make it the same design as the Galaxy Nexus, but with the following specs:
    1. Tegra 4 Processor
    2. 4.8″ Super AMOLED HD Screen
    3. Atleast 2000 MAh battery – 2300 – 2500 MAh preferred.
    4. 8 Megapixel f2.0 lens camera.
    5. Ofcourse Jelly Bean or Key Lime Pie

  • K900

    Sooo. I’m going to speculate a Sony Nexus phone here, cause I’m in love with their designs and build quality.
    1) Hardware.
    OMAP5. Reasons why OMAP5 is awesome:
    1.1) TI is uber friendly to open source. No problems EVER with anything OMAP based on anything AOSP.
    1.2) 4 ‘cores’: 2 main cores and 2 low-power coprocessors. It can run at 2.2GHz. Two thousand two hundred freaking hertz. And it still uses less power than a Tegra 3.
    1.3) Graphics: decoding/encoding h.264 at 1080p at 60FPS. Do I need to say more?
    RAM doesn’t really matter, though adding more (2GB? 4GB?) will be a nice way to future proof the thing.
    3) Camera.
    Camera is going to be the selling point here. Sony makes one of the best DSLRs on the market. They need to take this tech and put it to good use.
    4) Build quality.
    Sony always had nice build quality, so I’m not worrying about that. I haven’t seen a live unit of the new Xperia T / Xperia V yet, but it doesn’t seem like they went downhill in the quality department.
    5) Battery.
    Sony has Li-Poly battery tech, and they need to advertise it more aggressively. My Xperia S charges from 0 to full in less then two hours. An hour of charging gives about 10-12 hours of battery life. This is really, really awesome.
    6) SD card slot.
    Not required. If they’ll find some place to squeeze it into, I won’t mind. But it is definitely not a ‘must have’, especially considering how Google wants you to have all your stuff in the cloud.

    • Bsody

      Might wanna check your math on the ammount of hertz

      • K900

        OK, I missed a ‘mega’ there.

    • I also hope the Sony device is less wide, at least, than the gnex
      I just want it easier to hold

  • bigdgt

    Samsung galaxy nexus 2 with quad core, better camera, bigger battery, and SD card slot would be my nexus of choice! Better build quality would be nice too, but not a deal breaker.

  • voll

    I want to have another HTC nxus

  • Southrncomfortjm

    I’d like to see LG create the Optimus Nexus using their new Optimus G as a base. Not too concerned about quad-core, but I definitely want 2gb of RAM and a better camera.

  • Markuz

    I want to see Verizon out of the game!! I want Verizon to stop selling Nexus!!!

  • Would love to see an battery that can handle 8 hours of LTE, of talk time

  • ChuckG73

    I would like to see the Nexus to be a variant of the Razr Maxx HD with 2 GB of RAM

  • Samsung. Bigger Screen that takes up the ENTIRE front of the device with like 2 microns for the bezel on each side. 2 GB of RAM. Battery that will get you through at least 2 days without a charge, but will still be nice and thin. Removable Battery. Wireless charging built right in and it should come with one wireless charging pad. 2 Megapixel or higher front cam with HD video. 8 Megapixel or higher back cam that actually works (with no shutter lag obviously). Phone speakers that are SUPER loud, loud enough that you don’t need to have the call volume all the way up in normal settings just to hear the person, it should be nice and loud. 16/32GB internal space, with ability to add 64GB SD (not just 32). The casing should be absolutely gorgeous and practically indestructible and unscratchable (maybe some cool finishing, nothing kevlar). It should be guaranteed to receive updates regardless of carrier. It should have super-powered radios so you have great LTE and no data drops but great battery life while still being able to do voice and data at the same time. It should have NFC. A fingerprint scanner with an app built into the OS to allow you to skip putting in passwords for any app so you can just swipe your finger. It should have a boot animation of an android growing out of an apple only to infect and destroy it and then move on to destroy an iPhone before it settles comfortably into our new beast of a nexus.

  • all i’d really want in a nexus honestly is a galaxy S3 that was a nexus. so more or less a better camera, a snapdragon s4 dual core (i dont even care about quad) and everything else being the same including keeping the removeable battery. i suppose ideally it’d be something like the razr hd maxx with a removeable battery that was “nexus”.

    that said , even if a phone like that did come out, i probably wouldn’t get it since i already have a galaxy nexus, and it just doesnt seem like a big enough improvement for what will probably be $300 (though i might do it anyway as sort of a self christmas present) . i’d imagine this phone will be $500 ish on ebay new, and i could maybe get $220 for the galaxy nexus i have now .

    more likely than not i keep the current galaxy nexus well into next year. its not perfect but its more than decent and with jelly bean its “feels” just as fast as anything else for 98% of things you do with a phone.

  • Nexus Lover

    Better hardware specs…..but more importantly, I wish they could make the phone with better quality materials and make it less plasticky. Besides that, I absolutely adore my Nexus

  • I am looking forward to a Sony Xperia Nexus: beautiful design and strong materials, good camera and bright display. I hope they will finally use a quad-core processor (S4?) and keep a microSD slot to expand memory. Wireless charging would be cool, and I wish it’s compatible with Nokia’s so cafes can offer charging pads to their customers regardless of the phone they own. It would be my first non-HTC phone in several years!

  • Dave

    I’d like to see a more scaled down version of the Nexus 7 with an “edge to edge” screen and the rubberized back would be kind of neat. Not sure on specs but I definitely think the camera should be highly beefed up.

  • Martin Nilsson

    Not much really, most “cool” hardware has already been added and new stuff is yet to be invented. The only way you would be able to “surprise” would be to have double displays, removable displays, exchangeable parts etc. Which is not what the Nexus line is about. But seeing as there might be several Nexus phones I’m hoping for one with a slide-out QWERTY!

    Otherwise I’m just hoping Google continues developing Android as a software, expands the Play eco-system and simply put delivers a solid experience. With enough oomph in the hardware department to survive the coming 2-3 years to keep us update with the new Android releases!

  • Davidv555

    Even if the next nexus is awesome, I still wouldn’t get it because I will loose my unlimited data with Verizon when I upgrade. I am upgrading my nexus when I loose my unlimited data.. doesn’t what type of super phone they throw at me

    • JoshGroff

      Not if you buy off contract.

  • TimXer

    Ram 3g+(after viewing usage on my SGSIII), best display, best removable battery, less delicate feeling than the SGSIII, SONY?,

  • Revolutionary amount of RAM, high-powered GPU, ass-kicking battery power, and MicroSDXC-compatible slot

  • anywherehome

    the most important things
    1) at least 32GB
    2) much much much better camera
    3) much much much better battery! (of course replaceable to use it as a camera one whole day)

    what we need more? just Google glass is a significant evolution

  • I suppose I’d use the current Samsung Galaxy Nexus as the baseline, since it is the best of all the current phones in my opinion.
    I’d like to see improved battery life.
    I’d still like to see an SD slot.
    I’d like to see a processor refresh.
    I’d like to see improvements to the camera while retaining the almost instant photography.

    Most importantly, though, I’d like to see a Verizon version that is not so overwhelmingly mismanaged by Verizon. That’s something Google is only partially responsible for, I know, but it’s probably the biggest factor for me.

  • panoromania

    I want to see a Lumia Nexus

    • anywherehome

      so do you want to have 1 year old HW? just dual core, always less performance than competitors? πŸ™‚

      • JoshGroff

        I’ll take year old hardware if it was unbreakable, have you ever owned a Nokia?

        • anywherehome

          Yes 2x, many problems with buttons, dust behind glass, speaker bad quality due to production bug πŸ˜‰

          • JoshGroff

            Well, umm, that doesn’t count. ^-^

  • I’m daring to be different here and going with Sony.

  • new nexus yes please with lte and better battery life and new camera and much faster phone

  • A better screen, because my Nexus has screen burn in =(

  • CapnShiner

    I want the next Nexus to built by Motorola so it will have their build quality and superior radios. I think the CPU should either be an S4 with the battery of a RAZR HD or a quad-core CPU with a larger battery. It should have 2GB of RAM. I want to have radios for Verizon CDMA/LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11b/g/n wifi(8-2.11ac would be nice but it’s too new), NFC, and GPS. I would like a form factor similar to the RAZR HD but with an edge-to-edge screen the like the RAZR M. Screen resolution should be at least 720p, but 1080p would be great. I would prefer a non-pen-tile-matrix screen but only if the battery supports it. The cameras need to be much better than any other Motorola phone to date. The front camera should be at least 2MP and the rear camera can be 8MP or higher but with a better lens and sensor than before. The camera should at least be able to match the iPhone 5 in quality. It must have a microSD slot. I want to be able to transfer data quickly and easily from one device to another and I want an external backup in case the phone is bricked. There is really no excuse, IMO, not to have removable storage. I would also prefer to have the microUSB connector on the top half of the device so that I can have it my car’s cupholder while charging. Either that or a car dock should be included for free. I want it to be no more than $199 on contract and no more than $600 at full retail. This would be the best phone of 2012, IMO. I hope Google is listening.

  • staticx57

    I would love to see a sony Nexus. Sony has all of the capabilities to make an amazing phone and if google were to direct them then the end result wouldnt be some off the wall design but it would probably be one of the best designed phones.

    -Naturally it would have at least a 1280×720 AMOLED display hopefully non pentile.
    -Quad core krait or quad cortex a15 with some awsome graphics. Sick of the Gnex having a last gen when released GPU.
    -power sipping LTE not power guzzling.
    -return of the microsd card.
    -break from nexus tradition and have a great camera in it. Maybe use one of the fantastic sony senors.

  • Simon

    That’s easy…

    Pure AOSP OS
    Big battery
    Top-notch radios
    OS updates direct from the vendor (download and flash), not the carrier

    • JoshGroff

      I would hope the next Nexus is pure AOSP… That’s kind of the point.

  • I would love for the device to have the same rubber back as the N7. I love it!

    • JoshGroff

      This ^

  • Motorola Radios, Exynos 5 or OMAP 5, 1080p SAMOLED panel 4.5-5″ in size, 2+ GB RAM, 32 GB ROM, Wolfson DAC for audio, 8MP main camera with f/2.2 or better aperture with LED flash, notification LED, 3000+ mAh battery, NFC, GPS/aGPS/GLONASS, Bluetooth 4 or better, Wifi a/b/g/n with 2.4 and 5.0 GHz.

    Everything in that list should be easily doable, and fit nicely in a form factor similar to the current Nexus.

  • Todd Zullinger

    I really want the next Nexus to be available with more storage or a micro sd slot. The only reason I bought the Verizon Galaxy Nexus was the increased storage and I won’t be buying anything locked to Verizon again after their appalling abuse of the Nexus brand. But I also won’t be spending money on something with a paltry 16gb even if it is a Nexus. That’s what made me skip the Nexus S. Other than that, gorilla glass and a better camera would be nice.

  • ddh819

    a hardware keyboard

  • Andrew Remmers

    I think I would like to see a Nexus phone with an Aluminum Hull. Personally the plastic feel just makes it feel cheap sometimes no matter how much I love the device.

  • Total_telecom

    something close to the s3, which should have been the nexus IMO.

  • Okay first things first no I don’t want any of the above to make the phone Id rather have a HTC or Motorola device they just feel better (their UIs on the other hand are crap).

    2nd do we really think Android K is coming up that fast. JB was incremental and I for one am glad Google didn’t pull an Apple and release a phone with nothing new bout it really. Instead they stepped foot into the Tablet realm with their take on one.

    I honestly dont see Android K being ready for primetime until early next year, what with only 2 “official” devices running JB. Edit: Not including Tablets

  • Erin Looney

    5″ display with 1280×768 or similar — a proper aspect ratio for those of us who spend 95% of our time NOT watching 16:9 landscape videos on our phones. And NOT, please, NOT, some crappy old plastic black case with the same kind of copycat rounded edges FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!!!!! Get an Italian or German or Swedish industrial sculptor/designer to make a real case that doesn’t scream cheap and ugly. Thank you! Please? By the way, this phone would sell like hotcakes. Look how many people are getting excited about the Lumia 920 (but ultimately won’t get it because WP8 is too immature).

  • William_Morris

    A “made by Motorola” tag.

  • JulianZHuang

    more than 8 hrs of LTE battery life.

    • SeanBello

      my ass LOL

      • JulianZHuang

        my gn cant even get pass 1hr 50mins of screen time.

        • SeanBello

          fix your phone then lol

          • JulianZHuang

            tried out a lot of roms, kernels, and UV/UC already. max 39% brightness. using samsung extended battery already.

          • SeanBello

            I’m running AOKP build 1 with Lean Kernel 4.3, OC’d to 1350 max, 700 min interactive gov, auto brightness, no extended battery

  • Bionic

    Motorola RAZR Nexus Maxx HD. Enough said.

  • UrDoGG

    Dear God – Please don’t let LG make a Nexus!?. Sony… maybe. That leaves Samsung. As far as what I want from the next Nexus: quad-core processor, 2GB ram, better camera, better battery, better screen, timely updates from ALL carriers (yes, that includes you Verizon), and one of the most important things – do not change the appearance of the front of this phone because it is perfect as is. I have never been more satisfied with the look of a phone so much as my GNEX.

  • Anil Reddy

    My dream phone:
    1. A phone which is guaranteed immediate Android updates when they are out both using PC companion as well as OTA, loaded with the latest android OS/a preview of the next major version of android. I would love to try android 5.0 or something on it before it is available on any other device!
    2. Design of sony xperia phones(ideally something like the xperia s or u).
    3. Better camera in terms of quality(not just megapixels).
    4. More efficient, replaceable and easily powered(using solar-power/renewable energy sources like wind, movement, pressure) battery.
    5. A nexus device with SD card slot(nexus devices have been missing it of late).
    So my dream device will be something like “Xperia Nexus” which can be updated using sony PC companion/OTA.

  • fallsgable

    Pre-loaded PRON!
    Lot’s and Lot’s and Lot’s of pre-loaded Pron!

  • Let’s try something new and give Sony a chance! I love how awesome Sony has been with the changes it has been making to the Android source. I also love how Google decided to make one of the Xperias a Google Experience Device. That’s why if Motorola doesn’t come out with a Nexus, I’d go for the Sony NeXperia device since I’m already a Galaxy Nexus user.

  • skinja

    Super amoled PLUS!!
    It looks better than anything out there. We need a 720 SAMOLED PLUS screen

  • Abhisshek Das

    Expendable Memory Slot, Phablet edition Nexus, bigger battery .

    not having a removable SD card is an Ultra extreme trade off for me

  • Big_EZ

    Motorola Nexus Maxx. Same form factor as the current RAZR Maxx with a 4.7-4.9″ 720p display (1080p is almost pointless and would use more juice) S4, 2gb ram, better camera, microSD card slot. Then top it off with the finish from the Droid X. This is my dream phone.

  • tdawg

    I think the nexus line is amazing but they have been bringing out mid-range phones with “last years” specs I wanna see them make the phone like the galaxy s 2 was from the time it came out till the one x came out it was the best android phone with “next years” specs its unstoppable only thing I would prefer is a galaxy note 2 size screen and the spen

  • SeanBello

    I think I’m one of the few people that doesn’t want removable storage lol. I like the responsiveness of the phone without it. I think having to take out a memory card is a thing of the past and a pain in the ass. I use Solid Explorer to copy files back and forth to my PC.

    • DainLaguna

      totally agreed. as long as i have 32 gigs, i’m totally content.

  • calKno

    Love my GNex, but wouldn’t mind seeing moto take a crack at it. Or how about shrink the nexus 7 a bit and give it some radios

  • DainLaguna

    i’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that all of us android fans need to stop focusing on specs….and i hope google does too.

    yes, i want the next nexus to have decent specs, but like apple does with ios, i want google to focus on making standout hardware that has excellent software implementation. The nexus7 was a great start….lets one up it. if the software is implemented well, it wont need 4 gigs of ram and a quad core processor. (seriously?) the only hardware i want to see really pushed is the gpu.

    the next nexus needs to feel premium. i know kellex wants a galaxy nexus 2, but even as a galaxy nexus owner who is smitten with his phone, i’ll be the first today that its a software related love affair.

    unlike the countless razr’s/galaxys/onex’s etc….there is something about a nexus device that elevates (or should anyway) to ultra-premium status. This is the only other phone on the market that can and should go toe to toe with the iphone in the software/hardware regard…and other handset makers (sony,htc and to a lesser extend moto) have phenomenal build quality whereas the galaxy nexus doesnt. does it feel nice in hand? yes. could it feel nicer? absolutely.

    The next nexus, at least the flagship model, needs to be a beacon for all other android devices to follow. it needs to be THE phone that gets people to switch, the phone that gets google fans to reaffirm WHY they didnt jump ship to ios or windows phone.

    to a certain extent i kinda feel like the fact that there will be multiple nexi will dillute the brand a bit. but we’ll see. whatever the next nexus is it needs to be gorgeous, fast, have wonderfully implemented software…and for the LOVE OF GOD give us a GREAT camera. Not a good camera, not a ‘well at least its better than the gnex’ camera…no, a GREAT camera. a camera that makes me not envy whats on the iphone5, or on the lumia 920.

    if google and the next nexus maker can deliver this…they’ll have a winner. and subsequent handsets will get better if they follow suit.

    • breadable

      Why are there only 4 likes on this? Come on people!

  • Taylor Levesque

    Well, my S3 has an unlocked bootloader, 2gb of ram. s4 so maybe an s4 pro would be a bump. LTE is standard now. One X’s or even the iPhone’s Camera (Have to admit that it is a good, if not the best camera). I’ve been running CM10 for a while now so Jelly Bean is a must. Love my S3’s battery life don’t need more than what it gives me at the end of the day. So mainly a Processor bump to quad-core and better camera than the s3. Oh and for god-sakes an sd card slot.

  • Trevor

    My top pick would definitely be Sony, simply because Samsung’s Nexus has the WORST radios ever. I get awful reception (and this is my third GNex) and the build quality really isn’t the best. I’ve loved every Sony (Ericsson) phone I’ve ever had, though it’s been a while since I had one.

    As for specs: mine mirror Kellen’s pretty closely – Quad-core Snapdragon S4, assuming it is as efficient, if not more, than the current S4, 2GB RAM, SAMOLED screen (personally don’t care if it’s pentile or not), NFC, good camera with xenon flash if possible, rubberized/matte back, ginormous battery without too much of a compromise in thickness (I love the thickness of the GNex with OEM extended battery), LTE of course, physical camera button (for the love of all that is holy), REMOVABLE STORAGE, and please Google make notification pull-down toggles a stock thing.

    I may be forgetting stuff, but that’s all I got for now. I CANNOT wait for the next round of Nexii. Hope it’s sooner rather than later.

    • DainLaguna

      1 2nd a sony nexus. imo, they are the only ones who can build sexy hardware.

  • John

    Faster Software Updates…

  • Jordan Schuetz

    4GB of Ram, 32GB of storage, 48 Hour Battery Life, Quad Core Processor, JellyBean

    • Gel

      No offense but your Ram and battery life are kind of unrealistic.

      • DainLaguna

        they are totally unrealistic. i want them to work on on making it run efficient. not something that out-powers my laptop for the sake of it.

    • Are you planning to run Crysis on your smartphone? Lol..

  • blhe

    quad core, 2gb ram, a bigger battery, screen size is fine on the current one.. all of this with stock android is like heaven i cant wait…..

  • jesterz

    I’d have to say that Motorola hands down has the best build quality. I am not talking about aesthetics here but build quality. So Motorola to build a Tegra 3 2Ghz quad-core with 4GB of DDR3 RAM, 64GB internal storage, 4.6″ Super AMOLED+ display protected by Gorilla Glass 2, NFC, bluetooth 4, waterproof, qwerty slider with key board from PhotonQ, Android 5.0 (Key Lime Pie), Ubuntu for Android installed for a real “webtop” experience, continue forward with Motorola’s discrete MicroUSB and MicroHDMI connections, audiophile quality audio out connection, 12Mp camera with image stabilization 4x optical zoom, and last but not least a 4 Ah Li-ion battery. The form factor would be about the size of the PhotonQ. The tech is available. The phone shouldn’t list for more than $700 US.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Motorola’s premium build quality with the “Maxx” battery and Moto’s superior radios running the latest stock Android build! Google! Motorola! Make it happen guys!

  • Tatsuo

    the updates to not come from verizon

  • Ricardo Brenelli

    I would like to see a Sony Xperia Nexus. One that has the same level of water and dust resistance from the Sony Xperia Go. With the same screen as the Xperia V (4.3in 720p since I hate screens bigger than this) but with WhiteMagic as well (from the Xperia P). At least 32gb internal storage. It could come with the same processor as the Xperia T and V. It would be nice to have HDMI/MHL out too. 2gb ram. All in a neat case without too much bezel on the top and bottom. Sony can deliver better design than Samsung. And yes, a very large battery. I hope that they sell two versions, one with LTE and one with just 3G.

    • Ricardo Brenelli

      Oh yes, with the best camera on any smartphone ever.

      • DainLaguna

        i wish i could upvote this to oblivion

        • me too! i’d also like a camera button–would make snapping candids so much easiers

  • tomn1ce

    D-Razr Maxx built quality4.7-5″ 1080p HD non-pentile, Edge to Edge display with the overall dimension of the G-Nexus
    snapdragon s4 pro or Exynos 5 (ofcourse with LTE)
    2GB of ram
    32/64GB of internal storage…(with 64GB expansion microsd slot (this would be a plus)
    13MP with the new sony sensors w/dual LED flash…capable of recording 1080p videos
    2MP Front camera….capable of recording HD videos
    3300+mAh battery
    wifi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
    BT 4.0
    one last thing let it be available on vzw

  • quiklives

    I love my Gnex, even now, 9 or 10 months later. However, next time I buy a phone, I’ll buy the GSM version straight from the Play store and activate it on a cheap prepaid plan.

    I know 4G is a big deal, but I still don’t have it in the town I live in, and I’m honestly just not that attached to it, so using a GSM phone with HSPA+ or whatever isn’t that big a loss to me.

    On the other hand, what I’d like to see is a really excellent battery, like the Razr Maxx (I’m sure plenty of people have said that) and a really top of the line camera. Other than that, they can put out the exact same phone and I’ll be happy. I’ve never had a signal problem, I love the screen and the form factor, etc etc…just battery and camera improvement would make me a happy customer.

  • Evil-D

    I want to see the nexus be the first phone to get software updates. Not the last as is happening with the Galaxy Nexus. I want my jelly bean yesterday.

  • Better materials, better camera, quad core, better screen

  • jeb

    I have the Verizon version so how about one with respectable call quality.

  • In all honesty I’d take LG over Sammy out of those three maybe it’s due to owning a Fascinate and my G-Nex (Which I adore) I just hate samsung devices, When I shake my nexus It rattles.

  • I’d like to see a Nexus device on Verizon that I can actually make phone calls on. That would be a huge improvement πŸ˜›

  • Quad Core, 2GB ram, either a 720p non pentile display or a 1080p display of whatever type, a camera worth writing home about, a battery that can somehow power all of that and get me 24 hours of use, and better radios than the GNex so I can always pick up signal from my house in the country.

  • Larizard

    Next week I expect the teaser for the next series of Nexus devices to drop. I have this brilliant ad idea in mind, and I’ll try to design it by the end of the week.

  • Alu Zeros

    Better battery, 2gb of ram, better speakers, and wireless charging built in

  • Kawan Best

    Loving my Samsung Galaxy Nexus minus Verizon. I want to see a better camera 2gig ram and a better processor on top of the already awesome stuff in the phone

  • Nexus 2 from samsung:
    quadcore snapdragon
    2gb ram
    removable storage
    dedicated camera processor like the evo 4g
    4G LTE
    super AMOLED
    lastly, a retartedly huge battery with a charger that can charge it 100% in 2 hours like my droid charge

  • Joe Avery

    2gb ram, dual 1.5ghz or better. Would love to see to quad 1.5 or eynox quad 1.5. Mhl out, USB host. 4.8″ screen with osb’s. Really what i want is NO buttons. No power button, no volume rocker no buttons.

    • I’ve wanted to see the bezel used in the os, say drag your finger down the right bezel to scroll. swipe from the bottom brings up your homescreen dock. swipe from the left brings out volume controls etc. but how do you unlock a phone with no power button? a key?

  • Jimmyrustler

    LG as the OEM

    4.5-4.7″ true HD ips+ 1280×768 same found on the Optimus G (not a big fan of amoled)
    snapdragon s4 pro or Exynos 5(*not sure if it supports LTE)
    2GB of ram
    32/64GB on board memory
    13MP(same found on the LG, hopefully it’s a quality shooter)
    1.3 Front camera

    The Optimus G will have a unibody design measuring 8mm thin, I would more than gladly take a 8.5 to 8.9 increase in measurements if it means they can pack a 2,500 to 2,800mah battery).

    High quality build- The Optimus G will have a unibody design that will feature a back panel made out of premium glass with crystal reflection technology… that’s what I want for my nexus, personally I’m tired of the flimsy devices, I want a product that has a premium quality both inside and out.

    Pretty much this phone with nexus branding and preferably a bigger battery

    • DainLaguna

      i actually like this. and while i like amoled…i think i want a truer, more accurately saturated display this time around.

  • noc007

    I’m all for multiple manufacturers getting in on the Nexus program at once. I’d like to see Google directly sell a phone with the following:
    -Manufactured by Motoroloa or someone that will put more effort into hardware quality than Samsung or HTC.
    -Physical keyboard (it can be a different model and thicker)
    -Run on VZW with CDMA and LTE
    -2GB RAM
    -Able to put in an extended battery or have a model with a bigger batter (the former is preferred)
    -MicroSD solt
    -Gorilla Glass
    -The fastest ARM CPU and GPU out there
    -Google distributed updates without having to wait for VZW to test, fast from food, and 42 virginal priestesses bless the update.
    -2sec. outside and 5sec. inside GPS locks (I’m getting this on my D4 with ICS and loving it)
    -Can connect to a Lapdock or similar device (I use mine quite a bit when lounging.
    -A camera that can produce pictures and video at the same quality or better than a Canon G3 (8yo point and shoot).

  • s23

    I want in Next Years Nexus
    Sequel to Snapdragon S4 Pro or Omap 6
    Motorola Hardware (radios, kevlar, gorilla glass (i know its not moto’s) Water repellent
    HTC’s next gen screen (1080p) 4.5 inch, very slim bezels(top and bottom), onscreen buttons, and maybe only the manufacturers name visible on the front
    Maxx Battery, no exception
    2gb of ram, would love 4gb but unnecessary
    Key lime pie
    The rumor is webtop is being incorporated by Google into the future iterations of Android so that would definitely pique my interest.
    Promise to get 3-4 of future android iterations
    Form factor that falls between 8-9.5 mm
    13 Megapixel Camera (with amazing sensor)
    Unlocked for GSM and availible for Verizon

    I’ll gladly shell out 300 -350 for this on contract because I KNOW it will last me at least 3 years. But this is for an android fanboy, not the average joe so i know the chances are slim to none. But a man can dream RIGHT?

  • greatelephant

    I flashed the latest jelly bean ROM from aosp for a Verizon nexus and couldn’t be happier.

  • 2 Things:

    – SD Card Slot. I don’t care if the Nexus S and GNex didn’t have them. I want expandable storage, thank you.
    – A removable sliding keyboard attachment, with an extra battery in it to weigh it down. The Transformer got it spot on for tablets with the either/or option, and now I want this in a phone too.

  • For me, a physical QWERTY slide out keyboard is a must, along with an amoled screen, removable battery and expandable memory. If Google could ace it on all of those I would buy in an instant. With apple and everyone else on top of the candybar form factor Google could totally own the QWERTY space if they pull it off.
    I bet one big reason that QWERTY phones aren’t as popular is because companies keep crapping out terrible stuff like screens (moto Droid 4) and leaving out lte (Sammy’s captivate glide)

    Do us right Google!

  • nightscout13

    Some sort of visual enhancement would be nice…..

  • I keep wanting a moto nexus, and I keep getting dissapointed. Kellex can you give us a ray of light?

  • ddevito

    One spec – KEY LIME PIE.

    It’s all about the software, something Apple has apparently forgotten.

    • Buckoman

      I prefer Kettlecorn.

  • 4G LTE, 4 inch screen, dual core processor, and square app icons… o wait
    I’d rather see sammy or htc do the next nexus… quad core and id be happy

    • Tim Swann

      a few hours too late…..I mean a couple of years too late :p

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    Umm how about they stay away from the crap hardware that is Samsung.

  • Tim Swann

    an 8MP shooter that is on par or better with the iPhone and a non-removable 3500 mAh battery are most important.

    Form factor was nice in G-Nex, but any way to make it more comfortable in your hand would be nice.

    1.7 Ghz Dual-Core minimum. Quad-core would be nice though.1GB RAM minimumLTE and NFC should be standard anyway

  • I want it to make my poo purple and smell like rainbow sherbet

  • Matthew Merrick

    Samsung as the OEM.

    4.8″ 720p non-pentile AMOLED, Exynos 5 Dual, 2 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM, NFC, BT 4.0, WiFi AC, and full global HSPA+ & LTE – yes, that means i would be able to buy it unlocked and put a VZW SIM in it and get LTE (but not CDMA, would not have any CDMA radios).
    do not release it onto any carriers – simply release it to the play store WORLDWIDE, and keep the price low (the GNex pricing is a good benchmark)
    Give it a non-removable (but fairly easily replaceable if you disassemble the phone) 300+ MAH battery (taking a page from the Razr Maxx designs) and put a MicroUSB 3.0 OTG MHL port on the side.

    Nothing groundbreaking, but pioneering some new tech that needs to become commonplace.

    • tomn1ce

      I think you meant 3000+mAh….

  • microwave

    2 GB ram, 1.5 Ghz quad core processor, 13 MP camera, HDMI, Razr maxx battery, 1080 p display.

  • 2 things only: No more AMOLED displays and please add a micro SD card slot. Period.

  • calum wilper

    quad core processor, at least 8 megapixel camera, 2 gigz of RAM, HD screen, onscreen soft keys (kinda a given), ridiculous battery life, sd card slot, 4g lte, front facing camera, NFC, and thin as hell.

  • Stephen Partington

    Honestly match the S3 with a exynos dual core and i would be a happy camper. same form factor as the Galaxy nexus if Samsung. but i would be curious to see what sony brought to the table. i still want to see Motorola do a nexus device, but now thats likely to never happen.

  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2, the worlds greatest smart phone. And I want them to pantent everything that is new!!! And let every Android phone slip by, but whoa whoa whoa Apple where you goi-LAWSUIT!!!

  • The Dude

    Things I’d like to see, but which almost certainly won’t happen –

    1. Freedom from carriers. Official support for GSM+CDMA, updates from Google regardless of carrier, buy from play store and activate online at home via your google account
    2. The return of sd cards
    3. Google Voice integration for other major carriers

    Notice I didn’t say anything about specs as they are largely irrelevant compared to #1. I’m sick and tired of people blaming carriers only. Yes, its their fault, but its Google’s too. Google have enough clout to reach agreements with US carriers if they wanted to. Instead, they treat the Nexus line as a developer experiment – it has no marketing, no branding, hardly anyone knows about them. Treat it like a product and commit to it.

    • tomn1ce

      I have yet to see someone else with a G-Nexus…the lack of advertisement could be blame for that…Not to mention that when you go to a vzw store to buy one they try selling you something else…They tried selling me a D-Razr and I wouldn’t be surprised if they did this to a lot of other people and succeeded because they didn’t know better.

  • The RAZR Maxx battery and Motorola’s radios.
    So yeah, basically a Motorola Nexus.

  • jimmy mcgee

    i thought that a slide out touch screen (similar size to a hardware keyboard) that could be used as a keyboard ,or gamepad would be an original idea.

  • Rashawn

    I want the next nexus phone to be made by either HTC or Samsung, with a 4, to 4.2 inch screen, and a great camera, along with above average battery life. 32GB of memory is a must, with at least 8GB internal memory, with the rest being made up for via micro SD card slot. If it doesn’t have a micro SD card slot, or an inability to store my 18GB of audio, picture and video files, I won’t buy, and I’ll stick with the nexus one that I’m typing this comment on. God bless whomever came up with the idea for micro SD card expansion on this phone. I love HTC.

  • Better materials like tungsten carbide would be sweet!

  • Jimmyrustler

    I vote for LG, only if they keep the same design & specs of the Optimus G, but without the LG logo.

  • jaylanPHNX

    I have to say, the Optimus G as a nexus phone might get an immediate buy from me. I can’t stand LG’s faux touch wiz UI, but the hardware sounds delicious.

  • Black128

    Keep the shape and put the latest specs in it, meaning no 5mp cameras when there are way better sensors available. I’m not one to drink the apple juice, however consistent design language makes it easier for third party accessory makers to come out with more/better stuff. Maybe if they went with a manufacturer that wasnt pushing their own gear with a crap skin on it for the nexus line, they might have a true winner.

  • Og droid build quality and speakers + Gnex + ASUS update speed

  • I also think it would be crazy to see a Droid Nexus. Moto merge the Droid series with the Nexus would be kinda cool. but they need to pull out all the guns with it.

  • trubin12

    My option is that HTC makes the best hardware and a Nexus device should focus a lot more on hardware since the software is completely dependent on Google. Samsung has had the nexus card for too long and LG and Song haven’t released a complete enough phone under their own name yet to be able to make a nexus device. HTC is the #1 choice then Moto, if they made it Less industrial and bullet proof

  • Nathan Corachea

    I think it’d be really cool to have it be built by Nokia…I like the build quality of Nokia, but with all the Nexus stuff goodness. But that will not happen ahaha.

  • Brent Cooper

    If it doesnt have Razr Maxx like battery I WILL NOT buy it. Coming from a Galaxy Nexus that lasted me 5-6 hours, having to carry around a car charger, spare batteries, extended batteries, and a portable charger, the Maxx which will get me through most, if not all, of a day is a blessing. All day battery life is something I will not budge on as an ultra heavy user

  • Austin Ferguson

    I just would like more options for phones with the brand “nexus”. I would like to see samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, and Motorala all come out with a nexus. Bring us all options, low to high, bring up some specs to go with it, slap a nice price and start selling it. Maybe even go further on googles e-front part and start selling there own service contracts, swap out programs, insurance, etc for users that just want to break the carrier.. All wishful thinking but I do believe somewhere down the road something of this nature will happen.

  • honestly I could list everything I want in a Nexus phone but I rather be totally surprised like I was with the OG Droid. That phone was at the time like nothing in the market and we need something like that again. Im not saying something with a QWERTY keyboard. Im saying something that makes an S3 and RAZR HD look like toys. but not sure if any manufacture is able to be that creative

  • David Gilson

    I won’t even consider the next Nexus unless the camera has sapphire crystal in it.

  • AROD

    Same form factor as the current GNEX, with motorola build quality (metal bezel) and radios! TI 4470 chip with 2 gigs of RAM, better camera, and a SLCD like the one on the HTC X one.

  • coolsilver

    Quad-core, 2GB ram, 64 GB storage with SD card slot 32GB card included. Dual-LED Flash Camera. Large Speakerphone/Kickstand. Large display with minimal bezel to allow soft on screen nav bar. Front facing camera HDMI out. Display with 1080 output. with a minimum of 3400mah battery… inductive charging built in? NFC, Bluetooth 4 , Dual banded wifi.

    Also if it had some kind of Webtop/Ubuntu/Mozilla/ChromeOS feature that would be cool but I’d probably still strip it out

    Open Hardware for LTE on Verizon.

    Oh and if all that doesn’t make it a brick which I don’t care, least make it look and have solid build quality I can not flip out dropping it 6 inchs onto a desk without a case.

  • MichaeZegend

    Honestly, I still want the old one!!!! Google Nexus phone is amazing!! However, if they keep that same look with some some quadcore graphics and pure google……I’m sold Regardless

  • bob

    Hardware QWERTY

    • Michael G

      Yeah, that’s probably not gonna happen. lol

  • Michael G

    Now that Google is in charge… Motorola’s hardware with Google oversight for the software. Definitely would love to see a Moto Nexus.

  • theShamrocker

    Give Motorola a shot to use its superior battery tech plus nfc, add 2 gb RAM and give it a ridiculous screen.

  • – Android 4.1- A quad-core processor
    – HD 1080p resolution (Amoled HD or Super LCD)
    – 4.8″ Gorilla glass2 screen
    – 2G of RAM
    – 64GB internal (if not 32GB internal and optional SDCARD slot)
    – 3000mah battery
    – On screen nav keys
    – NFC
    – 13M camara
    – 2M front facing
    – Water resistant?

    – LTE
    – HDMI out
    – Mini USB charging

    AND SUPER CRUSH the stupid iCrap! hahahaha

  • Gnex 2 with either an S4 quad or an exynos based processor, newest super amoled tech, a really nice camera, larger battery, and newer radios all in the same form factor as the current Gnex.

    I’d kinda like to see HTC make another nexus because they have the image sense chip that would be really cool to have inside a nexus. Plus I like HTC’s design alot

    Personally I think google should take different hardware from all the current OEMs and make a phone with all of them. Body: built by Moto, Camera: made by HTC or Sony, Screen: made by Samsung, and so on.

    • breadable

      When you go to war you bring the manufacturers together to build the best vehicles. If this is an all out war with Apple they should be doing this.

      Though maybe the war was just in Steve Jobs’ mind, and this is just consumer electronics for profit.

  • Love my Galaxy Nexus but I’d like a few more things.

    1) Wireless charging. I laughed at the “lightning” connector on the new iPhone since I cannot even remember the last time I plugged my phone in to do anything other than charge it. Why not cut the cord completely?

    2) Better sunlight display ability.

    3) Better battery life

    4) Better camera (duh) with the same shutter speed.

    Then add on whatever Google has in story for Key Lime Pie and we’ll be golden!

  • redflea

    As noted, release the Nexus again with MAXX battery life.

  • bogy25

    SOLAR Charging would be awesome – Oh and ……F apple

  • As long as its on Verizon and its unmolested by bloatware, I will pay any out of contract price (up to $800)

  • MrEnglish

    An apple logo, that way there may be some quality in construction. I don’t even like apple fans, I’d hate to be associated with a bunch of hippy, pierced freaks that walk around sniffing their own farts. However, after reading all the assdroid fan comments and realizing that the android community has surpassed the apple one in terms of douche factor and shear denial, not to mention the inability to hold civil debates and act like adults (I know most of them are little asian teens, but still), I’ve just decided to hang up the google shoes and go all apple. So my g-nex just went to craigslist and my xoom and tbolt are being given away to friends. Not that my patronage is a loss to any community, but when I get pissed off every time I read my favorite forum (this one) it’s clearly time to hang it up. The hypocrisy in the android community is just too damn much. Bite me.

    • Anon

      While some of your comment is accurate; the bashing and stereotyping is really unnecessary. It is fine to be annoyed with the people and the way they act, but it is never okay to over generalize and then bash/stereotype the people that have annoyed you. Because if you want civil debate and others to act like adults, then you first must set the example that you wish others to emulate.

      • MrEnglish

        Historical precedence sets the stage my friend. The type of responses to simple statements in kiddie forums would never be tolerated in face to face interactions, but it’s really a waste of time to even consider it. I take your post as well said, even though it simply no longer applies after the day to day nonsense in places such as this. Regardless, thank you for your reply, and for civility that has been forgotten.

  • Sathariel

    Sony Xperia Nexus:
    Nexus level specs in Xperia designed shell

  • MFG

    I don’t care. It just needs to be stock and have a MAXX-like battery.

  • better speakers. OG DRoid had great speaker.

  • Tony

    Motorola Nexus Maxx

    • Jason James

      you forgot HD!

    • drawz

      Oooh, that actually sounds very tasty! Hadn’t really been interested in a Motorola nexus until just now! Haha

  • I want Nokia to build the next Nexus. Or a Nexus RAZRHD, or even a OneXus (One X + Nexus). Actually, if Asus made a phone version of the Nexus 7, that would be awesome.

    A small bezel would be nice, so the phone is just slightly larger than the screen. Besides the exterior hardware and a great screen, iterative specs would be fine by me.

    If Google bought Sprint or T-Mobile with the announce of the Nexus/Nexii, that would be truly incredible and so much better for all Android users. Sadly, it’s just a dream that doesn’t make sense fiscally.

  • Gus Davis

    I want to see a different manufacturer for the new nexus phone. Or if there are going to stay with Samsung…then i would like to see them push the form factor to new levels. I mean the curved looked is cool and is the whole”no buttons” c awesome as well. But why cant they come up with something that is more like the droid razr by motorola? I love the way that form was in that in broke the traditional look of most moto phones that are droids. So i would love to see a new body that is not curved like that and with the UI itself on the next software of android i would love to see a outright new interface to go along with the new phone itself. And oh i almost forgot the one thing that i would love too see is the comeback of the SD card on the next nexus:)

  • Knlegend1

    I want to see the greatest camera you can point in a phone. I want them to make point and shoots obsolete. Other than that Google Nexus’s have been great. Maybe some motorola radios and Tergra 3 chips to boot.

  • Google should Co-OP the LG Optimus G and do an Optimus Nexus…. sort of like the GNex is to a GSIII… Or use Moto to do something completely original and not from the bloodline of the Droid series.

    Or get with HTC who OG in this smartphone game and due a new G-One Nexus..

  • steve30x

    Would love to see a True HD display, 2 gig or ram to start out with.. and of course a slightly bigger screen and great battery.. Take Moto for instance on how they are actually getting better batteries for their new phones..

  • I would greatly love a NEXUS phone which was made by HTC. If there was such a thing, I would already own it.

  • andthrax


  • Jason Rock

    I would agree with Kellex that the would love to see another galaxy nexus with the same form factor that was as slim as the galaxy S3 but all the same feature nothing on the front except a notitication light. Of course better battery life and a newer super AMOLED screen 2GB of RAM and an A15 dual-core processor.
    I would also love them to sell a US unlocked version that will work on either Sprint & Verizon and also on both LTE bands along side with a Unlocked verison that will work on T-mobile and AT&T.

  • http://cdn2.sbnation.com/imported_assets/1165968/KeHDB_medium.png this looks nice

    actually what i want is a 4.3″ screen with on-screen buttons (razr m size) but no pointless huge chin. galaxy nexus is a little too big for me and i’ve had mine since day 1. and i absolutely want better battery life. and PLEASE GAPLESS PLAYBACK IN GOOGLE MUSIC PLEASE.

  • markopolo

    Sony.. afyer motorola

  • MPIT

    First of all, if the over-heating of nexus while talking in phone resolved, then only I will think of buying it…I prefer samsung or Sony making with a better processor…And 4G speeds are less in current nexus compared other verizon phones.

  • James Jun

    I dream for the day where a CEO will purposely drop their flagship phone from waist-level during their unveiling only to have it completely unscathed. A sexy thin phone.

  • JFB

    Legitimate wireless charging, an HTC non-plastic style body, quad-core, 2 GB RAM, 2800+ mAh battery, and a -very- quality camera. They make this, and iPhone hardware becomes irrelevant.

  • I would like to see it made by Motorola or HTC. Motorola has the best radio connectivity and sound quality while HTC equips their devices with great cameras, Beats Audio Enhancements and the build quality is top notch. If these manufacturers could team up we would have a monster of a device that would put the iPhone to shame (that doesn’t take much lol) but since its unlikely to have two manufacturers team up I would lean more towards Motorola because I would rather have a phone with a few less bells and whistles but it actually works as a phone lol Spec wise- Tegra 3+, LTE, 2GB of RAM, 32GB Internal memory with external SD, if its made by Motorola then Web Dock capabilities and an HD SAMOLED display.

    • Samsung tends to put the best audio chips in their phones (ie. Wolfson). Beats Audio is nothing but a gimmick and a poorly done EQ curve. From audiophile posts I’ve read, it actually distorts audio when in use rather than enhance it.

      • One man’s enhancement is another man’s distortion..genre bias. I’m not into Dre’s beat..just saying

        • People have hooked up the headphone outlet to an audio analyzer to see how the output of the two compares, and from the reports that I read, there was more “noise” in the output when Beats was enabled compared to when it wasn’t. Therefore, it would tell me that it is distorting the audio rather than enhancing it. There should be less noise in the output, not more, if it actually was useful.

  • What about a Phablet Nexus?

    • carlisimo

      Only if it isn’t the only Nexus phone!

  • I love my nexus and I like the current form factor, but the build quality awful (specifically the back) so if that was improved with a 2500 battery id definitely be buying.

  • ahaltcj

    Galaxy Nexus 2 with Quad Core Snapdragon S4, 2GB Ram, 32GB-64GB storage, Newer/thinner screen with same dimensions and resolution, Enough battery to shut iFans up.
    I’d love to see google adopt the lapdock form factor and build it into Android. Have all Nexus phones support a standard lapdock cable.
    Introduce a premium Play store ala Amazon Prime. Monthly or yearly fee to access streaming video, custom radio, more free apps. Call it something like Play Nexus.

  • fgclolz

    My vote is on Sony. If Samsung gets it they better put in good radios in it, otherwise what’s the point? I can barely get any signal with my GNex (got Jelly Bean with the new radios) at Target or Costco. PFWAH!

  • NexusMan

    I do agree however, that what Google really needs to do in order to grow the Nexus brand into a major money maker with popular recognition is to not just focus on internals (which is always amazing) this time, but to offer major, competitive, innovative, premium build quality…A Nexus Two with a kick ass premium build by HTC would be amazing.

  • recsu

    #2 great battery life
    #1 a battery cover that stays on tight and flat to the dang phone

  • Erik Meyers

    A Nokia 920 Nexus would be what I would take. Their new camera tech and that beautiful display and unibody.

  • I would like to see the Nexus grow into a top-tier brand instead of just a software showcase. Give it the best hardware, fastest processor, insane screen and cameras, good (loud) speakers, and (dare i say) Apple level build quality.

    what i would really like to see is to take the Asus PadFone idea to the next level. Give me a Nexus phone, 7″ and 10″ tablet docks, and take it one step further with the keyboard dock and include Ubuntu on Android for when it’s in laptop mode.

    Also, add in some quality accessories, the crap from Samsung with the galaxy nexus is a joke.

    And, if i’m really dreaming…1 device world wide with CDMA, HSPA+, and LTE built in and no carrier branding.

  • Paul

    5″ screen, A15 based quad core processor, 3000mah battery (which shouldnt be hard given size of phone), 8+MP camera.

    I’d also personally be interested if one was a slider with controls that were good for video games – including a couple circle pads, since games have become a lot better in the past couple of years.

  • Abraham

    Has anyone seen the specs on the new LG Optimus G. An absolute monster. Will be the most powerful phone when released in a couple of months. Rumor has it that Google is working with LG to make a Nexus version. If that it is true that will be my phone.

    • Paul

      Spec wise there doesn’t seem to be anything that makes it better than htc’s dlx, though it will be faster since it won’t have bloaty sense…

  • RoadsterHD1

    Motorola built, OMAP Quad-core processor, 2Gig ram, 32gigs internal storage, SD ext store up to 64gigs, 4.1 or higher OS, 13M camera, 2m frt camera, 4G-LTE, HDMI out, mini USB charging, 4.75 inch screen, HD 720 resolution, water proof, NO bloatware, Gorilla glass 2, 3300MHa removable battery. solid feel.

  • Bryan

    I can tell you one thing. I won’t buy one until after a few months of it being out and making sure there aren’t “hardware” no wait “software” no wait “hardware” problems with the radios of the current Verizon GNex. I held onto that thing for 6 months expecting the 4.0.4 update to fix the “software” bug with the radios. Then when that didn’t work I went through 2 replacements with the radio issues before I ended up getting my Razr Maxx.
    Lesson learned!

  • Captain_Doug

    Either Motorola or HTC
    4.7″ SLCD2 on a 5″ X 2.5″ X .3″ phone
    720×1280 is fine
    On screen nav keys
    OMAP 5430, MSM8960T, or Logan (Tegra4) processor
    2GB of memory
    3000mah battery
    water resistant

  • Nicholassss

    I’d love to see a spec’d out nexus phablet from anyone.

  • Jason Wong

    I have been reading the comments and I feel that all the comments so far have missed the most important specification: a $350 price tag. If Google “improves” from the previous Nexus device with a minimum being: 1) adding an additional gig of RAM; 2) adding a tegra 3 processor; and 3) giving the phone a $350 price tag, the next Nexus will be my new phone.

  • Brennan

    Moto build. 2GB ram. 2500 battery. 32GBs + SD Slot. 4.8 inch screen size. 8mp camera, 3 in the front. I’d drop a lot for that phone.

  • I want to see a Motorola nameplate so it actually gets good reception. I like my Galaxy Nexus in theory, but the reception is absolutely horrendous. It is unusable in 4G areas that my Droid X worked perfectly fine in on 3G.

  • Zach Armstrong

    HTC device One Series Style
    4.5 inch display
    2GB ram
    Quad core
    8mp camera
    No Skins
    Don’t make it all plastic.

  • Smite

    IPhone 5 with android running on it

  • carlisimo

    Something the size of the HTC One S or RAZR M.

  • Smite

    Maybe apple will build the the next Nexus device

    • Keii Graham

      Well if it’s Samsung, it may as well be.

  • AgustinRodriguez

    I’d like a motorola made nexus with a better camera. Dual-core or quad core is fine. 4.65″ would be fine for me. I believe it’s time to retire my Droid X.

  • RW-1

    I got to say a Sammy Successor !
    Sony – Would be overpriced, they are as bad (if not worse in other markets) for overpricing their hardware just because of the brand name.
    Moto-won’t happen because Nexus requires it to be open to all, no dev edition Nexus …. But that if totally open would draw back the masses, because hands down, if it were vanilla unlocked android on moto hardware – WIN. But let’s face reality here gang ….
    The Gnex is still a frontrunner right now, would be nice to see the next one, as typical it would sport newer HW, etc.
    Here’s the real question: The thing is what new goodies will Google be cooking up for the OS to run on it?

  • ramo23

    HTC device… (Syling of the One Series)
    4.7 in. display (I’ll take the One-X’s at this point)
    Quad Core
    13 MP (f/2.4 apreture minimum)
    Improved Google Now technology (I.E. college sports, tell me when my favorite blog posts new articles, easy to do list creation, etc.)
    and most importantly (NO SKINS!)

  • Smite


  • Working radios & better antenna. Having those would mostly fix the battery life issue as well.

  • My vision of what the next Nexus should be.

    – Keeps it’s current 4.65″ screen size but instead of being 5.33″ tall make it 5″ and cut out some of the extra black bezel on the top and bottom.

    – Display should be the latest HD Super AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 2 on top.

    – The processor should be a Snapdragon S4 quad-core beast.

    – 4 GB of RAM.

    – An aluminum housing.

    – 10 hours of screen time battery life.

    – Micro SD card support.

    – A truly nice camera.

    – Redesign the data/charging port.

    – Better antennas!

    – All coated in Liquipel to make it water proof.

    That should do it πŸ˜€

    • I don’t think 4 GB of RAM is enough. Best make it 8 to be safe.

  • le0br4zuc4

    I love my Galaxy Nexus. And I am very happy with Samsung so there is no reason to change. I would like the same form factor as my Galaxy Nexus now, better radios (I have a hard time getting 4G on this phone, my GS3 it’s 4G solid all the time), better speaker (this nexus is too low), better rear-facing camera, better battery, 2GB of RAM, upgraded processor and maybe the next generation of super AMOLED display

  • The *next* Nexus? edge-to-edge display; better light sensor and lenses for the camera (NOT more MP); IR; realistic, timely updates from carriers (LOOKING AT *YOU* VZW!); possibly released in two form factor sizes, BIG and tiny…

  • Wireless charging and a good camera, like lumia 920 good

  • Chris Badalucco

    i love my gnex, but i can’t bash iPhone for no innovation and then turn around asking for a gnex2. With that said, I would consider buying a new Samsung Nexus, I’d just prefer it not be a gnex2. LG has not been on my radar for years, should they be? I agree some of Sony’s devices have raised an eyebrow or two at least at screenshot level (haven’t read into specs etc). I would be open to purchasing a Sony Nexus device.

  • Alan Paone

    A Sony or a moto, maybe an HTC. 4.5″ ish , dual core is fine, especially if its A15. Great build quality and camera are a must. Pretty please not Samsung again.

  • If it does come down to a choice between those 3 manufacturers, I would definitely go with a Samsung device, but if HTC and/or Motorola were in the mix I would have to look at them seriously. I’ve just not been a fan of the stuff LG and Sony make.

    Better low light performance for the camera is all I’m really looking for.

  • Answer2K1

    The Next Galaxy Nexus:
    S4 Quad-Core
    8MP Camera
    2GB RAM
    2500 mah battery
    Edge to Edge (4.8)
    Key Lime Pie 4.2 or Jelly Bean 4.1.1 (more BUTTER)
    Wireless Charging
    the usual (LTE/NFC/Gorilla Glass 2/etc…)
    HDMI mirroring
    Smart Actions
    Compatible with VZW
    Same iOS dedication to Facebook
    Free $20 in Play Store

  • Preston

    Honestly, I want the next Nexus to be made by someone OTHER than Samsung. The Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S are GREAT phones, but Google should give other OEM’s a shot. I would love to see an ASUS nexus phone…with a sleek look, small bezel, better battery, 8 MP camera, a screen without PenTile. And without Verizon’s name PLASTERED all over it.

  • I would be very happy if they partner with Canonical and finally make Ubuntu for Android a reality in all nexus phones, or any android phone.

  • Smite

    Motorola Droid X Galaxy. Without the hump on the back. Keep the melt build. Remove hardware button. Updated specs. That’s my perfect phone

  • EvanJ2462

    Just give me better build quality. Don’t care who its from. As much as I don’t like apple products, their build on the Iphones are second to none. I love everything about my gnex except how it feels (I know it IS durable, but it doesn’t FEEL durable.)

  • Aaron Weyhrich

    Now with JellyBean on the devices, I feel like the software has finally gotten to a level that is GREAT and can only get better. I NOW DEMAND Stock Android and will settle for nothing less. There needs to be a HUGE FOCUS on HARDWARE. I am so tired of these all plastic phones and sub-par cameras. Nokia has done great things for their camera, the bar is set my Apple’s camera, where is the Android camera focus? Google’s stock camera interface has gotten better but it needs work. Where are all the other features? HDR, Anti-Shake, better noise reduction and over-all better aperture/shutter speeds? When I saw the Galaxy Camera announced at IFA I was excited. But it’s just a camera… The New Nexus needs to focus all on HARDWARE. **Higher Res screen. **Better camera(and not just MP’s) **Better overall build quality.(EVO LTE and RAZR MAXX are on the right path) **Flat sides (I miss the form factor of my GSII) **STAY WITH 4.1 a bit.(KILL OFF FRAGMENTATION) Get everyone excited about their software. **And YES GOOGLE DIRECT UPDATES.

    • breadable

      Fragmentation or differentiation is good for giving us options but yes, it should be on things like Hardware, cameras and specs, not software overlays. I had really hoped to see Nokia come to their senses and make an Android phone. Damn their Finnish pride!

  • moozicmon

    I know this will never happen… but I want a combined effort. Motorola construction/radios, Samsung display, and HTC camera tech. SD card slot would be fantastic, and how about giving us HDMI out this time around vs. that MHL shite. Keep the screen at 4.8″ and just to stick it to Apple use the same HD cam for the FFC as you have on back.

  • I absolutely love my Galaxy Nexus. However I will be looking forward to some new things in the next Nexus phone, or set of Nexuses (Nexusi?). Definitely a better speaker, better radio (the newest updates for the radios are better, still not great), quad-core (although I have no issues with the current dual-core), MAXX level battery, and a camera that doesn’t suck.

    Aside from that there were just some small issues that are more quality control than hardware failures. For example, crappy screen calibration (some people with the artifacting, some people completely uneffected), the whole deal with speakers cutting out (software?) and the numerous people who had issues with radios completely cutting off at random times.

  • Jason Wong

    I see everyone’s comments and I think all are missing, IMO, the best feature/point in the specification list, a $350 price tag. I want to see an “improved” phone with a $350 or less off-contract price tag. If Google throws us the Galaxy Nexus, but instead puts in an extra gig of RAM and the same tegra 3 that is in the Nexus 7, it’ll be my next phone.

  • Motorola Nexus, 2GB Ram, Quad-Core Processor, 32GB and 64GB versions, 3000++mah battery….. I would buy two of them!!

  • My absolute dream list would be:
    A similar form factor, maybe a better designed back.
    The new HD Super AmoLED display that Samsung used on the S3.
    A highly improved camera.
    Snapdragon S4 Pro. 2 GB of RAM. 4.7-4.8″. Bigger battery. Thinner than the current

  • gveserat

    I agree with a person below: 32gb or 64gb, with ability for Micro SDHC or Micro SDXC; international capabilities; accessories, Jelly Bean, replacemnet High Capcity Battery, etc. . .

  • Keii Graham

    1. Google pushed updates regardless of carrier. Keep your frakking hands off my phone Verizon.
    2. Greater Battery Life. Would love to have my phone last through the entire day on an extended battery without needing a charge.
    3. Frakking accessories. Affordable too. No $50 hunks of nonfunctional plastic.

    Would love to see that whole tablet dock thing too where you slide your phone into a tablet shell and use it as a tablet, then attach a keyboard for laptop functionality.
    A better camera.

  • Alix8821

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 Wish List:
    – Quad Core S4 Pro
    – 2 GB RAM
    – BEST Camera Specs Available (not educated in camera tech)
    – Button-less Front (Loved That on G-Nex)
    – NOT plastic build
    – LARGE battery (removable)
    – SD Card Slot OR 64GB on board
    – Universal Size (better cases)
    – 5″ 720p Super AMOLED+ Screen

    • le0br4zuc4

      I think when you go past the 4.65″ on the gnexus the resolution should be greater than 720p, maybe we need a 1080p resolution Nexus?

      • Alix8821

        Tru… Was just a quick listing. But good point…

    • 5 inches? Seriously? How will you hold it?

      • Alix8821

        Cause 4.8 on my GSIII, and 4.7 on my old G-Nex was SO IMPOSSIBLE to handle… Common now. 5″, (at least in my mind) means smaller bezel. Guess I should’ve been more explicit…

  • enigmaco

    motorola nexus with a unlocked bootloader, and a button that will destroy nearby iphones.

    • TylerLawhon

      Agreed with the iDestroyer πŸ˜›

    • Stevedub40

      lol, if that was true we would truly have an Arizona bay. California would be blown clear off the map.

      • JDub

        bay bay bay bay bay bay bay bay.

      • LiterofCola

        How so?

  • NexusMan

    I do NOT want a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2. No Nexus phone should have a sequel UNLESS HTC makes a “Nexus Two.”

  • Thomas Schiferl

    ABSOLUTE NEEDS:Non-plastic body (anything else except glass would suffice)
    ~4.7″ screen
    Quad core Exynos or S4 pro or Tegra 3+
    Bluetooth 4.0
    VZW LTE again
    Moto Radios/build quality
    On-screen keys are fine
    8mp camera minimum
    No increase in physical dimensions

    Dedicated camera button

    1080p+ screen resolution
    Wireless charging
    Global radios
    Physical mute switch (I know it’ll never happen)
    MAXX-sized battery

    All those, and if I din’t mention something that is in the Galaxy Nexus, it should stay the same.

    • breadable

      I have really missed that dedicated camera button since the OG Droid. Seems like such a simple little thing but sometimes navigating a finger to the shutter button the screen is awkward. Maybe they can work in a voice command shutter to the camera?

  • TylerLawhon

    I’d love to see either an HTC or Asus Nexus, with on screen keys, removable battery (expandable), removable memory (expandable), and a quad-core processor. All this on Verizon’s LTE network and you’d have me sold. Providing AOKP’s devs get a hold of one.

  • qwerty5

    Quad-core or dual core A15 processor.
    Vastly improved rear camera–at least 8 megapixels with improved HD quality.
    1.9megapixel camera with 720p video recording.
    2GB ram.
    At least 32gb of storage capacity.
    LTE of course.
    A battery that is at least 2500mah (don’t care if removable or not).
    I’d prefer if the speakers were placed at the bottom of the phone, not the rear.
    Louder volumes also.
    If it has the next iteration of Android, that would be nice, but I wouldn’t mind.

  • I would love to see a Nexus made by Sony. Their phones have always looked very nice, but have been inferior on most other aspects. If i had to choose between a Samsung Nexus or a Sony Nexus on Verizon, it would be a tough choice.

  • LTE, a 4″ screen, and new proprietary charging/data cable…

  • NexusPhan69

    Some accessories please for the love of God.

  • gveserat

    I emailed Google and asked if they will have a phone to work on the Verizon network: They emailed me back and suggest I watch the Play Store. Why can’t the manufacture one to work on Verizon OR Multiple Carriers, and Internationally??? Dual Sim cards???

  • RedPandaAlex

    I’m still quite happy with my unlocked Galaxy Nexus. The only thing that would make me upgrade this year would be some sort of padfone- or webtop-style docking system that was only compatible with new hardware.

    Also want to see an S4 pro or equivalent, 2gb or ram, and usb3, in addition to all the standard stuff.

  • eboy

    Better speaker a Motorola speaker

  • Please, no more Samsung, unless they are able to provide a phone with an opera tional cell radio. I’m now 0 for 3 on Samsung devices. Love the designs but the weak radios leave me broken hearted…looks squarely at nexus and galaxy s3 I’m typing with.

  • Damien Raine

    My list
    – Exynos Quad Core
    – Bravia Display
    – 2 GB RAM
    – 42 MBPS HSPA+ and LTE

  • Andy Blystone

    Samsung, new processor, 2g ram, 5mp front, 10mp back, and lets say at least 2700 mhz battery.

    • That’s one fast battery, why not make it dual-core instead?

  • Nick

    I’d love to see a Motorola logo at the top…..

    • EC8CH

      nexus phones don’t have logo’s on the front πŸ˜‰

    • I would really like to see Sony start making a name for themselves in the smartphone game. I love stock android OS, but I feel they are lacking a really sleek, stylish phone. And maybe Sony can provide that.

  • Adam Collins

    Quad-core, 2GBram, Super AMOLED HD display, 8+MP shooter, 2000+mAh battery, and something that won’t explode if I happen to drop it accidentally. Also it should look sleek and refined, I don’t really care who makes it if it’s fast, reliable, and is labled a nexus.

  • Butters619

    -Quad Core
    -2 GB of RAM
    -32 or 64GB of onboard storage
    -SD Slot (I know I am dreaming)
    -2500+ mAh battery
    -4.7-4.8″ 720p display (preferably SAMOLED+ if they can finally do it)
    -Moto Build Quality (No more flimsy plastic)
    -AT&T & Verizon support
    -Dedicated Camera button would be a big plus

    Oh, and all for $500 or less!

    • donnyboy

      Well said!

  • Tyler Hills

    And sorry Samsung but the One X passed you up on display technology so either make that HD Super Amoled a + version or conform to the Super LCD

  • adbird

    To be honest I hope the rumours about samsung Sony and lg aren’t true. My dream would be 3 nexuses, one from each HTC, smasung and motorola. Lg and sonys hardware just rubs me the wrong way.

  • Better Battery
    Revolutionary features
    Updates directly by Google only
    New Android Version

  • eboy

    3000 mah battery the nexus needs better battery

  • I want a minor spec bump and old tech because that’s apparently all the rage.

  • tyler cole

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 sounds nice with better everything. Curved screen is just sexy.

  • LiterofCola

    Would love to see a beautiful Sony or Motorola build with good radios of course. A decently updated camera with the Maxx’s battery and a 4.7/.8 screen and I’ll be happy.

  • Stevedub40

    If I had a choice of the three, I would go with a Sony Nexus device. The big seller for me would be the screen (quality, resolution, and around 4.5″ size), quad core S4, and a larger battery. I think 2GB of RAM should be standard as well.

  • Improvements on Google Now and BATTERYLIFE!!!! I can deal without a front facing camera if it meant an hour more of battery. Toggles that are built into stock, and more customization that doesn’t require themes such as changing the color of EVERYTHING!

  • Tyler Hills

    I’ve heard reports that Samsung has gotten 4G to play nice with their quad core Exynos chip. If that’s the case then quad core is a must. If not, the Qualcomm S4 that the One X and S3 have would be ok. A 2,500 mAH battery or higher. 8mp sensor. 2GB RAM. 4.1.1 JB. Basically the specs of a Galaxy S3 with stock JellyBean would make me plenty happy.

  • Bill Stevens

    Honestly I want an sd slot. Unlikely, but still, that’s at the top of my wishlist.

  • bsqb

    Battery Life
    better Camera
    materials…no more plastic
    to name a few

  • Pandalero

    Ummm… Second-rate maps without walking or public transit nav, panorama photo capabilities, notification shade, stale homescreen from 2007 (as long as it has an extra row of apps), 8MP cam, 4in screen…

    • lolz

      wait a minute…..

    • Stevedub40

      That sounds revolutionary!

    • JustTrollin69


    • Diablo81588

      Sounds about right.

    • EC8CH

      do you want the one with the moar geebees?

  • Panorama on the camera, LTE, Turn-By-Turn Navigation and …..new headphones called “EarDrums”

  • AK

    Same Nexus form factor just newer and with upgraded specs. The current Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been flawless for me. Best phone I’ve ever owned.

    • NexusPhan69

      Bigger battery. I want 3 days of no charging. My current 1.5 days is insufficient.

  • VicMatson

    HD voice on a Sony please!

  • No HTC? I want a bezel-less screen, Qualcomm Krait S4 Prime chip.

  • tjm

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 on big red. That is all.

  • Guest345

    No skimping on materials, no burn-in, less bezel on all sides, more screen.

    • NexusPhan69

      Same screen, less bezel. Keep the materials. I’ve dropped my phone so many times. Only some chunks out of the plastic and a few chips of glass missing. Better fit and finish to the assembly as a whole is needed tho.

  • eboy

    I would love to see Sony make a nexus, but any word on Motorola getting a piece of the pie?

  • elliott9000

    Mo RAM would be nice. Other than that I am satified

  • Honestly, the same form factor would be great, with upgraded things like processor and camera. The only thing additional i might want is the SD card. What would really get me though would be a commitment that verizon versions would get the updates much quicker than are currently. The current state of things is unacceptable.

  • Complete wireless charging with a 3,000 mAh battery. No cables. Just plug in an adapter or adapters around the house that will charge your phone no matter where you are. On your phone, you can enable charging when battery level is low.

    I know that’s like walking inside a microwave but that would be innovative. No cables what-so-ever.

    • breadable

      Hmm. Completely wireless should be something we start to see pretty soon. I rarely transfer files to my computer using the USB, since both have bluetooth and I use Bluetooth headphones mostly. I like the HDMI option on my Droid 4, but I rarely use it and we’re starting to see wifi and bluetooth capable TVs more. I’d love to replace that little sticking point when pulling the Droid of the desk dock with lifting the phone effortlessly off of the charging pad.

      Someone should build a low or mid level option with no jacks at all and see how it goes.

  • Nate

    Current Galaxy Nexus look, 720p Super AMOLED HD+ display, better radios, make the phone thinner, toss in a quad-core processor, and how about 2GB of RAM? Sounds killer to me. Oh, and a much larger battery (I don’t care if it’s not user-replaceable).

  • bealtaine

    Direct updates from Google. (Yes, Verizon, I’m looking at you.)

  • better radios

  • ice cream maker

  • nerdkill


  • CHRIS42060

    Everything the iPhone 5 has……….. Oh wait the Galaxy Nexus already does.

  • Tommy Thompson

    A really good camera.

  • Keyboard.

    *Runs and hides*

    • Chris Malkiewicz


    • fartbubbler

      KEYBOARD SMASH!!!!!!

    • breadable

      The Droid 5 should be out around the same time

  • sc4fpse

    I never want to see another Samsung Nexus. Ever. I want a Motorola Nexus with radios that are of the highest quality imaginable. I want something that feels solid, not cheap like the Galaxy Nexus. And I don’t want to see sideshow names like LG and Sony in the same sentence as “Nexus.”

    • tehsusenoh

      I was going to make a post outlining what I want, but this is basically this. I just don’t want another plastic Samsung.

    • EvanJ2462

      Exactly that. And give me a better build.

  • Still to this day, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is my favorite phone. I would actually love to see Samsung produce a Galaxy Nexus 2 with the same form factor, but with a Snapdragon S4 quad-core, 2GB of RAM, and a real camera. I’d also love to see them use the newest in HD Super AMOLED tech that is in the Galaxy Note 2. Yep, that’d be my dream phone for now.

    • T Hall

      Completely agree. I love seeing new things come out and never having new phone envy. Galaxy Nexus is the first phone that I didn’t regret buying 2 months later (or wish I waited).

      • I totally agree with you on this. Many people I know who own an iPhone 4 or 4S feel like their hardware is old hat now, but With the Galaxy Nexus I still feel like I still have the best Android experience from a smartphone to date. It’s not the fastest and admittedly, the camera is awful in low-light circumstances, but in every other way it is a masterpiece.

        I really never feel like I have a dated device, even with better phones on the market. I enjoy not being part of the Apple smartphone cycle.

        I would love to see Samsung iterate on the design of the Nexus. Galaxy S III LTE specs and screen in a more solid version of the current Nexus body would be awesome. Oh and a centered camera on the front as I actually use it thanks to G+ Hangouts, unlike 99% of iPhone users and FaceTime. πŸ™‚

        • Stephen D

          Yeah. It is the first Android phone I’ve had that didn’t feel outdated after a few months. It feels just as fast as an S3 or One X in day to day use. Performance issues only arise in games like Dead Trigger. And the camera sucks. With new internals and a new camera, the Nexus would be an even better phone.

          • My girlfriend has the One X and she often says she is jealous of my Nexus. Now that I put CM10 on there she’s a lot happier though! πŸ˜€

          • breadable

            She’s just being a good girlfriend. The One X is pretty nice

          • MrSteve920

            I agree, the Galaxy Nexus is my first Android phone where I’m not really looking to upgrade it for awhile. Normally I start looking at phones around the 9 month mark, but right now I’m not really even that excited to see the new Nexus phones. I’m probably going to end up keeping this one for a long time.

          • KleenDroid

            The fact that you CAN update the phone along the way allowing you to keep the phone fresh is what makes it so amazing. The locked down phones get stale quickly.

          • AnGeLFaCe777

            What about those radios issues on the Verizon version unlike any Motorola devices.

          • KleenDroid

            For the first maybe 2 weeks with the Nexus the signal was horrible. I would actually drop calls and have no service at times. I could be in a super strong are and only have a couple bars of 3g. It was really bad.

            Then something happened and everything was fine. Which makes me think they did something to the network. Of course side by side with a Moto phone the Moto will show more bars but how many bars are showing doesn’t matter. It is the speed of your data and service that matters.

            Not including the first week or two I have been very happy with my Nexus and It’s the best phone I’ve owned.

            Hey… I like Moto phones too… I just hope that they one day offer another phone that I could buy. But going by their current path it does not look promising. But yes the D1 was an amazing device for its time.

          • Stephen D

            You know, I had major radio issues for a bit, and I got a replacement. The replacement has no radio issues. I don’t drop signal, and signal strength is as strong as all the Moto phones I’ve compared it to. My original one had issues, yes, but I would call it a defect and not something they all suffer from.

          • AnGeLFaCe777

            It has been known that moto signal strength is the best along with the build quality and speakers. I hope Samsung can be better for the Samsung fan boys.

        • Many iPhone users I know have cracked spider-webbed screens

          It’s what happens when you buy a phone made of all glass

        • DainLaguna

          to be fair…is there anything wrong with apples ‘cycle’? unless you are talking nexus devices, android devices make you feel like your hardware is more out of date WAAAY faster.

          and if we ARE talking nexus devices, dont they release one every year? thats still roughly the same schedule.

          • MonkeyWork

            To be really honest, unless you’re buying full price without a contract, they could go every 2 years.

            My personal gripe is when I buy anything top of the line, I want options.

          • DainLaguna

            like internal storage sizes? i’ve become a bit of a nexus fanboy, only because i agree with apple and googles approach to their flagship phones…i have yet to see someone do android better than google themselves…perhaps thats why they are planning on releasing multiple nexi?

          • MonkeyWork

            I was referring more to your Apple comparison. I don’t think any manufacturer needs more than 1 ‘flagship’ phone per year. Then however many for different demographics or price points. My point was that if the next Nexus isn’t what I want, I can buy something different without leaving my personal favorite OS.

            I also dislike other company’s tweaks. I’ll go Nexus or I’ll go root.

          • AnGeLFaCe777

            two flashing devices and one med range device will be the perfect amount per year.

          • KleenDroid

            Having several unlocked options would be nice also.

          • AnGeLFaCe777

            I am agreeing with you. Motorola are being more developer friendly as of late. They need to work harder on making their devices even better than now. They need to finally put better cameras for the people that enjoy taking pictures and post them on fb. I also feel they need to have the program to unlock their device and not the developer edition. I want to see Sony get back in the game and building the next nexus or Motorola. I see the new motoblur as close as stock than other skins.

          • KleenDroid

            If you wan’t choices even with Android you only have a few. Of course the Nexus gives you options and maybe a few other phones that can be unlocked fully. Right now you’ve got the Nexus and the SIII.

            Maybe someday Moto will offer an option but it’s not looking that way.

            Samsung seems to demonstrate they want our business. Leaking an unlocked bootloader for the SIII was genius on their part.

          • AnGeLFaCe777

            Google and apple do the same cycle. The I phone and the nexus.

          • KleenDroid

            I don’t think there is anything wrong with their cycle. iPhone fans can look forward to something new about the same time every year. Pretty much the same as us with the Nexus as you said.

            Of course since Moto locks all their phones down they have to put out a new phone every few weeks to make up for it. If only they gave them away for free it wouldn’t be so bad. But having to pay money for a locked down Moto just doesn’t make sense.

      • Theodore Chao

        To have the Samsung continue the trend with a Gnex 2 would be the surest bet for another phone that we will immediately fall in love with stay in love with. Ideally, I’d want the tegra-3 processor, 2gb ram, HD Super Amoled screen, and BETTER BATTERY LIFE.

        • NicholasMicallef

          I disagree with the tegra-3 processor, the S4 is actually faster and more battery efficient. with 2GB of RAM and slightly optimizations from Google (let alone the possibility of increasing the clock speed a little bit) you can have the fastest phone possible right now.

          • Theodore Chao

            My bad. I threw that out there because the tegra 3 is the only chip I’ve had a lot of time to play around with that I’ve been satisfied with. If what you say about the snapdragon processor is true, then I stand corrected.

          • NicholasMicallef

            Yeah I’ve had more experience with Tegra 3 too πŸ™‚ thanks to my N7, but that device is just smooth because the software is so optimized.

        • AnGeLFaCe777

          If they give Sony an opportunity, it will be awesome.

          • JoshGroff

            Being an avid Sony fan (back from the release of the PS1,) I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with. Also, if it’s PlayStation certified, that’ll be a huge plus. (If not, FPSe will have to suffice.)

          • AnGeLFaCe777

            Their new xperia line up are ps certified. Sony seems that they are putting the effort on their new flashing devices.

    • sahilm

      And with a RAZR MAXX level battery (oh god, that would be oh so good)

      • Kellex + this + better radios/radio consistency = win imho. The I515.10 hardware version’s LTE is almost unusable.

        • al brown

          i think that would be a motorola

        • Guest

          And add a dash of magic while they are at it…

        • Jake

          If you’re rooted, try flashing the last leaked radios. My GNex went from dropping signal every 20 minutes to not a single dropped signal in weeks since I flashed.

          • machete

            i’m so gd tired of hearing people say “flash the new radios”…everyone’s mileage differs. I’ve flashed every radio out and it’s still garbage. It all depends on your location. The damn phone should work without you having to flash new radios….smh people.

          • Trevor

            I agree. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that the Nexus is so easy to root/hack/customize/whatever, but new radios weren’t the be all, end all fix for me either.

          • KleenDroid

            Just imagine what it would be like to have a phone that you can’t work on. Motorola really dropped the ball…The Droid X, Razr would all be much more popular if they were not locked down as tight as a corncob in a hens ass.

          • Yeah… I noticed the radios do seem a bit better with LTE dropping less but it still doesn’t work as well as the LTE on my Droid Charge. Especially if I’m on the fringe of LTE coverage. I prefer my Nexus for everything EXCEPT when I want to load big images on the web or stream audio/video. On those occasions I pull out the Charge.

        • k_nivesout

          My rev .10 is fine. :shrugs:

        • cartersims

          +1 a Nexus device with better radios that you can actually make phone calls on would be a good start

          • JoshGroff

            Mine makes phone calls. :/

            Then again, I’m running AOKP with the latest radios.

        • majormudafuckinhun

          Radio issues was the main reason why I traded my launch day Nexus for a Rezound. Well camera also. For a guy that’s mobile all the time and not in the confines of wifi, radios are important!

          • KleenDroid

            On launch day I could not get a signal except in the best signal areas. I would actually drop calls and lose service altogether. It had nothing to do with how many bars of signal on the display, I actually had NO service in many areas. I was one complaining about it… I was very disappointed with the phone initially.

            But something changed in the next few weeks. Everything started working properly which makes me think something was up with the network. I am very happy I waited to see if things would get better because they did.

            Not only did the network work itself out, but I have a phone that has been rooted and running Roms just about the whole time I owned it. It is not locked down and limited to what I can take control of.

            I was one who was buying all the new phones as they were coming out always looking for the next best thing. The Nexus has been the best phone and experience I’ve had to date. I am very glad I didn’t return the phone in the beginning because then I would have been stuck with something that doesn’t even compare. Not only that but it took 6 months before any of them got ICS.

          • majormudafuckinhun

            Cool man. battery life with another serious issue for me. But I’m sure that was due to the constant radio switching. The camera was another big deal for me. I’m still glad I stuck with the Rezound.

          • KleenDroid

            As long as you enjoy your phone that’s all that matters.

            Yes the battery was also horrible in the first week or so along with the poor signal and it worked itself out. I’m happy with a solid day of battery life.

      • Yeah, that would be killer.

        Unlocked Motorola Phone + Stock Google experience + Razr HD MAXX battery life.

        That’s it. This would be the perfect phone.

      • TheDrunkenClam

        How about they stick to a removable battery?
        When my battery runs out, I trade it with one of the three fully charged ones in my pocket.
        When your RAZR MAXX battery runs out, you’re screwed if you don’t have a charger.
        Also, you guys do realize batteries don’t last forever. The amount of time they can hold a charge, goes down with each charge.

        • AnGeLFaCe777

          That battery should last you one full day.

          • JoeyO

            One full day at launch = less than 0.5 days after 2 years (~700 cycles). Declining capacity. That’s why people want to be able to remove their battery. A non-removable battery gives the phone a death clock. Read up on ifixit’s opinion of non-removable batteries (especially the iPad).

          • AnGeLFaCe777

            nobody stays with their device the two years. They usually trade it or buy another one within one year. I like the new thin devices not removable battery.

        • LiterofCola

          That’s why I plan ahead. If I know I’m going to be running around without a charger, I plan enough ahead to make sure I have a full charge on this beh-beh.

        • Personally, I’d rather have one big battery in my phone than have to store and carry 1 or more spares which I also have to make sure are charged.

          • breadable

            I just have a charger everywhere I go.

    • Marvin Tejada

      and gorilla glass 3 lol. on a serious note dual speakers would be nice, but not beats by dre.

      • BTLS

        I HATE that there’s just one speaker in the back (a weak-ass one at that)… I’ve always wondered why no one cares about better speakers… I guess I do listen to radio/podcasts/movies quite a bit more than the avg user on a Gnex

        • Same here. I don’t mind a bit of a bezel. I would just love to get front-facing speakers, or even bottom-facing ones a la HP Touchpad.

    • Yeah, I feel the same way about my GNex. But the battery upgrade (and/or some LTE on/off switching tech so it conserves the battery better) is a most. Also, I wouldn’t mind if it were a bit thinner, along with the upgrades you suggest. Aluminum construction would also be nice.

      • le0br4zuc4

        I don’t really care about aluminum construction but I agree with with a less plastic-like construction. Stereo speakers would be pretty good too

        • breadable

          The two things I look for now are build quality and materials and screen quality. The SIII was a pretty soft thing which I got a bunch of scratches on in two weeks of babying the thing. I remember the Galaxy Nexus being of a harder plastic, but I’d like to see more solid phones like the One X or OG Droid

    • Add in a nicer case material (aluminum? polycarbonate? magnesium? Maybe something different like bamboo?) and a guarantee that the Verizon version will get updates directly from Google, and it’s a perfect phone.

      • john

        vote up for nicer body materials.

        • i honesty like the plastic body of the galaxy nexus. i’ve had HTC phones before with their metal bodies and they show wear much much more.

          i’ve dropped my nexus on parking lot floors, basketball courts (wood ones ) etc. and sure it has some tiny scratches on it, but my tbolt showed much much worse when i dropped it. maybe im a klutz but this nexus i’ve had since december, and it really doesnt look too worn out.

          not to mention plastic is much cheaper to replace. an HTC one S body will actually bend when dropped since its metal and stay that way (friend did it) and a replacement casing is $50 or so online. i have a spare body for my galaxy nexus and got it for $15 on ebay (havent put it on since the current one is in pretty good shape). the plastic body is also about 10 times easiert to remove and replace than the metal ones with their millions of tiny screws instead of snaps on plastic phones.

          • John

            I see your points, but I think the body of my OG droid held up better than my GNex after being dropped. Even if they go with plastic, maybe some better feeling plastic. Gnex is pretty slippery and honestly a little cheap feeling.

          • JoshGroff

            So, like the N7?

    • le0br4zuc4

      Agree with everything. Maybe the next generation of super AMOLED display, bigger battery, better radios and upgraded speakers.

    • 4n1m4L

      Me too. Better battery life and better quality are the only things that could make it better for me. The gnex is perfect.

      • breadable

        How can perfect be better? Bow down to the Gnex! It is lord!

        (sorry, I’m getting carried away)

    • Ravi Rao

      Isn’t this the same thing we get upset with apple over? Incremental upgrade to a good phone that we’ve been eagerly waiting for?

      • Maybe. But for me the gnex has been the perfect phone. For a while longer at least I’ll continue to think it’s the best looking phone on the market too with all that uninterrupted black on the face. Getting a processor and ram upgrade would suit me just fine for my next phone.

      • I believe most people around here get upset because Apple treats incremental upgrades like they are the second coming of Jobs.

        • Motorola dedicated an entire event to the incremental upgrades on their phones.
          They talked about how great 4g was for five minutes even though it has been around for years.
          They talked about how great battery life was when a large battery has been in the MAXX for months.
          They talked about how great their software was when nothing huge has changed.
          They talked about how great their screen was even though hd screens have been on phones for almost a year (even though the M doesn’t have a hd screen).

          How is this any different?

          • KleenDroid

            You are right… not much difference… They are also just as locked down as Apple. You either like them and buy them, or if you wan’t control over your device you buy something else.

            Samsung shows us they wan’t our business. They have Nexus, and leaked unlocked SIII bootloader… πŸ™‚

      • JoshGroff

        I always expect incremental hardware upgrades, anything more is just a bonus. What I really like to see is what the new software will bring.

      • Funny you should say that.
        Kellex just criticized the iPhone a couple of articles back for looking too much like the previous generations (which is funny considering the new iPhone is thinner, longer, with metal added to a portion of the back).
        Until we get android phones that don’t change as much year to year, we can all look forward to seeing almost no really good accessories.

    • Mapekz

      Galaxy Nexus 2 with better battery, dual-band MIMO-enhanced WiFi, better screen, processor, and camera. I am not ashamed of this: I want the next Nexus to basically be a Galaxy Nexus S (a la iPhone 4 vs 4S). It’s that good and doesn’t need to be messed with.

      • Diablo81588

        Apple marketing at its best. They’ve already convinced you that they were the first to come up with integrated LTE and CDMA radios. The S4 has had this for, 6 months now?

        • Mapekz

          Did I say the iPhone was the first? I simply said a la the iPhone 5, not “the iPhone 5 is the best device ever.”

          People are so touchy in the Android community (directed at all my downvotes…despite me supporting the next Nexus?).

          • Diablo81588

            Why would you mention the iPhone as an example of integrated radios? The way you worded it made it sound like once again, Apple came up with this “revolutionary” new technology. If it makes any difference, I wasn’t one that downvoted you. πŸ˜›

      • Galaxy Nexus S. For a second there I thought you were referring to the Nexus S. These names are too confusing! πŸ™‚

    • All of this with a better camera and battery. Those really are important.

    • You’ve pretty much summed it up. I would just like to add timely updates to that list though. And before any body gets their panties in a wad let me say this. If Apple can update their phones without carrier B.S.. So can Google. And I’m strictly talking about stock android devices here.

    • If Samsung did a remake of the Gnex with REAL camera and something that could hold a signal, I’d be willing to give it a shot again.

      • breadable

        How about this:

        A Gnex 2 but redesigned by NOT SAMSUNG? I think that’s what everyone wants and would take care of the radio and antenna quality issues. Think of it, looks good, good specs, well designed and built. There you have it

    • Guest

      Love my Nexus. Someone at work got an SIII. Meh…not impressed. Vanilla is the only way to go. I remember when I had the OG Droid and it bogged down I couldn’t wait for the “next big phone”. X. Droid 2. X2. Bionic. etc etc etc. With the Nexus I don’t even care. I plan on having this phone for a while.

    • Michael G

      Love my Nexus. Someone at work got an SIII. Meh…not impressed. Vanilla is the only way to go. I remember when I had the OG Droid and it bogged down I couldn’t wait for the “next big phone”. X. Droid 2. X2. Bionic. etc etc etc. With the Nexus I don’t even care. I plan on having this phone for a while.

      • breadable

        I had both the Nexus and The SIII and gave them both up. I am now on a Droid 4 (one of the qwerty guys). The Vanilla on the Nexus was way better than the SIII’s overlay, but some overlays are okay. I have enjoyed Sense on the HTCs in some aspects, and the Blur on the Droid 4 and Razr is pretty subtle and even good in some places. I do look forward to stock JB though.

        But seriously, we’re all splitting hairs now and it wasn’t that long ago we were all aching to upgrade from the OG droids which were bogging down, unable to smoothly run some apps. Today is about what looks the best and has the best stats for the future, before the bogging down time comes.

    • Exynos 5 or Omap 5 with a monsterous Mali or Pro-VR GPU along with 2GB of ram. They need to make nexus phones with the top spec in the industry….not “just enough” to develop apps on (in fact, I think all android phones should strive to be top level…let the no-name manufacturers deal with the mid and low level phones). I agree with the HD super amoled. Combined with a smaller process, and a large (2100+ MaH battery) it should extend battery life AND be beautiful at the same time.

      • A15 or better processor running 2ghz or better
        PowerVR544b or better GPU
        2gb ram or better
        4.65-4.8″ HD super Amoled display with deidcated lower screen for on screen keys (ie you get the full 4.65 or 4.8″ with 240 extra pixels below just for buttons)
        1080p res
        8mp or better camera with f/2.0/1080p recording on rear cam, HD front.
        Stock android (obviously)
        Unlockable BL
        No lame colors (here’s looking at you pebble blue)
        2100+ MaH battery
        No curved glass.

        • C-Law

          I like this other than the no curved glass part.

          • Curved glass is nothing but an annoyance. Flat is where it’s at

        • jon knatcal

          3300+ mAh for me, they squeezed it in the maxx, so it could go in the nexus as well.

      • Diablo81588

        2100mAh is not considered a large battery.

    • abqnm

      I am OK with almost the same form factor. I would prefer they ditch the curved glass in favor of some Gorilla Glass. The glass on the Nexus is just too prone to scratching. The rest sounds great. Oh and maybe source radios from Motorola.

      • Gorilla glass can’t be curved?

        • abqnm

          At the time of production, only Grill Glass was available. The second generation GorillaGlass 2 from what I understand can be curved a bit but not sure how much. Samsung cited the curved glass as the reason they didn’t use Gorilla Glass on the Galaxy Nexus.

    • More volume from the speaker.

    • sdny8

      I’d like to see a common form factor in a nexus phone. The technology will increase in gradual steps like usual. But a year to year form factor would allow for some awesome accessories that android users rarely see

    • EC8CH

      … with a Verizon radio inside πŸ˜‰

    • DainLaguna

      needs to have stellar build quality. Premium as can be. i love my gnex, but build quality is not something i list as a pro.

    • kos

      I hope the next nexus is made from something other then plastic.. I love my lte nexus.. but it just feels kinda cheap

      • Travis H

        LIKE ALL SAMSUNG PHONES< not saying thats bad in any way but they do feel that way.

    • JulianZHuang

      no point of having a phone with 3 hrs of LTE usage.

    • Akashshr

      I will get screwed for saying much..

    • Akashshr

      I will get screwed for saying much..

      • breadable

        It’s funny LG gets so many eye rolls for being only slightly underwhelming. With stock android I would think the Spectrum would be a favorite

    • andrew galvin

      THIS.. + a different back cover design and clip method. Gotta differentiate the look a little. Would be my dream phone..

      The Xperia nexus concept looks pretty sweet too but would need some reviews before buying something besides a samsung.


      I to love the Nexus. On screen buttons ect. I would like a every similar looking device with better internals.

    • greenbacks

      I could go for all that and better battery and how about a case material that is highly shock absorbant and slip resistant so there is no need for a case. could be cool.

    • MattSweeden

      I agree with this exactly, and do what moto did and laminate the layers to make it thinner for a larger battery.

    • xzylene

      Samsung antenna. No way in heck! I would seriously have to test drive one for a week before purchasing. Already got burned replacing my g-nex 3 times.

    • r0lct

      With no new major OS update coming for end of year a spec bump GNex does seem like a logical move.

    • Andrew Elliott

      I wouldn’t mind a Galaxy Nexus 2 if it had better radios, all the stuff you just mentioned and better battery life. I really do love sony’s design though, so if the specs are about the same I might lean Sony’s way. But I really think all of us are praying google surprises us with a Motorola Nexus, with that build quality and radios it would be the best nexus on the block.

      • breadable

        I bet Motorola didn’t get a “Nexus” device this time because of the Google takeover, but they will probably have something pretty close to stock and top of the line specs not long after. And hopefully with a slide out qwerty keyboard.

        I am kind of excited to see what Sony has to offer also. They are the one manufacturer so far I haven’t seen much of.

        • A Nexus must be done by a global company that can distribute and sell it globally. Motorola left Asia-Pacific and is leaving most of Europe too. There can’t be a Nexus from a manufacturer that sells only in USA (and only with a carrier!). At this point I believe Google is slowly going to let it die or sell it to someone one soon, keeping patents.

    • T4rd

      Pretty much this. The only consistent qualms I have with my LTE Gnex is battery life and the camera (which is sufficient and not horrible, IMO). There’s no reason why they shouldn’t at least put the GS3 camera on the next Gnex (providing Samsung makes it again). I was baffled as to why they didn’t put the GS2 camera on the Gnex, I would rather have high quality pics than no shutter lag (as if the lag on the GS2 wasn’t low enough).

    • j_peter

      It’s a decent phone except for the horrible build quality.

    • I totally agree with everything you said, plus a much better speaker. I would also like to see them have only one version that supports all the GSM frequencies they support now plus Verizon LTE / cdma instead of having one for Verizon LTE and a GSM one. That way it would truly be a global phone. I should be able to use a Nexus phone anywhere I go. That would also mean only one update from Google instead of one for GSM and one for Verizon.

    • Mike_Cook7

      And better Radios currently they suck…

    • PhillipCun

      +1 GNex 2 and everything you said PLUS a better mic… so I can finally record videos at loud ass concerts. But more importantly they need to up their camera big time. the iPhone camera quality is UNREAL!

    • elijahblake

      I would say the Exynos 5250 would be a better processor…

    • With the backing from the Nexus 7

  • Jason Purp

    Same GNex look with updated specs plz