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Does Anything About Tomorrow’s iPhone 5 Event Interest You?

When iOS 6 was announced, we ran a post called “Which iOS 6 Features From Android Will Reinvent Smartphones This Morning?” The responses were hilarious, but since this is hardware, we can’t really go down that road again. Instead, we thought we would simply ask, “Does anything about the iPhone 5 announcement interest you?”

Are you going to chuckle when Apple calls a 4″ display the “sweet spot”? What if the iPhone 5 really is nothing more than a longer iPhone 4S with an oddly two-toned backside? Any chance they reinvent the widget so that they “just work”? How many faked stats will we see on stage? How bad are you going to feel for iPhone accessory junkies that are going to have to re-buy every overpriced dock and speaker that they invested in over the last 5 years because of a new dock connector? Is a nano-SIM actually worth a mention during a press event?

In all seriousness, I am actually interested to see what they do with LTE. Will Apple debut a new battery or processor combo that will give an LTE phone longer than normal battery life? How good will this new 4″ display be? NFC or no NFC? Care or don’t care? Let us know.

  • Mark

    I love watching the sheep line up
    to drink the Apple flavored “kool aid”!

  • JazzoRenee

    Not really, it will be the same old same old, Repackaged.

  • No.


    Is it bad to say that I just wanna see them bring out something new so that Google can put out something even better?

  • derp

    Shouldn’t samsung and HTC already have an injunction put in place for all the lost revenue they’ll incurr because of apple using their LTE patents? Isn’t it only fair?

  • Boris Badenov


  • For me, it’s just interesting to see what they’re doing. The 4S was a disappointment (same phone with Siri added?!? Really?!?), and with nothing but screen size changing and LTE…who cares! It honestly sounds like a Droid Incredible 4G only running iOS instead of Android. I personally couldn’t care less about LTE in my phone…I keep it disabled for the battery savings since I don’t need the extra speed. Same with NFC….it’s just as easy to swipe a credit card as it is to bump my phone (or whatever)…zero interest whatsoever.

    For me, 4″ – 4.3″ is the sweet spot for displays…I like to use my phone one-handed and once a phone is bigger than that then my thumb can’t reach parts of the display and I have to use my other hand. My smartphone usage is centered on using it as a phone (gasp!), keeping up with email, the grocery list and navigation when I need it. I want widgets on my home screen so I get all the information I want just by unlocking the phone.

    Shiny plastic back, texturized plastic back, aluminum back…again, I don’t give a crap. The first thing I’m going to do with ANY smartphone is put a matte screen protector on it to get rid of the glare and put it in a case to protect it from drops.

    I think Apple has already peaked with regards to the iPhone and people are seeing that the competition really has produced smartphones with much better features.

  • jaxxmjd

    I’m interested in knowing if there are any real improvements in the newest iteration. If not, I’m strongly considering buying a bunch of Apple put options.

  • I for one am not a apple supporter in any way… BUT with all the apple v samsung litigation that has been going on I must say that Apple makes a far better quality product than samsung could ever dream of making. From build quality, durability, and battery life, to actual phone functionality, apple has gotten their formula down. Unless we are talking about TV’s, LCD displays, and computer parts, I cannot honestly say that Samsung makes a well built product. Their smartphones are cheap, mass produced junk, with poor radios, ugly and overbloated UI’s, and stupid proprietary charging and data interface adaptors. Apple is way better at the phone business than Shamesung will ever be – period. I hope the nerds at cupertino continue to kick sammy’s a** in court, in the smartphone market, and in the consumers pocket… all so they can be dethroned from #1 producing OEM for Android. Somebody else needs to take the reigns from these cheapskates – and I for one believe it should be motorola!

    Nuff said!

    • SenseOffender

      Tell ’em why you mad son!

    • jrizk07

      umm, did you just say that samsung uses “stupid proprietary charging and data interface adaptors” <– misspelling included on purpose

      You're joking right? What does the iPhone use?

      Granted their physical casing's seem to be better but lets not forget the debacle that was the iPhone 4 antenna. "You're holding it wrong" remember that?

      Everything technology wise seems to be way overpriced considering what the companies pay to have them made. Apple is no exception, their crap is way overpriced as well. Makes you feel sad for all of those employees in China trying to kill themselves for working such cheap labor while apple turns around and puts a ~400% mark up on their products.

      Just sayin

  • Rotkaeqpchen

    WHY THE HELL ARE YOU POSTING I*HONE NEWS!!! Droid Life used to be my favorite blog, will think about it.

  • Bionicman

    I’m interested to see how they put LTE and make the battery last. If they put in a bigger battery it would be a fatter phone. or will they use new battery technology? thats about all i care about.

  • Kc

    What amazes me the most is how everyone bashes apple and how anything they make is not a big deal. Android has had this for over two years, blah, blah, blah… But as soon as any android phone is announced…That is the one, this is the iphone killer. I have heard people say that 5 phones ago in about one year. You do realize that iphone owners don’t have to change their phone every 3 months because of problems right.. For example the S3 is suppose to be the “ONE” and now I’m hearing that they are cracking without people even dropping them. The saddest thing about that is Samsung won’t replace them…Wake up people. I have been an android owner for years and I’m over it. I sick of being promised about updates and I’m tired of buying phones and two month later its outdated. Makes no sense. Iphone 5 on lte will be great for me…

    • Jarrett Guma

      what amazes me is the amount of publicity the iphone receives and people like you who believe that the iphone is the greatest invention of all time and that Apple can do no wrong and that their voice is the voice of God

      • Kc

        Well I never said it was the greatest invention of all time so don’t put words in my mouth. Number 2 you sound jealous and miserable about the amount of attention the iphone gets. Mommy, mommy they won’t talk about my phone. And maybe they get attention because they put out good, not great, okay I lied, great product, with great customer service, and the phone won’t be old in 3 months.. It maybe a basic phone but it’s damn good at being basic. I would rather have that then a pile a customizing stuff that doesn’t do anything but lag..And by the way if I didn’t buy my wife an Iphone 4 when it came to verizon I probably wouldn’t feel this way. And also while she’s still on her first iphone from when it launched on verizon, I’m on my second hand of droids. Now you do the math on which one is better…

  • ArrTooDeeToo

    I’m curious how many ideas they’ve stolen from Android this time. Last time it was the pull-down notification shade, this time it’s Cloud syncing contacts and apps and what else?

  • bmedic1999

    I saw through crapple with the first iphony. They have never had any interest in their products. Never wanted to be a lemming. but i do hear that the new iphone has a halo button, and if you push it steve jobs comes back and states “you have chosen wisely grasshopper”

  • DanWazz

    Can’t wait for the general public and media to go ape sh*t over this mid-tier phone.

  • rich

    yeah, I hope Samsung stops by to tell them they are banned from sales… I love you Samsung fight them sob’s, they stole android features yet that’s ok…

  • Not one thing from Apple interests me.

  • MikeCiggy

    I won’t ever buy any of their products but I’m excited for the possible ‘wow’ factor of today’s event. I hope something new and innovative arises. I may not be an Apple fan but I’m a tech fan and new things get me excited no matter who invented it.

  • Matthew minnis

    The will reinvent LTE… by calling it LTi.
    Get it? Yes

  • RonsterWVU

    I’m interested, I’m not one to take sides when using a tool. That is all a cell phone is to me, and if one seems to suit me better over the other. That is the product I’ll use.

    i.e. Right now I shoot with a Nikon camera… If someone comes out with something better (imo), I would be open to change.

    I will say this, I am still using my Droid X, and if the new iphone (5) is impressive, I will upgrade to that phone.

    And buy a Nexus 7, so I don’t lose my Android Roots! 😀

  • So far based off of this
    http://www.apple.com/ios/ios6/ IOS6 has received these updates: Maps – “Google maps”/ Shared photo streams – “instagram”/ Passbook – “hundreds of apps do this already”/ the ability to reply with text or set a reminder when declining a call – “Where have I seen this before?”/ Find my Iphone – “Lookout(and lots of others)”/ Find my friends – Someone has a lil “Latitude” problem!

  • Sara Rosensteel

    I’m just waiting for the iPod update, since those usually happen at the same time.

  • rockstar323

    Don’t really care about the iPhone, other than seeing what new innovation