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Dilbert Making a Good Case For Buying an Android Phone Over the New iPhone

This chuckle-worthy Dilbert comic ran over the weekend. Enjoy.

Cheers Shane and sockid!

  • I am wondering how much this new iPhone is going to slow down my LTE on my Gnex.. that is the biggest reason I am not looking forward to all the fanboys to get their new phone.

  • thenew3

    While helping a user setup her iphone 4S to work with our new exchange server, we were chit chatting while waiting for her phone to sync her bizillion contacts and emails. I mentioned iphone 5. she gets really excited and says she can’t wait for the 5G connection, and that it will be so much faster than verizon’s 4G. So some how she is thinking iphone 5 will have a 5th generation cellular data that is going to smoke 4G LTE. typical iphone user

  • I don’t know. Kinda makes me consider an iPhone. The Dilbert equivalent of a Terry Cruise Old Spice commercial.

  • RichFromBX

    apparently, the author of that cartoon has never seen Time Cop otherwise they would know that the same matter can’t occupy the same space thus making that hug impossible…

    • Back to the future however they can both be present.

      • EC8CH

        Great Scott!

  • cooksta32676

    That head is almost rectangular…. I smell a lawsuit.

  • “your face is stupid!” …”ohhh yeh, welll your face is stupider!”…this is what this all looks like to me at this point. i wish people could just be happy they have a smart phone and not feel this incredible need to say how “stupid” the competition is, i love these tech sites but this is getting kind of ridiculous.

  • SlapHappy

    Does this article insinuate that all iPhone users are gay…..I hope so..lol

    • PC_Tool

      Only with their future selves… 😉

      • Sp4rxx

        GAY PILE!

    • Tyler Chappell

      Ok, if you say so, you homophobic asshat.

  • carlisimo

    Eh… I’m not sure our side is any better. If anything, I prefer hearing Apple fans talk about how great their products are than Android fans talk about how bad Apple products are. They don’t do quite as much bashing-the-other-side as we do.

    The comic’s still funny though. Crazy people are amusing.

    • ericl5112

      Really? I tend to be all over the place. I have android, iOS, and WP7. Android and iOS users can both be pretty harsh, but I find that a higher percentage of iOS users bash android than the other way around. DroidLife just happens to have a lot of angry android fans it seems like. WP7 owners are far and away the worst though.

    • PC_Tool

      “I prefer hearing Apple fans talk about how great their products are than Android fans talk about how bad Apple products are. ”


      One of these things is not like the other..

      Of course you will prefer the positive vs. the negative. You’d probably prefer hearing Android fans talk about how great their devices are than hearing Apple fans talk about how bad Android products are…

      Not a very telling statement, either way.

      “They don’t do quite as much bashing-the-other-side as we do.”

      That’s hilarious. On Droid-life, you may be correct (It’s an Android site, ffs…). Elsewhere on the Net? Not so much. Make *one* comment on a site like BetaNews, for example, about anything Android and you will burn in an effigy of the purest hate once the Apple fanboys set their teeth in you.

      It all depends on your own bias and where you happen to be reading.

      • carlisimo

        I’m a Nexus guy, so I’ve got my share of bias. But when I wrote that I was thinking of what I hear from people I know in real life, since I know the web can be a silly place. I guess the iPhone users I know just aren’t as militant.

        • Bsody

          My in real life experience is exactly the opposite. IPhone users just blindly stating their phone is better than my GNex because it’s an iPhone. The Android users couldn’t care less and generally talk about football.

          • Matthew Merrick

            yup, that’s more how things are for me too – anyone with an iPhone has this amazing thing that’s changed their lives and i’m less than them because i don’t have one – whereas android uses just have smartphones.

        • K. Nelson

          Same experience here. Even though I never talk about his iPhone, my Apple fanboy friend always tries to find things wrong with Android. And when Apple finally implements a feature he’s jealous of? Then it’s Apple making their customers happy! LOL Yeah, the customers had to get pissed off first, and descend upon Apple with torches & pitch forks…but yeah, Apple loves us!

  • Cantuckee

    ya know, I did make the switch to an iphone a few months ago, and honestly don’t regret the decision MUCH, I do miss widgets, and home screen customization, but I do find this true, even being on the dark side now, I find it amazing how many people still hate android.

  • lol

  • curt

    androids just jealous cause they only have one good phone. the s3. while iphones ALWAYS sell no matter what. Just wait and see how many people switch from android to iphone when the 5 comes out.

    • EC8CH

      are you the most handsome man in the universe too?

      • sc0rch3d

        can’t tell whether he’s humping or chest bumping himself? either way…creepy…

      • curt


        • EC8CH

          maybe handsome… but definitely not very bright.

      • Mack

        Oh he is…

      • soc13kid


    • Tim242

      You are delirious. BTW, the 4S was the 5.

      • no im pretty sure it was the 4s

        • Tim242

          They went with the 4S name instead of 5. Just as they skipped 2 and 3 for the 3G and 3GS.

          • tomn1ce

            It seems that they don’t know how to count or know about numbers O_o

          • carlisimo

            The second iPhone was the iPhone3G, because it had 3G capability. Then it got a minor upgrade for which Apple appends an S to the name (hence 3GS). That all made sense. Naming the next one the iPhone4 didn’t really make sense, but they couldn’t call it the 3, could they?

      • Chris Hollenbeck

        Soon to be 5s I suppose

    • moelsen8

      you must be a pretty big loser huh

    • HTC1

      where are all these I-Lovers coming from. and why are they on our site? Oh, I know why, because they only get new news once every two years or so. Same old apps, same old boring phone. I guess they need something to do all day to.

      • trumpet444

        …..”but, but, the screen is going to be a little bigger this time!” (With last year’s technology)

        • KB26

          More like three years.
          “our new screen is 30% taller than our previous models!!

    • nhizzat

      That’s an indictment of the user base and not a valid criteria to judge the technological advancements of the next iPhone.

      • amazing, mindblowing technological advancements such as a larger screen and LTE? Wow, those ARE mindblowing… ly late.

    • JoshGroff

      I guess you’ve never heard of the RAZR or G-Nex. Oh cute little sheep, you should return to your pen.

    • iphone 6*

      • soc13kid

        iPhone 6g with 5g speeds you mean

  • EC8CH

    “I heard you’ll be able to hold the phone to your head and take a picture of your thoughts”

    resulting image captured from i*hone user’s:

    • If they’re thinking in terms of rounded rectangles, they can expect a call from Apple’s lawyers soon.

      • EC8CH

        in the land of fruit even emptiness is framed in glossy rounded rectangles.

        • New_Guy

          Oh my God!!! This whole string was simply hysterical =D!!!

    • EvanTheGamer


      Also, take THAT iLame losers!

      • Jarred Sutherland

        Your post is just filled with terrible puns and meme’s.

  • jldleo

    Animation imitating life..This is spot on..

  • Kellex I didn’t take you for a Dilbert reader…

    • Mack

      Look at te bottom of the article, it was a tip/recommendation sent to him.

    • soc13kid

      No, but I am… Thanks for the cheers :-).. First tip I’ve sent in I think.

  • Stephen Freeman

    This made me giggle… Alot!

    • EvanTheGamer

      a lot*

      • Alot.

        • EvanTheGamer

          I care about this…a lot*! lol

          • tomn1ce

            This was a lot of fun…..best laugh of the week with these comments…