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[Contest] Phosphor’s Epic Masterpiece Horn Released for Android – Win a Nexus 7 Tablet to Celebrate (Update: Winners Picked!)

Previewed back at Google I/O, Phosphor Game’s Horn has finally arrived for Android. If you didn’t know, Phosphor is the same team that brought us Dark Meadow, which is another epic piece of mobile gaming. Thankfully, Horn is no different. To get an idea of just how epic this game is, the additional download after the 8MB apk is installed is a whopping 1.8GB of data. If you’re on a tiered plan, you might want to find a WiFi spot for this one. 

Horn is set in a beautiful world. You play as a blacksmith’s apprentice who has awoken to find his homeland has been turned upside down and the only creatures you run into are gigantic robotic monsters. Of course, not many of these creatures are friendly and you must defend yourself and destroy the monsters. A little into the game, it becomes clear that these monsters are in fact, people who have been transformed into these abominations from a terrible curse and only you have the power to save them.

It’s been a great experience to play so far and I highly recommend it if that $7 price tag doesn’t scare you away. Either way, let’s get to why you’re really here. Contest rules and instructions on how to enter are down below.

Play Link ($6.99)

YouTube Preview Image


To celebrate the release of Horn for Android, we’re partnering up with NVIDIA’s Tegra team to give away one of three Nexus 7 tablets to three lucky winners. Powered by NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor, mobile gaming is brought to a whole new level with stunning graphics and exceptional speeds on the Nexus 7. Want to win one of your own?

Update – Winners Picked:

Wow! What a huge turnout! With almost 3,000 entries counted, we have our three winners. BbyDol, Scottyb112, and onDroid. They will have 24 hours to claim their prizes. Thanks to everyone for making this a very successful giveaway!

How to enter:

1.  To enter, follow @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra on Twitter.
2.  Tweet out the following message:


Win 1 of 3 Nexus 7 tablets from @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra to celebrate Horn’s release onto Android – http://goo.gl/CxbrX

3.  In the comments below, tell us why you love gaming on your mobile device?



We will choose our three winners from the comments below tomorrow at 3PM PST (8/31/2012). Good luck!

Thanks goes out to NVIDIA for offering up the three Nexus 7 tablets.
  • Kruback

    Mobile gaming is becoming a great platform because of companies like NVIDIA! Thanks for the contest!

  • kindrudekid

    cause gaming is portable on mobile device it goes with me wherever i go!

  • MJZ

    I love gaming on my mobile device because I’m not stuck sitting in front of the TV. I can play what I want, when I want, where I want!

  • I love gaming on my phone just as much as my pc. It helps kill time and doing some multiplayer with friends is just awesome to do from one little device. I would love to play some minecraft on the Nexus 7 and try some of those new RPGs that came out a little while ago.

  • The general portability, I can take it outside while my kids play outside.

  • I want to win so I can game on-the-go on a big 7″ screen!

  • I want to say convenience and a strong platform, but let’s be serious, this OS has a long way to go before competing with actual gaming platforms.

  • I love gaming on my mobile device because it doesn’t limit me to play only at home. I can do it where ever and it keeps my bordom to a minimum all time. Its not just a mobile device anymore its part of my life which i game / use everyday.

  • Evanfass

    Gaming on mobile device is awesome because you have your games right at your fingertips wherever you are. No strings attached, no need to fret when you have a mobile gaming device you have the power in the palm of your hands! (;

  • I mean come on, since the emulators have surfaced on android, im STUCK on my phone hahaGrante i only have a droid bionic with a cracked screen but I love the fact that I can take all the old games everywhere.

  • Chris

    Mobile gaming makes subway rides feel shorter.

  • ryandigweed

    Because i can game whenever and wherever ! 🙂 Don’t have to sit at a seat, or sit at home 😀

  • Edgar Carranza

    Love being able to game on a tablet while I wait between classes. Loved the GTA 3 port but my Xoom was a little too heavy for extended play. Would love a NEXUS 7! I need to play HORN!

  • filthiestkid91

    Because there so bad a*s and my ps3 broke 🙁

  • Because who doesnt like portability with graphics almost as good as a console.

  • Mobile gaming makes my commute tolerable – idiots cutting their fingernails, jerks having loud cellphone conversations about bumps on their back, people with tiny rolling luggage, and all!

  • Henry Chau

    Game time is anytime, anywhere !

  • Odds of finding a game in the Play Store that supports Nexus7? Slightly better than a Verizon Galaxy s3. I’m guessing that’s around 0.00017%.

  • Gaming on my mobile device lets me have that quick fix (especially at work, when my brain needs to decompress for a few mins)

  • Tim Eddy

    I love mobile gaming cause i no longer have to be at my house to avoid people.

  • TJEgan

    Because the Nexus 7 looks incredibly sexy! Can’t wait to play Horn on it!

  • My favorite part of gaming on my mobile device is that no matter where I am, I can find some entertainment during the more mundane parts of my life whether it be waiting in line, commuting via public transit, traveling on airplanes. Wherever it may be, I can find something to play.

  • Matthew Herring

    Playing games on a Nexus 7 is Legen

    wait for it


  • Play at my desk when I am suppose to be working

  • because of the wonderful on screen controls

  • Because I can play ANYWHERE…. a wait is no longer a wait

  • David

    I like gaming on my mobile device because my phone is always with me and helps passes the time when your bored or waiting in line

  • I love gaming on my mobile device because I can play a game no matter where I am, or when the mood strikes.

  • Unlimited portability and accessibility

  • I have 5 kids so I can’t afford a gaming PC. Luckily I love my android phone and can afford the games alone

  • Gregory Swan

    Love tablet gaming. Makes for the best puzzles!

  • jordan

    High quality gaming and graphics on a device i can also social network on

  • willdavis80

    i love gaming on my mobile device cause of how easy it is to game on my android device. it looks great and plays simple. easy to game on the go and all around great

  • DBK

    I love gaming on my mobile device because I love gaming and the more devices I can game on, the better!!!! 🙂

  • Definitely a combination of portability and addictive simplicity.

  • daveywoodard

    Mobile mobile mobile. Gaming at work.

  • I love anything that might get me a free Nexus 7!

  • Because its better then nintendo

  • Brandon Winger

    I love gaming on my mobile device because it gives you the flexibility to game anywhere…at any time. Nothing like grabbing your phone/tablet in the middle of a business meeting and firing up a game or 2. 🙂

  • Derek Berg

    Love mobile gaming for that reason alone, I can do it wherever I am so i always have a time killer with me.

  • You can take massive games anywhere you’d like and play them anytime! It’s an intriguing possibility

  • Jordan

    High quality graphics quick speeds

  • I love gaming on my device because I’ve been s gamer for as long as I can remember and I can’t carry my PC around.

  • I love the ability to play anywhere on a device that us just as powerful and capable as a home computer.

  • Gaming while lying down on the couch: the dream!

  • The choices are great, quality is up there and its everywhere I am.

  • Joshua Haar

    It’s just technologically awesome to see such beautiful games run on such small devices. It never ceases to amaze me.

  • chris125

    Great to pass the time on my commutes and long trips. Easy to pull it right out and be good to go without needing to wait for everything to boot and load up excessively long.

  • Because it keeps me occupied in the bathroom…

  • I have lots of time to kill at doctors appointments so I play all kinds of games.