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[Contest] Phosphor’s Epic Masterpiece Horn Released for Android – Win a Nexus 7 Tablet to Celebrate (Update: Winners Picked!)

Previewed back at Google I/O, Phosphor Game’s Horn has finally arrived for Android. If you didn’t know, Phosphor is the same team that brought us Dark Meadow, which is another epic piece of mobile gaming. Thankfully, Horn is no different. To get an idea of just how epic this game is, the additional download after the 8MB apk is installed is a whopping 1.8GB of data. If you’re on a tiered plan, you might want to find a WiFi spot for this one. 

Horn is set in a beautiful world. You play as a blacksmith’s apprentice who has awoken to find his homeland has been turned upside down and the only creatures you run into are gigantic robotic monsters. Of course, not many of these creatures are friendly and you must defend yourself and destroy the monsters. A little into the game, it becomes clear that these monsters are in fact, people who have been transformed into these abominations from a terrible curse and only you have the power to save them.

It’s been a great experience to play so far and I highly recommend it if that $7 price tag doesn’t scare you away. Either way, let’s get to why you’re really here. Contest rules and instructions on how to enter are down below.

Play Link ($6.99)

YouTube Preview Image


To celebrate the release of Horn for Android, we’re partnering up with NVIDIA’s Tegra team to give away one of three Nexus 7 tablets to three lucky winners. Powered by NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor, mobile gaming is brought to a whole new level with stunning graphics and exceptional speeds on the Nexus 7. Want to win one of your own?

Update – Winners Picked:

Wow! What a huge turnout! With almost 3,000 entries counted, we have our three winners. BbyDol, Scottyb112, and onDroid. They will have 24 hours to claim their prizes. Thanks to everyone for making this a very successful giveaway!

How to enter:

1.  To enter, follow @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra on Twitter.
2.  Tweet out the following message:


Win 1 of 3 Nexus 7 tablets from @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra to celebrate Horn’s release onto Android – http://goo.gl/CxbrX

3.  In the comments below, tell us why you love gaming on your mobile device?



We will choose our three winners from the comments below tomorrow at 3PM PST (8/31/2012). Good luck!

Thanks goes out to NVIDIA for offering up the three Nexus 7 tablets.
  • Joel Mayoral

    Gaming on the go is like a beer on the go… seems to be tastier.

  • Kyle Bailey

    Because I can take my gaming literally anywhere

  • I love it most because I can pick up and play quality games anytime and anywhere. I used to be able to complain about being bored… No more!

  • Shawn Gill

    I love gaming on my phone because with the constant juggling of work and college I never have time for any fun. My phone is my only source of ammusment which is why o would really like a nexus7.

  • Sitting in traffic can become a little tiring, what better way to kill the time then gaming on the phone or tablet!

  • Charles Wilson

    Who doesn’t love gaming on their mobile device? You get to take it everywhere you go!!!

  • YinzerRob

    because i can game anywhere i’d like!

  • psycho_nole

    I love gaming on my mobile device because I can take it with me everywhere I go. Also, since my house got broken into and my tv and playstation were stolen that’s all I have to play on. 😀

  • Because it means I never have to stop gaming

  • Because I dont have to carry a seperate handheld and its charger with me every where I go

  • I love gaming on my mobile device because i like to waist Verizon’s data with my grandfather data plan that i still have, also it makes time pass by much faster:)

  • active_eng24

    Gaming keeps your mind active while being stuck in meetings or during one’s commute.

  • Nate Myers

    I can take my games anywhere for when im bored or waiting for something

  • Sook

    Love being able to game without having to carry multiple devices, especially when i’m on line at the DMV or doctor’s office.

  • ski4404

    Love having my games with me at all times.

  • jaxxmjd

    The ability to take my favorite games with me when traveling.

  • Willard Potter

    Mobile gaming has gotten to be much better than it was even only a year ago. Graphics are better, controls are getting there. It’d be nice to see more options for USB or bluetooth controllers, though.

  • GatorHands

    What else will I do on the subway every day?

  • kanye

    My Girlfriend of 4 years really wants one of these tablets. She is someone who can really appreciate the nexus devices for its vast development and the awesome community that comes along with it.

  • I love gaming on my mobile devices because I always have them with me and I do not have to wait for the kids to be done with the game consoles to play. It is uber convenient and not to mention that android devices rock for playing games on!

  • RichardY

    Because its mobile gaming. I can play anytime I have my phone or tablet with me and not wait to get home to fire up the old PS3!

  • AC

    Mobile gaming frees me to enjoy a quick play-session whenever and wherever I like. 🙂

  • Mobile gaming – who wouldn’t want to game 24/7 on the go? The mere fact that I can do that sums up my love for mobile gaming.

  • Soopaman

    i love gaming on the T to pass time! Title town – Boston

  • ghhowell

    Gaming on a tablet is the best! The best all in one solution- Gaming on the go, internet, other great apps!

  • necroscopev

    I love gaming on my tablet at work! It’s way better than actually doing work….

  • Why Ask Why

    You are not the boss of me, don’t tell me what to do…..on that note, I don’t love it, I like gaming as a friend.

  • Love gaming on my device because it irritates my 26 yr old and 5 yr old that their ol’ man can be a kid at heart.

  • It helps pass the time!

  • Gaming on mobile device is a great way to get rid of stress and not to have to carry extra crap around….

  • Because I can play great games with fast frame rates and stuff!!! duhhh

  • SStewart654

    My life is so boring that mobile gaming gives me a reason to live (LOL) but sometimes its true

  • Ryan H

    Because I can play anywhere!

  • 2Ceedz

    I love gaming on my phone because I have a Galaxy Nexus. On other phones, I did not have the screen size to go with the best games, now I have more then enough!

  • I love gaming on my mobile device because “catching up on email” and Angry Birds appear to be the same activity when seen by the wife across the room.

  • Dave Diamond

    Gaming on my mobile means the fun never ends!

  • Tab

    I wasn’t into mobile gaming until I played Wind-up Knight. Once, I decided to play that game a little before bed and soon realized it was 2am. If you’ve got a phone that’s up to the task, mobile gaming can be pretty great.

  • Lizz.0

    I love gaming on my mobile device becuase it’s my one stop shop for everything I need- communication, games, camera, entertainment, relaxation. Plus, it keeps my kids quiet!

  • John Nagy

    How else am I supposed to game while walking down the streets of Pittsburgh on my lunch break, in the bathroom, or while traveling? am I going to get a portable playstation? … oh..whats that? they make those?

  • Why Ask Why

    Because I do..

  • It’s the most convenient way to kill time. Always have my phone in my pocket.

  • Why Ask Why

    Because I can

  • Dirk Wangston

    Mortal Kombat, on Sega Genesis, is the best video game ever. I disagree. It is a very good game, but gaming on a Nexus 7 is the best.

  • someone!

    love gaming cause it combines my two favorite things: gaming and going!

  • onDroid

    Gaming on a mobile device is great because you aren’t tied to any physical location. I can play a game to pass the time when I’m traveling or when I’m too lazy to get out of bed and walk to the living room and with the steady increase in the quality of mobile games the value of console play of mobile is diminishing

  • Because I can play anywhere anytime anyday.

  • @vdotross

    Mobile gaming is cool because it allows you to enter contests at droid life to win the Nexus 7!!!! The best gaming device on the planet!!

  • I love gaming because of Tegra 3

  • Loving gaming mobile because I can do it while pooping

  • I love mobile gaming because it’s gaming on the go….. whenever/wherever. All my games on one device with no need to swap discs, cartridges or anything like that.