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Download: Jelly Bean (JRO03O) Update for Verizon Galaxy Nexus

The Jelly Bean (JRO03O) update that popped up on a Verizon Galaxy Nexus last night is now available for download. If you want to flash it though, there are a couple of things you should know. First, you need to make sure your stock G-Nex is running IMM76Q. Second, this is a test build and apparently not the official build that users will see. So if neither of those things bother you, then you should jump all over this. 

It’s being reported that this JB build contains both a new bootloader and, wait for it, new radios (FF02 CDMA/FG02 LTE). That may make it worth it, right there.

Download:  Google Link [mirror]


The easiest way to do this, is to get yourself back to stock IMM76K. That may mean that you will need to flash factory images and wipe everything. From there, install ClockworkMod Recovery, download the IMM76Q file and flash it using “install zip from sd card.” After that, download the new Jelly Bean (JRO03O) file to your phone and flash it in CWM Recovery just like you did with IMM76Q. (This is a fantastic resource.)

Also, you could wait until someone turns this into a flashable .zip for any ROM.

Update:  Radios from the update have been posted here.

Via:  XDA

Cheers El Madhatter, oldblue910, Jason and Manny!

  • i just got the new update today

  • I have build IMM76K? Can this be flashed? I attempted to update and got nothing?

  • umataro42

    Thanks for the downloads! I was able to flash IMM76Q, and then JRO03O, using CWM, and then restored root using Scary Alien’s root toolkit app. Haven’t had a chance to try it out and see what’s new, but it shouldn’t be too much of an adjustment since I already have it on my Nexus-7.

  • Stew

    I’m upgrading to this jro03o and i want to root it. anyone got a root file for it?

  • dazevedo

    Do i have to root my phone for this to work?

  • Astroprojector

    I get the assert failed error message when trying to flash the phone with the new build. I already have IMM76K installed on the phone. You can see the error in this post.
    http://androidforums.com/verizon-galaxy-nexus-all-things-root/609609-cannot-flush-jro030.html#post4884987. Any help would be appreciated.

    • derek connolly

      you need to be on the IMM76Q build to flash this.

  • Hmm, very interesting.

    Phone Search seems to be completely operational in JRO03O, not dumbed down at all from IMM76Q. I was able to search through my Contacts using Google Search after it synced with my Google account.

    I haven’t loaded up any music on my device yet, so I haven’t had the opportunity to see if it actually searches. But going into Options in Google Search, I do see options to search various internal sources such as Google Videos and Google Music.

    • Unified Search is fully functional in JRO03O.

      • gpzbc

        What? It is was only disabled for IMM76Q, and then restored for JRO03O?

        • Yes, that is correct. It is fully working in JRO03O.

          • gpzbc

            Interesting. Thanks.

  • I just revered back to IMM76K, flash IMM76Q, and then flash JRO03O! So far everything went smoothly, no improvement or changes with the 4G LTE signal strength (although somewhat improve) for me (still need more testing), and rooting still works including busybox…

    • Interesting, a few minute ago, I got good 4 bar 4G LTE signal with the new radio (we’ll see how long that last)!

  • cjlee89

    Does anyone elses Google Now force close upon typing in a search?

    • make sure you download the google now voice package and google maps

  • Tyler

    I was going to try aokp but now this is out and I want this … decisions. Anyone have a rom that incorporates this?

    • Tim Swann

      ROMs don’t include radios or bootloaders normally. Also, this will have the dumbed down search while most ROMs still don’t.

  • tiffany

    OK well I already have IMM76Q that was stock on my phone when I got it I downloaded the update now it won’t open now what do I do?

  • PyroHoltz

    At the risk of sounding like a weenie since I haven’t flashed a custom ROM yet, I have a question…

    Am I able to flash this directly on top of my stock IMM76Q ROM without clearing and wiping?

    Or, will I lose everything no matter how I get from ICS to JB, stock or custom?

    • alexkirkp

      You shouldn’t lose anything(I can’t guarantee it though), you will probably have to wipe it when you go to anything after this though since it is a test build and there will likely not be a way to upgrade to anything directly from it.

  • Is the bootloader available separately? Is it newer than PRIMELC03?

  • Matthew Milliken

    Do you have to be rooted install this update?

  • Buckoman

    This is going to sound stupid, but since it’s a signed update, wouldn’t you just be able to flash this through regular Android recovery, or do you absolutely have to be rooted?

  • SecurityNick

    Was IMM76Q ever official? I still have IMM76K

    • 4d4m

      Same here.

  • Just wondering, I can pull out the bootloader.img and flash it to my current version with fastboot and not have any problems, right?

  • Havoc70

    Thanks But BAMF Paradigm V2.2 works great no need to be on stock

    • Brother Billy

      Amen brotha! Now put a dollar in the boxxxa!

  • cjlee89

    I get an assert failed, error 7 when trying to get to IMM76Q 🙁 Any ideas?

    • cjlee89

      I’m on IMM76K

      • I am not rooted and also still on IMM76K. Never received update for IMM76Q

        • cjlee89

          Im rooted

        • Tim Swann

          it hasn’t been pushed out

    • Guest

      This is a CWM backup of IMM76Q. It’s unrooted and the recovery is the stock recovery.https://www.dropbox.com/s/lqgaqi6wz27ovvu/clockworkmod.zip

    • cjlee89

      I am getting an “assert failed: apply_patch_check” I am on the newest clockwork touch

      • cjlee89

        /system/bin/sdcard is the path the error is pointing too. I have Francos kernal and it modifies this file. I will have to find a stock file and then it should be good to go.

  • gpzbc

    I think I will stick with the CM10 nightlies, and maybe flash the radios on top of it.

  • I’ll stick with the build I did myself. Something about seeing my name in the Build Number, and the knowledge of the work I put in to get everything working perfectly makes me smile. Thanks for the radios!

  • Tim Swann

    hoping my next replacement device comes with this installed since all my replacement devices have been coming with IMM76Q.

  • Bryan

    This makes me miss my GNex a little. I replaced it with a Razr MAXX due to my constant signal issues. But every time I see something like this, I remember why I got it in the first place. Just wish it worked better for me!

  • Tim Swann

    If anyone needs a stock IMM76Q backup I can provide via a dropbox link. Please note, this was taken from a device that had connection problems (though they seem to be from hardware defects and not software). This backup is non-rooted and you can root on your own. The backup was made to make sure I had the image since I’ve been getting hardware-defective devices from VZ.

  • Mark F

    Sucks I don’t want to root today !

  • Just flashed the radios. Now we wait…

  • ( Sarcastically)…Does this update improve battery life??? LOL

  • Richard Jackson

    Anybody has any idea when this is going to be push to the rest of us?

  • Mike

    Now when was the Nexus released and it has the JB update while Bionic owners dont even have ICS……

  • Yea I doubt its better then BB

  • Adam

    As posted below, there is a flashable zip for radios. My 4G reception is GREATLY improved. 3G is about the same, but I haven’t left the house yet so I’ll have to check it other places. I suggest flashing immediately. Switch off is also MUCH MUCH quicker for me. Here is the link: http://rootzwiki.com/topic/33228-jro03o-radios-for-toro-ff02fg02/

    Post your impressions as a reply so we can keep them in one place.

    • Flashed new radios and 4g signal dbm improved from about -107 to between -93 & -104dbm. 3G is the same @ 93dbm. Before I flashed these, I was getting about 10mbps down & 1.5mbps up. Now with the new radios, the best I can get is 2mbps down & 0.16mbps up. Don’t know what is problem is. I will continue to test throughout the day and hope it gets better. If not, I’ll go back to the old radios.

  • James_Kernicky

    Any chance it runs better than Pete’s BB? Probably not

  • Timothy Miller

    I’m shocked, sort of. I’m sure it’ll still be weeks (months?) before Verizon actually releases this. So happy I broke my contract and grabbed an unlocked GSM model. $30/mo smartphone service ftw!

  • NexusPhan69

    One important question. Does this kill unified search?

    • sru571

      In order to install this you need to upgrade first to IMM76Q which disabled unified search. So yea, it will kill it.

      • Scr3w that. I’m happy with Bugless Beast.

        • cheezer88

          you know he will update when he gets time

          • Who, me…? No. I think 4-5 times before flashing a rom. Won’t do it unless there’s considerable improvement. Flashed the radio only; which brought down the signal strength from 108 dB to 104 dB. 🙁

          • Gr8Ray

            That’s actually an increase, since those are negative values.

          • cheezer88

            you know, Pete will update (Buggless Beast) when he gets time. i’m running it too and it’s my favorite

          • Scott

            Wait, isn’t the smaller the number, the better when it comes to dbm?

          • Apparently so. I didn’t knew that.

        • Pete is such a clown. Dude has done nothing but steal others work and put his name on it. Ever since SholesMod he has been doing this. Don’t believe me? Do some research and it’ll be right there I promise or just go into #gnexus on AndIRC and ask.

      • Upgrading to JRO03O brings back unified search.

    • Tim Swann

      IMM76Q kills it.

      • Unified Search is fully functional in JRO03O. It seems to reverse the effects of IMM76Q.

    • Unified Search is fully functional in JRO03O. It seems to reverse the effects of IMM76Q.

    • Unified Search is fully functional in JRO03O.

  • So I just flash these in recovery? I’m on the first Jelly Bean AOKP release ROM.

  • What if I just have IMMK76

  • Wow. And I just rooted and loaded MMuzzy’s JB ROM yesterday. So far, so good with this build.

    • Mike Muzzy

      Thanks. As soon as we get some new source I’ll update but I won’t be messing around with pre release OTAs either. BTW, the new bootloader and radio works well with the ROM.

  • kanly23
    • PC_Tool

      Have they got the bootloader out yet as well?

      • J450NM

        not that ive seen yet…give it sometime, im sure before the days over it’ll be extracted

      • JROOQ

        Hopefully the new bootloader will take less time to boot.

        • I flashed the bootloader through fastboot and it shows version PRIMELC03 which is the same version that was leaked back in June

          • John

            I was hoping someone would post the version, thanks.

  • J450NM

    Heres Just the raidos guys…flash over any rom thru clockwork

  • Does anyone now if there is a date for an offical release of Jelly Bean from Verzion for the Galaxy S3?

  • David

    How do I install this

  • Mike Yost

    To anyone looking for just the new radio’s:

  • theentropic

    Just need to wait for Bugless Beast to update now.. but those new radios and bootloader sound nice.

  • Chaim Cohen

    This is a stupid question, but where do we find the stock ICS image?

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      I could be wrong, but i thought google published the stock 4.0.4 image for the VZ GNex.

    • You should be able to get them directly from Google.

    • maratu


    • Chaim Cohen

      never mind, found it. Just waiting for someone else to take the plunge and let me know.

  • Waiting patiently for the radios packaged by themselves.

  • Sam Ponjican

    Please fix the Data Drop issue!!

  • Chuck

    I’m running IMM76K. Can I apply this download and will it impact my ability to download the official release when it becomes available?

    • Jeff Tycz

      probably, make a backup of the IMM76K so that when the actual one comes out you can go back to it and then be ok

    • Yes it will. This update cannot be applied over IMM76K you have to go to IMM76Q which is a test release. You may be able to get all of the updates and get back on the release chain but it is not easy.

      • n900mixalot

        Thanks for that. I was wondering where Q came from!

  • Knlegend1

    Its crazy how long this has taken. That’s ridiculous and I don’t even have the phone

  • Shaunwin

    So…Update to JR0030 or stay with AOKP JB Build1??

    • geedee82

      I would stay with AOKP JB.

  • markgbe

    Cool. Flashed and working well. 🙂

  • Firelight

    New Radios = less dropped (mic-dying) calls?

    • Depends, it is all about how close you are to towers really.

      • Firelight

        I’m talking the infamous GNex dropping of calls issue. My local gov’t went all in on Verizon and GNex phones (b/c they were priced affordably) and is returning them like crazy because of the drop call issue. For the $ they are being forced to switch to the Incredible 4G instead (such a poor consolation).

        • r0lct

          It would seem the problem was resolved for most people with the 4.0.3/.4 updates. It seems like there are two separate issues, 1) the software/radio side which has been fixed since 4.0.3 and 2) there’s a lot of lemons out there in the warranty replacement pool

        • Sam Ponjican

          Flash the radios and report if it fixes the infamous data drop!


    • Bryan

      It should…. but of course it gets an update after I had to go through 4 replacements till I switched to the SGS3.G/L to everyone with a gnex that is still having signal drop issues .hopefully this will help.

    • I haven’t experienced a dropped call once.

  • Maybe I’ll finally get a signal now. The radio alone is enough for me to install this,

    • Sam Ponjican

      Doubtful it’ll increase the power of the radio. But if it fixes the infamous data drop, that’s going to be as good as it gets for the GNex

  • Ziltoid

    Is there a way we can grab and flash just the radio on a rooted GNex?


      Yeah, fastboot.

    • geedee82

      Yes there is. Anybody know where we could get our hands on just the radios?

    • Mike


    • J450NM

      see my post

      • Mike

        just flashed me, working fine. hard to test in my office cuz we get crap signal in here, but im mostly hoping for faster/more stable hand off’s

        • John

          Wifi to 4G is damn near instant on the latest radios.

    • Jigga_Z
  • BrianLipp

    and now the wait for custom ROMs to update with the new bootloader/radios! huzzah! Bugless Beast ftw!


      The bootloader and radios aren’t part of the ROM anyway. If you want them, flash them.

      • BrianLipp

        true, but its also an “updated” version of JB (latest BB is JRO03L) there will probably be new ROMs based off that soon anyway with them included

  • DanWazz

    Even though it’s a test build, I’m pretty impressed Verizon is moving this quickly with an update.

  • you had me at “new radios”…