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Is the GT-I9260 Really the Next Nexus From Google and Samsung?

The spreadsheet you are looking at popped up over at SamMobile last night, leading everyone to believe that Google and Samsung have already created the next “Nexus” device with model number GT-I9260. As you may recall, the original Galaxy Nexus (GSM) was GT-I9250, so I9260 does seems like a logical number to follow it up with. After that though, we have a bunch of questions that we’ll toss out at you to hopefully help us all understand this situation. 

First, let’s talk about specs. As you can see, it’s a minor bump from the current G-Nex. The jump to 1.5GHz over 1.2GHz is pretty minimal and probably unnoticeable to anyone who were to use it. The rear camera is bumped to 8MP, the front to 1.9MP, and a microSD card slot could accompany it.

Now, onto the first set of questions. Since when does Google allow microSD slots in Nexus devices? It didn’t in the Nexus S and publicly announced why they chose not to use one in the Galaxy Nexus. We know that people like expandable storage, but is Google really going to give in on something they seem to stand firmly behind? Hell, even the Nexus 7 doesn’t have expandable storage.

Next, about those screen specs. First, the original Galaxy Nexus was not just a “Super AMOLED,” it was an “HD Super AMOLED.” So to see what everyone is claiming to be some official leaked spec sheet get that wrong, but also call it a “Super AMOLED HD” for the Galaxy S3 and new Nexus, leaves me a bit skeptical. The official term is “HD Super AMOLED” with “HD” at the front. If they are trying to say that this will be a “Plus” version, we’d welcome it, but again, this just doesn’t seem to match up. Moving on…

Let’s say that they choose to make a new Nexus that is nothing more than a minor spec bump. Remember that they essentially did this with the Nexus S. The Nexus S was by no means a game-changer when it was released. It sported an older Hummingbird processor, a dated 5MP camera, WVGA display, and no expandable storage. The only real new features for the device were its contoured display, NFC chip, and Gingerbread (Android 2.3). So it certainly is possible that Google and Samsung could release a slightly better version of the Galaxy Nexus.

If they do, what does that mean for the multi-Nexus program that was rumored, months ago? All I can say is that the multi-Nexus program better still be happening. While I love me some Galaxy Nexus, I’d be disappointed to see Samsung produce the third Nexus phone in a row that was nothing more than a slight bump over the previous year’s model. Give me choices, give me a beast Nexus.

Or has Google decided to move out of the high-end phone market and instead release a phone that could be considered “mid-range” that can be sold at a ridiculously low price? With the Nexus 7 taking over the low-range tablet market, what if Google wants to try to do the same with the phone market? We all know that they would prefer to sell unlocked phones directly through their own store at reasonable prices – slightly bumping specs on a phone from a year ago is a way to continue to do that.

Your thoughts?

Via:  SamMobile

  • Jon1123

    Okay let me breath this down for you guys.
    This is not a slight upgrade at all. This device will have a much better camera on front and back.aswell as a faster cpu, better multitasking capabilities, and A MUChH faster gpu. The gpu itself is signifigantly faster than the tegra 3. Its about the same gpu-wise as the galaxy s3. And lets not forget the added 2d graphics accelerator. It will be the best in gpu accleration as well as flash playback by far. Also this isnt just a cortex a9 coreoverclocked. Its a cortex tweaked from the bottom up and is at the same frequency 50% faster than a cortext samsung exynos core wold be. It scored better on sunspider than any other chip. It has the highest memory bandwith of any android chip even than the exynos quad. This chip is much better java -wise too. It score better on sunspider than all other chips. Where looking at a nexus with the best camera, gpu performance comparable only to the galaxy s3, the best cpu cores period, battery saving tactics, and the same great screen priced at about $350. Be thankful.

  • Ashen

    “Since when does Google allow microSD slots in Nexus devices?”
    Nexus One has microSD slot 😛

  • Carly

    Dual core again? They couldn’t figure out LTE quadcore yet? I mean they have a GS III Quadcore LTE Korean variant out there and LG also has an quadcore LTE phone coming as many already know.

  • minghao579


  • NicholasMicallef

    I hope the multi nexus rumor is about giving AOSP android to 5 phones from different manufacturers (just like the Sony Xperia S). Sure I like choice, but 5 actual Nexus is a bit overkill and confusing. Also it might diminish developers working on Nexus ROMs for 1 particular Nexus phone, while sticking with 1 nexus phone means all of them will concentrate on just that one, and the large amount of developers is what makes nexus devices a favourite among geeks.

  • Technoman

    I hope this is a fake. Im really hoping to see an exynos 5 or some other ARM-15 based chipset but i doubt thats going to happen

  • Captain_Doug

    I wonder if instead of a processor bump, they’d be switching out the 4460 with a exynos. That’d be pretty cool too.

    • Rob

      That would definitely be cool. I was a fan of the OMAP platform but I’m really intrigued by the Exynos line. Probably because we don’t get it here in the US, so it’s like a mysterious mythical beast to me.

      • Captain_Doug

        Yep. And I’m pretty sure they’re more powerful (for the most part) than the OMAP 4 line. At least a more powerful GPU.

  • SeanBello

    either way, I’m gonna need a non-Samsung Nexus. The connectivity issues never bothered me until I got the N7. having to reconnect to Tablet Talk every 10 minutes because the gnex disconnected from wifi is unbelievably annoying!

  • chris125

    Hope they have multiple nexus. At least one should be top of the line specs not outdated at launch once again. Software can only do so much with the hardware. I figured Samsung is gonna keep the good stuff for their flagship line and give the nexus line the scraps.

  • coolsilver

    I’m sold. Nexus with SD card slot and not HTC.

  • duke69111

    If those are the specs for the next Nexus device, they have already shot themselves in the foot.

  • I find this unlikely. Google seems to be moving away from SD cards. I’m not buying it.

  • paul1ski

    The processor in the Galaxy Nexus is an underclocked 1.5 A9, maybe this might be a new revision of it, but still none the less, my assumption would be this might be a slightly modified version of the Galaxy Nexus if the current version is indeed banned by Apple. Makes sense to me?

    • droidsung

      Also this processor could be OMAP 4470 which has way more powerful GPU than 4460. If it’s just 1.5Ghz 4460, I agree it’s underwhelming though.

  • tehserver

    What I find interesting is how they “magically” found a way to include a SD card slot when it just wasn’t possible and wasn’t going to be included on any future devices.

  • Bionic

    Ugh, why Google loves Samsung so much I’ll never understand. And the term “mid range phone” and nexus should never mix.

    • droidsung

      Because motorola is only known for verizon folks. Globally their presence on GSM market is tiny compared to samsung. GSM verison is more important for Nexus.