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Motorola Tells Us to Save the Date on September 5, Possible RAZR HD Unveiling?

Well, Motorola certainly went all-out this Friday. Hot off the stunning announcment of a bootloader unlocking tool, the revitalized company is telling us to mark September 5 on our calendars with the message “Motorola. On Display.” Anyone ready for the RAZR HD to be announced? The “display” reference would certainly hint towards that, so keep your fingers crossed.

Not only do we expect Motorola’s newest device, but this is the company’s first press conference since being acquired by Google. Maybe they will have some tricks up their sleeves to make a splash to get back into the game.

Unlocking the bootloaders was certainly a start, what else would you like to see from Motorola?

  • Emad Zia

    This is probably just gonna be for that mini razr…. :/

  • Honestly, Moto could release a steaming pile of poo on VZW with an unlockable bootloader and it would sell ridiculous amounts. I’m hoping they realize that and this announcement is a phone with the new BL solution.

  • Drew

    i am sticking with my razr maxx!!

  • Akashshr

    Motorola comes back, back to the top of the list for us U.S.A. Better build quality, Great hardware quality and impeccable radios, AND Unlocked boot loaders!! I’ll take that over any phone any day!! And I do!

  • Austin g

    Keep up with the on screen keys and color boost screen technology that plus high end devices should do the trick

  • Bionic

    They’re gonna announce the Bionic 2. LOL

    • Alexander Garcia

      That would actually get my attention and shock the hell outta me HAHA

  • tyguy829

    i don’t get it. Why do you guys always blur out the where? Here it is for those who are curious http://androidandme.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/motorola-on-display-630×853.jpg

  • Bigsike

    Do those three lights at the top represent a pogo pin connection?

  • CJ Dong

    It would be a stunt when they say you can buy it tomorrow on September 6
    and not 5 weeks later.It is not that google will announces 5 nexus this year?

  • TJ

    iPhone 5 is supposedly going to be announced one week later. Motorola is going to get trounced.

    • Bionic

      No one on this website gives a flying fuckk about iphone 5

      • Iceblu333


      • dangolds

        You should if you give a crap about the success of Motorola and the other OEMs for Android. Launching at the same time as the iPhone is just bad business. In a related story, Motorola has been struggling with smart phone sales for the last2last years.

        • Diablo81588

          Huh? The maxx was the best selling smartphone in Q2..

        • But not the whole android 🙂 Apple keep making law suit instead of competing and making better products. Samsung crushed apple.

  • OfTheDamned

    Everyone keeps talking about waiting for a Nexus device later this year or suggesting a Moto Nexus device this year. Historically there has only been one Nexus device each year and it has already been released. Also, with no hints, leaks or rumors of another Nexus coming this fall I just don’t see you guys being in any sort of luck.

    • Not true. XOOM and Galaxy Nexus both came out in 2011.

      • OfTheDamned

        The Moto Xoom was not a Nexus device.
        First to launch with a new OS? Yes, but by that standard the OG Droid was a Nexus too.

        • The Xoom is a Google Experience Device (basically a Nexus without the Nexus name). It’s supported by AOSP, gets updates directly from Google, Google helped design it, it was first with a new OS, etc.

          • OfTheDamned

            A Nexus is a developer device. There have been plenty of Google Experience devices in the past that are not Nexus devices. Getting/Having another Google Experience device this year is a possibility, getting another Nexus is not.

          • Jake

            Nexus Q is about as far from a developer device as devices come. Purely a retail device endeavor and it’s carrying the Nexus name.

          • As there have been Nexus devices that aren’t developer devices (Such as the Q as Jake pointed out). For all purposes, the XOOM is a Nexus without the Nexus name. It had the OS first, it’s supported by AOSP, and Google played a big part in its design/updates.

          • We are getting both. I am guessing we will have another nexus and a Motorola tablet with a Google experience.

      • you are right another nexus is due by November. Lets have our finger cross. I want Motorola to make the next nexus.

    • Jake

      There have been lots of suggestions/rumors of more Nexus devices and maybe even as many as 5 several times earlier this year though. The idea being that the Play store would have a line of devices. There is 3 at the moment if you count the Q and the existing Galaxy. That would mean there could be 2 to 3 more yet to come. Just the 2 device announcement with the 7 suggests there might be some plausibility to the 5 rumor.

  • The Razr with the boot loader unlock is identically to the galaxy nexus on the software department. Motorola wins on the build quality. I would love to see Motorola putting better cameras on their display and make different form factors designs to the devices in Verizon. It seems that At&T and Sprint have the best Motorola form factors.

  • DontBeConfused

    Motorola needs to blow me away. They took too long and I grabbed the galaxy s3 and have fallen for it. Going from a DROID x, I would have chosen a razr hd had it been out. Good luck moto.

  • Matt

    Can’t wait! I’m still rockin’ the Droid X….

  • watchthesky

    Hope it’s a phone. If its not amazing I’ll just get a used maxx to bide my time. My Droid X hates me all of a sudden.

  • kixofmyg0t

    I would like to see Webtop(which I’m typing this on right now) intergrated into Android.

    A Motorola Nexus.

    More devices unlocked.

    Oh and Kellex Atrix HD review!

    • T3hD0gg

      The new version of Webtop is. You need to try Webtop 3.0 on a Droid Razr. It pretty much transforms your phone into the Android tablet experience with a mouse and keyboard.

      • kixofmyg0t

        I have Webtop 3.0 on my Bionic.

  • How about a new Motorola tablet? With a quad core S4?

    Something to prove they’re serious again

    • kixofmyg0t

      I have a hunch we’ll see another “Google Experience” tablet from Motorola.

      One thing is for certain though, it won’t have a Tegra chip in it.

    • That will be awesome. I love my nexus 7, but the sound quality is not as good as Motorola products.

  • nightscout13

    Motorola Droid Nexus FTW! 5.7 inch SAMOLED+ screen with 4,000mAh battery, and dual HDMI ports!

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Quad HDMI ports or no sale… sorry.

  • Mack

    What else would we like to see from Motorola? A Nexus.

    My contract just ended too.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Stay tuned….

    • gokusimpson

      My contract is out this month, so I’ll be month to month until something good comes out.

    • to me, even a nexus isn’t worth giving up unlimited data!

      • Mack

        I would buy it at the full retail price and not use my upgrade, thus keeping unlimited data.

  • Chad

    Let’s hope for something awesome! I REALLY want to love MOTO again!

  • Craig Pardue

    Please have a maxx version…

    • ericshmerick

      Yeah, that’s the only bummer. A very powerful phone with a crappy little battery. Unless it has the maxx battery, serious pass.

      • jzwerlz43

        the battery life is rumored at around 2350. thats more than enough if u take into account the quality of the processor that will be used in this device. taking into account those factors the batter life should be close to if not rival the razr maxx which has an older less efficient processor.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Guess this fits with the October release date. Took to long though already jumped on the S3 waiting for the Fall and NExus devices or even CES. I’m already looking past Moto in the Fall

  • Motorola Razr Nexus? …what a way to get them back in the game. Fingers crossed.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Come on . . . the Android game is very predictable… No Nexus anything till November – December

      • OfTheDamned

        November or December of 2013 maybe. They already released a Nexus device for this year.

        • Jake

          There is supposed to be 5 Nexi this year though according to some rumors.

          • OfTheDamned

            I know there was talks of them selling multiple Nexus devices next year directly from the Play Store, but that has been rumored for Key Lime Pie, not now.

          • Jake

            Not now, no. This event is obviously not done by google at all other than Moto is now part of Google. This does not mean KLP and more of those 5 Nexi won’t hit by the end of this year. We have two with the 7 and Q, but there could be 3 with KLP. The all 5 with KLP seemed a bit extreme anyhow and the Q was a total surprise, but probably part of the 5 if that wasn’t a totally fabricated rumor.

      • evltwn

        It’s just about time for the DL Hype Machine to kick start the Nexus rumors. 😉

    • kixofmyg0t

      When Moto releases a Nexus….I’m sure it wont carry the RAZR name.

      • Diablo81588

        Not necessarily. Samsung kept the galaxy name for their nexus.

        • kixofmyg0t

          But the “Droid” moniker isnt a Motorola thing. Its for Verizon. Ever notice how none of Motorola’s non-Verizon products carry the “Droid” name?

  • Save the date… to be let down again!

  • jroth21

    5 Inch display phone would help me get back to Motorola

    • 5 inches of DELISH pentile please!

      • kixofmyg0t

        You havn’t seen Moto’s “ColorBoost” screens…..

        • How is it ? It is on par with the retina and the one on the GS2?

          • [email protected]

            I checked the one on Atrix HD out. On par with retina and better than any AMOLED I have seen. I have the GNex, wife has Droid Charge with SII variety screen and AMOLED is nice, but has many weaknesses.

          • Oww that is so nice to hear. I can not wait to see it myself. I hope Motorola release the Razr HD soon unlike the droid Bionic.

  • KleenDroid