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These Android Ice Cube Trays Will Turn Your Daiquiri Up a Notch

Earlier this week we featured an official Android neon lamp that you were supposed to purchase and then use in your home bar instead of that tired old Pabst Blue Ribbon light. Today, we have your next bar accessory that should turn any cocktail into the most robotic booze you have ever tasted. It’ll tickle your lips, it’s so Androidified. Yep, we’re talking ice cube trays. How much better will your raspberry vodka spritzer taste with Android cubes in it? You tell me. 

Unfortunately for those that have little patience, these are marked as “Coming soon!” so you can’t actually buy them yet. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on them and let you know when they do become available.

Via:  Android Foundry

Cheers Scott!

  • minghao


  • Butters619

    No way you could pop one of these out whole after being frozen in a normal freezer.

    …but I still want them

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  • Allen Byrd

    I’d give anything for my fridge to make these instead of the regular cubes.

  • DJyoSNOW

    15.35 (if i was not to drunk & or swindled) I guess I await the mail to see if my e-bay order payed off…??

  • Davros

    Can’t wait to put these in my iphone buddies drinks and wait for their reaction 😀

  • 갖고싶어, Like it…. w0w

  • Wish there was a way to mass produce these so I can use them at my bar and attract Android Users.

  • TheZilch

    Raspberry vodka spritzer? Daiquiri? Surely you jest Sir. I’ll go on assuming you meant bourbon on the the rocks or Manhattan. *FacePalm*

  • avikodo


  • Drew

    “Can also be used as a chocolate mold”

  • indiecognition

    Fun idea, but the cubes have too much surface area — they’ll just melt quickly and dilute your drink. If I wanted a watered-down smartphone experience, I would’ve gotten an iPhone. Apple-shaped ice cubes would melt slower and get you sued faster!

    • Niroc

      Then you need to learn to drink faster my good man!

    • michael arazan

      Bet these would be great for Green Jello Shots instead of ice cubes

  • cobjones

    My wife laughed at me wheb i said i wanted them for ny birthday…which is september 22nd if anyone else wanted to pick them up for me.

  • GSAI

    Kellex’s way with words a shining light in my day.

  • tomgillotti

    It’s labeled Android(little 3) as in Android “cubed” haha, get it? Cubed!! lol!

  • Michael Schnider

    This is another reason Android wins…People out there in the android scene have better ideas. Have you ever seen Apple Ice trays?? Still pretty sweet. Would consider buying them..

  • Cody

    Haha. If they’re cheap, i’ll buy them.

    • Marc Young

      Suggest Retail Price is $12

  • Cheko_Lokz


  • Matt Larson

    Wouldn’t it defeat the purpose if u put them in a daiquiri lol? They would get blended!

    • DaveTea

      Originally the daiquiri was served over ice, but these days most places don’t make ’em that way.

  • Lime gelatin would be perfect.

  • Crap. Are you gonna make me buy this too? I’m gonna fight really hard not to.

    Edit: Oh thank goodness, coming soon. Hopefully I’ll forget about this before its available again.

    • Saved you with the coming soon. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when it’s available. 😛

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    LMFAO. . . This is some ultimate fanboy sht… Funniest part is that Kellex seems very serious with the post

  • Liderc