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Flash Downloader Lets You Download Flash in Case You Missed the Deadline

If you missed the deadline to download Adobe Flash to your Android device, or yours runs Jelly Bean, then Flash Downloader is an option for you to get official Flash installed. It’s a Google Play app that when opened, initiates the download of a Flash .apk from Adobe’s servers. It doesn’t get much cleaner than this.

Play Link

Via:  Twitter

  • marko

    link is not working pls do something i want mymature contect and movies…….

  • makeating42

    Link broken. I haz a sad.

  • John Anderson

    So far not working on JB Galaxy Nexus.

  • aznmode1

    This downgrades Flash to V11.1.102.59 when I reflashed to my s3. Luckily I had a titanium back up which restored to a my previous current version of V11.1.115.12.

  • I’m a little confused…I have this downloaded on my JB Galaxy Nexus and it works just fine with the stock browser…what is going on here?

  • Wentworth

    Doesn’t work on jb 🙁

  • mormile

    This doesnt even work… you download it and it says i have to click unknown sources so i can download. I do it then it says its blocked. FAIL

  • elliot323

    Still doesn’t work on JB, I tried all the tricks XDA had. Screw YOU APPLE!!!!! LONG LIVE MOBILE FLASH!!!!!

    • mx

      Ahh, don’t you mean screw you Adobe? Apple didn’t cancel flash.

  • So I can watch my Adult Content after all? Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Uncock block?
    Cock unblock?
    Either way, adobe just got outplayed.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    This happened a little quicker than I expected. But did Adobe really think that because they removed it from the market, that would really mean something?

    • John

      Play Store*


      • michael arazan

        I don’t get why they would now remove flash when they have nothing viable to substitute for it. HTML5 isn’t ready yet, and from what I’ve read it could be up to 2014 or 2020 for it to be ready from a few different articles I’ve read. One of the top selling points for android was the flash capabilities. Its almost like apple bought out or invested in adobe to get rid of flash on phones. Even when HTML5 is ready, its going to take years for the internet to fully integrate it to websites. Just don’t see the point in removing it now.