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Playstation Mobile Means New Games, Only if Your Device is Playstation Certified

Remember the Xperia PLAY? The slider with the gaming controls underneath that was supposed to usher in a new hybrid of mobile phones and mobile gaming, but didn’t do too well. That device was the beginning of Playstation Certification, which means that Playstation gives (usually Sony) devices the OK to have Playstation games run on them. In their press conference today at Gamescom, Sony announced that Playstation Mobile is making a push for “bite-sized” games coming to phones and tablets sometime soon.

There were other interesting announcements during this conference, including the fact that if you make a purchase through Playstation Mobile, that game will be available on your PS Vita, your phone and your tablet with only that one purchase. Sony also announced that ASUS and Wikipad are now Playstation Certified partners, meaning you might be able to get some nice games on your Transformers.

Do these new announcements make you wish that your device was Playstation Certified?

Via: The Verge

Cheers Nick S!

  • ashish0309

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  • SchwannyT

    That is super cool! Playstation has been great to let you play your games where you want if you buy them digitally. I’d love to play PS1 and PS2 games on my tablet and it would make me look into a Vita more because all my games would be there waiting if I did.

  • Aegis

    Wasn’t the Rezound supposed to be Playstation certified? Whatever happened to that?

  • [email protected]

    They should get the gnex certified!

  • Jeff Simpson

    Clarification: ASUS is a Playstation Certified PARTNER – the Transformer is NOT a certified DEVICE. Nor is there any precedent for certifying old hardware for things like this. I assume that new products coming out will be certified, but I would be very surprised for old devices to be.

    No, I don’t wish my devices to be “Playstation Certified”. By time this Playstation Game on Android thing actually hits market, my devices will be old and out of date. If I actually wanted to play portable Playstation games on a device, I’d need a new device anyway.

  • QQpayne

    Maybe my TF300 will get certified so i can check out these awesome games, I’m always down with more access to high quality games.

  • Can’t wait for the HTC update that includes this on my HTC One X

  • Nexus 7 + PS3 Controller + Sixaxis Controller app + FPSE (Or any other emulator) = ALL the fun!

    • JoshGroff

      It would be more fun if it had HDMI out. Pretty much my only complaint, not that I have an HD tv or even would use the HDMI out if I did, but some people care somewhere.

      • Jester

        If sony wants to isolate itself from selling games to millions more people in the market because they don’t have a certified sony device, more power not to them, and less money to them.

  • Josh

    It’s disappointing that the CDMA Xperia in the US was so ignored. No ICS and no playstation store. I loved the phone to death when it first came out because of the potential but the only potential it ended up having was for emulators and with a single-core 1ghz processor even those were troublesome at times.

    • JoshGroff

      It ran FPSe and most other emulators I tried, with a few settings tweaks. Also, the Xperia was the only phone I have that I never rooted. (besides basic phones and the iPhone 4 of course.)

  • TheDrizzle

    Does that include the Nexus 7? It depends on the price of games and the quality of them if I wish my device was “certified.”