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Motorola: Ice Cream Sandwich Rolling Out Now to the DROID 4 “in Phases”

Yesterday, Verizon officially approved the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the DROID 4. Hours after posting the support docs for the update, the soak test for the device went live, a sign that normally means a public push is a few days away. Well, Motorola wasn’t interested in waiting any longer and decided to start pushing the update to non-soak testers yesterday evening.

It doesn’t sound like the update is available to be pulled by all at this time, however, there are tricks you can do to see if you can trick it. In the past, users have had success by clearing Google Services Framework in their Apps manager.

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Cheers jbartcaps!

  • primo

    If i root my droid 4 what is the advantage or disadvantage?

  • I woke up to the update this morning, good times. I like it so far. As a Verizon WIreless sales rep, I can now further impress customers with my personal phone.

  • Bob

    My Droid 4 has been saying that an update is downloading for over an hour now, but it doesn’t appear to be doing anything at all. I tried the Google Service Framework thing. Is there a way to tell something is actually being downloaded and that it is not just frozen? All functionality on the phone appears normal but it is definitely not ICS.

  • Nathanael Carrier

    i checked yesterday, well late last night and there was an update to ICS there. I did the system update and everything is working great. It is live in N.C.

  • benjewman

    this trick worked beautifully. downloading ics on my brother’s d4 as i type

  • Jay

    What does “in Phases” mean? How are the upgrades sent out, just curious.

  • DroidVader

    BIONIC OWNERS:::: stop your complaining, it’s amazing as it is that the bionic is still a relevent phone, its been around for how long? im surprised that there is still a fan base. its like conforming to an iphone or a galaxy or the nexus,it like the cult follwers of the dyson, Dyson is actually a horribly over priced and over rated machine, kinda like the bionic. and ofcourse the D4 will get ics first, its apart of the flagship family, which is the razr, razr maxx and the droid 4…did you honestly think you would get ics before us? im gonna have to say prolly not…if you want ics that bad then stop complaining and just root your damn phone..stop complaing because your stuck sittin at the back of the bus…

    • bionicPain

      Ummmmmmm…. your precious droid 4 has the same hardware in a better case and a screen that looks better because its smaller. I’m sorry but something you pay $200+(on a contract) for should be “relevant” for more than a month

  • Bionic

    Can bionic get some gods forsaken love.?

    • BiscuitEater

      Hello Exactly.

    • Lambo_21

      can i get an AMEN

    • DragonMantis

      I love my Bionic with GB. I wish that the newer round of phones still had replaceable batteries. I find the Bionic much more comfortable in my hand than the RAZR form factor. And I like the feel better than my friend’s Galaxy Nexus as well. I don’t find the screen to be significantly worse than my friend’s Nexus or RAZR. It is a load better than my friend’s Droid (in constant need of a) Charge. And, quite frankly, the people who often comment on the quality of the screen the most of my iPhone friends… though I think that has a lot more to do with size envy than actual clarity.

      But I want my update. I’ve played with ICS on a ASUS TF300 and I want it for my phone. Together they make for a tablet that is infinitely superior, IMO, to the iPad that I have from work. ICS takes a good operating system and makes it even better. And, quite frankly, JB takes the refinements of ICS and makes them even better. (Having seen a JB ROM on my friend’s aforementioned Galaxy Nexus.

  • Why is it a constant whine from the Bionic users? Whine to Verizon or Moto, not here.

    • HonKudasai

      I think the whine from the speaker has started rubbing off on some of us, lol.

    • James

      I’ve seen your name show up on here a few times whining about your update so take your own advice.

      • James, feel free to find those comments, because they never happened.

  • sensible_newhampshirian

    and yet again bionic owners are screwed…

    • Keith Sumner

      I’ve had ICS on my bionic for like 3 months, idiot.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Ive had Moto’s official ICS on mine for months as well. Stop waiting on Verizon to approve the update and get it yourself.

  • blackcatroad

    All of you Bionic crybabies can kiss the D3 owners’ collective a$$. At least you’re getting ICS. 😉

  • nmas11

    I’ve been running the leaked ICS versions for a while now and just put the .217 leak on my phone last night so I’m guess I’m back to stock.

  • d4 user

    about time!

  • Andrew Soderna

    Got mine 24 hours ago. Pretty slick. Took a few hours to find things that had been moved around in settings and such. The icons are much sharper – anyone know how the screen can look so much better after a software update? Nice to be able to try Chrome. I think ICS would be a pretty big UI hurdle for someone moving to Android for the first time (imho).

  • Josh

    I agree, I am also pissed being a Bionic owner. Especially since the Motorola website says that Bionic would get ICS before the D4? O well I guess, good for the D4 users…

    • kixofmyg0t

      Im getting tired of telling people to go get the official Moto ICS builds…

      Im on 232, its stable and I can SBF back to GB if I need to.

      • Bionic

        No one cares

        • kixofmyg0t

          No one dares.

          • Mr Waldo

            I dont want to flash anything. I didnt buy a phone to hack it i just want the thing to work properly

          • kixofmyg0t

            Exactly. EXACTLY!

            You do know it’s not a “hack” or anything….you don’t need to root it or install a custom recovery…..it’s Moto’s official builds. You’re not even rooted after flashing.

            What is not working properly anyway?

          • Mr Waldo

            Just went on xda, the process is not “simple” by any means. You are full of it. I dont want to use Rsdlite or adb or any of that nonsense

          • kixofmyg0t

            ADB? You dont need to do any of that. It sounds like youre on a bone stock Bionic, so all YOU need to do is install it from stock recovery.

            But since you dont want to do ANYTHING at all i suggest you give up on Android and get a blackberry. That way you wont have to worry about updates ever again because their wont be any updates.

            Or maybe you cabt figure out how to hold 3 buttons down….still you should get a Blackberry.

            Im typing this from my 232 Bionic, the whole process from 905 to 232 is easy dude, it took me all of 15 minutes. If you dont want to do anything then STOP YER B*TCHIN’

          • Mr Waldo

            How bout a link smartass? Nowhere on xda is there a one step ics upgrade process

  • KleenDroid

    Congrats for those that have a D4.

    My wife wanted one “cause she wants a keyboard” but she didn’t like the screen. She is still waiting for her dream phone…

  • Timothy Jacques

    Happy for D4 owners, though as a bionic owner im prettty pissed.

    • kixofmyg0t

      As a Bionic owner Ive been on 232 for what seems like forever and Im happy. Stop waiting for Verizon and get it yourself.

      • Keith Sumner

        yeah what’s with all the whining? FLashing ICS on my bionic was the easiest thing in the world, download the file, reboot into recovery, install update, done.

        • Mr Waldo

          Total lie. Read the thread on Xda. Not that simple

  • Jeffries

    I still want to hold off on updating my D4 to ICS. There are still apps I use that don’t work well with ICS.

    • KleenDroid

      What doesn’t work?

      • kixofmyg0t

        He’s not going to answer because he knows damn well that everything works in ICS.

  • Mr Waldo

    Where the fudge is the damn Bionic update?!??! This is rediculous

    • kixofmyg0t

      Multiple stable ICS builds have been around for months. Stop waiting on Verizon and get it yourself.

      • Tara Walker

        can you recommend one?

        • kixofmyg0t

          My Bionic is on 232. Its stable(in my experience)and you can sbf back to 902 so it wont take you off the upgrade path.

  • Joshyz73

    They said it would only be in soak for a short time, but that was fast. The soak test just rolled out yesterday.

  • I tried the clearing of the google framework services 4x, but still no dice.

    • Does clearing Google Services Framework screw anything up? Would I have to set up my gmail info again?

      • Doesn’t seem to. I have force stopped and cleared the data for it at least 50 times in the past 24 hours and have noticed no difference in my phone.

      • Michael Schotborg

        I tried that with no success. It ended up logging out my Gmail and I couldn’t download off Google Play. A quick trip to Account Setup in Settings and re-entering your Gmail account and downloading an app off the Play Store on the phone, had me right as rain though. I just wish the update would be pushed to me already. I wished I had signed up for the soak test. -_-

      • brrennen

        yes but an easy fix

  • Fly_Dog

    So far I’ve used “check for updates” about 12 times since Friday on my stock D4. Still waiting…

    • blackmagick20

      Umm…why have you been checking since Friday? The soak test was released yesterday, which was pushed to phones, and just today the roll out was announced…maybe you should just pay more attention to when it’s supposed to actually be released. By your logic…I guess I’ll just start checking under the tree for presents…

      • Fly_Dog

        Maybe Friday was jumping the gun. But a check takes a few seconds and the updates to my Droid 2 a while back could be pulled in before they were announced or pushed.

        • blackmagick20

          Ohhh riiiight…because Droid 4 in August of 2012=Droid 2 ‘awhile back.’ I guess that also means blu ray=beta cassette…

  • AranelAlasse

    i feel like this happened for the last GB update, too. I’m not a soak tester, but I got the verizon update several days before it was announced as official…

  • Droidzilla

    I scream, you scream, we all scream for Jelly Bean!
    Too soon?