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Gamestop Offering PowerUp Members $20 off on New Transformer TF300T

It’s no secret that Gamestop is trying to get in on the tablet gaming scene, they were actually one of the first retail stores to start selling the Nexus 7. The retail gaming giant is looking to throw their PowerUp reward members a deal, albeit a small one, on the ASUS Transformer Pad TF300.

Gamestop is offering $20 off the $399.99 price tag of the 32GB version of the Transformer as long as you are a PowerUp reward member. The tablet comes pre-loaded with 5 games including Shadowgun, Sonic CD and Riptide, three pretty big Android games. The deal only lasts through August 19 so if you are looking to get in on the Android tablet game with this deal, you don’t have long to decide.


  • hkklife

    Not a deal. I already own all of those games and the savings are negated by the taxes and by actually having to set foot into a Gamestop store. Now, a REAL deal would be a $275 or $299 Gamestop-exclusive SKU for a 32Gb Nexus 7!!

    The TF300 is still the best bang for the buck 10″ Android tablet but I really dislike Asus’ proprietary sync/charge connector and the exposed microSD card slot makes me nervous about losing my card.

  • Kyle LoPrimo

    Yeah and as soon as the first upgrade rolls through you lose the games that were pre-loaded. Gamestop has no way for the owner to download the games once they are lost and no remediation otherwise. This happened on the Asus Prime. They also bundled the Bluetooth controller which only works with the games they loaded. I personally will not work with Gamestop again.

  • nhizzat


  • That not a deal

  • New_Guy

    Just got one from Best Buy on ad. 16gb with doc for only $469…brand new.

    • SKINNI

      I just picked one up from BB Sunday for $350. Better deal with better return policy IMO. I did the buy back on my Nexus. Got $320 so only spent $60 out of pocket. Getting the dock Friday. Its for the Wife. It took everything in me not to get the Infinity they had & just give her my Prime. She just got back from Afgahn though so she wont get the hand-me-down like the DROID Charge she has LOL

      • New_Guy

        Good stuff. BB seemed to have gone down a bit lately, but this deal was a bit too nice to walk out of the store on. And the TF300 is a more than capable tablet. This thing flies =).

  • Drazr-user

    I got mine from Amazon for $374 free 2 day shipping (amazon prime trial) and no taxes. Sure it didn’t have the games preloaded but it’s cheaper than this. I love my tf300. I’m still planning to get the nexus 7 though. Not as a replacement, just as something smaller easier to carry around to more places.

  • DigitalEnforcer

    Is this the Transformer Prime Infinity? or something else?

    • chris125

      Uum it says right in the article what it is.

      • DigitalEnforcer

        Oops, guess that’s what happens when you skim read.


    • TF300T.. = Pad

    • JoshGroff

      Infinity is TF700.

  • KleenDroid


    • JoshGroff