DEAL: NVIDIA SHIELD TV With Free Remote and Game for $175 [$25 Off]

Assuming you have any holiday cash to burn through after the long weekend and you are interested in the best Android TV box, take a look at the deal that Gamestop is hosting for the NVIDIA SHIELD TV. For $175, you get an NVIDIA SHIELD TV box, SHIELD Controller (gamepad), and a free SHIELD Remote, which typically retails for around $50 on its own. This bundle normally sells for $199, though, so you are getting a $25 discount at that $175 price. Oh, Gamestop is also tossing in a free game called Battle of Sol, which would cost you $10 on its own.

Not a bad deal for those looking to get into an Android TV box.

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Wikipad Hits GameStop on October 31 for $500, Pre-Orders Start Tomorrow

Attention mobile gamers, does this thing look awesome? Well, it should! It’s called the Wikipad and it’s set to launch at GameStop on October 31 for $500. But don’t let that price tag scare you away, this thing was built with mobile gaming in mind. As you can see, the tablet itself comes with a dock (lack of better word) with built in buttons and thumbsticks. Along the bottom we have some monster speakers for cranking out all the sound fx you could hope for, but that’s just the beginning.  (more…)

Gamestop Offering PowerUp Members $20 off on New Transformer TF300T

It’s no secret that Gamestop is trying to get in on the tablet gaming scene, they were actually one of the first retail stores to start selling the Nexus 7. The retail gaming giant is looking to throw their PowerUp reward members a deal, albeit a small one, on the ASUS Transformer Pad TF300.

Gamestop is offering $20 off the $399.99 price tag of the 32GB version of the Transformer as long as you are a PowerUp reward member. The tablet comes pre-loaded with 5 games including Shadowgun, Sonic CD and Riptide, three pretty big Android games. The deal only lasts through August 19 so if you are looking to get in on the Android tablet game with this deal, you don’t have long to decide.


Gamestop Sells Nexus 7 to at Least One Lucky Customer

At least one lucky Gamestop pre-orderee is walking around with a new Nexus 7 today. After receiving a text that his pre-order was ready to be picked up, he went into his local store and came out a winner. It’s still not clear if any other Gamestop on the planet is selling the device today or if this reader of ours simply got lucky. Whatever the case may be, a quick call into your nearest store to see if they are able to sell isn’t a bad idea.

Update:  From what we are hearing, Gamestop is allowing pre-orders to be picked up. If you did not pre-order, they likely won’t sell you one.

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Office Depot Receives Stock of Nexus 7, Gamestop Sends Texts for Pre-orders to be Picked Up

We get the feeling that today was supposed to be Nexus 7 day, but for whatever reason, Google isn’t ready to release the flood gates. Office Depot stores are getting in their minimal stock, while Gamestops are texting those that pre-order, reminding them to come pick up their orders. It’s not clear if Gamestop is actually selling units to customers or not or if this text was an automated system that was betting on a July 13 launch.

If you are able to pick one up at either Office Depot or Gamestop, be sure to let us know.  (more…)

Add December 19 to the Asus Transformer Prime Release Date List

The Asus Transformer Prime has had about as many rumored release dates as the Galaxy Nexus. We had seen both December 9 and November 28 through Gamestop’s website as possibilities, but now according to their internal systems, they are expecting the world’s first quad-core tablet to be available December 19. Pre-orders have opened up and with that came some confusion as to when the device would actually be available if you were to jump on it early. There is a chance that it will be later than the 9th after all. That does seem sort of late though, especially knowing that Asus has an event planned for “early December.” We’re wondering now how confused Gamestop potentially is?

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GameStop Lists Transformer Prime Release Date as December 9 (Updated: Now November 28?)

The Asus Transformer Prime was announced back on the 8th as the world’s first NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core tablet. The specs and price blew our minds, but we were left without a release date. Asus assured the media that some sort of launch party would be going down in early December though. According to GameStop, “early December” means December 9. And we aren’t talking about a pre-order date – their site says as plain as day that the “release date” for this beast of a tablet is 12/9/2011.

Update: And minutes later, they have adjusted it to show November 28 as the release date. Mmm K.  (more…)

Gamestop Introducing Branded Android Tablet Next Year?

Color me surprised, because the largest retailer of video games in the nation is involved with talks that they will be launching their own brand of Android tablet sometime during the next year. Gamestop president Tony Bartel explained today that they are currently testing the sale and distribution of a currently unspecified Android tablet that will come paired with a controller peripheral of some sort.

The goal of the device is apparently to stream full retail releases while still supporting mobile apps and other things. Bartel even said that there would be titles made specifically for the tablet.

All of this is very very interesting, but not far off after seeing that Kal-El processors are going to be here very soon. The problem is, who wants to carry around a tablet AND a controller to play Modern Warfare 3? It seems unwieldy to try and play a large game like that on a small screen. I can’t even read a book at the right angle on a tablet, how am I gonna pwn some n00bz? What do you guys think of this announcement?

Via: Joystiq