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Samsung Hinting at Possible Galaxy Note-like Device Coming to Verizon?

After a vocal Samsung supporter took to their Facebook page to see whatever happened to a possible Galaxy Note release on Verizon, Samsung’s Relations team had an interesting answer for him. Instead of saying that nothing was coming for Verizon customers or completely ignoring his inquiry altogether, Samsung mentions they have nothing to “announce just yet.” We can’t help but feel that this response could hint at something to come.

They go on to say that Mr. Williams should check back when they have more info. Could it be the Galaxy Note 2 that is to be announced at this year’s IFA? Something else? Or this could be another “Whoopsie!” by another PR rep on an OEM social network page. Come on, Samsung. Don’t tease.

Via: Facebook 

Cheers Phil!

  • boe_d

    Why are you asking Samsung? Verizon should just get the Note 2 and be done with it. Verizon needs to feel the pressure to get a good phablet. The LG is crap and would be fine if it were free with a 2 year subscription but for those who want the best, it is not even close to the Note 2.
    Verizon needs far more pressure so they will do the right thing.

  • This article reaches for straws. . .AAAAAND it misses!

  • asdfag

    I don’t give a damn about the note. VZ most of the times use all the left over from AT&T.

  • They aren’t “hinting” at crap. I’ve posted several requests on their page asking when the Verizon Galaxy Nexus will get an official car dock and the response is always “Stay tuned for updates!”. It’s the Samsung marketing department trying to act like they know what engineering is actually doing while not pissing off the customer.

  • hkklife

    My prediction: Verizon is TERRIFIED of phablets damaging the (already barely-selling) overpriced line of LTE tablets, which they are hoping the shared data plans will somehow stimulate demand for.

    So, a year after the initial success of the OG Note, and many people clamoring for a VZW Phablet, they are gonna release the lame Vu which is destined to be a huge flop. After it bombs, VZW will say something to the effect of “See, no one wanted these big phones after all”.

  • youre all wrong and I’m happy. Samsung hasn’t even attempted pr double speak to me in all this time, this statement means something. august 29th can’t get here quick enough! Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon or I’m moving to a carrier that has it.

  • NemaCystX

    Doesnt mean anything, not even a hint. Its the typical “stop bugging us, heres your answer until something changes”

  • interstellarmind

    samsung and verizon must be stupid if they don’t carry the note 2. look at the massive success the sgsIII was. opting for permanent carrier exclusivity is like losing tons of money for Samsung AND verizon.

    in the past they’ve bee nstupid about losing on things that interest us android enthusiasts, but never on money.

    i personalyl can’t wait until october to see where hte chips may fall on the note 2, htc phablet, and the lg vu.

  • Nicholassss

    I just want a phablet on verizon, with nice specs. I’d preffer it was a note 2 later this fall, but i’d settle for htc or motorola, that LG thing is too hideous to consider.

  • Pegleg

    Galaxy Note-like Device? Does anyone really care? Wgere is the Moto RAZR MAXX HD, Where are the MOTO Nexsus phones? Those are things that really matter! DL is really digging for something to post!

  • sc4fpse

    Hey Tato, I’ve got a bridge to sell you…

    • You’ll see soon enough, good sir 😉

      • rockstar323

        I’ll play conspiracy theorist. With that response it leads me to believe that y’all know something official but can’t report it yet. So you’re looking for anything that will let you leak the info without actually leaking the info.

        • Hah! No, I just think it’s silly that people automatically would go to the negative and not look at history. It would make sense for Sammy to create a new Note that would be on Verizon’s network and the other major three.

          They just did it with the SGSIII – and given the Note’s popularity, we shall see! 🙂

          • rockstar323

            I agree. I don’t see them sitting on the sidelines while Apple, Moto and HTC release their VZW flagship phones even though they already released the GS3. The only way I see them not releasing the Note is if VZW has an exclusivity agreement with HTC not allowing a similar competitor to their +5″ device for a certain time frame. Either way I would bet we see a heavily discounted GS3 when the iPhone drops.

  • Answer2K1

    Think this is another “whoopsie”…. When enough other sites pick this up, Samsung will issue an official “clarification”…

  • Ron_Swanson

    In other news, the sky is blue….

  • My fingers are so crossed. I do like my S3, but I was thinking about this phone instead of having both the Nexus 7 and the S3. Why have two devices when one will do both?



  • Not gonna lie, I’m on AT&T with the Galaxy Note while all my friends are on Verizon. I love the look of admiration I get from them knowing that they cant have this wonderful blessing from the gods that I possess

    • jeesung

      “blessing from the gods”?!? can i have some of that kool-aid??

      ok, it does look better than that 5″ LG monstrosity 🙂

  • tech247

    Where is the hint??? That headline is quite a stretch….

  • walmes27

    Really? Really? just because samsung said “nothing to announce just yet” doesnt mean it will happen. it will never be on verizon. just saying.

  • ultravisitor

    What did you expect the rep to say? “Too bad, so sad”?

    • nightscout13

      “we are not privileged to that information” or ” we don’t know”

  • nightscout13

    Samsung’s response was a generic response to these type of questions. No need to read into it.

  • chris125

    How does that hint at anything of a note on Verizon? Typical canned response

  • rockstar323

    It’s a logical choice. They already have the GS3 out there but when the new iPhone and RAZR HD come out in a few months it will be a few months old. Also if HTC releases its Phablet it can steal some of that market. Then again if Verizon asked HTC to make them a Phablet there is a chance they have an agreement to not allow any other comparable device for a period of time.

  • Hunter Hambrick

    I want a nexus note

    • Good luck getting the most out of Wacom’s digitizer on a stock Android system, then.

  • Jeff Tycz

    wasnt this the same sort of response samsung gave last year when the galaxy s2 was not coming to verizon and it ended up being replaced by the Nexus? possible samsung galaxy nexus note on the way?

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    There is already a buzz in the air regarding HTC’s 5″ 1080 quad-core beast later this year… Samsung would do well to put a 5″ or larger phone on Verizon.

    • Paul

      I think it would have to be at least 5.3″ for it to be a significant enough difference to produce it alongside their galaxy s3 though…

      • Lactose_the_Intolerant

        I wonder how close “too close” is for manufacturers… HTC has 4″ & 4.3″ — 4.8″ and 5″ might be too close.

  • ‘No news to announce just yet’ is typical PR speak for “I can neither confirm nor deny the existence or non-existence of whatever you’re asking”. I wouldn’t read anything into it at all.

    • Yeah, this DL analysis seems like a stretch. Crazier things have happened though.

      • michael arazan

        PR101 never say no

  • Clayton Ljungberg

    I’m taking this with a massive grain of salt, there was little to no indication that Verizon is going to receive a Note device. Not to mention Samsung would have to build a a CDMA Note, so it would be a Note 2 at the least, why bother making a newer version of an older phone.

    • nightscout13

      How about a square yard of salt chunk directly from a salt mine, cause with this one, we will need it LOL