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Ice Cream Sandwich Update Rolls Out to Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi Owners

It may not have happened within the month Samsung had mentioned in June, but this morning, owners of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 are waking up to see an update prompt for Ice Cream Sandwich. Why can’t every morning be like that? The update will place users at the Android 4.0.4 marker and weighs in at a healthy 254MB.

Enjoy ICS, Tab owners.

Cheers Michael and JlMclain!

  • lehan


  • molesy

    No update to 4.0 her in aus yet been wating for so long now might gust ask my friend to root it for me and get me 4.0 or even 4.1 if possible

  • cd0098

    In San Jose – received the over the air update this AM. Download was OK, but ended up in a boot loop. Samsung chat support was no help – they instructed me to default the device and then acted surprised that it was still stuck in a boot loop. They suggest opening a service request and sending it into the depot for an undisclosed period of time. What a wasted effort.

  • LionStone

    Got the update this past Sunday and everything smooth so far…very nice!

  • mike. m

    Got mine this morning. Everything seems smooth except my calendar widget is no longer scrollable. What gives?

    • LionStone

      idk…mine still scrolls…

  • Phatknut

    I still don’t have an update!!

    • somebodyyouusedtoknow

      me neither!

      • somebodyyouusedtoknow

        to clarify, I’ve tried wiping and everything many times nothing seems to get it recognize the update, going to try kies now hope that has better luck.

  • Guess

    I can’t no more, that’s why I flash it with UK ICS and mush faster and better UI. LOVING IT!

  • moxy

    For those that aren’t seeing the update: I was encountering that issue at first, but after shutting off the Tab and turning it back on, updating over wifi was available for me.

  • Dave

    After waiting 3 days for an over the air update I decided to give Kies another try. I could not get my Tab to be recognized by Kies until I did a factory reset. After that, Kies recognized my Tab and updated it to ice cream sandwich. It took about 20 minutes and all is well so far. So, for those waiting, this could be one option for you.

  • No update for google i/o tabs : http://pastebin.com/Z3TB1JAn

  • Checking for update and nothing.

  • JD11669

    I got a 16 mb firmware update and nothing since yesterday available….

  • Nkryptr

    I just completed the upgrade on two v10.1 Tabs and now have no WiFi connectivity.

  • Veronica

    No joy here in Idaho.

  • Davros

    My phone got jellybean and my tab is still ginger when will i see the ics

  • sk102704

    Still no update available in CT.

  • I hope this means the 7+ update is on the way.

  • paul

    No love here in indiana! Boo

  • Just checked my galaxy tab 10.1, no update available …..

  • Is there a way to force this update with Kies?

  • kfath1978

    Any word on VZW love???? Maybe by Christmas….

  • Still nothing here in N.C.

    • I’m in NC and I got mine early this morning

  • Any Devs out there able to say if this will impact the development of a fully functioning ICS rom for the VZW tab 10.1?

  • holy shit….it actually happened.

  • PuzzleShot

    Oh, but they can be! Just flash back to Honeycomb every night and the next morning, Ice Cream Sandwich can be waiting for you!

  • nothing yet…

  • Paul Tarlow

    I’ve taken to giving Samsung a daily beating on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SamsungMobile ) and G+ and invite others to do the same. Unbelievable how poorly they have handled this.

  • sporttster

    Waiting for the 8.9……hate what’s on it now. Too UNintuitive!

  • jaymonster

    And this is why I chose the Xoom over the GTAB. For all the bitching and moaning, the Xoom wi-fi was and is a “Nexus” class device.


    Located in Dallas, TX. Still no update, this could very well be the last time I purchase a tablet from Samsung. I’m looking for Jelly Bean at this point.

  • jboogie1289

    And I don’t even have the Samsung Kies App on this tab. Curses!!

  • WAldenIV

    Now hurry the eff up and release it for the 8.9 already!

    • Nicholas Neveu

      You tried the CM10 Pre-release based on JB?? Works great on mine…I never have any of the issue people mention.

  • Brandon legrand

    What about galaxy tab 8.9???

  • ceejw

    So when is the Verizon Galaxy Tab 10.1 going to get ICS?

    • jboogie1289

      Maybe there is the question “US” chosen few should be asking.

  • Q

    Oh Joy.. hopefully this help my Galaxy Tab to NOT be a laggy, stuttering, POS.

    • Jeff Tycz

      I agree I dont even use it anymore for that fact, my nexus 7 gets all the love now

    • LionStone

      Really? Yours is like that? Mine is stock and runs fine, definitely would NOT call it laggy or stuttery. I’m sure ICS will make it even better.

  • john

    Nothing on mine. Do they roll thw update out in batches? Is there a place to download thw update indirectly?

  • Nick V

    I had the Galaxy Tab 10.1, while my wife and son had the ASUS OG Transformer. Both of them were updated within a couple of months of ICS, while I was still using HC. I ditched the GTab10.1 and got the AUS Transform Prime with Dock, and I have not looked back since. Now that the GTab is getting ICS, I am guessing that I will be seeing some JB.

  • user311

    I love how Samsung stated that ICS would be released for the GT10.1 and 8.9 “soon” 5 months ago… This is the main reason I am not waiting for the p10 and am happy that I purchased an Asus Transformer Infinity. The Infinity is roughly a month old and has gotten 2 updates already. Heck the Galaxy tab 8.9 that I have only has ICS on it because of CM and not everything works. Unless samsung improves with releasing their updates in a more timely fashion, I really don’t see a reason to pick up another samsung device. Touchwiz is fugly and slow vs Asus’ close to vanilla UI.

  • Noles419

    You can use Kies to pull the update

    • Greg

      How do you do this? I downloaded lies air and connected tip network. Next step?

  • kennedy myril

    This is why I still have a grudge with Samsung. They love to churn out new devices because the have the factories, the know-how and the technology, but for Christ’s sake they are not very good at updating their devices. Ics has been out almost a year now, and the tablet was not attached to any carrier, did it really have to take this long? I still rate Asus for what they do with their tablets.

    • Yep. This experience has turned me off Samsung for good. Unless they’re making a Nexus device, and give update control to Google, they’re just not trustworthy.

    • LLcdPH

      I agree with Wireless G. I love my Tab, but… no more Sammy’s for me. I’m waiting for the Nexus 10.

  • Jonathan Carnesciali

    my no get it :/

  • I did not get a prompt,I just happened to check for it and it was there,surprised me

  • Put it on both of ours at 6am

  • Just checked. Nothing available yet on mine. 🙁

  • Alex

    And for those of us already running a CM10 ROM…lolz all around!

    • satrn

      how’s that camera working? this release should activate the camera hardware in custom roms right?

  • At long last, “First quarter of 2012” has finally arrived!

  • Jonathan Carnesciali

    Mine no get

    • Kies just says “this is the latest firmware” on mine… provide a download link Samdung!!!