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This Email From Samsung’s Mobile President About the iPhone is Embarrassing

The court battle between Apple and Samsung that has been going on now for a couple of weeks, is one of the more entertaining tech trials we have seen in some time. There have been leaked documents that were refused in court leading to judge scoldings, icon sets from Samsung that clearly a show a deep resemblance to those created by the company suing them, and now this story today. According to a document obtained by AllThingsD, Samsung’s mobile leader JK Shin, likens the difference between Apple’s iPhone UX and Samsung’s (at the time) to “Heaven and Earth,” following up by calling it a “crisis of design.” 

Here is the exact quote:

“Influential figures outside the company come across the iPhone, and they point out that ‘Samsung is dozing off.’ All this time we’ve been paying all our attention to Nokia, and concentrated our efforts on things like Folder, Bar, Slide,” Shin wrote. “Yet when our UX is compared to the unexpected competitor Apple’s iPhone, the difference is truly that of Heaven and Earth. It’s a crisis of design.”

Followed by one that calls the iPhone UX, the “standard”:

“When everybody (both consumers and the industry) talk about UX, they weigh it against the iPhone. The iPhone has become the standard. That’s how things are already.”

He then trashes their own Samsung Omnia, talking about how difficult it is to use in comparison:

“Do you know how difficult the Omnia is to use? When you compare the 2007 version of the iPhone with our current Omnia, can you honestly say the Omnia is better? If you compare the UX with the iPhone, it’s a difference between Heaven and Earth.”

Now, these quotes and this email do not prove that Samsung “slavishly copied” everything that Apple has done with the iPhone, but after seeing enough of the comparison photos floating around from the trial, this certainly isn’t helping the situation. Samsung will downplay it as they should, however, this whole picture doesn’t seem to be getting any prettier. Trying to prove that your rectangle was copied by another rectangle is one thing to argue about, stuff like this is simply embarrassing.

One thing you have to give Samsung props for, is that they realized how awful their phones once were and did whatever they could to improve upon them. They certainly did improve as they are the global leader in mobile. Whether or not they did completely copy all things Apple is up to the judge to decide. If I were them, I’d be thinking about that jump to the top, which may include a $2.5 billion price tag.

Via:  AllThingsD

  • “All this time we’ve been paying all our attention to Nokia” seems to me translates to “All this time we’ve been producing phones that look like Nokia’s hugely successful phones.” The rest says “it’s now time to copy iPhone.”

  • Ryan5609

    I owned the OG Omnia for about 2 weeks. He is painfully accurate. The Omnia sucked mega balls compared to the iPhone. It wasn’t even good for its time. Good on Samsung, they realized this and headed in the right direction.

  • frankandsimple

    Heaven and earth is an apt distinction between Samsung’s cartoonish and confusing UI and iphone’s simple but elegant UI.

    I am still shocked by the blunder in ICS and Jellybean where the 3 dot menu button is located anywhere from the bottom right to the top left depending on the app you use. Oh and not to mention how most of them force you to use both hands just to hit that stupid 3-dot button on the top right.

  • frankandsimple

    it’s a well known fact among non-android-fanboy-circles.. Samsung copied Apple!.. right down to their stupid Kies program. I miss my iphone. 🙁

  • yeh

    Honestly, this says everything. Embarrassing is the only word to describe it:

  • Sammy Lost

    My Galaxy Nexus was made by Samsung and I love it. The truth I never thought that Samsung copied the iPhone, but the seeying the letter that came to light recently and the new evidence acceptted today, I opened my eyes. Samsung copied the iPhone. I don’t care, I bought my Nexus because it is a good phone with Android, no for Samsung brand. I’m embarrassed to know that the Samsung creative team just copied what Apple did.

  • All the more reason to leave android stock.

  • DJyoSNOW

    The dreaded omnia got brought up.. .pretty sure I still have mine as a loyal Samsung customer and now a droid charge. Yes as it’s said embarrassing…so I’m finding hard to move on with Samsung. I guess I’ve had no luck and then some.

  • florious80

    By saying something is a standard for that business, all Samsung did was acknowledge the deficiencies of its own devices when compared to that standard. These disclosed statements neither provided support for Apple’s original charge nor made Samsung look embarrassing. If anything, these statements made Samsung look responsive to the rapidly changing environment of smartphone software/hardware design.

  • yeh

    It’s not up to the judge to decide. It’s up to the jury to decide.

  • Grammar Monkey

    A question on the grammar used here. Should it not be “Samsung Mobile’s president” in stead of “Samsung’s Mobile president” unless you mean the president of Samsung is actually mobile himself…?????

    • Hunter

      Well he is….mobile 🙂

  • Gebinsk

    Maybe Boeing should sue every plane maker who ever hung engines in pods below a swept wing.

  • TeeVee

    I wonder if Apple gets into the television market, will they copy Samsung, i think it has an on/off button:-P

    • S.Ober

      That’s a good point you don’t see Sony, Samsung, LG, Vizio or any other TV maker suing each other because of similar design.

  • Feel’n Job’d

    As an Engineer, this whole business makes me sick! Patenting icons? Scroll bars? Really? Just because other like devices look similar and feel similar when they are filling the same niche doesn’t mean they are simply copies. These things like device shape, icons, etc.are similar because that’s the way it HAS to be. Why do all flat screen TV’s look alike? Why do cameras look alike? These lawsuits have NOTHING to do with innovation and these patents never should have been granted.

  • GazaIan

    Embarrassing? Or just honesty? Takes some balls to say something like this.

  • Just means that Samsung recognized a deficiency with the UX in the older phones and worked to correct it.

  • I see nothing embarrassing here at all. The i*hone was a game-changer and he is simply saying that they (as a company) need to exceed it in order to compete in the market. There is nothing here that suggests Samsung copied Apple, only that Apple’s design is the standard that needs to be met and improved on.

    Now if there is some email out there from a Samsung exec stating that “It needs to look like,” or “make it look more like the iphone”…that would be an embarrassing problem.

    • That’s the danger: there are some interface comparisons Samsung did which strongly suggest the goal was “make it look more like Apple.” Combine that with this e-mail and you get a not-very-flattering image of Samsung’s strategy.

    • LionStone


  • yarrellray

    This means nothing in the grand decidsion of things. Samsung will win these charges..

    • DroidDoesnt_2

      *wishful thinking*

  • Brian

    And did all these products copy the LG Voyager? Apple sucks and takes far too much credit for being so innovative’ their only strength is in their simplicity.

  • Brian

    No, that’s business. I work as a marketing director and I have never NOT heard a CEO or president of a company talk like this about competitor with a better product. Also, companies always assume market share is what makes the product better when in fact most products just have a good ,marketing scheme to make you think they are better and were first.

  • I had the Omnia for a year before buying the Moto Droid and it wasn’t a bad phone for the time. It was much more customizable than the iPhone (but then again anything would be). I don’t regret buying it over the iPhone at all. I also don’t regret replacing the Omnia with the Droid.


    Apple just trying to make up all the money they lost now that Android has taken over.

    • DroidDoesnt_2

      “Apple just trying to make up all the money they lost now that Android has taken over.”

      November 2011-Apple commands a whopping 52 PERCENT of the smartphone industry’s operating profits: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2395951,00.asp

      August 2012-Apple commands a whopping 77 PERCENT of the smartphone industry’s operating profits: http://allthingsd.com/20120806/apple-gorging-on-mobile-industry-revenue/

      So from last November to August the share of the entire smartphone industry profits GREW from 52% to 77%, but they are trying make up money that they LOST to Android????

      Pure, unadulterated IGNORANCE on display for the world to see….

      • 1BIGGBOY

        Here we go again another one to retarded to have a mind of his own.

        • DroidDoesnt_2

          Translation: I really don’t have a valid argument so instead I’ll call him retarded and hope that he doesn’t notice

          • 1BIGGBOY

            No sir I’m just not going to go back and forward with you like the child you are. I have made my comment which gotten to you deeply so my job here is done. So go play with your little toy Ican’t good day sir.

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            I rest my case….

          • John Morris

            You haven’t made a case in the first place. Of course 38 percent of iPhone users switched from another brand. What else can they do?

          • John Morris

            You actually don’t have a valid argument unless your only claim is that Apple makes a lot of money. No one denies that. I will not call you a retard. It is self-evident.

      • So they sell less and less phones but as long as they keep making the money that ok is that it?

        Lets say you own a lemonade stand your operating cost is is 50% of your sales, as you go on you find a way to make your cost go down but keep the prices the same all of a sudden you are at 30% operating cost. Now lets say a new stand opens up across the street with same/better taste. While they do the same as you did their cost goes down but they offer the savings to the customers while you stay at your original price. Your loyal customers (fanboys) stay with you and continue to feed your profits that are higher than your competitor but at the cost of less and less customers overall.

        Hmm sounds like the same stories as above doesnt it.

        • DroidDoesnt_2

          Yours is a straw man’s argument for two basic reasons: 

          1) You fandroids  are so amusing. The only time you can try and point out that the iPhone is selling “less and less” is the typical slowdown in sales the qtr before a new iPhone is released, which happens every time. Some of you same fandroids were trying to make that same lame argument when sales slowed down this time last year, and then the iPhone 4s set record sales in the following quarters. And by the way, even though sales were down from the previous qtr, they still sold 9 million more iPhones than they did from the same qtr a year ago….come again

          2) Your lemonade stand example has a fatal flaw in it: your assumption that it is only the loyal customers of Apple that continue to feed their profits. Try this on for size: “38% of recent iPhone buyers switched from Android or Blackberry” http://news.yahoo.com/38-recent-iphone-buyers-switched-android-blackberry-171020920.html
          Nearly 40% of recent iPhone purchasers are coming from other platforms, dispelling the fandroid-fueled myth that only upgraders are buying iPhones. And most analysts expect the exodus to increase once the new iPhone makes its debut….

          Nice try….

          • 313654

            If you average all quarters together, Apple really is losing the market share wars. and No one disputes they make a lot of money.

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            If you were a business owner, would you rather have the most market share or the most profits?? It doesn’t matter how many cheap pretend iPhones they’re peddling to the public; Apple is walking away with 77PERCENT of the profits…..sell all of the fake iPhones you want….means absolutely nothing

          • John Morris

            I wouldn’t be a fan boy about another business though. You have to be a completely biased fan boy to care so much about some other company’s profits. What is wrong with you? And how can you call Android phones pretend iPhones when iOS apps crash more according to the most recent statistics. The screen is smaller, you can’t choose your keyboard preference, browser default, you can’t drag and drop media, can’t send files over bluetooth, there is no file manager, the front facing camera is only .3 megapixels, the 4s is underclocked to 800 megahertz, there are no widgets, it doesn’t truly multi-task, no micro SD support, and no removable battery. It sounds to me like Android DOES. iOS doesn’t, and I just provided proof.

  • Alex

    They both copied eachother alot. im not just talking about samsung vs the iphone. im saying that both Android and Ios have alot of similarities. lets start with the lock screen… even though its not a big deal, Android clearly copied that. Now the homescreens. They are both different, yet almost completely the same. the only big difference is that not every icon is on the homescreens on the Android. If you want to talk about true copying, just look at the models of the gs3 and iphone. The huge dam button in the middle of the phone… why sammy chose that defeats me, but they took the iphones biggest button and shoved it into there feature phone. If you really want to talk about copying, just look at the notification bar… This all is really stupid. They both copied from eachother and now have quite similar phones. i never had an iphone but i know i can completely navigate through it with my knowledge from Android OS.

  • Pedro

    I swear I saw a Samsung phone at one point jiggle all the icons on the screen.

    Build a good product, let the software differentiate it, and when someone patents an obvious action (tap phone number to dial or text), fight it.
    Don’t put your eggs in an icon basket. Don’t put a single home button on EVERYTHING.

    Pick the battles.
    Pretend you’re married 🙂

  • I just can’t at everyone thinking the iPhone was the first smartphone ever.
    Oh no, a Samsung phone has a bar design with a screen and some icons! COPY!
    Oh wait, the iPhone WASN’T the first smartphone and it WASN’T the first to have that design and it WASN’T the first to have icons on a grid on a homescreen.
    They need to realize that if it weren’t for Samsung making the chips that are in iDevices, then there wouldn’t be the iPhone today. Just a butthurt company afraid of competition (for good reason, they’re still stuck in ’07), so they have to sue anyone that threatens their company. Boohoo.

    • Tom

      I heard Samsung stopped providing chips, causing Apple to seek out Panasonic as their chip provider. This is probably why they haven’t attacked Motorola too. Since it is likely that their wireless technology is using at least one or two of Motorola’s patents. They don’t want Motorola to screw them out of their antennas.

      • Trueblue711

        Can you confirm your sources? I read numerous sites and I’ve never heard anything about the Panasonic chips.

        • Tom

          That would be hard, as I was quite literal in what I said. Here is the story… I know an editor for a certain major internet tech site [both shall remain nameless], and I brought up the fact that he switched from an iPhone to a GNex. Which led to a conversation about the current litigation. And he was the one whom told me that Samsung was severing their contract with Apple for components, and that Apple sought out Panasonic to fill the gap. They are probably waiting for the new iPhone for confirmation (or other concrete confirmation) before releasing it, otherwise, releasing that would be bad press if it turned out to be false information. So for now, take the information with a grain of salt. I trust this guy, so I assume it came from a credible source. However, I am not going to report it as 100% true, because I have no personal way to confirm it [hence I said “I heard” and “probably why.”] You may choose to believe it or not.

    • New_Guy

      To be fair, Apple is not arguing that they were the first to have all of these features or shapes. They are arguing that Samsung’s device looks too much like theirs. The case is about two girls wearing the same dress at a cocktail party. The case itself is embarrassing.

      Apple seems to think that they have the right to occupy some sort of mental space in our minds by which nothing else can infringe on that by making the customer have to look twice. They don’t just want the design patent, they want the mental air space to go with it, and that’s the part I don’t like. That’s the true reason I hope Samsung wins is because if they don’t, Apple will have a giant leg up in this hideous patent war that involves slivers of code and pieces of design that carry no actual weight in anyone’s mind or pocketbook.

    • You’re seriously oversimplifying things here.

      The issue is not a bar design and icons. It’s that particular bar design, those kinds of icons, and that particular way of navigating the screen. Apple isn’t claiming that it invented the smartphone; what it’s claiming is that Samsung went out of its way to make Galaxy phones and the TouchWiz interface behave like an iPhone. Those looks, that control scheme — they’re not stock Android.

      Remember this: HTC and Motorola aren’t being sued for alleged trade dress violations. It’s only Samsung. The others found a way to produce reasonably popular Android models while varying significantly from what Apple was doing. Why is Samsung arguing that any resemblances to Apple’s work were ‘inevitable?’

      • DroidDoesnt_2

        It is also no coincidence that the most successful brand of Android phones are the ones that most closely resemble the iPhone….

        • Dain Laguna

          its also no coincidence that samsung makes a TON of galaxy branded smartphones. not exactly appples to apples….:-)

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Right….bcuz they sell soooo many Droid Charge’s and Samsung Stratosphere’s…..

          • Dain Laguna

            lol so you know the name of 2 (wow 2!) galaxy smartphones on vzw and that makes you an expert? there are DOZENS of galaxy variants bro. all on different carriers. stop confirming the apple fanboy stereotype so many here have.

          • sdfsdf

            actually youd be surprised how many they do…charge was a big seller

      • Trueblue711

        You’re forgetting that Samsung is #1 and their Galaxy phones (especially the S3) are the first phones to pose as a true threat to the iPhone. That’s why Apple is going after them. Slide to Unlock and universal search (which got the Galaxy Nexus blocked) has been on almost EVERY other Android phone, and Apple isn’t going after them.

      • nimbyist

        to be fair, those kinds of icons have been on my desktop for decades, and navigating an app drawer is either left/right or up/down. (it’d be pretty cool/impractical seeing a circular drawer though) my droid functions like the iphone a lot in that sense (left/right) i’m flummoxed at why the iphone home screen is consistently being compared against the android app drawer, instead of a home screen with widgets.

    • L. S.

      Of course they are not the first. They are the first to do it right in the first try.

  • Maybe they’ll learn that skinning is retarded and ditch touchwiz altogether. Instead, using stock android and adding their gimmicks to it. It would improve their “UX” 10 million fold.

  • disastrousrainbow

    The Galaxy S and SII are by far the biggest offenders in this copying claim. I mean, they literally look like enlarged iPhone 3G’s. I saw a Fascinate the other day and if that Samsung logo gets covered up, there’s quite the resemblance. I’m with Apple on that one. Also the Galaxy Tab.

    And you know it’s not Apple wanting to monopolize either. They showed other designs of tablets from other manufacturers in this trail where they said those clearly have different designs than their iPad so I found that pretty surprising of them. They’re just pissed at Samsung for making their phones so damn similar in design and with that I agree.

    • tspx23

      the SII looks like a iphone3g a 4.3-4.52″ display with a 16:9 aspect ratio? In what world? I can understand the S1 (but once again 16:9 and is thinner) it has the same footprint but has a larger screen space , but the SII has flat edges and back is way thinner and a lot LARGER

      What other samsung phones are copied? The note? The Nexus? The nexus S? Apple listed 17 samsung products of which maybe only the Galaxy S line has some design cues copied and that too are different. As for the Galaxy Tab look for a picture of one side by side or in real life 16:9 tablet vs 4:3 iPad, there is no way they can ever look the same. The tab is shorter and wider and thinner. The picture was edited to have a 4:3 aspect ratio.

      It is funny to see that Apple is attacking nearly all of Samsungs products while they were completely unthreatened a couple of years ago when the Galaxy S was released.

      • disastrousrainbow

        Galaxy S and SII are the primary design offenders. The rest are being brought into question over the UI design, which come on, is pretty blatantly “inspired” by the iPhone.

        That internal memo released earlier today further supports that. It basically boils down to this:

        “Here’s how the iPhone does this, here’s how the Galaxy does it, it’s not as good. Recommendation? Make it as good as the iPhone.”

        Only someone in a warped of world could really believe Samsung didn’t lift design and UI elements from the iPhone to make it similar. Example, Samsung had no reason to add a square background to apps in the app tray. No reason. At all. Other than to keep it in line with the iPhone’s look. Same thing with that flower background for the gallery. No reason other than Apple did it so let’s make it similar.

        And just so you know, I have an S3 so I’m not dogging on Samsung because I’m in favor of Apple, I’m just a realist who sees Samsung made some very erroneous decisions when “creating” certain phones.

        • tspx23

          over the UI design? the only thing i can think of is squared off icons from the galaxy s series i’ve owned about every samsung android phone after that and it never returns to it. it will be interesting to see what other UI elements apple says samsung is copying (especially in phones like the Nexus series)

          And it doesn’t really matter what phone you have, I’m just saying most of the design and UI elements Samsung allegedly mimmicked are from 3 years ago. Don’t really get why Apple is starting to pursue them now.

          • disastrousrainbow

            Well if I recall correctly Apple filed these claims a while ago and the Galaxy Tab models are barely a year old so that’s pretty recent. I agree over the Nexus, not sure what they’ve got there, but a lot of the UI enhancements, like the “luxurious” and “fun” elements like animations and scroll bouncing Samsung implemented in the places where they saw Apple had done it are what have more merit.

            Personally, I find it all silly, but at the same time I cab see Apple’s point.

  • Dat Nguyen

    What’s so embarrassing about recognizing the gap between your product and the market leader?

    • Joshua Barta

      I agree. No executive of any company, in any industry, ignores the competition if they want their own products to be successful.

    • Cameron Cox

      Market Leader? Apple is not the market leader, Samsung is.

      • Dat Nguyen

        No, Samsung is just the biggest market threat.

  • AhsanS

    I dislike Apple, but I’ll have to admit that Samsung has copied Apple quite a little.

    • tspx23

      in what aspects? maybe as a company… ex. taking the balls to finally tell carriers how to market and sell their devices. but from a hardware or software standpoint i can’t make the connection 4.8 inch hd screen with a pebble like look vs 3.5″ rectangle

      • AhsanS

        The physical home button(s), Galaxy Tab design, packaging design, icons, Touchpiss, etc. Well, at least the early versions of Touchpiss.

        I’m not a fan of Samsung or Apple, but its clear that Samsung’s taken some (emphasis on some) design aspects from Apple hardware and software-wise.

        • Daistaar

          Does Apple now have a patent on a button? My keyboard just violated that one 102 times…

        • nimbyist

          so you think buttons, rectangles, cardboard boxes, and 32×32 jpgs should be patented?

        • Raven

          Although I hate what Apple is doing as much as most people around here, and think that patenting such design elements is completely frivolous, I do think that the centered physical home button was indeed a blatant iPhone copy. The 1 large home button was not an Android standard at all (and never should be, it is one of the reasons I hate iPhones). So, it was pretty obviously copied to make their phone seem more iPhone like.

          • 313654

            apple doesn’t get To own a home button.

        • tspx23

          You do know Phones have had buttons on them since forever. I will agree the only phone that looks similar to the iPhone is the Galaxy S due to touchwiz 1.0. That has been fixed in updates. I don’t see any other devices that is blatantly similar to the iPhone. It’s just Apples personal attack because they have been dethroned. Funny to see they didn’t sue Samsung for the Galaxy S 3 years ago if they were truly worried about patent infringement.

          Galaxy Tab is 16:9 and the images were altered to look like an iPad which is 4:3 side by side they look nothing like each other.

          Packaging?? Seriously, do people look at the box when they go to T-mobile and buy a phone because of that?

  • Alan Paone

    To be honnest, I hope apple wins and the next samsung phones don’t look anything like the iphone. There’s still an element of copying there and it bugs me. I don’t want an iphone, and I still don’t want one that says ‘samsung’ on the back.

    • Knlegend1

      I think I would have to agree, but only against Samsung. I don’t want them winning anything against android as a whole. There is no reason to have a dedicated physical home button on the galaxy devices. That’s silly to me.

      • I really love having my home button on my s3 I didn’t think I would but I do.

        • Alan Paone

          Eeew no. You’re wrong.

          • 313654

            no your wrong.

      • nimbyist

        i like having a home button. it’s like ‘the’ shortcut to gtfo w.e i’m doing.

    • Charles Rogers

      Yep Circle phones it is!

    • A win against Samsung is a win against other Android/Windows Mobile hardware makers. These overall design patents are very vague, and a win for Apple (in this one particular) case is a loss for the industry. Actually these huge law firms are the real winners here. Even when they lose they win.

      • disastrousrainbow

        This isn’t necessarily true. Like I said before, Apple themselves showed other Android devices from other manufacturers in this trail as proof that that they differed from Apple’s design language, so really a win against Samsung is just a a win against Samsung for literally swiping a lot of design cues from the iPhone.

        Remember that different phones are being shown for different reasons. For example, the Galaxy S and SII are the main offenders in the design patent category, whereas most of Samsung’s pre-SIII devices and their UI’s are being shown off as copying UI language.

        • Alan Paone

          Exactly. Almost all of the rectangles have been thrown out of other cases, but they’re still here because samsung’s rectangles look exactly liek apple rectangles, while motorola rectangles don’t. A win for Apple in this case is really only a win against Samsung.

          • 313654

            apple does not get to own geometric shapes; they shall be shared.

      • Alan Paone

        If these design patents are so vague, why is Samsung the only company still being sued over them?

        • tspx23

          Samsung is the only one being sued because they are the biggest players in the market right now. I will admit the Galaxy S might have had some design cues taken from the iPhone, especially with touchwiz and the home button. Funny though that the home buttons/touchwiz was updated in the US releases. Apple is clearly targeting Samsung because they are afraid. The SII has features the iPhone doesn’t have and a different design. The SIII looks nothing like any other phone period. For Apple to target 17 different models seems like they don’t care about patents but they just want to stop Samsung.

    • Trueblue711

      The Galaxy S3 is a great example of a Samsung phone that is beautiful on its own. It looks and feels very different than the iPhone 4/S.

      • Alan Paone

        I wouldn’t say its beautiful, but its definitely different! 😛

        • 313654

          I do say that it is beautiful unlike your face.

    • William_Morris

      A win against Samsung will set legal precedent. Considering the creator of Apple’s choice words about a “thermonuclear war” against Android, this will just be the first step. They want the damages from Samsung no doubt, but I think they’re more in mind with squashing the brand that poses a legitimate threat against them.

      I can see both sides of the coin but at the same time, I honestly wish Judge Posner was the one presiding over this case. It would have been thrown out.

      I also feel like a hypocrite because I’m not necessarily one to look at other countries’ court cases for legal precedent but it seems the US is in a VERY small group of countries that have any sort of patents on software. Had this been in other locales such as in Great Britain, Apple would have lost this battle already.

      But I digress. Regardless of outcome, the losers in this, regardless of which product they use, is the consumer and the taxpayer. We will be the ones to foot the bill be it in higher phone costs or the taxes to have paid for this circus that we call a court case.

      • Alan Paone

        Hardly. Judge posner threw out the Apple v Motorola case because both companies didn’t have much to stand on. They were both bickering over extremely low level technical patents and couldn’t’ prove any damages.
        Samsung is different from every other OEM. Apple didn’t say that they stole their technology like they did with HTC and Moto, they said they ripped off the look and feel, their copyrights and their designs.

  • Knlegend1

    I’m just imagining that rectangle comment in real time. Imagine two kids in a sandbox playing and arguing over shapes. That’s stupid dumb, but this email. Omg this just doesn’t help the case one bit.

  • Bionicman

    if apple wins anything from samsung, whats to stop them from targeting other companies knowing that they could get a judge and jury to help them win craploads of money? not to mention this judge has given the impression that she is pro-apple. on another note, i had a Samsung Omnia with Winmo 6 and while it probably wasn’t an amazing phone, it had some really neat features like 8GB internal memory and nice display, albeit not a very good touchscreen hehe

    • Alan Paone

      They have a lot less of a case against other companies because everyone else doesn’t make phones that look suspiciously like iphones. Lucy Koh is neutral, she gave samsung a victory awhile back and everyone wondered if she was biased because she’s a korean. Shes a good judge, and she’s pissed that this actually went to trial at all.

      • 313654

        samsung phones look better than the freaking iphone.

  • nightscout13

    I predict Samsung loses this case, because of the Judge that won’t allow evidence on behalf of Samsung, and because so far not much has been released to protect Samsung. It will be a sad day when Samsung loses.

    • antwonw

      Yes, but Samsung will appeal it to the US Court of Appeals. From there they could win…or get handed the same verdict (loose).

      • nightscout13

        Samsung needs better lawyers. Seems like they hire the lowest bidder to represent them…..

        • antwonw

          I agree man.

          • veggiesammich

            Are you kidding and/or being sarcastic? Go ahead and take a look at the firm representing Samsung, without question, one of the top litigation firms in the world. That same firm has been winning case-after-case for Google/Android over the past couple of years. I guess you also hadn’t read any of the articles about how much more the Samsung attorneys are getting paid? Like this: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2012/07/apple-v-samsung-whose-lawyers-are-getting-paid-in-the-smartphone-wars/

          • antwonw

            Wow. I did not know that! Thanks for sharing!

  • Q

    Also.. is that “heaven and earth” quote a translation from Korean? I dont know Korean, but Ive noticed when some Asian languages are translated to English, the translation sometimes sounds really dramatic lol

    • I just read the exact email in Korean. It literally says that the difference in UX is that of heaven and earth. But yes, it is much less dramatic when you say that in Korean, much more a common phrase.

    • DD

      I’m guessing it is a very Asian thing. Even in India we have exactly the same saying in many languages. Surprisingly when we translate the same in English it is usually “there is a hell of a difference between X & Y”

    • Droidzilla

      I’m sure it’s the same as saying “night and day” in English.

  • Q

    I disagree with this being embarassing. To me, this is honestly. It takes guts to look at yourself and say, “this isnt good enough”. This is what motivates people to go forward. Fanboys are the ones that sit around stroking their own egos. Hubris is their downfall. Samsung saw a deficiency and stepped it up and look where they are now. If they had kept making the same phone over and over, they’d just be another HTC right now

    • MrU.

      Correct! I never wanted a Samsung (still don’t want an iPhone, but for different reasons). I then got the GNex–very good, and now the SGS3, and I think, “Wow, what a remarkably different device then the ‘Hello, Kitty’ device I had 12 years ago.”

      More advanced than my Droid X, that’s for sure.

    • dwm

      I agree 100%. I see nowhere in that email that is says we must copy the iPhone. If anything it proves that they were of the mindset of “this is the bar that we now must exceed”.

    • GazaIan

      That is EXACTLY how I feel.

    • Agreed. It takes balls to say, we’re sucking right now, so we need to improve.

    • gingerhead

      Your analysis seems correct to me. Anyone who does not understand that businesses are always evaluating the competition is just clueless. That would mean that Ford, GM, Toyota, and Nissan are not aware of what BMW or Audi are offering and evaluating those alternatives.

  • gbenj

    (“Whether or not they did completely copy all things Apple is up to the judge to decide.”)

    Umm, isnt the decision up to the Jury? Pretty sure thats how it works in America!

    • antwonw

      He’s correct. This case is being tried in front of a jury. However, the judge could over rule the jury’s decision. Either way, my guess is this there will be an appeal which it will go to the US Court of Appeals which is all judges.

      Source: http://www.technobuffalo.com/companies/apple/apple-samsung-judge-explains-details/

      • Tom

        Welp! I was wrong. Good show sir. Hopefully it will be truly impartial. (Again, I doubt this will be so)

    • Tom

      Nope, Judge only. /You/ have a right to be tried by a jury of your peers… in other words that applies /mainly/ to criminal court cases. Most trials are not. Besides, I wouldn’t trust the jury to be impartial in this case, on either side. If there are any Android fans or Apple fans in the jury, everything is already biased. Let a hopefully impartial Judge take care of it.

    • docmars

      Jury or no jury, the overall case is just a waste of time. This is mostly regarding software patents, basic shapes, and colors. Innovation is at stake, not someone’s petty ego.

      However, I will say, blatant copying is pretty lazy, but I would like someone to compare Windows with Mac with Ubuntu, and see who’s copying. Let’s face it, there are fairly universal ways to handle things, especially in the world of interfaces. It’s pretty limited in the amount of approaches you can take to certain problems.

  • The samsung omnia once saved my life it was so awful i bought a droid and was saved

    • ME TOO!! haha Went from a Moto Q9(Stolen)- Omnia(returned in one week)- Droid Eris!!