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OUYA and XBMC Get Together For Tailored Experience When the Console Launches

The OUYA project, born of Kickstarter, is a home run so far, and even calling it that might be an understatement. Every big Android project or developer seems to be hopping on the bandwagon with the game console and the latest development team would be the people behind XBMC. The popular media application has come from Mac, Linux and Windows and now to Android, giving users one place to view all their media. With the news today, XBMC looks to invade your living room through the OUYA console.

Even though XBMC for Android still isn’t quite official, the company promises that the code is going to be merged into the master line soon, and that the application will work well on the OUYA platform. Android developers seem to be working hard to make this new device much more than just a video game console. 2 days left to back OUYA, are you going to jump in before it closes?

Via: Engadget

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    No, I still prefer my quality games on my Xbox 360. I don’t personally see any appeal to what I think is the horribly named “OUYA”. Android mobile games are fine when I’m on the go, but I will always choose a top tier console or computer gaming over those. But I do applaud anything that adds more choices to the very small console market, but I don’t personally think it’s meant to compete with the big three consoles, at least I hope that isn’t it’s stated goal. And I would have absolutely bought one and funded it on Kickstarter, except for the fact that the creator said it absolutely must have free games on it. But of course that is an ironic statement knowing that he will allow garbage, pathetic, mobile game ruining, deceptive, unethical, greedy, developers who will swamp the console with their “FREE-TO-PAY/ PAY-TO-WIN/ FREEMIUM/ IN-APP PURCHASE RIDDLED/ FREE-TO-PLAY (HAHA!)” B.S. garbage crippled games. That scene of unscrupulous games and evil developers has all but ruined Android mobile gaming. I see no hope for the OUYA if it allows that fetid trash on it’s system. And I’m in the process of filing a huge report for an article, and to turn over to Google and the FTC, showcasing all of the criminal actions of many, many developers that have let greed and corruption literally turn them into to two-bit criminals.

  • r0lct

    I backed it day one, where’s my Internet cookie?

  • The truth is that all android games sucks compared to what iphone has and then, what ever we ,android, DO get is a port of the iphone version just a bit more graphic beefed, I am more pissed off about dumb games that require you to pay to get items in the game or work your ass off to achieve those items if even possible based on the game, if thats the way that ouya is heading, which is what it looks like, count me out, I rather pay $5-10 for a game and thats it, not pay countless of money and then have that money go to waist.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Go away troll…no one cares about your so-called opinions.

    • This is an interesting process you speak of where companies charge transcastion fees for items in smaller amounts for items previously bundled in a game or stuff put into a major update. The financial model of the companies should change to address this cash cow and capitalize on small or micro transactions; wait they already do this on almost all systems…..

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      I agree with you one hundred percent on the micro transactions. It has completely tarnished and obliterated the once valued integrity of countless Android game developers. And it won’t be a permanent fixture either, mark my words, freemium garbage will only work up to a point, and I can already see a mass amount of customers being fed up with being ripped off and nickeled and dimed, and getting crippled games, deceptively on many occasions, that are sold back to them in chunks. No one will believe me, but I couldn’t care less because I know this will have much different end than most of these greedy unethical swine developers think it will. And when they wise up and return to where they are offering quality products again, and giving people something for their money, well they will see that not many customers will be as forgiving as they think for their greed.

  • brando56894

    This definitely makes me want to get this even more, but I’m going to wait until it comes out to see how it does.

  • I decided to drop the $99 for early Ouya and become a backer. Definitly looks like it’s getting a lot of support from the android community, and even support for the dev community in there too, making it easily rootable.

  • Jon Gee

    I’m a backer for this console but below the $100 level. The unit itself has exciting possibilities. However, as it is being marketed as a game machine I’m going to want to see the games before jumping in for a box. OnLive at launch is good but their library is limited as far as main stream games go. I have no doubt that the Ouya will see the light of day though I want to know what I’ll be playing before I give it a place in my home.

    • michael arazan

      Exactly, i don’t need a console to play games on with ads popping up all the or flashing across the top or bottom while trying to play a gamelike from the play market. Plus i have an xbox, and there are tons of amateur game devs that put out dc games that are under $20 and very good to play. Plus all the android games play well now on a phone with a gig of ram and a 1.2 or better processor, need some convincing before I think about getting it.

      • Jon Gee

        I don’t think that we’ll see ads in games on Ouya. I just want to make sure the quality is there before making the investment.

  • b_to_the_randon

    I really want to jump on the Ouya bandwagon but this isn’t projected to ship the early orders until around March 2013? Will Tegra 3 even still be relevant by then?

    • MKader17

      I wondered the same thing,but when I think about it last year around February we were holding off for devices in expectation for quad-core phones. Now, almost a year and a half later there are only a few phones and tablets with quad-core.

      Also, gaming consoles have never been the most beastly devices when it comes to processing, so maybe if a developer is specifically designing a game for it he will really be able to utilize the Tegra 3 (have you played shadow gun on a Tegra 3 device? pretty nice looking). However, I still have a little doubt about the constraints of developing a serious game on top of Android, but I’m no developer anyways.

      In addition, this will be the first time that a serious mobile chip will be integrated in a device where battery life and device comfort (i.e. heat) is not an issue. I’m not sure, but that seems like a huge advantage to me. The device can be designed to dissipate heat, which will allow to safely run higher clock speeds and continually push the processor.

    • EvanTheGamer

      That’s also a thing I’m wondering myself. Also, Ice Cream Sandwich. Of course, they can always upgrade the console to Jelly Bean(or whatever the new version is at the time), but Tegra 3. Guess we’ll find out.

    • OMJ

      I dont think thats a big issue in this case. Will it be a top of the line processor? No it wont. But its still quad core and there are going to be games Tailored specifically for Ouya. The xbox 360 processor certainly isnt relevant in terms of PC processors but its still a good gaming console.

      • lgreg64

        agree. know one thinks that about x-box or ps3

  • Cam

    As someone who remembers the ‘Phantom’ game console from several years ago, I still have a hard time jumping on this. Especially when there is still no actual hardware or software to show off.
    I will let the kickstarter project slide away, but here’s hoping it will become a reality. This could be a boon for Android gaming on phones and tablets as well. And, if it does become a reality, I’m sure I will be picking one up.

    • EvanTheGamer

      I also remember Phantom, lol..but that was a long time ago, and I’m sure he OUYA crew actually know what they’re doing.

      I’m pretty confident that the OUYA will be the “Android Gamers Dream Console” when it hits early next year. And I’m happy to support them early. I’m purchasing the limited edition(couldn’t resist), and it’s not much money anyways, so…why not right?

    • MKader17

      That was 8 years ago and OUYA shows their hardware and specs and says that they have a working prototype. That seems like actual hardware and software to me.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Yep, exactly.

      • Cam

        Do they actually have the hardware and software? All I have actually seen are the mockups. I’m not saying it isn’t real, I’m just saying that they haven’t actually shown anything real.
        Call me a pessimist, I just want to see the thing actually function before I throw money at it. I did initially back it within the first few days, but pulled out when there was nothing but talk from the Ouya team.
        I do want this to succeed, though. Like I said, this could be a HUGE win for Android gaming as a whole. And, it will be nice for the indie developers without deep pockets who want to make console games to have a console to call home.

        • EvanTheGamer

          The pictures of the OUYA is as real as the Sun in the sky.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Hell yeah, XBMC on OUYA, pretty f’n awesome!!