First “User-Friendly” Build of XBMC Released For Android


For fans of XBMC, this should make you happy. Last night, the team introduced the first “user-friendly” version of the application, which actually runs alongside an additional media player, but makes for a much better user experience on the device. I personally have not tested it out yet, but people on XDA are reporting pleasant results so far.  (more…)

XBMC Beta 2 Released for Android, Xbox 360 Controller Support and Audio Fixes


Late last night, the development team at XBMC released the second beta for their application that brings a lot of bug fixes, and console controller support. For anyone using an Xbox 360, you can now use your controller to control the application, which is sweet. To top it off, they have fixed some audio issues, along with some other bugs that users submitted from the first beta.

The download link is below, so try it out and let the team know how it is.

Download: xbmc_Frodo-Beta_2

Via:  XBMC

XBMC Nightlies Available for Download, Still Pretty Rough Around the Edges

Things are heating up with XBMC in the Android arena. XBMC, if you haven’t heard, is a popular cross-media player that developers are working hard on getting ported successfully to Android. Nightly downloads are up and available as long as your phone falls into the list of NEON or non-NEON devices listed under the XDA thread.

Installers beware, this is a nightly so there is a laundry list of bugs that have been reported with this application so far. Since XBMC is geared towards larger devices, the battery drain on Android is significant and the application uses a lot of your phone’s resources, expect your device to be running pretty hot. If you can brave the list of bugs and get the nightly working on your phone then hit the source link below and find the apk that works for your device.

Via: XDA

OUYA and XBMC Get Together For Tailored Experience When the Console Launches

The OUYA project, born of Kickstarter, is a home run so far, and even calling it that might be an understatement. Every big Android project or developer seems to be hopping on the bandwagon with the game console and the latest development team would be the people behind XBMC. The popular media application has come from Mac, Linux and Windows and now to Android, giving users one place to view all their media. With the news today, XBMC looks to invade your living room through the OUYA console.

Even though XBMC for Android still isn’t quite official, the company promises that the code is going to be merged into the master line soon, and that the application will work well on the OUYA platform. Android developers seem to be working hard to make this new device much more than just a video game console. 2 days left to back OUYA, are you going to jump in before it closes?

Via: Engadget

Official XBMC Headed to Android, Test Build Download Available

XBMC is a widely popular media center that is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows users. The good news for Android device owners is that it will soon be made available to us as well. Once installed on Android, users can access all of their on-device media files including music, video and photos, but also download from a large assortment of content add-ons that can be viewed while on a WiFi or data connection.  (more…)