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Google Wallet Installable on All of Verizon’s NFC Phones, Getting It to Work Another Story

After the FCC ruled that Verizon could no longer block tethering apps, as it violated the “C Block rules” attached to their purchase of the C-Block spectrum that their 4G LTE network now runs on, we wondered if other non-tethering apps would be a included in the deal. From what we’re hearing, it does apply to other apps, specifically Google Wallet.ย 

As you know from numerous reports in the past, Verizon was blocking Google Wallet from their NFC-equipped phones because the app was “different” than normal apps. But after after the FCC ruling was handed out, and Google released the new cloud-powered version of Wallet, it suddenly became available to all of Big Red’s NFC-equipped devices, including the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3, and Incredible 4G LTE.

If you cruise into the Google Play store today, and search for “Google Wallet,” you likely won’t find it for whatever reason. However, if you click the new direct link to the app on either your phone or web browser, you can install the app to your device.

Here is the direct link.

Once installed, it seems to still be blocked on the Galaxy S3 and Incredible 4G LTE from working, giving off a “Unfortunately, Google Wallet is not yet available for your device or mobile network,” message. If you own a Galaxy Nexus, there is a pretty good chance that it will actually work, whether you are rooted or not.

Results seem to be hit or miss for many, so all we can do is recommend that you give it a shot. Remember, you have to go through the direct link we provided above.


Let us know in the comments if you are having any success.

Cheers VZW Tipster and everyone else who sent this!

  • Jay

    This is BS. I spent most of my day on the phone with Verizon, Motorola, and Google Wallet. The end result was that Verizon is still blocking Google Wallet from their devices. I have the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD, and can not in any way get this app on my phone. This sucks.

  • chuckg73

    can’t install on my Droid Razr Maxx HD

  • jose

    Says not compatible on vzw gs3 running latest cm10 won’t let me download in play or browser

  • David S.

    I have the gs3 and it says not supported. My sister should be getting the Galaxy nexus in the next day or two and I’ll see if I can get her to see if she can get it

  • bob

    my said don’t quit your day job… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Farley Lai

    VZW GN based on AOKP JB Build1-r20
    Initially, it shows “Not Supported” as the above. After I turn off the airplane mode and make sure my Galaxy Nexus connects to Verizon network, Google wallet runs successfully and I can select my credit card. Thereafter, I turn on the airplane mode, it shows another message indicating NFC is disabled. Then I manually turn on NFC in the settings. Everything works fine. So in conclusion, the first time to enable Google wallet may require the device connected to the carrier.

  • thegoodshot

    So what’s going on with this? As of 8/9/12 there is still no access to Google Wallet from my VZW G-nex. Why did this report start circulating the internet if very few or nobody has been able to make it work? (all other .apk sideloads aside)

  • Blaine Browning

    Sweet. I had installed Google Wallet a while ago when there was the online installation work around and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to update it to allow for new credit cards. However, by texting myself the link (or e-mail) and then opening the link with Google Play on my phone, I was successful in updating the software. Pretty sure I could have installed it brand new this way too. I have a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon.

  • Wireless Fool

    I couldn’t get the “direct link” to install on my GSIII. However, after setting it up on my Nexus 7 and clicking the link in the welcome email, I was able to install it on my GSIII. It still doesn’t work though : /

  • Julian Leung

    that guy has a SHITLOAD of devices…

  • Just in case anyone is still wondering if they should try this….

    I am currently completely stock, un-rooted and locked.

    Running 4.0.4, build number IMM76K.

    I just clicked on the direct link about 20 minutes ago, and Play Store (web) let me install to my “Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus” (to be sure, without the direct link, I couldn’t find it by searching).

    It was installed instantly on my phone, and five minutes later I was logged in and using the application. I haven’t gone anywhere to actually test out purchasing with it, but I’m not even getting the “Unsupported Device” warning I used to get when I was using GW on a rooted ROM.

    Chalk this one up as a huge win in my opinion.

  • Andrew Schwartzmeyer

    Verizon Galaxy Nexus here (rooted running Bugless Beast), am now able to install and update from store, rather than with a side-loaded APK.

  • matti861

    US carriers piss me the hell off. Let us use our phones as we deem fit

  • Executor 32

    All of the tricks I’ve seen never worked for me, I just ended up sideloading it. Then today, someone on RootzWiki suggested using Market Enabler (
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/atvq5kphccnkjvx/Market_Enabler_v3.1.1.1.apk, requires root) to fake being on T-Mobile, which worked marvelously.

  • Matt Bunn

    I get the following message when accessing the Play store: This app is incompatible with all of your devices. Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus (last used August, 2012)What do I need to do?

  • S3 still says “This item isn’t available in your country or by your carrier” WTF!?

  • wilks79

    I have it on my rooted VZW Nexus, but it says there’s a warning that it’s an ‘unsupported device’. Have heard it still works, but haven’t tried it yet.

  • Peter Stover

    Verizon Galaxy Nexus: No Wallet, No Jelly Bean, No plan renew on Verizon!

  • superdog

    could not get Google wallet to download to my Verizon nexus. I have the stock operating system

  • Wel

    What if we absolutely, positively, do not want this ever, for any reason at all?

    • TD

      Dont install it? Pretty sure Isis is gonna get shoved down your throat at some point though.

  • alphanu22
  • GNexed

    Seems that it might work, even though it’s giving me a “device not supported” message. Check the two screenshots. During setup it still let me create my PIN and seems to want to allow me to add cards.

  • Steven Cornea

    Weird how it works if you go to google play and install it but if you search it in the play store on my GN and it won’t find it, guess thats verizon screwing with people.

  • John Davids

    rooted with CM9 on a VZW G-nex. No go. Tried from a desktop browser, tried from the mobile browser, tried from the play store, tried from your direct link. Nothing will let me install it. Get stopped with the “incompatible device” at every turn.

    /sad panda

  • 2Ceedz

    Keep gettting the $.00 on bro-in-laws account & card, but on my phone I get the $10.00…. is a brand new phone, and nfc works (and wallet worked when I used my account on his device)….. Not too sure why that is….
    Even on BuglessBeast and updated wallet app, I still get $.00 on his phone when adding the card…he doesnt care but bugs me…LOL.

  • gpzbc

    Weird. When I click on the link, then click install, my phone is greyed out. No matter what I try, I can’t get it to let me install to my Galaxy Nexus. I have even tried the mobile browser workaround and no luck. Any ideas? Thanks.

  • I Love this, Used mine today MC’D’s and getting gas at Chevron. Both Cashiers were blown away

  • Kevin Faaborg

    I had been using Google Wallet on and off previously on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus with the Pre-Paid Google Debit card (through the browser trick) and gotten snacks and such earlier in the year, waiting for this to finally get updated, but when it did, I ran through the update and kept getting an error message about “Add Card Failed”, even though it still authorizes my debit card for $1 each time i try (though not my credit card). Ran through several steps including removing the account from Wallet, then readding, removing info again and trying to un-install/reinstall the app (so i don’t lock out my wallet account), even using my alternate google account (in case the 2-step authorization was causing an issue with primary account), and not only would it STILL not load, then the Google PrePaid card would not load anymore either.
    It almost seems like their servers are getting pounded like when the prepaid google debit card was having issues.
    (Just to note, my NFC still works just fine with Beam, so its not an NFC issue.)

    • Hey, I’ve been having this same issue, have you gotten it to work?

      • Kevin Faaborg

        I still have not gotten it to work, No. I attempt to re-add my Pre-Paid debit card at least 1-2 times a day, and it fails, I attempt to add a separate card once every other day and it also fails. I have LogCat Lite (was installed for something else) and it seems like the issue may all be on Google’s End since In the log it shows as submitting, then coming back as failed with no other info.

  • Greg Smith

    I had it installed on my rooted Gnex when I flashed an early Vicious JB ROM a few weeks ago. Put my Citi MC on it, and went through authorization process, but never got to use it at a retail store. Payment for my N7 did go through Wallet from the Play store. Now I have flashed the Team Liquid Beta 1 JB ROM after a factory reset & data wipe. Restored the old phone ID when prompted by TiBU. Installed the Wallet update. It remembered my PIN, but not my credit card. Why would that be if the card is now stored in the “Cloud”, and I can see it on the web version of Wallet?
    Tried to add the same Citi MC: error “Unfortunately Wallet has stopped”.
    BTW, used to get a “device not supported” error with the old ROM and prior version or Wallet, that no longer pops up with the updates

  • aaahh…it’s not real..it’s a rouse…adware even.

  • Loeyuue

    Nope, not installable from play store or the direct link on my incredible 4G LTE.

  • nightscout13

    I still get “This item isn’t available in your country or by your carrier” and “this app is incompatible with all your devices” (Verizon stock unrooted GS3)

  • got it to download on my Gnex verizon, but it only allows Citi Mastercard, Googel prepaid and gift cards??????????? WTH??

  • gk08

    Same thing with AT&T

  • Peter Stover


  • won’t download for my Galaxy Nexus. Still says incompatible…

  • Says not available in my country or on my carrier vzw s3

  • Running Jelly Bean on my rooted VZW Gnex. I was able to update to the latest version of Wallet and used it for this first time 30 minutes ago at McDonalds. It worked flawlessly and I totally impressed the lady at the counter. This isn’t the most tech-minded town so she had no idea what I had just done.

  • doesnt work on CM10 VZW SGS3 latest release from app store or direct link.
    “This app is incompatible with all of your devices.”

  • Went to the direct link and it says, “This item is not available on your carrier.”

  • Doesn’t work on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Both the website and Android app state unavailable.

  • Travis Gary

    says not available in my country or carrier. rooted stock rom vzw

  • Mike

    Verizon is delusional…nobody wants to use their crappy apps/pay services. They should do themselves a favor and ditch ALL of them and re-focus those monies on adding bandwidth as well as keeping plan costs down.

    Yes, some customers will leave because they want gimmicks, but good riddance!

    They tried this crap with VZ navigator, Rhapsody, etc….when will they learn.

    • Travis Gary

      they cant see it because they are delusional. have you ever tried telling someone they are delusional. they never believe you.

  • Alex Mosqueda

    i was able to install wallet on my s3 since day one without root but just wasnt able to use it since verizon blocks it but ive had it installed ever since i first got it i got my hopes up when it installed no problem but as always verizon let me down

  • This app is incompatible with all of your devices.” – Verizon Galaxy Nexus

  • I can get it installed on my Verizon GNex, but when I try adding a credit card, it gets stuck at “adding card…” (Running AOKP JB)

  • gope

    You can load the latest project elite build and wallet will work. Its over at df or on actngrezy twitter

  • shdowman


  • Anyone trying on a Razr or Razr Maxx? Just tried it on my MAXX and it’s not compatible. Bummer.

  • Barry Karschner

    This app is incompatible with all of your devices.
    Verizon Samsung Galaxy NexusThis item is not available on your carrier.Samsung Galaxy NexusThis item is not available on your carrier.Verizon Motorola DROID2This item is not available on your carrier.

  • Had Google Wallet for awhile on my Galaxy Nexus, the link is working just fine, and I’m also currently still tweaking my Jelly Bean AOSP build.

  • sahilm

    It wasn’t working for me the first day of the update, but now it’s suddenly working fine. So confused.

  • Jonathan Williams

    Just used it at CVS with my debit card n worked fine on my GNex

  • says it’s not compatible with my SG3

  • Marcismo

    Those with the VZW GS3 need to install the Sprint NFC libs to get this working…look on XDA

  • streetlightman

    just use market enabler and switch to US T-mobile (or any network for that matter)… it works fine for me

  • Drummer62

    This app is incompatible with your Galaxy Nexus. Verizon galaxy nexus, non-rooted. That is from the direct link you provided ๐Ÿ™

  • moelsen8

    why isn’t wallet searchable in the market? even if you’re searching the web play store, not logged in to google, you can’t find it. what’s up with that?

    • moelsen8

      even on my nexus 7, i can’t find it and it’s not listed in the “installed apps” section of the market. had to use the direct link to update it to the newest version. it’s bugging me that i can’t find an answer to this.

  • lol

    no go. unlocked, rooted, Jelly Bean via cm10 preview

  • Steven

    Google Wallet says it isn’t available on my carrier. I have an S3 from Verizon.

  • On galaxy nexus, rooted running new liquid smooth jelly bean. When i go to intall i get “secure element not responding.”

    • streetlightman

      Looks like your secure element is shot. Since VZW now supports g-wallet, flash back to stock and get your device replaced

  • htowngtr

    I have it on my rooted device but it wouldn’t make a payment when I tried. The NFC found the device for payment and then the cashier’s thing denied it.

  • summit1986

    Since Wallet is cloud based and not off of the Secure Element anymore, will Google revise it so phones with locked out Secure Elements can get it working again?

    • Ivealwaysgotmail

      GET YOUR PHONE REPLACED!! idk why everyone is like OH NO my Secure element! Call your/carrier/manufacturer, Tell them you need a new phone! your Secure element destroyed itself! …. Its not your fault!

  • jdl13

    I was one of the ones who did a factory restart and lost Wallet workability due to the secure element issue. (Though I never received a popup saying that the secure element was compromised.

    I can install Wallet now, but cannot attach either my old pre-paid card or even my personal Visa debit!

  • I have a stock un-rooted VZW GNex and it is working fine…but it was not easy.

    I used the PlayStore web browser trick to install it back when it was first released, it has been working fine.

    When the update was announced I saw nothing since this is viewed by the phone like a side-load and does not show up on the PlayStore apps list to be updated.

    So…I went to the PlayStore on the web, found it and pushed it to my phone. The next time I opened Wallet it announced there was an update and allowed me to run the update.
    Voodoo…pure voodoo…

    • cjmsd

      I got mine to work using the same browser web store trick. I was able to update it as well through the play store but through the app itself.

    • I had the exact same experience.

    • Matt Cordero

      If you use the browser trick just go to my apps and then slide over to all apps and the update will show there

  • zulu208

    uninstalled the GW, reinstalled from the market place, logged into to GW and still got the message: unsupported device on the top of the screen.

    • It says that just so Google can cover themselves. It still works though.

  • TheWenger

    Got it on my Nexus yesterday just by going to the “all” tab under my apps. Haven’t used it yet though.

  • kaufkin

    already had it installed on my Gnexus (non-rooted), but now shows as compatible where it wasn’t showing that way yesterday. Thanks FCC. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • not showing up for me but im still on toro liquid alpha6…. ill update to beta then see if it’ll work

  • It’s been running on my wife’s and my Galaxy Nexus’ since we bought them back in March… Didn’t even know VZW wasn’t supported until yesterday.. Ha.

  • BradS

    Installed and working on non-rooted Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

  • sI have it installed but it won’t work on my vzw gs3

  • mlpjunior

    Not working on the VZW GS3…

  • Still get the message
    This item is not available on your carrier.

  • OhAaron

    Google hasn’t fixed the app to be compatible with the GS3 on any network yet. They are working on it. Now that Verizon is allowing the app, because they have to, I am sure we will have a fix for all Verizon devices soon.

  • My VZW GNex with a custom JB rom is a no go. ๐Ÿ™

    • John

      Worked fine for me on jb rom on vzw gnex. then again it upgraded my outdated version on my phone, so maybe that was the trick?

      • Nahh, I installed for the first time the new upgrade on my Galaxy Nexus and it worked

        • John


  • John

    I did the no no thing of restoring a past version via TiBu (never have reset wallet in all my ROM flashings) & went to Web play store yesterday & installed it hoping it’d upgrade my existing wallet to latest. worked flawlessly. (toro galaxy nexus 4.1.1 rom)

  • D

    VZW S3
    Just tried it but got the following message, “this item isn’t available in your country or by your carrier.”

    Hopefully it works in the near future and vzw does the right thing…for once!

  • WalletMonster

    If you have a Nexus 7, you will be able to install it on your GNex. Go to the play store on your Gnex and go to all apps. You will find wallet in there and will be able to install it without a hitch. My GNex is non-rooted.

    • DroidJ

      Strangely, I thought this might work, but for some reason Wallet doesn’t show up there on my stock VZW Gnex. I have it installed, and it appears if I go to Settings>Apps>All, but doesn’t show up at all in the Play store under My Apps>All.

      • Oz1421

        you have to go to the play store on the nex7 and install google wallet anyway – then go to your galaxy nexus to the play store and it should be in the all tab list (had to do a restart though… not sure if it helped or i just didnt wait long enough)

  • pepipeman

    using the direct link it is still blocked to rooted GN. I have it on my phone, but not from the play store.

  • cmdub

    i installed the apk from the post 2 days ago and it looks like its running fine. havent actually tried it yet but i will say i installed it on my works WiFi and not via mobile network, not sure if that made a difference or not but it SEEMS to be working ok. I’m non-rooted verizon btw. In the play store though it shows up as unavailable for my device though

  • MechaEx

    I’m receiving error “this is not available for your carrier or country”

    VZW Galaxy S3

  • bealtaine

    Works fine for me. (It rebooted my phone once right after I checked out at CVS, but the transaction apparently went through.)

  • Andrew

    I’m running AOKP Milestone 6 on my VZW G-Nexus but am unable to install it. I go to the direct link and am told “This app is incompatible with all of your devices.”

  • Chris Stuart

    Went to the link and it won’t let me download for my s3

    • Yep. Same here. Not sure what the big deal is to Verizon anyway.

      • Ivealwaysgotmail

        Verizon is going to have their own payment system ISIS… So … Anti-competitive

        • axi0m

          Lol. Blocking a Google app on a Google phone seems anticompetitive. Your right though, this is the reason.

    • Ivealwaysgotmail

      Weird… I got it to download, but without changing my Build.prop to a Sprint GS3, it wouldnt actually let me get into the app… But it WOULD let me download it when it clicked the link to the play store DIRECTLY from the phone…
      if your rooted and want it up and running, Heres a guide

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Without the XDA methods, I cannot download to my SGS3 either via the Play Market.. says it is not available for my phone.

      And in many ways, I don’t really give a f***

    • Same here. It still says it’s not compatible with my device. On CM9 Gnex

      • Speio

        I have the same setup as you and mine works…? I “updated” from an old version of wallet that I had been using though.

      • Bsody

        Do you happen to have another compatible device linked to your play account? As mikey stated above, I had to click install on my N7, click the install link again and the GNex was no longer greyed out.

  • MagnaForce

    I wonder if this had something to do with the FCC ruling the other day for the theater apps.

  • no bueno, stock and locked

  • I’m on Toro running AOKP and the Play Store says not available for my device. ๐Ÿ™

  • mjmedstarved

    Has anyone found a workaround for those of us who have flashed roms and can’t get Google Wallet to work again?

    … on a Galaxy Nexus. I see new apks that are good apks, but it seems something on the back end of this has be borked; I’ve read that a replacement phone will fix this. ESN/MAC related??

    I get the secure element stopped responding message.

    • ddevito

      yes, only a new phone will fix it

      • moelsen8

        couldn’t you also restore a backup where everything was peachy, and then disable google wallet, and then jump to the next rom? wasn’t that the whole thing about that secure element crap?

        • ddevito

          yes, only if you reset the app before taking the backup (resetting within gwallet)

          • Actually I have seen several thread with fixes that may and or may not work. Look around on rootzwiki and XDA

            Also I would suggest the build prop change that one seems most reliable.

      • mjmedstarved

        I knew it. :/

        Any idea why that is, or what causes this error?

    • http://rootzwiki.com/topic/25879-how-to-regain-wallet-access-from-secure-element-issue/

      Haven’t tried this but I have heard it definitely works if you are comfortable with editing your build.prop

  • Used it yesterday on a Galaxy Nexus with Bugless Beast. Worked great.

    • TheDrizzle

      Is your BB rooted (I’m assuming is is)? Does Wallet work on rooted devices? I get the “unsuppored device” at the top on my rooted GNex with Vicious and I’m wondering if it will work anyway.

      • bealtaine

        It’ll work. You can ignore that message. That’s just Google telling you they don’t think it’s a good idea to run Wallet on a rooted phone. [I have a rooted VZW GNex running one of the JB AOKP builds. Wallet works fine.]

      • Dmoralize

        That message is just a disclaimer to cover Google’s ass just for security purposes. I have a rooted Gnex and Wallet displays that message, but it functions perfectly fine.

      • KleenDroid

        Yes it still works just fine.

  • Works fine on my Verizon Gnex. I tied it to both a debit and credit card and made a purchase Harris Teeters.

  • QBallTBEB

    Doesn’t work for me… UGH!!!


  • Rooted GNex on liquid smooth beta. Wallet is working great with my debit card. Snagged the apk from here on the other thread.

  • Bauce40

    Works on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus, but I am running Pete’s BB Jelly Bean

    • Same

    • derekross

      Been using it for 2 days on my Verizon GN using the same ROM. Works great.

      • wilks79

        Do you get the ‘unsupported device’ warning? I do, and was not sure if it still works. It only gives me two options for payment -citi card or google prepaid…Using BB ROM

    • Geoff Atteberry

      same here.

    • Ben Tarpley

      If you flash another rom, or any updates, disconnect wallet from your phone via the menu first! Otherwise it’ll fry wallet on your phone…. NFC would still work after, but wallet wouldn’t! No workaround, you’d need a new phone to use wallet again.

      • jfa

        I though the NFC chip was on the battery, wouldn’t you just replace the battery?

        • Sloan Marion

          When you factory reset, sometimes it trips a secure element or something like that, you can no longer use wallet until restoring a backup from when it did work.

        • Joao Rostli

          Just the NFC antenna on the battery.

      • Larizard

        Thank you! this is the only reason why I still try not to tap on that “W” icon on my app drawer… I am also running Pete’s BuglessBeast (7-25 build), and i know it works. Just so scared of frying the secure element.

        So what if I dirty flash a newer build from the same ROM? Will I still need to disconnect Wallet first? and what’s causing the problem? Factory reset?

        I really wanna know what I need to avoid doing, before I give Wallet a run (and claim that $10 lol).

      • mikeym0p

        I’ve always restored my TiBu of it and I’ve been fine. I had a secure element problem when I forgot one crackflash and it automatically wiped the SE and reset wallet for me. I only reset before I install an update or now, since i switched to the market version of wallet.

    • mikeym0p

      How is BB? I was on Jelly Belly and my settings never stuck and I had issues with mulitple keyboard. On Cm10 I have none of those issues but I do get an occasional reboot or my screen on wake while playing music and navi.

      • Bauce40

        Its great. The only issue I’ve had is on occasion the GPS won’t lock but after a reset its works again. I love it

  • Looks good on my Galaxy Nexus
    Don’t know if it’s possible to pay while rooted though

    • mrjackson

      It is, I’ve done it.

    • r

      It is. It will say unsupported device, but everything works.

  • In other news…literally nothing has changed. This has always been the case.

  • VZW GNex and I get “Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    This item is not available on your carrier.”

    • kevincburns2

      same here

      • lizard

        Same here

    • King Minestry

      shows not available by my carrier
      VZW GNEX

    • nucat176

      Same here

    • jeffyboy65

      Same here

    • G_Ret

      For anyone who’s having trouble…here’s the apk: http://tiny.cc/6dciiw

      • Brian

        Same here… What’s going on???

    • mikeym0p

      I got in on my GNex LTE from my computer. I clicked install and the Nexus was greyed out, installed on my N7. When I hit install again it had my Gnex selected and wasn’t greyed out, I hit install and boom on the phone. I reset wallet just to be safe (my previous install was bonded to the Secure element but I didnt’ restore the TiBU) and it set up fine.
      I do have the unsupporte device messsage however but everything works great, they really needed the holo theme too.
      Jelly Belly 5.2 and CM10 nightlies.

      • Bsody

        Nice catch, worked perfectly. Weird how the N7 had to get it first…

    • Same!!!