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RAZR HD Pictures Posted by XDA Member, Appears to be an International Variant

A device that most are expecting to be called the RAZR HD at launch, thanks to countless Motorola employees who post info to public sites, has appeared over at XDA this afternoon in a variety of pics. In the “About phone” screen pictured below, I would say that this must be some sort of an international variant of the phone, rather than the one we saw pass through the FCC on its way to Verizon, last week. If you look closely, you can see that it was made for Vodafone. We do think that both this and the FCC-approved Verizon version are very similar though, since they both have close model numbers of XT925 and XT926. We should also note that the code name of “Vanquish” is included, something we have seen attached to the Big Red version in a benchmark.

Over the years, we have seen Motorola release U.S. versions of phones under the DROID brand as exclusives with Verizon and then follow-up with GSM versions sans DROID tags. The RAZR, original DROID, and DROID X are all examples. It wouldn’t surprise us at all to see a DROID version launch here, followed by an international version shortly thereafter.

So what else do we know about this international device from Motorola? Well, the XDA member claims that it’s from a friend whose friend works as an engineer for Motorola. He doesn’t appear to know many specs, but did mention that the camera is 8MP, rather than the 13MP shooter that has been rumored a time or two before. You can also see that on-screen soft keys are present, much like we saw on the Atrix HD (unboxing and first look).

So, what are your thoughts? If this ends up being a twin of a Verizon phone, is it your next?

Via:  XDA

Cheers Scott!

  • Mario Mendez

    moto take my money!

  • I don’t like the back either. The screen on my Razr Maxx isn’t that bad. Ill probably pass on this one. How about a Droid 5 with a 4.5 inch screen and 3300mah battery. And top of the line camera software too…

  • Bionic

    Stop complaining about the 13 MP camera. Megapixels mean very little beyond the number 5. It’s the image sensor that matters. No phone camera I great because you can’t fit a good image sensor in today’s ultra thin phones.

    • r0lct

      Yes, but all the people hating on the GNEX for low MP count can’t turn back now!

  • Buckoman

    I REALLY hope that’s just the Bill Cosby Special Boobity Zip Zop Jello Pudding Pop Edition.

  • feztheforeigner

    Softkeys FTW!!!

    Screw you Samsung and your Galaxy S3!

  • AhsanS

    Hopefully VZW lets me keep unlimited data when/if I upgrade..

  • AhsanS

    Looks like it has ICS right now….it better get JB. And a different back. But oh well, I can cover it with a case…

  • Josh

    I CALL BS we already seen pics of different varieties and with 13MP camera. This post means nothing but a fired employee!

  • psynpo

    Man y not 13 Mega pixle camera. That’s what I wanted

  • James Jun

    That’s gonna appeal to a small market if it comes looking like that. Might be comfortable, but there are so many customers who buy just for looks, and this is not one of them.

  • ray_420

    Good thing I went with gs3

  • Bionic

    I’m down. My update isn’t until may though

  • Akashshr

    Motorola, please if your reading this, I am a huge fan..That back pannel is not gonna appeal point blank, Please bring back the pannel from the older leaks!!
    Make that international and US!!
    And its got a 2580mAh battery, brilliant enough!

  • Lloyd Jones


  • Soofdawg

    Back looks like saltines that went bad.

    • hkklife

      I think the GSIII already took care of that. The RAZR HD should REALLY have arrived in the April-June timeframe. It’s just gonna be too little, too late, especially if it arrives in late August or later. Don’t forget that the Spectrum 2 is also coming and it may end up being halfway decent based on the leaked specs and if VZW prices it aggressively.

      If I was sitting on an upgrade right now, I’d sit tight until Nov/Dec and see what VZW ends up getting in the way of the rumored multiple Nexus devices.

  • Chumby69

    What, is droid-life taking the day off today?

  • nightscout13

    3300mAh or GTFO

  • Pegleg

    I’m certainly not going to make a decision regarding a phone based on the pattern of the back! Geeesh! I must say though that the RAZR MAXX is looking more attractive for my upgrade due in a week or so. If it ends up they have dumbed it down from the MAXX what’s the point. Big point for me is…will the MAXX get Jelly Bean? If so, that is probably where I’ll go.

    • Alexander Garcia

      JB for the RAZR Maxx is already in the works. So far, it’s just the pure stock build though.

    • cooksta32676

      Aren’t the only differences more hardware acceleration? Besides being the newest, what are the differences? Or is it a tablet OS ported over the phones?

  • RoadsterHD1

    Is this a dual core or quad core

    • Bionic

      8 cores

  • JMonkeYJ

    at least it looks like they’re tackling the huge bezel issue they’ve had with the RAZR series. that seems pretty promising for future Moto phones.

  • JohnPA2006

    THOSE ARE NINJA STARS , (shurikens, if you will) on the back of this phone. That alone justifies a day one purchase for me ! And please make sure this has a MAXX battery in it.
    Dont try to sell this with an 1850 or 2100mAh battery.

    • Alexander Garcia

      Ahh… Shurikens? RAZR? I see what you did there. Well done grasshopper! =)

  • Jim McClain

    was really hoping the razr hd would have the maxx battery,was going to get it for my wife, now I dont know what to get her

  • Anyone know what all the gray dots are along the bezel?

    • Ethan

      My question too! It looks horrible, but I’m assuming those aren’t going to be on the final version. At least, I hope not.

    • watchthesky

      I thought there was a plastic film over it.. and the words on the left were on the plastic.. so maybe they’re air bubbles?

  • Alexander Garcia

    Ummm… I’ll stick with my RAZR Maxx thank you.

  • steve30x

    Once I see a phone from moto with similar battery specs like the maxx with a hd screen and two gig of ram ill go back to Motorola. I do miss one thing they do right and thats great voice quality and build.

  • Cosmo Questi

    What is going on with Motorola???
    I thought they had already written the definitive book on how NOT to market a phone with the Bionic. -shaking my head-

  • dondellio

    Ummm whats the point of this phone. The maxx has better battery… Gslaxy s3 has better specs. Once u enjoy 2gb ram u cant go back.

    • Diablo81588

      How do you know it doesn’t have 2 gigs of RAM?

    • Butters619

      The maxx has a bigger battery*

      With the Qualcomm S4 processor, this phone may actually get similar battery life.

  • Boblank84

    kinda looks like cheez-its

  • Baseband configuration version has “US” and “LTE” in it, not to mention “Vodafone” in the system version, but the phone is on T-Mobile. If FR in the system version stands for France, then it’s not currently in France or is being used by some English or German person, because in France, T-Mobile and Vodafone’s network is Orange.

    What piques my interest is that baseband configuration version. “USA”, “VANQUIS”, “FR” and “LTE” in one line. “I want to believe” that it has a EU-band LTE transceiver.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Your post needs SPOILER ALERT tags.

  • Spankomatic

    This can’t be an official picture..it’s not blurry enough…lol

  • Detonation

    The back reminds me of some ugly 80s hotel room wallpaper.

  • Trevor

    That is a full notification bar right there.

  • MattH818

    I don’t care about the back so much as screen quality and battery life. Still, a back that doesn’t look like the 70s would be nice.

    • Trevor

      Yeah, that back is fugly.

  • Tommy

    Whatever… I’m waiting for a phone that actually has a removable battery again. XP
    Until then, I’m sticking with my Droid Bionic.

  • Butters619

    Hopefully that’s a “development” case….

    • kixofmyg0t

      What if I told you….

      You were right.

  • ayyyyy

    That back is atrocious, the US one better keep the old look. Jelly Bean or bust. Bezel looks smaller thank goodness, just hope the phone isn’t a tablet for no reason. Don’t screw this up Moto or I’ll easily turn elsewhere!!!

  • TheWenger

    Grandma’s quilt?

  • Louis Vuitton edition ?? WTF, no thx!

    • The positive spin…8bit Ninja Stars

      • JoshGroff

        Holy crap, just for that comment I want it.

  • I was really looking forward to this phone for Verizon, but with almost every new rumor lately, it’s looking less and less amazing. Although mega-pixle count doesn’t always matter, I would have liked the 13 MP version more and the lesser amount of mAh in the battery than the RAZR MAXX is making this device lose more and more luster for me.

    • Seriously…i was all excited for this phone and have been holding out to upgrade to this phone but not no more.

      • winstar

        The way the rumors have been flying give me a sense that Motorola is going to disappoint all over again. Have been holding out with a crappy phone waiting for Motorola to finally come good on an amazing phone. But it looks like Motorola is going to lose another loyal follower. Bad looks, bad specs.. the expectations that I had 🙁

  • Liderc

    Is it a louis vuitton bag or a smart phone?

  • majorhunadadun

    Le Yuck!

  • jmodawg

    Woah it went and got ugly. The Razr is a much better looking phone. I hope the backing isn’t final.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Dev phones are unique. Mostly to test out how people like them but also to help identify them in leaks. I’m willing to bet my paycheck that THIS XT925 doesn’t look like the half dozen others in the wild ATM…..

  • I actually prefer the Atrix HD’s design. It looks 100x better.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Speaking of……where’s the Atrix HD review?

  • Michael_NM

    If this had been released before VZW’s data screwing plans were enacted, maybe, but I like my GSIII.

  • The back is very…feminine

    • blaford

      Not a fan of the pattern. At least the overall shape is more masculine. I’m so tired of all these apple and samsung devices with rounded corners and sloped backs. Why can’t they just release an awesome device with nice square corners and clean lines.

      That new Sony xperia is pretty hot. Too bad I’m with VZW.

  • kevlar is a train wreck on this glad I have the razr maxx

  • If this has the same/similar battery capacity as the Maxx, I’m interested. If not, no thanks.

  • huskerjohn

    I’ll pass still 8mp camera smaller battery then RAZR maxx

    • violator702

      Nfc, on screen keys, and HD screen though. Not much I know.

  • kixofmyg0t

    Well he didn’t blur out the ID numbers so the Motorola employee that sent that out is fired by now.

    Doing stuff like that puts a HUGE dent in the ability for us to get leaks in the future. If you have a test phone and post pictures of it…..at least cover the tracking numbers people jeez!

    • HeneryH

      Nice buddy, lend him a confidential phone and he then takes pics and posts on internet not obscuring id numbers that will lead directly to him losing a job.

    • I heard they fired someone recently for leaking a phone.

      • NorCalGuy

        HTC also let some one go recently when they broke contract and talked about phones. I have a buddy who works for them and he is so vague when he talks to me, he wont talk about anything that i dont show him is on the internet first. I have managed to find out that there is a couple phones possibly coming to vz, but he is so vague that the phones could be anything, i am really hoping for a ONE type series.

  • I kinda like the look of the back…and the screen looks like it will be pretty spectacular…but it’s a Motorola, so no thanks.

    • Lol Id take a motorola branded device over a samsung branded. you know the radios and the build quality is going to be leaps and bounds over the samsung. The only thing in question in my mind is weather or not it will have a locked bootloader. However, moto has just put out saying that it is going to start unlocking bootloaders so I have my fingers crossed.
      Personally I think the lack of a 13mp camera is a real loss. at this point this flagship device has nothing over the S3. I has less ram, same processor, 8mp shooter (and moto’s will probably not be as great as sammy’s).
      I’ve been waiting for this device for months and months and I have grown to like the Kevlar pattern of the leaked Razr HD but if this is the pattern they are going for I will run for the hills from this device. I think it’s pretty certain that I’m just going to wait for one of the new Nexus phones. It looks like a Syrian banker’s shirt

      Ugh that pattern :S

      • blaford

        Lebanese family’s bathroom wallpaper…

        I’m really disappointed about the ram. I must be the only person alive that thinks there’s no need for a quad (or even dual core) processor in a smartphone. They are more than fast enough. They NEED more ram.

  • Chris

    Well if the back didnt look like a christmas sweater…………..

    • Michael_NM

      It’s a Clark Griswold special edition.

    • kixofmyg0t

      I agree. Even *I* don’t like the back.

    • Its to captivate / mesmerize people while you take their picture.

    • Lucky Armpit

      LOL I’m so glad I’m not the only one that went EEEEWWW when I saw the picture of the back!

      • Allen Byrd

        I don’t think it’s THAT bad. Kinda meh, but if the phone has a 3300 mAh battery, then…

        • chris125

          2530 according to fcc report.

          • michael arazan

            If motorola ships this phone with JB preinstalled it’ll fly off the shelves, but verizon probably would of passed on it

    • Buckoman

      It’s the Bill Cosby special employee edition.

    • r0lct

      There’s no way that’s the real case, it just has to be some sort of early dev version or something. At least that’s what I would keep telling myself if I was waiting for this phone.

  • Dr_Buttballs


  • Greg Morgan

    If that’s coming to US, I will not be purchasing…Ugly…

  • paul_cus

    Liked the pattern of the kevlar much more on the OG DROID RAZR. This reminds me of wallpaper in an old person’s house.