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Quick Look: Spigen Illuzion and Neo Hybrid Cases for the Galaxy S3 [Contest Too] (Update: Winners Picked)

Cases, cases and more cases. Seems like we have already covered a ton of Galaxy S3 cases over the last few weeks, but there are always more to show you (and giveaway). Today, we have two new ones from Spigen SGP, the Neo Hybrid and the Illuzion. One is a two piece standard back cover case, while the other is similar to flip cases, but with a snap and a really good fit and feel. 

Neo Hybrid

The Neo Hybrid Galaxy S3 case is a two part case, TPU and polycarbonate, that when applied fits extra tight onto a device. The first application is the softer TPU backing that is then locked into place by the outer polycarbonate frame. In the pictures I have posted, the grey part would be the soft TPU piece, with the “Sparkling” blue being the frame.

The case itself was a little finicky to put together on the device, but once I did, it held the phone well. All ports are exposed, plus you have coverings for your lock and volume switches. There are 8 color options:  Sparkling Blue (pictured), Dazzling Orange, Shining Grass, Lightning Yellow, Infinity White, Jade Blue, Rubine Red, and Reventon Yellow. The last four are only available for pre-order, however, we have the Infinity White case to giveaway today.

The bonus here is that Spigen has tossed in one of their Ultra Nano Clear screen protectors. So while the $26.99 price tag may seem a bit high, you do get the $14 screen protector in the package. I wouldn’t call this my favorite case ever, but if you need a soft feel, protection, a snazzy colorway, and a screen protector, it’s not a bad option.



The Illuzion flip case is probably one of my favorite flip cases thus far. It’s faux leather, but it feels great in hand. The size of it compared to other flip cases feels optimal, it has a latch that actually snaps into place, and it holds up to 3 cards in its door. All ports are exposed, so you won’t have any issues charging or snapping pictures. One of the coolest features is the way Spigen chose to have your device held in place. They actually used one of their Ultra Thin Air cases (which we’ll review later), so the device fits incredibly well and doesn’t feel like it’s sliding around – something we have experienced with other flip cases.

The Illuzion case comes in 4 colors:  Mandarine Rosa (pictured), Golden Mocah, Lemon Indigo, and Mandarine Black. We have all four of these to give away today.

At $32.99, the price is about where it should be. You are buying quality, a pretty color scheme, and an Ultra Thin Air case wrapped into one package.




Update: We have picked our six winners. Go check your inbox!

As always, after reviewing cases, we like to reward readers. So today, we have two (2) Neo Hybrid cases and four (4) Illuzion cases to give away. Thanks to Samsung and their one Galaxy S3 size fits all approach to this year’s device of the year, these will fit your GS3 no matter what carrier it’s on.


1.  In the comments, tell us what the favorite feature of your Galaxy S3 is.
2.  Then tell us which case of the colors listed below, that you would be honored to win:

Neo Hybrid colors:  Infinity White (picture) or Sparkling Blue

Illuzion colors:  Mandarine Rosa, Golden Mocah, Lemon Indigo, and Mandarine Black.

3.  Tomorrow (8/2) at 12:00 Pacific, we will randomly choose winners from the comments.

  • K. Nelson

    1) Screen & camera (I know it’s 2, but you can’t show off your pics without a gorgeous display, eh?)
    2) Neo hybrid, either color.

  • My fav feature of the galaxy s3 is the great display and ram.
    Neo hybrid infinity white would be great!

  • Kalil Stoudmire

    Neo hybrid infinity white and my favorite feature is the the HD screen and The Motion Gesture I love showing off this phone

  • Mason Lammers

    On my phone, I appreciate the snappy camera. In the past I hated missing a photo opportunity due to a delay, where now I can snap a photo in a matter of seconds. To add to that, they inplimented the option for a quick launch shortcut by changing the phones orientation and in turn made opening the camera a breeze!
    I would appreciate anything (including an android hug) or a Neo Hybrid in either colors or the Illuzion in Mandarine Black.

  • My favorite feature so far is how fast the phone is compared to my old Samsung Charge. I am still waiting for it to slow down but doesn’t seem like it will. Another feature I am pleasantly surprised with is the battery life. Love it. I am interested in the Neo Hybrid colors: Infinity White Case

  • trixnkix637

    My favorite thing about the S3 is all of the high quality specs/tech that Samsung put into the phone. And definitely the Smart Stay Software. I would love the Neo Hybrid in White please & thank you.

  • wadles143

    Favorite feature is s voice. I use it pretty frequently. 🙂 I would want a white one and may even buy one if I don’t win. 🙂 cheers!

  • Mimi

    I like the screen. Neo hybrid case, please (either color).

  • Justin

    Love the processor! I’d like one of the Neo Hybrid cases.

  • Ivan

    My fav feat is the screen shot gesture. Im always taking screen shots of my phone so it was pretty coo
    l n easy to tale 1 with this phone.

    illusions Mandarin black

  • My favorite feature of the galaxy s3 is something mama always told me to judge things by…the inside. The 2 gigs of ram and dual core snapdragon are just as sexy as the galaxy’s exterior. This combination of raw power and speed makes the galaxy a zip to use. However, that being said, a phone this sexy, despite all of its power, should be protected! I’d love to win the Mandarine Black Illuzion case.

  • Missy

    I LOVE the camera! I want the Illuzion in black!

  • Best part of the GS3 is rooting it of course! Yay wireless tether! Neo Hybrid Sparkling Blue please.

  • Shercock

    The camera is definitely the best thing!
    I want the illuzion in black

  • Melissa

    My favorite thing about the phone are the aesthetics. It’s beautiful and slim with a smooth user interface. I just love the way it looks. And it would look even better with the Illuzion in Mandarine Black

  • Hong

    My favorite feature is actually Touchwiz itself. I find it highly customizable and pleasing to use. Sure there are annoyances like extra steps to create folders, but is there anything that’s perfect?

    I would like Illuzion in Mandarine Black please.

  • Brian Lombardi

    I love the speed!
    Neo Hybrid – Blue

  • YariCavi

    Call me crazy but I really like touchwiz, especially with
    the 2gigs of ram. It has smooth transitions
    and what I think is really clean, simple look that gets the job done.

    Neo Hybrid: Infinity White

  • Tony Stimetz

    Easily my favorite feature for the S3 is when it checks to see if I’m looking at the screen or not. Keeps the screen from timing out when reading blogs or other articles.

    The Neo Hybrid in white is snazzy.

  • JasonEnnis

    My favorite feature is the screen. So drop dead gorgeous.

  • Smart stay all the way. So useful.
    And I’d love the infinity white neo hybrid case.

  • SFC3RD

    My favorite thing about the S3 is the speed and fluidity of the device. I would like the Neo Hybrid in Infinity White. Thanks DL!

  • duke69111

    My favorite part of the S3 is the smoothness of the phone. I would be honored to have the the sparkling blue
    Neo Hybrid Galaxy S3. That tpu case in the photo above looks awesome.

  • Best thing is definitely its gorgeous 4.8 inch super amoled display! I would be honered to win the Neo hybrid in sparkling blue or the illuzion in mandarine black.

  • rodney11ride

    Shutter speed on the camera a definite winner. of the cases listed i would love to have the illuzion in mandarine black

  • Definitely the camera is winning for me now. The smoothness of the ui is sweet. It would be an honor to receive the Illuzion in Mandarine Black. Thank you.

  • Favorite thing is that it has a good developer support. I would like the Neo Hybrid White

  • maz siddiqui

    My favorite feature is the functionality of the OS and how well Touchwiz was designed to match nature. I placed my phone on the ground the other day and just the design flowed so well with the grass and all.

    I would like infinity white.


  • achaff86

    The Camera
    I like the Illuzion in mandarine rosa!

  • My favorite feature of the Samsung S3 is the burst shot feature on the camera and that I can take pictures while recording video. I would be honored to win the Neo Hybrid Infinity White

  • My favorite feature of the GS3 is that the it doesn’t quit transmitting sound on over 70% of my calls like the GNex (.10) that I replaced.

    I like the Illuzion in Mandarine Rosa.

  • Brandon Guernsey

    I love the beautiful 4.8 inch screen.
    I like the spigen neo blue. White is great too!

  • AntiJeff

    the camera – Neo Hybrid colors: Infinity White

  • The_Taker

    My favorite feature is the snappy S4 processor, so much faster than my captivate with the Hummingbird/Exynos 3110 CPU, as speedy as it was at the time. I would enjoy the Neo Hybrid Case in Sparkling Blue if chosen.

  • The auto-haptic feedback is amazing. Listen to Spotify with it 🙂

    I would LOVE infinity white! Thanks

  • Jeffrey Quinchia

    My favorite part of the s3 has to be the 2gb of ram….super smooth. Neo…sparkline blue….Illuzion….mandarine black.

  • Mike T.

    I really love the camera on my phone. After having the Droid X and X2 having a camera with zero shutter lag is amazing and the pictures are beautiful.

    The case I would like is the Neo Hybrid – Sparkling Blue.

    Thanks and love the blog. Keep up the good work

  • Herach

    I love the WiFi transfer of the video. I don’t have a WiFi capable TV but I have the Sony Blueray Google TV and it is so easy to travsfer my pictures & videos to my TV. I would like the
    Neo Hybrid Sparkling Blue please.

  • I really enjoy the Tap to the Top feature!
    I would love to win the Illuzion in Lemon Indigo =)

  • Kirthy Dantu

    My favorite feature of the galaxy s3 is how easy it is to call someone when a text comes in and you hold the phone to your ear.. I would like to win the Illusion case in Golden Mocah

  • Sean

    My favorite feature of my S3 is that it inspires others around me to go and purchase one (I’ve had 3 friends purchase one after playing with mine). I would like the Neo Hybrid Infinite White case if picked. Thanks!!!

  • My favorite feature of my s3 is holding the phone to my ear in a text message to instantly call that contact, its honestly the only reason why I haven’t put a ROM on it yet. I would be honored to win the sparkling blue neo hybrid case

  • I love the S3, it’s everything I needed! It’s just all around good!
    All I need is a Mandarine Black case for it! 🙂

  • The S3 is just beyond awesome!! I LOVE IT! My fav!
    All I need is a Mandarine Black case for it! 🙂

  • Justin Koch

    My favorite feature is the overall snappiness of the device.

    I would be honored to win an illuzion in mandarine black. Seems like a pretty cool case.

  • Its screen size/ Mandarin Black

  • My favorite thing is a tie between overall “smoothness” of using it, and its ability to quickly take pictures and video, first camera I have ever had that has not missed on shot I set out to get yet.

    And I would be honored to win either Mandarine Black or Sparkling Blue <3

  • My favorite thing is the awesome camera!

    I would be honored to win the Sparkling Blue or Mandarine Black

  • Jeremy Stewart

    I’m a big fan of the screen resolution on this thing. Watching olympics on the go has been a dream the past week and hbo go looks amazing. Because of the pixel density it’s a better experience than the big screen in the living room.
    Neo Hybrid in Blue or Illuzion in Indigo.

  • kismet769

    Motion features and the ability to easily add and change fonts!

    Neo Hybrid in Infinity White please 🙂