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Apple vs. Samsung Court Document Reveals Samsung Has 11.8″ Tablet in Works, Sports Retina-Like Display

Yesterday, the official court battle between Apple Inc. and Samsung started off in California. Thanks to these proceedings, a new tablet that Samsung is currently working on has been outed as the “P10” and boy, does it sound impressive so far. As seen in the court document, the tablet will have an 11.8″ WQXGA (2560 x 1600 at 256ppi) display and also sports 4G LTE connectivity. For those keeping score, the newest iPad features a “retina” display at a resolution of 2048 x 1536. 

According to previous reports, a high resolution tablet from Samsung was supposed to be unveiled at MWC this year, but was pushed back. With Samsung now holding an event next month in NYC supposedly for the Galaxy Note 10.1, maybe they will also have this 11.8″ slate ready for then too. Fingers crossed.

Does a super high resolution Android tablet interest you? If so, what about the 11.8″ size? Isn’t that slightly too big just to carry around town?

Via: The Verge

  • Mario Mendez

    iPad Killer

  • Devilsephiroth

    Kleenex, Clorox , jet ski , cheerios, Levi’s, iPad. All brand names , not the actual name of a product . Hear the name long enough and the average consumer assumes it to be the product itself and no other alternative.

  • hldc1

    Seriously. Need to stop using the term “retina display”. It’s been watered down so much that Apple will soon start calling 3 PPI screens retina displays and idiots everywhere will buy them because they’re sporting retina displays.

    Stop using “retina display”, and you stop feeding the beast.

    • Holy Grail

      Its already ingrain in people’s minds. You’re never going to stop it……..get over it.

  • CIFchamp24

    Does the fact that the iPads display is smaller and therefore doesn’t need the higher resolution matter? Im no fan boy but just didn’t understand the point of the “keeping score” comment since the iPad has 264 ppi.

  • tomgillotti

    I would like to see something in the range of 12-14″ Would LOVE to see a Transformer series tablet in that size!!! With the keyboard, it’d be awesome!

  • Yeah!

    I want a 17 inch tablet. once its too big to fit in your pocket anymore, there should be no constraint on screen size, thats the only reason to make keep it small.

  • MrEnglish

    When they build so much of Apple’s cool stuff, why wouldn’t they do the same for themselves. I think its just as silly to have these fights as it is to expect that nobody takes from one another. Apple designs are the best and Samsung makes components for those designs, they’d be fools not to use them to a degree.

  • Will purchase.

  • TheWenger

    Apple has a patent on high-resolution displays. Sorry.

    • hldc1

      They actually have a patent on everything, which encompasses, well, everything.

      I think they also patented God, so get ready to pay if you kneel and pray.

    • Your mom

      You can’t patient high resolution screens, you can patient a certain way to make a high resolution screen but that’s it

  • Al

    I’m almost positive that tablet is a W8 tab.

  • Droidzilla

    Every time you use the word “retina” to describe a high-res display, a kitten is brutally murdered.

    • Michael_NM

      Only in reference to dispalys. Kittens are saved when one is at the eye doctor and the word is used appropriatley. When an apple employee uses the term, a puppy gets the axe too.

    • moelsen8

      i want this on a bumper sticker


    JMHO, but how about stop using Apple’s trademarked terminology (aka “Retina”) to describe devices that are not Apple? Sure, the resolution may rival Apple (in this case, exceeds them), but using the term “Retina-Like” in the title just gives an impression to the average Joe that Samsung is just copying Apple’s technology.

    • moelsen8

      thank you, completely agree. besides, the term “retina display” is bullsh*t anyway. i cringe every time i hear it.

      • LionStone

        Same here…I also refuse to say ipad,…they are all tablets to me.

        • kretz7

          I agree Person, names aren’t good for anything.


          • LionStone

            Funny…every time I refer to someone’s tablet, they know exactly what I’m talking about, whether it’s by apple or anyone.

        • skaveng3r

          Not to be “that guy”, you just said/ typed iPad. °^_^°

          • LionStone

            I knew you were gonna type/say that 🙂 … hah

          • ATeeluck

            LionStone did *not* type iPad… if you look carefully, there’s no capital ‘p’. 😉

      • nightscout13

        Apple is good at making gimmicks.

      • michael arazan

        Still for some reason all media outlets always talk about apple like its the only game in town. Even though Apple is losing the os game and has given up on innovation for litigation. Until media outlets are unbiased to the worm riddled rotting fruit, they’ll always compare and use terms with apple. I swear Android could cure cancer and still get no mention whatsoever.

      • feztheforeigner

        It is made up and doesn’t mean anything. So far the “new” iPad, MacBook, and iPhone 4/4S all have different resolutions, screen sizes, and PPIs. There isn’t a single similarity that coins them as “retina”, its just when Apple feels like it.

        • GuyWithEyes

          The term “Retina Display” is a description given to any display Apple builds who’s pixel density is high enough that the eye cannot discern individual pixels from the standard viewing distance. Actual numbers vary with screen size and intended device usage. Did Apple make it up as a selling device? Absolutely. Is it a real thing? Yes.

    • MKader17

      Your last statement is true and quite humorous considering Samsung makes the screens that Apple uses for the iPad.

      I completely understand what you mean and agree. If retina described an industry standard I would be all for it, but basically its free advertising for Apple because every time it is mentioned it automatically creates a comparison between the product and an iPad

    • violator702

      Is the term retina trademarked?

      • They have applied to register it as such, but until then, it’s fair game lol

      • Liderc

        No, but it’s retarded – does that count?

        • moelsen8

          hahahaha I lol’d at work.

      • TROLOLOL


        “Apple has applied to register the term “Retina” as a trademark in regard to computers and mobile devices in the United States, Canada, and at least one other country (Jamaica)”

        • nightscout13

          Ya cause people who are high everyday will be able to see the difference in clarity of the screen LOL!

    • The term retina is used because that is exactly what people want – something to compare it to. Your friend “Joe” wants to know that Samsung has what Apple has because he doesn’t know or care what an WQXGA display is.

      Hope that makes sense.

      • TROLOLOL

        So, “Siri” should have been described as “Google Voice Search-like” because the masses want something to compare it to?

        You say that “Joe” doesn’t even know or care what a WQXGA display is, but all the stars in the universe align for “Joe” when the term “Retina” is used for comparison? “Joe” probably doesn’t even know what “Retina” is, as he’s probably describing his Pantech Breakout as a “Droid.”

        Please stop using Apple as if they’ve set the bar on technology!

        • calculatorwatch

          It’s really not about technology, it’s about something that Apple has set the bar on, marketing.

          The term “Retina” is used because that’s what everyone understands, that’s what has been marketed to them. To turn your example around, Google Now is constantly being called “Siri-like”. Nobody cares that Google Voice Search came first because they never saw it on some cocky, pretentious (read: Apple) commercial.

          Sure this is an android blog but if they speak in terms that only educated android users understand they’ll lose a huge section of their readers. In order to have mass-appeal you have to describe things to the masses, and that’s what “Retina” does.

          • Finally, someone with a brain stem. Thank you!

          • calculatorwatch

            Haha, I got your back Tato. 🙂

      • timmy


        • moelsen8

          not to tim-o-tato……. banhammer!

          • Yea, what a tool. Hammer time. 😛

          • moelsen8

            awesome haha

          • nightscout13

            I don’t know what the comment was, but PPL need to learn to take the good with the bad.

          • moelsen8

            it was simply “STFU”. didn’t add anything to the conversation, negative or positive. one of those.

          • nightscout13

            Ya that was lame.

          • Yea, I don’t mind people with different opinions then mine or anything else. If you have something to say, go ahead. But if it’s nothing to add and use a fake email address, then what’s the point 😛

    • Jroc869, Cool story bro

      Thanks you beat me to it. I couldnt believe they used it.

    • angermeans

      It’s doesn’t exceed them as the display is much larger it actually has less pixel density. The new iPad is 264 ppi and this is 256. Really close but not exceeding the iPad.

      • 2 inch wider display and almost identical PPI. Sorry. iPad loses this time.

        • angermeans

          Do you know what PPI means? What does two inches wider have to do with anything? The resolution on the iPad is 2048×1536 and the res on the Nexus 7 is 1280×800. PPI means pixels per square inch it has nothing to do with how wide a display is. It is just like it says pixels that are found in a square inch so the iPad having 264 and the Nexus 7 having 256 means that that the iPad has more pixel density. Not to mention that I have both and the Nexus 7 in no way comes close to the display on my iPad. They are not even in the same ball park. Once again ASUS has chosen a poor display. Every device I’ve owned (Prime and now the 7) and every device I’ve used (Infinity, 300, OG Transformer, and numerous laptops) has a very very very poor display. Anyways I think you need to do some research next time before you make an ignorant comment my friend.

          • brandnew234

            What Andrew was getting at was this: It’s larger screen, you’re supposed to look at it from farther away. Hence the iPad can get away with having a lower resolution, and is still able to call it a Retina screen. Samsung’s tablet is made to be viewed from EVEN FARTHER away. So, it’s lower ppi will seem higher. Duh?

          • Troll successful.

    • nightscout13

      Well, the resolution is classified as QXGA. So maybe the blogs can at least start with that.

    • do ppl know that the retina display for apple products are made by samsung… and is part of the hardware that apple buys off samsung including other parts such as the A5 processor chips, etc…. so all that stuff about Apple claiming they have the world’s most advanced screen technology is all powered by Samsung

  • Viciousking1914

    Personally, I don’t like the “Ultra” resolution display on the iPad. Yes, it looks awesome, but only for tablet specific things. When you’re on a website or something that’s not meant to be displayed at such a high resolution, everything looks blocky. I heard google made adjustments so their site could keep up with such resolution, but how much of the rest of the world wide web is going to do so?

  • JSIN


  • Michael_NM

    The only good thing from lawsuits: product leaks.

    Now, that’s irony.

  • sounds pretty sexah

  • RedPandaAlex

    Something that size has to have a keyboard dock. I can see something like that that I mostly use as a netbook but sometimes detach to read with or watch a movie on the train.

    • ^This^

      I love my Transformer Prime but its just too big/heavy for a lot of what I use a tablet for. Getting a N7 soon.

  • This thing will be a winner (to me) only if it runs stock Android and/or has an unlocked bootloader.

    • Well, it’s Samsung so I would like to put money down that it will run some sort of skin lol

      • That’s what I figured, and that’s unfortunate. I suppose even if it ran stock, it is Samsung so it wouldn’t see timely updates anyway. The only option would be to root and ROM.

    • J

      If you’re getting it from Verizon with 4G chances are it’ll be locked… like the S3

  • Trusstopher

    May be reason enough to hold off on pulling the trigger on a Transformer Infinity…

    • kixofmyg0t

      But the question is, what GPU will it come with? Tegra3 will have a harder time pushing that res which will decrease battery life and performance in certain situations.So what else is available? S4 Pro could be a possability since OMAP 5 is still a couple months out. Tegra3 doesnt like LTE as well.

      • violator702

        Exynos hopefully.

        • kixofmyg0t

          Good point, I totally forgot about Exynos.

          • Tyler Chappell

            You forgot about the potential use of a Samsung processor in a Samsung tablet? haha 😛
            Having a tablet with a display that can’t be found anywhere else except in $700+ 27″+ monitors will certainly be very interesting.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Yeah I did 😛 I dont really care for Samsung so I dont keepy up lol.

          • Tyler Chappell

            Same, Samsung doesn’t impress me at all. Especially since even Acer can release ICS for its tablets quicker than they can.

          • randy

            How about hummingbird?

      • Your mom

        It was built for lte