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Jelly Bean Update Rolling Out to All Motorola XOOM WiFi Owners

According to reader emails and tweets we are receiving, it looks like Motorola is beginning to push out Jelly Bean to all XOOM WiFi owners, not just soak test members. So, XOOM owners, go see if you can update your tablet to Android 4.1.1 and let us know. Good luck!

Cheers John M, John F, and JS! 

  • asher1

    Could I have a unit incapable of running jelly bean? help

  • asher1

    not finding the update tab in about tablet

  • did anyone else notice you can swipe up from the 3 soft keys in it launches google search

  • LordStickMax

    I got it last night. I’m pretty impressed how much faster everything is. Even games run smoother.

  • johnb

    I live in Michigan and my Xoom has not updated yet. So my praise to Motorola for updating quickly is two thumbs down.

  • tickle

    anybody having problems with the market?

  • Rabinov

    Successfully downloaded JB on Xoom wifi.Can’t seem to locate Google Now.Any suggestions?

  • jelyICY

    Getting it lets GO!!! #NC

  • spickle

    i ran into a problem. i can pull the update, download it and once it reboots to install the update it says, E:failed to verify whole-file signature. E:signature verification failed

    any thoughts?

  • feztheforeigner

    I hate you Verizon…

  • BiggKidd65

    OK got my update but why do i still have the ICS boot animation????

  • Too bad the 4G versions are going to take forever to get updated. Then again, I guess I can’t complain, I did just get ICS on the damn thing like a month ago (maybe longer than that, I can’t remember). Don’t want to get greedy here…

  • json405

    wow that was fast moto.

  • MotoRulz

    The first real android tablet and still the best..

  • Spike760

    Haven’t got it yet. D:

    • Mike

      all apps>google service framework>clear data>force stop> check for updates. *repeat as needed*

  • Matt

    So I am guessing that you need to have 4.0.4 to even do the OTA? I was one of those that had 4.0.4 corrupted and couldn’t update. Anyone know if this is the case I was hoping to not have to send my Xoom in.

    • Pedro

      You can always load the honeycomb images available from Moto, and go from there. When I bought one a few months back, it wouldn’t load 4.0.4. Something about the present image you (I) have (had) was wrong, so the OTA wouldn’t take. Start from scratch, but you’ll lose everything in the process.

  • James Hill

    Too bad this is not for the Family Edition Xoom

  • These OEM’s are stepping their game up when it comes to pushing out Android updates!! Jelly Bean was just released by Google 2 weeks ago and now Motorola releases it for the Xoom, amazing!! Motorola being bought by Google wasn’t a bad thing after all.

    • bakdroid

      Google pushes updates for the Xoom, not Moto. The Xoom is a GED. Moto just admins the soak testing.

  • name

    Whatbout DROID 4 or RAZR

    • Scott Razr

      Razr is STILL Verizon’s flagship device and one of the first to get ics. Expect it. Droid 4, no idea. Going to download the JB on my Xoom now; hoping for (Apple) butter like smoothness in screen changes from “Project Butter”

  • nicknowsky

    buy Nexus devices and avoid this issue all together. I had a Moto Cliq way back in the early days of Android. I only had it for month….nuff said

    • bakdroid

      The Xoom pre-dates the Nexus tab. It is like the D1, so it gets all updates. Troll elsewhere.

      • nicknowsky

        sorry DROID master didnt mean to upset ya

  • FrostNightmare

    where’s Google now was looking forward to that the most

    • DivingDancer

      Just click on the Google Search button up in the top left of the screen. The first time you do that, you’ll get a Now configuration wizard.

  • MrEnglish

    Xoom wifi Jelly Bean. Xoom 4g and Gnex…crickets.

    • Jwhap

      Bastard!!!! lol, Well my Gnex has Jellybean and hopefully with this it won’t be long that my LTE Xoom will as well.

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Sorry Johnny… hope they get it for you soon.

      • MrEnglish

        Dude. That user name. Awesome. Wish I had thought of it, and I’m quite likely to steal it.

        • Lactose_the_Intolerant

          /hat-tip. Thanks… and if I ever find a forum where I can’t use it, I’ll know who to blame :p

  • Just turned on my Xoom after reading this post and there it was! Awesome

  • Danny McLeod

    Just force stopped framework and cleared data and booyaa. Jellybean sweetness .

  • 21chip

    Flash does work too. Yes Great!!!

    • bakdroid

      It works, but if you uninstall it or do a factory reset, you cannot reinstall it as it comes up saying not compatible.

      • Mike

        there’s an xda thread for that.

  • 21chip

    Ok i got mine i think you need 71% Battery to get the update. I tryed a bunch of times and did not get it untill i have 71% battery. But know it has failed. How do we get this back to stock again. Its been a while. I thought it was stock.

  • xXAaronSXx

    Great news, love the Xoom and I’m still more than happy with my purchase when I see updates like this. I just don’t think I can leave EOS (4.1.1) for stock. I’m loving that rom

  • well so much for nexus products to get the latest upgrades first,what a joke

    • bakdroid

      The Xoom pre-dates nexus tablets. It is the OG of tablets and GED so it gets updates with the Nexus devices.

      • JoshGroff

        You’d be surprised how little people actually know about the Xoom, it’s sad.

        • was really talking about the galaxy nexus

          • Jwhap

            I thought you downloaded bugless beast??? Confused! You should have Jelly Bean!

          • JoshGroff

            Verizon’s holding it back like they always do, but the GSM version has it. Look at how they handled the update to ICS for the Xoom LTE. If it weren’t for the superior network coverage, I would go GSM. (still considering it with how little I actually call people, and of course the quad core GS3 would be a major bump up.)

  • cooperboy

    Installing now! Can’t wait to get it on my Razr Maxx.

    • doubt the maxx will ever see jelly bean, and thats a shame

      • cooperboy

        I’m not so sure about that. Verizon will probably still be selling Razr Maxx through the end of the year, maybe longer. For all the hype, JB is really just an incremental update. If the Xoom wifi gap from ICS to JB holds true, Razr and Razr Maxx could get JB by Christmas. It’s not unthinkable for VZW to push an incremental update to a phone they are still selling. Good politics when they plan to put the “Razr” name on yet another phone in time for the holidays.

  • ruledbycats

    Took a few tries at resetting the Google Application Framework (like 6-7 tries), and making sure my charge was over 70%, but updated just fine.

  • bakdroid

    Quick review. As much as ICS made the Xoom feel brand new, JB takes it to another level. The device runs so smooth. Butter is definitely better! A few disappointments though, chrome is not stock (but the stock browser runs a lot better), lack of JB wallpapers, still no face unlock, no “what’s this song” detection. But, the update is definitely worth it. Now all I ask for is an OTA of ICS for the Bionic and I will be happy enough. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any problems with flash not installed. Sites still load properly. Wonder if JB has it native?

    • SamXp

      The What’s This Song apk is available, but I was surprised to see nothing new in terms of boot animation and wallpapers! Google has a lot to learn about panache.

      I’ve already been derailed with no flash. Tried to play a video on my Facebook timeline and got the “You Don’t Have Flash” message.

      • Well if you paid attention much you would know that Adobe has stated that it will not be supporting JB with Flash, that is not Googles fault.

    • DivingDancer

      I have to agree about the JB experience. To me, this is a more significant update than ICS was. ICS was mostly about polishing the user interface. This update feels like it is about performance and functionality. The Xoom is one of the oldest Android tablets out there, yet every new OS update has made it faster and more responsive. That’s impressive.

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Good to know… the step from HC to ICS was huge. Now, if only I weren’t stuck here for another 2 hours before I can get back to “my precious” >.<

  • Jump237

    Got it. Good suprise

  • Aaaaand we’re still waiting on a JB update for our VZW Galaxy Nexus!

    Verizon Nexus: First Available in the Nation! Last to update!

    • xXAaronSXx

      Been running the Bugless Beast nighties and loving it. I honestly wont go to stock when 4.1.1 does hit. You should try it

      • Its been flawless for me. Be sure to toss Pete a few bucks for the hard work!

        • xXAaronSXx

          Already have. I’ve been a fan of his since the OG days. I still have GPA on it.

  • Got It…

  • RampageDeluxe

    I’ve done it over 10 times now and nothing. I’m going to try rebooting first and see what happens.

    • DivingDancer

      Keep trying. It took my wife’s Xoom about 8 times before it worked. But it did finally work. Of course Moto pushed mine out to my Xoom for me 😉

  • BA_Carroll

    I got home at 6:30 pm pacific time and it was waiting for me. Was so happy because I spent all day yesterday trying to pull the soak test by clearing the Google services framework. I do mean ALL day.

  • George264

    Awesome! Just got mine. As mentioned above, you gotta clear your Service Framework, check for update, clear it again, check for update, and you get it. Works. It’s so smooth now. I feel like my early adaptation, FINALLY, pays off. It feels almost as smooth as the Nexus 7. And this thing is more than a year old. Running on one of the slower dual cores.

  • Slappy Abbot

    Updating now after trying ‘clear data, check for update’ three times

  • possomcrast

    I GOT IT. Cleared Google services framework about five times like the last update.

  • Too bad the LTE Gnex updates cant roll out this fast.

    • Jwhap

      I was just thinking the same. I should just root this thing. I think Bugless Beast is available for it! Why not at this point?

      • I’ve tried fully half of the JB roms for GNex from XDA and RootzWiki. Maybe it’s just me, my phone, some random quirkiness, but something has seemed OFF about every single one I’ve tried.

        • 4n1m4L

          Probably be a leak in a week or so

          • michael arazan

            Pretty sad that the vzw nexus has to wait, Jean Baptiste said that there is no difference between the gsm version and the cdma version of Jelly Bean. I just want the stock JB but their doesn’t seem to be a 100% stock version of JB to flash, they’re all modded some how

          • Jwhap

            Bug less beast is about as stock as it gets. You change to his boot loader, but everything else is completely stock and he has all of the links on his site to revert back to stock if you ever need to!

        • ddevito

          Try Bugless, you won’t regret it

        • Jwhap

          Bugless beast is flawless! You have to make sure you download his boot loader and make sure you download the latest radios. Otherwise itay not work correctly. I have had zero issues. I had tried vanirbean and vicious but BB is my favorite!

        • mustbepbs

          Because with every update, something is broken. It’s the never ending cycle of flashing.

  • mdawg64e

    Clearing Google service framework and then checking for update worked for me the 2nd time too!

  • dstreng

    Its on the ICS kernel and has the ICS boot animation. strange

    • possomcrast

      It wouldn’t really get the the nexus boot animation would it?

      • 4n1m4L

        Nah, probably the n7 boot animation

  • Mike

    Just got mine, go to settings, apps, all, google services framework, clear data. Then go to system update. second time worked for me

    • dwm

      Followed these instructions twice, no love. Third time I did “Force Stop” then “Clear Data” and voila, rocking the Jellybean now.

      • spickle

        yea dwm is right. didn’t work the first time, so i cleared data, didn’t work. disabled/enabled didn’t work but once i force stopped it worked. so thanx for this post.

        • Chuck

          Followed Mike’s instructions the first two times and then DWM’s the third and now i’m Downloading 4.1.1 thanks guys

    • jw

      Yes make sure you force stop Google services that seems to make it work best, I did it and the update came through on the first try.

    • matt

      I was one of those folks who couldn’t update to 4.0.4 for some reason and everytime I try it keeps wanting to install that update instead, any way around this that anyone knows? Admittedly a bit of a n00b here.

  • cleared Google Services Framework in All Apps then rebooted. hello JB!

  • Amateur

    Why is that kernel version so low? I had thought that ICS and anything newer would have a 3.0 kernel or higher

    • tyguy829

      good question. wondering this as well

  • ASerafin

    How do I clear framework?

    • 4n1m4L

      Apps. All. Google services framework. Clear data…… check for the update

      • Rachel

        Worked for me… JB is downloading now! Hoping for some serious performance improvement!

    • Mike

      see above comment

  • BobOnIt

    I checked and no update available.

    • NicholasGoss

      Same here.

      • 4n1m4L

        Setting. Apps. All. Google services framework. Clear data….. check for the update

  • mike

    not yet for me 🙁

  • Care to guess when Lte versions will get JB?

    • George264

      Probably, never. You guys just got ICS.

      • Rob_N

        so did the Wifi version

        • George264

          We got it in January, brah.

          • JoshGroff

            Pretty much around the same time as the TF Prime and OG. People are so short sighted sometimes.

    • SamXp

      Well, if they follow the same schedule where the GNex got 4.04 6 months after it released, Six Months.

  • Ryan

    Just got mine by clearing the Google Services Framework. Worked on the second try.

    • ASerafin

      How do you clear it?

      • Mike

        see my above comment

    • How much better does it perform on Xoom hardware? Thanks!

      • DivingDancer

        Major noticeable improvement! I knew about “Project Butter”, but I literally jumped back a little bit when I swiped the unlock slider the first time. It was so responsive that it caught me a little bit by surprise.

        I can also report that the new voice search is EVERYTHING that it has been made out to be. It is nearly flawless. No more speaking in stilted slow words. You just speak naturally to it, and it recognizes what you saw with nearly zero errors. I’m extremely impressed. And it’s damned fast. This thing now puts that Siri witch to shame!

        Google Now is also very slick, if a bit spooky. I upgraded to JB last night about 10:00. When I woke up this morning, Now had cards waiting to tell me about my driving time to the Starbucks where I stop for coffee on my way to work, and a card for travel time from Starbucks to the office, as well as cards for the current weather at home, and reminders for my first appointment of the day. I have to say, I like it a lot!

        • Awesome. Thanks for the review. I had the Xoom for a while so I have a good ‘before’ point of reference.

        • kixofmyg0t

          wow that good huh? Im running EoS nightlyand it lags worse than honeycomb did. May have to try this out.

        • DivingDancer

          Google Now just scored major points with me. As lunchtime was approaching, it popped up a card with travel time and directions to my favorite wine and whiskey bar. Now THAT’S the benefit of cutting edge technology in action!!!

    • scotcho85

      Just did the same thing, updating now.

    • Mike

      Same. Took more like 10 fry’s for me though. No boot animation update huh? Bummer.

      • Mike

        Yup 10 fry’s.

      • 4n1m4L

        There is if you encrypt it. Check out /system/media/bootanimation-encrypted.zip

        • Mike

          thanks, will have to check this when I get home. Its something that should be on the system already?

    • adam

      got it on 2nd try….

      all i wanna do is a do a xoom xoom xoom and a boom boom…….

  • Liderc

    Color me impressed. Bravo Moto.

    • Michael_NM

      Agreed. Now let’s see how long VZW holds up the 4G update.

      • Jwhap

        Well, one could suspect that it may never. Verizon is pretty notorious for dropping support of devices that hit the 1 year mark! I often wish I would have just bought the wifi version, which I had it in my hands and set it down to only go to verizon……..With the 3g/4g fiasco and lack of updates…….enough said. I think when I get a minute I will root it and see what kind of ROMs are running on it!

        • Seanski

          Team EOS has a great ROM for the 4G Xoom, I’d suggest giving it a shot.

        • JoshGroff

          AOKP is always a good start for the stingray.

        • Don’t be so sure. They do still carry the device (we have them in stock in our stores), and it’s not like one of their phones where they have to clear updates for dozens over the course of time. They only carry so many tablets. It’ll come down to Google and Moto more than Verizon. Need proof? Where’s the Galaxy Tab’s ICS update?

      • Seanski

        Since the 4G crowd is still awaiting an update to ICS… I’d say it’s not coming.

    • Liderc

      Love that I get a down vote for giving praise to Motorola when they do something right.

    • 21chip

      Do we still have Adobe Flash??

      • DivingDancer

        Yes. I can confirm that Flash is still working after the update.

    • JoshGroff

      This and a tool to unlock the Photon Q’s boot-loader all in 1 week. I’m thoroughly impressed, let’s see how quickly they unlock the others.