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Another Dead Trigger Update Goes Live, Fixes That Pesky 180º Turn Bug

Madfinger Games has published yet another update to Dead Trigger, the main feature being a fix for that nasty 180º turning bug. It’s hard to explain, but sometimes when you were moving or reloading your weapon, you would instantly be facing the opposite direction, which has gotten me killed quite a few times. 

Here’s the full changelog that was posted along with the update:

Full Changelog:
  • Not working controls (on Xperia devices or “180° Turn”)
  • Too high difficulty of enemies on higher ranks (SWAT zombies)
  • Crash in Menu when too many missions were “available”
  • Booster “Ammo Supply”
  • Free gold for liking on Facebook
  • Revive Kit
  • In-App Purchases


  • New Hope accessible after first mission
  • Enemy AI
  • Damage caused by mines, turret, cutters, exploding Barrels

New Features:

  • Help in Main Menu
  • New unlocked items in shop marked with “Unlocked”

That’s a pretty hefty changelog.

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  • Eddie

    S2… i still have difficulty turning directions left or right.

  • OMG I stopped playing because of that damn 180 bug. Will now resume my zombie onslaught

  • Thank God, I almost broke my Nexus 7 because of this bug

  • droyd4life

    I really like Madfinger, dead trigger works on everyone’s phone in the family, my samsung vibrant and my transformer tf101, and my little brother’s nexus 7. They all play buttery smooth! The nexus 7 looks the best though with the extra tegra 3 enhancements. Same with shadowgun! Gameloft is the complete opposite, their games are laggy on my tf101 but smooth on my vibrant, then sometimes they aren’t even compatible and are kinda expensive.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      I would not expect a GreedyFinger employee to say anything less than what you espoused with your advertisement for your company here, good job 🙂 ! Hey, next time, can I just send you a dollar through PayPal, and not waste time trying to actually get something for my money? That would be so much easier for both of us I think.

      • N7

        Wtf is your problem? Just mad because they didn’t think their game was going to be so popular? I think it’s time for someone to stop bitching and get a life.

  • Higher_Ground

    And now I’ve changed my review to 5 stars. The game has become infinitely more enjoyable after the last couple update. To say I’m impressed would be an understatement – it seems to me that madfinger is really dedicated to making the game fun for everyone, not just hustling to make a buck and move on.

  • Frank F

    how the heck are u guys playing it on ur N7…I can’t get it to work on mine crashes instantly …this is one of my favorite games on my gs3 now I need it on my N7 to enjoy the play on a nice screen with tegra 3 goodness 🙂

  • They should fix the bug where it shows up in battery usage even when it hasn’t been used.

  • drparty

    So, I don’t see anything about JB support, anybody on Jellybean tried this yet?

    • yes works fine for me on Jelly Belly Rom

    • mplacido9

      Plays great on my Nexus 7 running Jelly Bean

    • Don’t update to this version. Doesn’t work unless it’s a fresh install of the game.

    • Hans Cholo

      Works fine on my stock Nexus 7. It was working before, but had that annoying 180 turn bug which does appear to be fixed.

  • hackthis02

    I found it annoying, but didn’t realize it was a bug, I thought it was my phone. This should make this game so much better.

  • WB00

    Thank you MadFinger games! That has been such a PITA!

  • Nick

    I have some good news for the people who bought the game. Go into dead trigger and hit the news button in the top left and go to page 9. It says: “Here is good news for everybody who bought DEAD TRIGGER. Wait for the next update, you will be rewarded! Wondering with what? We will keep it secret for now…” Interesting! I didn’t buy the game, so I guess I won’t figure that out, but for all of you people out there that did, at least you get something the free people don’t.

    • That’s a great tip! Thanks!

      • SolipsisticPsychologist

        You’re welcome.

    • I was wondering if they were going to do anything for us early adopters……this is a really cool game, and it wont be the last time i buy from MadFinger.

      • SolipsisticPsychologist

        “Early Adopters” ? Don’t you mean SCAM VICTIMS? Yeah, it’s a regular occurence, and a great thing when one has to wonder if you are actually going to get something for giving a company money, I mean that should be the norm in the Market right? Never knowing if you should actually buy a game or an app, because you never know, the developer might be criminally shady like GreedyFingers, and decide to make the game free like it should have been from the get go. It’s amazing all developers on the Market don’t use this wonderful selling method. Oh that’s right, I forgot that most developers are actually honest and don’t do everything they can to deceive and rip off their customers. I guess integrity, morals, values, and doing the right thing, means more to some developers than the almighty dollar, strange huh?

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Even if that turns out to be true, it doesn’t negate the fact that GreedyFingers is morally and criminally corrupt company, that cares about nothing more than sucking every penny they can from unsuspecting customers and just generally ripping people off. Plus if they do “reward” people who bought the game, it’s only because of the massive amount of bad publicity they have recieved for being a criminally corrupt company. There is nothing they could do to make me ever want to support them or buy any of their crippled money-sucking games ever again. I love how in the new changelog the mention “in-app purchases”. Gee, it sure is funny how they “forgot” to mention that from day one, you know when they stole a dollar from over fifty thousand people. It’s almost as if they knew people wouldn’t touch their stripped down crippled game, if they had actually been honest from the start. And it’s so incredibly apparent that some of the GreedyFinger employees are posting on this article, pathetic. And it’s very telling that Droid Life would continue to plug and support such a criminal developer.

  • Finally that 180 degree bug was freaking anoying

  • EvanTheGamer

    YES! Finally!

    I kept noticing that bug where when I’m facing a zombie the damn camera would turn 180 degrees. I was like, “WTF is up with the camera?!”..then I turn back around and there’s 5 zombies just looking at me. They’re probably thinking, “Is this dude a half zombie or something, ’cause he’s sure acting strange! Not firing at us at all, just turning around as if he didn’t even see us!”