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Motorola XT926 (DROID RAZR HD) Cruises Through FCC With Verizon Radios and NFC

A Motorola device with model number XT926 attached to it, cruised through the FCC today. As we know thanks to a variety of Moto employees who posted both pictures and benchmarks from the device to public sites over the last few months, this should be the DROID RAZR HD. According to this FCC filing, it was tested for Verizon’s 3G (CDMA 800/1900) and LTE networks. It also packs GSM and WCDMA radios, so there is a good chance that this phone will end up with global roaming capabilities. As you can see from the picture above, an NFC chip is included as well.

We have no idea when this phone will launch, but FCC filings are always a good sign that it should be right around the corner. Is this Moto and Big Red’s next summer blockbuster device? You tell me.

Via:  FCC

Cheers Paul!

  • austingrace

    The battery is 2530 mAH. Its in the FCC test
    report (Exhibit 11 RF Exposure Info 1) page 22 of 51.

  • Akashshr

    The next phone, been most excited abt this since the leak picture was out!
    Dont care if its got the Maxx’s battery, but if its competitive enough, I Am all in!!
    And thank you Sir, @blasmonk:disqus a 2530mAH battery will do just great!!!

  • NorCalGuy

    Does it mention anything about the batt size?

  • summit1986

    Outline looks like an iPhone… lawsuit will ensue.

  • Casper

    If this device comes with the 3300 mAH battery that came with the Razr MAXX, it will put all other mobile phones on the market to shame. I’ll definitely wait for this

    • Blasmonk

      I’m surprised that none of the various blogs have mentioned this yet but one of the FCC documents (Exhibit 11 RF Exposure Info 1) says that this will come with a non-removable 2530 mAH battery. From page 22:

      “The Cellular Phone model covered by this report has the following battery options:
      Model SNN5915A – 2530 mAH battery. The Model SNN5915A battery is an internally-sealed battery contained within the DUT, and may not be removed by the end-user.”

      Not quite the 3300 mAH I was hoping for but not bad.

      • Trevor

        Good find! I would think that battery will do just fine with the S4 chip that’s supposed to be in the Razr HD. Similar internals to Galaxy S3, but 400 mAh larger battery and possibly slightly smaller screen will hopefully mean pretty awesome battery life!

        • michael arazan

          How About Verizon Just Focus On The Back Log of Updates To People’s Phones.
          4.1 Just came out and phones that are suppose to have ics are still waiting on verizon. Not to mention 4.1 for the Gnex or Razr.

  • rumblee1

    only if moto keeps that 3300mha battery.

  • Jonathonflores6958

    The only way for Motor to gain traction: unlock the bootloader. I’ll drop my nexus in a heart beat for an unlocked RAZR. Moto needs to wise up.

  • MikeCiggy

    We can assume this will ship with ICS and not see an update for about a year. Not so cool…

  • Dan

    Speaking of radio’s, Samsung’s radio’s suc* my S3 just like my Gnex loses data 10- 20 times on my train ride, where as my TBolt stayed strong the whole ride


  • Jim Dandy

    This will be the phone advertised during Sunday Night Football on NBC.

  • a7xstang

    I like this phone, but comparing to the gs3 is dumb. The Droid may have better radio reception but it drops data way more often than Sammy. My galaxy nexus had bad reception but the data was constant, my girlfriend’s razor has better signal and drops it to 1x 50% of the time, and its her third replacement.

    • yellowcanary73

      Don’t know about the S3 but the RAZR Maxx blows the G/N out of the water in every department.

      • Bionic


    • That’s odd, my RAZR has a 4G signal when my co-worker’s GNEX has absolutely none here at work….my experience is that Verizon’s CLNR is very rarely “Like New”. I try to avoid them as much as possible.

  • Ubi2447

    I have been waiting for this device for months and months. And to be honest I would have grabbed this phone in a heart beat if it had been out earlier. But now, it still has no confirmed release and the new nexus devices are only a few months away. I’m not sure If I want to wait for them.

    I’m really going to have to see the confirmed specs in order to make a decision. It might just be something that I would have loved a few months ago but worth passing on for one of the new Nexi (plural Nexus?) in Nov

  • sporty

    Probably has the tiny Razr batt inside….

    • bjn714

      Preliminary specs show that it is 3300mAH like the RAZR MAXX.

    • Bionic

      probably it does not, dip shitt

  • BSweetness

    SVDO antenna? If so, this will be the first Motorola Android device on Verizon that supports voice and data over 3G. Nice to see it included.

    • bjn714

      It seems that they are insisting that all new devices have this ability. It used to be a huge marketing ploy for AT&T because they always supported simultaneous voice and data.

      • Does AT&T do that even for 2G areas?

        Because every other carrier doesn’t have support for voice and data over GPRS/EDGE enabled which really sucks.

    • If the phone has the Qualcomm processor, it’s gonna have the capability.

  • Tony Allen

    And Google Wallet.. was nowhere to be found.

    • Bionic

      Um really? cuz i see an NFC antenna, and you do know google owns moto now right? You fail

      • Think he’s talking about the fact the VZW/ATT are working on their own NFC payment app, so while Wallet is possible, it is unlikely that it will be officially supported.

  • cowdog

    This is where we start to learn if things are changing. Will it launch with JB?

    • ddevito

      womp womp woooommp

    • Nothing launches with JB unless it’s a Nexus this close to the unveil…and even then only if it’s a Nexus that isn’t on Verizon. If and when Google starts calling the shots at Motorola it won’t be for a while longer, corporate structure doesn’t change this soon after a buyout.

      • Bionic

        its really not hard to launch with jelly bean dude, not at all. If google wants it dont, it’ll be done

      • If they had access to the PDK, there’s a solid chance that this could launch with JB. ZTE is already launching a device with JB, no reason Moto can’t pull it off. Given the hole they’re in with sales, being the first OEM with a JB device would give them a leg up on Sammy and HTC, so here’s hoping.

  • Anyone know a screen size for this bad boy.

    • Rob_N

      supposed to be the same size as the Razor/Razor Maxx I believe. Something I read says that it is actually built on the same frame.

      • Bummer. I was hoping for the HD to ditch the HFB buttons for the Android soft buttons, with an increase in screen sized . Thanks!

        • AhsanS

          It has virtual buttons and an apparent 4.5 or 4.7″ screen.

  • ddevito

    bla bla bla….build quality…bla bla bla radios…..bla bla bla…

    bloatware….bla bla bla…locked bootloader…..bla bla bla will get Jelly Bean in 2013….bla bla bla…no one cares anymore Moto. The jig is up

    • Rob-N

      besides the locked bootloader I don’t see what you are all bla bla bla about. The reading I have done about this phone all looks very good to me….as for JB I would be surprised if it didn’t come with JB.

      • gSheep need no reasons to bla bla bla, they’re a lot like iSheep.

    • gSheep alert, all hands to their designated battlestations!

  • Bionic

    As long as it has the maxx battery this might be my phone come may 2013. maybe, depends on what comes out between this and then.

    Any chance this is quad core?

    • Rob_N

      I have read mixed reports on whether it is quad or dual.

    • According to the benchmarks, its the dual-core version. However, that might have been a test unit, and they got their hands on the quad-core. Or, Motorola could be all smoke and mirrors, and bust this thing out with an OMAP5 (hey, a man can dream….)

  • Well crap, I was just about to get a GS3… Oh well I still might, and end up selling it to get this, who knows? Moto is reeeeeally going to have to pull out all the stops to make me want to do that though.

    • Sting

      Do us all a favor…. buy the sammy already….

    • Ethan

      I’m one of those who has always been a Moto purist (OG, D2, DX, D-Inc, Bionic, Razr Maxx) but recently got my S3, which I preordered to keep unlimited data. Honestly, I’ve been so impressed with this phone that the RAZR HD had slipped from my mind until reading this. I guess I’ll check it out when it’s fully announced, but you really can’t go wrong with the S3, whatsoever.

  • Knowing Verizon it will have Jelly Bean before the GNex

    • Tony Allen

      Knowing Moto.. it won’t.

      • ddevito

        Knowing Verizon…it won’t

        • LionStone

          There ya go

    • fanboy1974

      The difference between the GNex and this HD is that I have Jelly Bean right now without Verizon’s approval. I had a Droid X and I will not be caught dead with another Moto until they drop that locked bootloader crap. The goofy reacharounds and the fear of bricking sucks for any locked down Moto crap.

      • Have a RAZR, and I haven’t worried about bricking once. And I have gotten it down to the “OH GOD PLEASE BOOT TO FASTBOOT MODE” kind of near-brick. And with HashCode’s SafeStrap, I have literally zero fear to flash any ROM. With kexec running, you have a custom kernel, and with a custom ROM….well, I really see no reason to care one iota about a locked bootloader.

    • r0lct

      Like 4.0.4 for the GNex and RAZR?

  • Knlegend1

    Everything rides on this device.

  • dick

    at least we know the radios will be good. Moto rocks the radios. The Verizon Nexus blows.

    • TheRealKingOfAllMedia

      you said it dick,

    • ddevito

      dude get off the rag already. Since 4.0.4 the GNex is fine.

      Everyone sweats Moto’s jock until the [insert dev friendly device here] gets the new OS then everyone hates on Moto all over again. It’s a never-ending cycle.

      • sc4fpse

        No, it’s not fine. The Nexus’ radios suck. I can personally attest to that. FFS, my Thunderbolt had a stronger LTE radio.

        • ddevito

          yeah, and my Bionic’s radio couldn’t even make a connection. Returned it, piece of junk. Great radios my ass (Moto). Software update fixed it – like the GNex.

          My GNex gets just as good reception and call quality as my wife’s Bionic. It’s old news. Moto needs to launch this ASAP or all the geeks will be dying to get info on the new Nexus. (Bionic all over again?)

        • Big_EZ

          Thats saying a lot because I rarely got 4g reception with my t bolt. It wasn’t until I git my bionic that I realized it wasn’t a lie that my area had 4g. The t bolt handled tge 3g-4g transition better though.

      • TheRealKingOfAllMedia

        ok look. i had the original from verizon and it sucked. then I got a new UMTS version at Google IO and it is much better but not LTE. So I still say it sucks even since 404 since it is the modem code and not the Android version. Right brainiac?

        • ddevito

          whatever you say genius, enjoy your 3.5G

          • TheRealKingOfAllMedia

            cum guzzler!

          • Speaking of 3.5G it’s amusing how I can get up to 42Mbps on HSPA+ on carriers that support it.

            Although I heard on Verizon you get 98Mbps on LTE, right? (Like on LMT and the likes in Europe; I saw stable 99Mbps on an LTE device on LMT’s network with my own two eyes.)

          • That is LTE advanced

      • bjn714

        While I agree that 4G reception on Motorola devices is not significantly different than that of the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, I can say that I have not seen the outgoing audio drop issues with any Motorola device. I don’t use my phone as a phone that much, but I find it quite a hassle when I am on the phone for an extended period and then suddenly the other party can no longer hear me. This becomes especially annoying when on the phone with a call center. If Verizon and Samsung could actually fix this issue, then I would not have issues with this statement.

        On the note of 3G reception and normal 1x cell reception, I still find Motorola devices to be vastly superior to that of Samsung. I frequently lose all cell reception in areas that my friend’s Droid X2 still has 3 bars of 3G service.

        • Champion1229

          I totally agree, my moms droid 2 keeps a 3g signal while she is sitting in a tree stand (i know because I see her posts on Facebook and her IMing me, not to mention when at camp she’s uploading videos and watching youtube) while my HTC and Dad’s Samsung are scraping by on 1x which is slow as crap!

        • Fully agree. SIII returned and waiting for this phone.

    • Dan

      The GNex is NOT fine.. never will be

  • fred

    just give me the phone already. so much better than that crap from Samsung

    • TheRealKingOfAllMedia

      Sammy stuff is not crap. Just not as good as Moto hardware. Good thing I could care less about locked boot loader. I have a life.

      • paladaxar

        You could care less, eh? That gives us absolutely zero indication of how much you actually care…


        • TheRealKingOfAllMedia

          yea true. but less is not more so it is clear enough for most. thank you for caring to ask my level of care. like not being care-less. :O)

          • grammar police

            That was a jab at your bad english lol

          • Joe

            I believe you meant to say, “couldn’t care less”

        • Butters619

          Couldn’t care less* ….and a Mandatory video explaining….


      • Champion1229

        I dont understand why people are all crying over a locked boot loader! Am i the only one who is still running Stock (HTC Rezound) even tho I’m about to flip out on verizon over this ICS update…..beginning of the year my ass more like last day of July- early August!

        • jroc74

          I am stock on my Droid X1, Droid 1, Rezound and RAZR.

          You are not alone….

          • matt

            Stock on my S3 as well.

    • Dan

      I agree… partially, the radio is awful, everything else about the S3 is awesome.

  • machete

    Machete say it will launch in September.

  • DontBeConfused

    Too late. I was between this and the GS3, and the GS3 beat it to the punch. The GS3 has been a better phone than i thought. If the phone blows my mind, I’ll look into selling the gs3 and buying it off contract, but it has to bring some serious fire power for me to do so.

  • DJyoSNOW

    Not being a motorola fan I do hope it does have a unlocked boot loader. Though the Douche bag at the 3rd party vzw store said moving forward all boot loaders will be locked. Though I’ve been lied to my vzw multiple time…lets hope I was lied to.

    • Don’t trust the reps from 3rd party retailers….always a bad idea…this comes from a former cooperate vzw employee

      • dwaynaz

        Shut up, Chuck like you would know lol

      • Big_EZ

        In my experience the 3rd party retailers know what they are talking about and most cooperate reps don’t know anything.

  • J. Gilbertson

    Question is will this come with a Maxx battery? If so, will my wife trade with me?

    • evltwn

      It’s supposed to have the same battery as the RAZR MAXX.

  • OhAaron

    YES! This is what I’ve been waiting for! I was about to buy a GSIII. That wonderful reception and build quality is mine, mine, mine… Oh, you’ll have to excuse me..

    • This is the Droid you were looking for?

      • OhAaron


      • kixofmyg0t


      • Clamshell

        Didn’t know you’d lost it. I’ll send it back if I find it.

    • Kristen Vidal

      now lets all prey the bootloader is unlocked… *preys*

      • paladaxar

        what are you preying on?

        • balthuszar


          • daryle barden jr

            Or maybe he’s on Nickelodeon preying on Pears.

          • balthuszar

            maybe this is the way he preys

        • KRS_Won


      • Mack

        Not encrypted, they always ship locked even on a Nexus.

  • paul_cus

    Little too late for me, Motorola.

  • kenny

    No thanks, I’ll wait for the Razor HD Maxx

    • Kristen Vidal

      this is the razr hd maxx xD it has the same battery as the maxx

      • OhAaron

        ^What he said.

        EDIT:She said. Excuse me.

      • gokusimpson

        Where did it say anything about the battery size?

      • La2da

        Not trying to troll, but it will still die sooner if the new screen is a juice hog.

    • Rob_N

      Look back at previous posts about this device and you will see that it HAS the same battery as the Razor Maxx. It also has some other quite interesting specs.

    • I will wait for that one phone that nobody has announced but has awesome specs with the whatever comes after jelly bean that has that one amazing feature, which has a expected release date of one of the days that comes after tomorrow.

  • AhsanS

    Damn. The GNEX is $99 and I was set on getting it. But now this…

    • AhsanS

      Someone tell me what to get -__-

      • Not a Nexus, to many audio and radio issues

        • ddevito

          running Jelly Bean – audio and radio have never been better.

          • balthuszar

            which doesnt speak for very much considering how bad i’ve heard the radios were…not saying they’re not good(i don’t know…i can’t stand samsung ever since our dealings with the fascinate and that crap phone)…but saying they’ve never been better doesnt say much

          • ddevito

            Everyone’s entitle to opinions and such, but please don’t associate feelings on Samsung based on the Fascinate :p

          • I associate feelings on Samsung based on Droid Charge. What a crap-tastic phone that was. Felt cheap to hold, the physical buttons had a terrible feel to them (too soft, too much travel, no positive engagement), reception was horrible (and that is compared to a Bionic, btw), and a known speaker issue so prevalent I was immediately offered a replacement when it went out for no good reason on the 3rd replacement device. Have a RAZR now, and I couldn’t be happier!

      • Greg

        If you want roms get a Samsung, if you aren’t in to that kind of thing and have some patience wait till this comes out and maybe if it has jelly bean get the Moto. They both have the same S4 Processor fyi.

    • Buy a used Nexus off ebay for half price, use it for a while, then upgrade when they have what you want. You might even be able to get a little bit back for the Nexus in a few months.

  • Kristen Vidal


  • TJ

    I know we don’t have a launch date, but typically, how long does it take for a phone to launch after it goes through this FCC stage?

    • Robert Goddard

      A few weeks to a few months

      • TJ

        That’s vague. Darn.

    • Greg

      I would say 4 to 12 weeks is typical but the Incredible 4g for example passed the FCC in early March. released 4 months later. The Droid 4 released 9 weeks after it passed FCC back in December. Maybe they will release it with all the back to school sales/promos.