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Nexus 7 an Early Hit, Selling Out at Most Retailers Already

Hopefully you pre-ordered a Nexus 7 and your retailer of choice is holding onto it for you if you have yet to pick it up. Reuters is reporting that stores like Gamestop, Sam’s Club, and Staples are all selling out of their first allotments of this hot little $199 tablet before it has officially gone on sale. All signs are pointing to next week being the official launch, since Google is just now shipping Play Store orders, however, pre-orders at many retailers have been available for pick up all day today. Online stores and brick and mortars have only a few left or none at all. If you had planned on trying to snag one this weekend, be sure to call ahead.

And if you haven’t yet, be sure to read our Nexus 7 review. Spoiler alert! We love it.

Via:  Reuters

  • cgg

    there are so many tablets on the market right now hard to pick which one

    Blackberry Playbook
    Kindle Fire
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
    Sony Tablet S
    T-Mobile G-Slate
    Asus Eee Pad Transformer
    Motorola Xoom
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0
    HP Slate 500
    Dell Streak 7

    That is the most I can remember.

  • cgg

    i mean gonna be

  • cgg

    this is my first tablet

  • cgg


  • cgg

    Preorder it still waiting

  • Does anyone know when best buy will begin taking orders for the nexus 7?

  • Kevin Guinn

    I’m glad I waited to order one. I’ve been reading numerous reports that they are showing up with major screen defects and dead pixels. I’ll wait to see if these problems get fixed anytime soon before plopping down $250+

  • col3rsc

    My delivery date has been updated from today to tomorrow.

  • If I don’t hear an announcement soon about a Nexus 10in I may break and get it. But I reeeeally want a 10 as my first tablet. A 7in tab just isn’t big enough when my phone is already huge.

  • EvanTheGamer

    After using the Nexus 7 for two days, I can safely say that it is by far the greatest tablet I have ever owned before. Oh wait, the Neuxs 7 is THE only tablet I’ve ever owned. lol

    But…even with that said, the Nexus 7 IS THE tablet I’ve been waiting for.

    I passed up all other tablets, then Google announces the Nexus 7, a tablet that is just too damn impressive and awesome for words. Seriously, the tab kicks major ass! Also, it’s faster than Speedy what’s his name on his best day. And Jelly Bean is the single greatest piece of Android software that Google has put out yet, it makes the Nexus 7 just that much more mind numbingly fast!

    And lastly, I am SO damned glad I pre-ordered it at GameStop. I was going to pre-order it from the Google Play Store, but because I didn’t have the cash in my checking account to cover the “reserved” amount, I couldn’t do it. Then I heard that GS was taking pre-orders so I jetted on over there and pre-ordered it with just $50 down. Lucky enough, I was part of Pre-order Wave 1.

    Hell yeah, Google and GameStop FTW!!

  • wilco

    Received mine Friday 13th am. Ordered it earlier in the week on buyer.

  • luckyme

    Just got the last one at Sams, YES!

  • NexusMan

    Google FINALLY sent me my shipping confirmation at 8:06pm on Friday night, and I got another email from UPS at 6:17am this morning (Sunday) letting me know it will be delivered tomorrow (Monday) between 3pm & 7pm. Christmas comes tomorrow!

  • Just picked up a 16GB model at the Sam’s Club in Eagan, Minnesota!! pic.twitter.com/08xFGsBg

  • Aaron White

    Lovin mine. Shattered the screen on my Gnex a couple hours after getting the text from gamestop. Looks like I might have to get a SGS3 for an upgrade. Decision is: Keep SGS3 or sell to pick up another Gnex?????????????

  • RockyJ

    I’m holding out for the next iPad. These tablets are toys so I might as well get the one with the largest selection and best apps.

    • Bionic


  • Dave Sloboda

    Just saw this review that takes a crap on the Nexus 7…even going so far as to call Jelly Bean “clunky”!


    You’ll note the reviewers clear affinity for a certain fruit-based tablet…

  • AlexKCMO

    Since everyone is posting the status of their device… like we care, I’m going to just say it’s nice to see a device doing so well that doesn’t have fruit on it.

    Rock on Android.

  • currentsupply

    Posting from my brand new Nexus 7. Picked it up at Sams Club. Used friends card.

    Pretty cool device. Using the gnex to tether for internet. Typing is way easier on this thing than on larger tablets.

    Will be selling my gt 10.1 to pay for it.

  • Matt

    Got my email from Google. Am happy but of course would like my nexus 7 sooner 🙂

  • Bionic

    Is there any reason not to use the car charger in my car for my bionic to charge this? We have used it to charge my wife’s kindle fire before and it didnt do any harm to it. However, I recently let a friend at work borrow my motorola wall charger to charge his galaxy s2 and it killed his battery. Ever since then I worry about using the wrong kind of charger.

    • jeesung

      compare the output specs printed on the chargers. should be something like: Output: 5.0V – 0.85A

      if they’re close, you probably will be fine. i mix and match chargers from various devices that range from 0.7A to 1.1A and haven’t had an issue like your friend.

      i’d hesitate to use the largest output ones on my Bluetooth headset or digicam, though. both of those original chargers have output of 0.5A

      • Bionic

        so basically you are saying if the two are equal or less than the one that comes with it, im fine

        • jeesung

          yes, though lower output will charge slower and too low may not charge much at all (like the warning iPads give if you try and use your iPhone charger brick or plug into a computer USB port).

          • Bionic

            I just looked it up. The nexus 7 uses a 5V output just like all of my motorola chargers, so I am in luck

  • Liderc

    I want one..but I can’t get one from anywhere…sad face.

  • Got the email last night, but of course, it’s given a tracking number, but since I ordered soooo early, mine is not to UPS yet. So, probably wed. which will make me file a complaint with the NYS att. gen. on paying 2 day shipping and not getting it. Not that it matters other than making me feel better. NEVER AGAIN GOOGLE PLAYED! I will not be PLAYED again. I’ll use the $25 credit, but not so quick….too many other aves. to fill my N7 before the play store.

    • Bionic

      i’ve seen UPS do amazing things. Especailly at this time of year when its slow for them. I’ve had things delivered in 2 days when it was scheduled for 5. Im hoping i get mine Monday. UPS works around the clock unlike USPS.

    • jeesung

      i just checked my tracking #. yesterday it said not received yet. now it says 2-day delivery with Monday estimate.

  • Goat1202

    I’m having trouble unlocking the bootloader for my nexus 7. It is “waiting on the device.” I’ve enabled USB debugging and have the latest SDK including the Google USB driver. I did have the SDK already for my Galaxy Nexus. Any suggestions?

    • wouldnt you need the drivers from google or asus? since it wasnt samsung who made the N7.

      • Goat1202

        From everything I’ve read, installing the google usb driver in the SDK is supposed to work. I just ran “adb reboot” and it rebooted my Nexus 7, but when I try to run “fastboot oem unlock” it’s still “waiting on device.” So frustrating!

    • Bionic

      restart your computer. Oddly enough that worked for me in the past with other devices in this situation.

      • Goat1202

        Man, I tried that and even re installing the SDK software. Is it possible it could be confusing drivers with the Galaxy Nexus?

        • Bionic

          im not sure what to tell ya, im not a very experienced rooter/hacker. Thats why i always use one-click options when available.

          • Goat1202

            FYI – I typed adb reboot-bootloader and it booted the nexus 7 into bootloader. I then ran “fastboot oem unlock” and it worked.

    • Goat1202

      Another thing is that typing “adb devices” lists my nexus 7’s serial number. So I have no idea why fastboot isn’t working correctly

    • ALex Boro

      make sure your on your bootloader when you enter the command

  • ALex Boro

    just got mine at my local sams club

    • Joshyz73

      Same here. I was there yesterday on my normal grocery shopping trip, and just figured I’d look to see if they had any in stock. While they didn’t have a demo unit, they had the little think with the paper slips to take up to the register to get one. So I did…

  • Bionic

    By the way guys i just got my case that i ordered in the mail today. Its actually really nice. I obviously dont have my nexus 7 in it yet, but this case is sweet.


    • Goat1202

      Thanks for posting this. Just ordered it!

      • Bionic

        You wont regret it, especially for that price. I love the hand strap.

      • Bionic

        FYI i just put my wife’s kindle fire into it to test it out, again, its sweet.

  • Bionic

    Is monday expecting too much? Im off work

  • steve0617

    Sigh… Just called my closest Game Stop for shits and giggles as I didn’t preorder.

    They said they ‘have an instock date of 9/30.’

    Ummmmmmmmm. What? I clarified ‘You have an instock date of Sept. 30th?’

    He said yes.


    The next GS I called was on the ball. Said third wave preordering now. Due August 7th. If none were preordered at that particular location, they didn’t get any stock at all.

    Only chance to get one at all was if someone preordered, it came in, they then cancelled it and it still hadn’t sold. So slim to none chance there. But at least she was intelligent about it.

  • edubbz

    Called Staples that had stock, they were told by corporate not to sell. This is ridic!

  • MotoRulz

    I want jelly bean on my xoom..

  • BrianLipp

    what is googles crazy method behind their shipping them? i ordered on the 27th and havent gotten charged/confirmation, but my dad, who ordered days after me, has, and im seeing people who ordered last week get their confirmations. whats going on?

    • Kurt Edens

      From what I learned it seems the 8GB and 16GB units have separate shipping lists. The shipping order also depends on your location and order amounts in that location as Google has had them held by bus at various storehouse and shipping centers all over the US to allow for abspeedy delivery..

      • Bionic

        this makes sense

  • will

    Just went into Sams Club- Sioux Falls, SD. $247 for the 16 gig, and they are selling it!

  • nascpats

    is there a way to get flash on jellybean

  • LionStone

    Pre-ordered on the 29th…just got my email at 1:30a.m.!! Its on the way!!

  • Mike

    Got my 16GB yesterday…called around to like 10 Gamestops, all but one said they had them, but pre-order only..one store had an extra one and they held it for me until i got there…WIN

  • Zuki1216

    Ordered mine on the 2nd, it’s shipping today.

  • Am I the only one that is waiting for the next version? I’m always leery about 1st gen hardware.

    • Bsody

      Since this isn’t google or Asus’s first rodeo, I figured I would take the chance.

    • Bionic

      i see no good reason to wait, this device will be fully supported for years to come

  • studwig98

    Sams club had a whole bunch when I went. There are even Free one day passes floating around on the interwebs

  • Frandy Vertus

    Just picked mines up.. I mean my girlsfriend birthday gift up!!..I’ll let her play with it eventually!! Samsclub FTW!!!

    • Bionic

      screw her, keep it for yourself and buy her some earings

  • Matt

    I am annoyed but just got my S3 so at I have something to hold Mr over 🙂

  • Brent Stewart

    Ugh… Still no charge on my card, no change in Google Wallet, no confirmation email. Nothing. And I ordered on June 28th. This is getting frustrating seeing others who have ordered after me either getting their devices or getting their confirmations.

    • Jonkido

      Same here. Saw that somebody got a confirmation after ordering on the 8th. I ordered on the 2nd.

    • Santos

      I ordered on July 3 and just got my shopping email a few hours ago. I’m’m in Southern California.

      • Andrew Wegand

        ordered mine on the 27th and got my charge last night and shipping confirmation today!

        • WalterWhite

          Same here! I ordered on July 2nd, I got my shipping info at 0214 this morning 😀

  • Totally sucks that us die hard googlers (is that what we’re called?) aren’t getting it first. But, life’s a bitch, so eff it. I’m glad to have directly supported google. May have payed more with tax and shipping; but still, I’m glad I went directly through google.

    • EC8CH

      Me too. I’m happy with supporting the Nexus program as much as possible

    • that’s right!

      because Google needs more money and support…haha

      • Google FTW!

        to much more and they will rule the world

  • Bionic

    Finally got my tracking info, holding out hope for a monday delivery.

    • Bionic

      LOL, why do 5 people dislike this?

  • kellygh5

    Received my email notification for shipping, & I did not order the 7 until July 2nd. Can’t wait 🙂

  • I’m itching to get one. But damn that 8-16GB space. Holding out for details/confirmation of iPad mini, Kindle Fire 2.

    • Bionic

      the kindle fire 2 will get you no where, despite any improvements. It will still be a locked down device with that same boring version of amazon android

      • Yea, I guess so. Thus,iPad mini is the ‘awaited’ device. Have kept myself away from iOS products so far. But might take it for a spin if iPad mini offers something good. Also, seeing a horde of beautiful ‘iOS only’ apps breaks my heart. Why no love for Android, devs?

        • Bionic

          What apps do you speak of? And dude im sorry but in my opinion if you like Android, you should go all android, not mix it up and have an android phone and an IOS tablet, that makes no sense to me.

          • I love android and love its openness. I love that I can customize my GNex to any level I want. But I can’t turn a blind eye to the fact that app market is far more awesome in iOS. You never heard of iOS only apps? So many apps release on iOS first and android second, sometimes even months and years later. Need example?

          • Bionic

            Of course ive heard of IOS only apps. I was asking him which ones he specifically thought were so awesome.

  • Everyone having so much trouble while I enjoy my white IO version 😉

    • Brag Much?

      Keep playing with it and it will be black like the rest…just saying.

  • status: shipped !!!

  • Hans Kwazneski

    Complete awful luck, It’ll be here most likely Monday, a day after I ship out. Again.

  • Santos

    I can’t wait to put Swype on this mother

  • nightscout13

    Built it, they will come

  • man thats bs i ordered mine before even an option of picking it up at a retailer and im charged shipping and sales tax. google i will NEVER buy a device directly from u. i should of had mine first. google is not evil is not correct. google is profit is correct. 10 day pre order and people are walking out of gamestop with what i ordered, wtf!

  • supr2nr

    I honestly think that because of the great specs of this tablet the fact that its a developer product and that Google hit a perfect price point with it, it could very well be the iPad killer that android has needed. Now I just wish mine would show up so I can play with it.

  • czechm8

    This whole thing angers me. I pre-ordered mine on June 27th and I stil don’t have a shipping confirmation. Why did I pre-order if I could have walked into a retailer today and purchased one!!!!!

  • KnowYourEnemy462

    Literally (I swear I’m using that word correctly) just got my shipping notification email. I ordered on 7/2.

    • KnowYourEnemy462

      And I haven’t seen a charge reappear on my credit card. Whatever, just send me the GD tablet!

    • Jwhap

      Well, I ordered mine on 6/27 and have not even got that…..

  • Michael LoCastro

    I’m completely torn between the Nexus 7 and the Asus transformer infinity and now talk about a Nexus 10 in the works . I have no idea what to do now.

  • WalterWhite

    I ordered mine on July 4th. They finally took the funds tonight.

  • Nycxl

    I pick up my Nexus 7 at gamespot $245 tax free! Google wallet gave me an additinal $10 ! 25 $ google credit and being able to manually install flash player ,made my day!

  • Bionic

    So what are our chances for Monday delivery?

    • Kurt Edens

      Did you get a shipping email from Google? I just got mine at 10:33 EDT .. no Tracking info yet… but the email came simultaneous with Google Wallet Order page showing the charge switch from an Auth to an actual Charge. If you haven’t gotten the email, I would say that your chances are slim… Worrying and fretting won’t speed it up, so I wouldn’t waste my energy… I was checking and reading comments every ten minutes, cycling between my credit card account, DL and google wallet looking for an update and finally realized that it didn’t matter as it will get here when it get’s here. With retail stores selling out so quick, I couldn’t care less if ordering through Play direct, didn’t benefit me. I think getting a kiler Tabby at this price in the promised timeframe is a benefit in and of itself… Google never said you would get yours first if you pre-ordered through them, just that you would get one in the first wave… after the first wave it looks like Retail orders won’t be filled until August. Google likely intended to do a universal release and has been prepping orders with UPS for awhile and didn’t anticipate the numbers they received. It clearly looks like for the next few weeks Play orders will get priority over retail, and that is evident by that fact that you will still get your order in 1-2 weeks on play. but not for 3-4 in retail if you order today. You can’t hate because they had an initial batch lined up for retail, they were delivered ahead of time as most retail releases are, and then allowed to be given out the same day google starts shipping. Sounds pretty SOP to me. I mean it would’ve been nice for an Amazon style, delivered on date of release arrangement, but that was never promised. I was promised 2-3 weeks from my order date I would get it. They delivered on that. What’s the big deal?

      Granted some clearer communication would be nice, but I would rather they focus on logistics than communicating their likely dynamic, complex and ever updating shipping plans.

      Good luck to all, and I hope those that got theirs today enjoy the hell out of it..

      Anyone know if, being that I ordered one for me and one for my wife, we will each get a $25 Play credit, even though we use the same Account for games?

      • bonix

        Not enough people have this mentality. They said mid july and it shipped on the 13th/14th. Is it not common knowledge that going to the store to pick one up at launch is the quicker but less guaranteed method?

        • Apparently not. I don’t think it’s so much about common knowledge, as you put it. It was reliance on Google’s words. The folks from Google made no mention of retail availability during the Google I/O presentation, so many figured that pre-ordering from the Google Play store, as instructed, was the inside lock on getting the device first. I think most people, including myself, are just a little salty about unnecessarily paying for shipping, and seeing brick-and-mortar retailers handing out devices before Google Play pre-order customers received theirs. Shoot…most of us just received a (UPS Two-Day) shipping notice.

      • jeesung

        tracking info updated today for Monday delivery.

  • alpine2g

    Says pending on my CC account. But no email. Have had a google hold for 6 days now, sadly at most it should be 48 hours. ( I use to be a banker) So something is up. And to those that pre ordered like me, I flip a big FU to gamestop and other retailers for violating the agreement. Glad the ones that ordered the way we where told to got bent over with no Vaseline.

  • May be I was crazy that I ordered from Google directly.
    Ha Ha Ha… So un happy now. Why I paid shipping and receive late?

  • ddevito

    Just got my shipping notification (06/27 order) WAHOO!

    • Bionic

      At this time of night? Wow. My card has been charged but no info yet. I’m hoping to have it for my day off Monday.

      • ddevito

        Well they probably left CA, and were probably picked up around 4-5pm PST.

        • Bionic

          True. I’m a little nervous that I have no info yet though.

          • ddevito

            Eh. Don’t sweat it, it’ll ship.

          • guest

            Ordered at 5:00pm 6/27, no charge shown on my cc, received email at 9:00pm tonight from G that N7 was shipped…don’t give up yet =)

    • So does mean we will get them tomorrow with the 2 day shopping or on Monday?

      • ddevito

        I would say Tuesday. UPS won’t touch it Saturday, so it probably won’t leave the airhub until 4am Monday morning.

      • jeesung

        my tracking # is updated to Monday delivery.

  • Guy

    Do you get the $25 play store credit if you buy from local B&M?

    • Mike Menard

      Yes, I bought mine at Sam’s Club today and got the $25 credit and Transformers.

      • Bionic

        How much space does the movie take up on it?

        • Anthony_Armando

          if my memory is correct from a video review i saw a while ago it is like 2gb or 2.5gb.

          • Bionic

            thats huge, most movies take up around a GB

        • Mike Menard

          It does not come installed by default. It streams from the play store.

          • Bionic

            but you can install it to the device if you want to right?

          • Bionic

            i have never seen the “buy” option in google movies, only rent, am i missing something?

          • Bionic

            nevermind i found it, still curious as to weather its easy to install to device. Cuz obviously if you dont have wifi signal streaming is no good

    • I bought mine from a Game Stop (Did not Preorder) and when I activated it and signed into my google account a Google Play email hit my inbox giving me the $25 credit.

  • Uptown83

    Why do some have a white back and some black?

    • the white one is for Google I/O attendees it was given out

  • fanboy1974

    This is just plain upsetting. I could have just walked into a Sams club without paying for shipping from the Google Store. Did anybody complain and get some type of credit?

  • google you failed lol

  • azholio

    I just got my email confirming the Googlies have sent The Precious. Can’t track yet via UPS but OMFG.

  • trophynuts

    i went to three different stores locally today and All three had them in stock selling them. …

    not really though lmao trololololololol

  • C-Law

    Yes! I just went to Sam’s club in Houston by the memorial city mall. They had a ton! Got it for $246 plus tax

  • How is the heat on this? When you push it with an intense game or movie viewing, does it get hot? Just curious.

    • Dain Laguna

      ive read reviews that went out of their way to talk about how it didnt heat up at all. i’m sure the backing helps with that. used a coworkers ipad (3rd gen) and that thing got hot doing basic things. not saying it was over stressed as even apple admits they do this, but it was disheartening

  • admmck

    I ordered two of them from the Play Store on Sunday (Jul 8th). Just got my UPS confirmation email that they’ve shipped. I’m happy…

    • Bionic

      Wow I ordered on day one and have no shipping info.

  • r0lct

    Just got my shipping confirmation!

  • CB

    If I didn’t have a touchpad, I’d definitively buy one of these. If the rumored Nexus 10 had a high-res screen, I just might upgrade…

    • i sold my touchpad dualbooting for 180. bought n7 for 220 or so. not bad

  • Michael_NM

    Google charged me on 7/11, but it sounds like I’d have better luck getting one today at 7-11.

  • ddevito

    Pre-ordered mine 06/27 and Google finally charged my account this afternoon

  • Mike Menard

    I got mine at Sam’s Club without pre-ordering it. They sold it to me with no problem. $246.84

  • MJZ

    Got one from Sam’s Club today. Not a pre-order. Just walked in, paid and walked out.
    I gotta say it’s a GREAT little device.

    • Dave Sloboda

      You still have to be a Sam’s Club member though, right? I can’t just walk in w/o a membership and buy it…or can I? (in theory, of course.)

      • Anthony_Armando

        you can become a member in like 5 minutes then go buy it. membership is like $40 though. if you know anyone with a membership you can tag along with them too.

  • ddevito

    Pre-ordered on 06/27, Google finally charged my account this afternoon.

  • GreenMeansGo

    I bought an app from Google Play this evening via the Play Store on my RAZR. A few seconds later I got a Gmail notification at the top that simply said “Google Play”. My heart skipped a beat because I was certain this email was my pre-ordered Nexus 7 shipment confirmation. I opened it, and then I remembered that I had just bought an app. It was just the email receipt for the stupid app purchase. D’oh!

    • LOL!

      • GreenMeansGo

        Got the real email at 2 AM this morning. Hopefully the rest of y’all who preordered from Google will feel the joy soon!!

  • tattoopunk

    I work at GS and preordered 3 on day one for myself, my wife, and father in law. They came in a few days ago and it was so hard not to touch them. When the email came that we could break street date I was in there first thing picking all 3 up. Glad I made that choice. This thing is awesome!

    • Brent Stewart

      So when WAS street date exactly?

      • tattoopunk

        For the first wave of pre orders it said July 31 in our system but that was most likely a place holder date. Second wave says the 8th of August. Third wave doesn’t have a date yet.

    • James Hill

      You work at GS and you can afford a Tablet?

      • tattoopunk


    • EvanTheGamer

      Agreed man! Also picked up my Nexus 7 at my local GameStop on Friday the 13th. I was so close to pre-ordering via the Google Play Store, but decided against it because I didn’t want my $250+ to go in a “reserved” state, so I pre-ordered at GameStop. You guys came through again, GameStop FTW!

      And yes, the Nexus 7 is easily the tablet I’ve longed for. It’s everything I would ever want in a tablet, of course minus a rare facing camera and sd card slot, but honestly, who cares about a rare facing camera on a tablet any how. A SD card slot would have come in handy though.

      And Tegra 3…wow, it’s fantastic! Downloaded and installed The Dark Meadow(a free Tegra 3 only game) and it’s actually pretty awesome so far, but the graphics…wow, the graphics are mind-blowing; they’re console quality!

      Anyways, yeah, the Nexus 7 rocks! 100% impressed.

      • Dain Laguna

        i was hoping someone would post about dark meadow…back when i had my iphone, it was a wonderful game and i missed it when i switched back to android, and then again when i had a device that wouldnt work with it. i will say this though: the full paid version that existed before the current one (on both ios and android) was far superior.next to no in game purchasing; it was more indicative of the infinity blade comparisons. ib is the only game we are missing in the play store to achieve perfection

        • EvanTheGamer

          Yeah, when I first downloaded it, I did think to myself, “Why is this Tegra 3-only game FREE?” I thought maybe because they wanted to be nice or something…I soon realized that that was never the case. lol

          I soon started seeing “Get free Sun Coins now with these special offers!” or whatever, then thought to myself, “yep, another free-to-play game with the option to buy in-game currency to extend the gameplay”.

          Regardless of that though, it’s still a pretty awesome game, and it’s a different kind of experience, too. Plus, the graphics alone make it all worth it, wow, never thought I’d ever see console quality(Xbox 360/PS3) graphics on a tablet. Pretty stellar!

  • guy

    So much butthurt..

    • Bionic

      I’m pretty big I know.

  • kervation

    Congrats to those who received their tablets early at B&M. I can’t wait to get mine on pre-order!!

  • Kevin McClain

    Got mine from GameStop today without pre ordering. One of the lucky ones I guess.

    • John Burton

      Same here. I didn’t expect to get it before everyone, it just made sense to me to get my PowerUp reward points. Ironically, the GameStop app doesn’t work on the N7.

  • So glad that I pre ordered through Google because I have it before everyone else….oh wait…

    • Faye Cohn Ames

      I suppose you could say that you beat everyone to it.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      They just took the money out a out an hour ago. No email though… Google Needs Help with this…

    • feztheforeigner

      At least they had to pay more for shipping…oh wait…

    • Just an update on my original posting here, I have since received an email from Google, at 2:05 a.m. this morning, that mine is being shipped. When I click the tracking number it doesn’t give me any information, but at least it is supposedly on it’s way….

      • jeesung

        i got an update email from UPS. looked at the tracking and it says delivery estimate for Monday

        • jeesung

          UPS just changed my delivery estimate from today to Tuesday! 🙁

    • At least we get transformers and $25 to spend in the play store

      • It is my understanding that most retailers are also offering this very same deal.

    • philstx

      Just to update you guys, I know it’s not certain, but when I spoke with a Google rep it sounds like since the B&M retailers jumped the gun and caused much frustration, disappointment, and confusion among the pre-orderers, Google may very well be providing some sort of incentive/back-pay.

      He also tried to comfort me in the warranty being directly from them and that if anything were amiss with the device, we would be provided with a new device and a return envelope for the faulty device… not that it matters if we’re rooting it right when we get it…

      Either way, I think they’re going to try and wipe away our tears with some sort of compensation. Here’s to hoping!

  • * sigh * If only i hadn’t ordered mine directly from the Play Store on day one.

    • admmck

      I ordered two of them from the Play Store on Sunday (Jul 8th). Just got my UPS confirmation email that they’ve shipped. I’m happy with that time-frame…

      • I ordered a 16gb with case on day one. No email, no charge on my card. Nada.

        • czechm8

          Same here……..ordered June 27th. Still no e-mail!
          Friday the 13th butthurt!

          • michael arazan

            I better order now if I want to get one by october? Was going to get my step father this for his Bday in oct.

        • Al2x

          Same situation here. June 27th minutes after the actual site went live and before they even announced it at the keynote.

          • Gregg

            Ordered July 5 – No update in Google Wallet no email, no charge. ;-(

        • I finally was charged, and got an email saying its ship. Ordered day one.

  • Still don’t have mine! >:(

  • aydin96

    You know how to make us feel special

    1st day pre-orderer on Goole Play…