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HTC Device Headed to Verizon Stops by GLBenchmark – 1080p Display, Model 6435LVW, and a New Snapdragon S4?

Hold on to your pants, people. A new HTC device, with Verizon written all over it and codenamed DLX or dlx, popped up at famed benchmarking site GLBenchmark recently and has specs that are guaranteed to blow your mind. First, we can see the model number is HTC6435, making it sound like the follow-up to the Rezound which was HTC6425. Other than model number though, the Rezound and any other HTC phone in history will fail to compare. 

We can see that the device is clocked at 1.5GHz, but we get the feeling that this isn’t the standard S4 that has been in a variety of phones as of late. If you check out the benchmark scores,  it hits well above 100 on the Egypt Offscreen (121.1Fps) and Pro (110.5Fps) 720p tests, something that I don’t know if any other phone has been able to accomplish. The HTC One X for example, topped out 64.8Fps and 94.8Fps, respectively. To reach scores that high, we would almost expect this to be the MSM8960T chipset with the Adreno 320GPU. It’s basically like a turbo charged or “Pro” version of the 8960 that most phones are using these days.

Aside from the processor, we need to talk about display. According to this benchmark, it has a resolution of 1794×1080. Yes, you are reading that correctly – this phone has a 1080p display. Along with the new processor and mega-display, the phone runs Android 4.0.4 and will connect to Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

Is this the rumored 5″ device that we first heard about back in April? I’d say it very well may be. And yes, it’s OK to pick up your jaw now.

Via:  GLBenchmark

  • heyrel

    Should I get an Evo 4G Late or this??

  • mikeg3644

    this will be my next phone. can’t wait! Amazing specs!

  • 明尧 刘

    So we can actually calculate the screen size right????
    we know 126 pixel lines are used for the virtual bottoms(notification banner) on screen
    and the notification banner must be around 1 cm
    so the length of the screen maybe around 15 cm
    and the width maybe 8.5 cm
    SO WE GOT A 6.6 inch screen- –
    yea,,, probably flyer2…
    what do ya all think…

  • omg OMG OH MY GOD I WANT I WANT!!! If this was out in the next 18 days…I have S III in the mail but just to hold my data in place. I want an LCD screen phone…I hate AMOLED PenTile dim crappy screen of S III

  • sdierks

    Isn’t anything beyond 720 a waste considering the human eye can not actually tell the difference between 720 and 1080 assuming a range of 12 inches and people have average eyes.

  • CopierITGuy

    Did anyone else just think to themselves, “HTC Droid Life X” (DLX) as the name for this phone? Now that would be a freakin’ awesome name! It’s the Droid for everyday life…

  • S_T_R

    $20 says it’s a tablet. $10 more says it’s a 10″ tablet. There isn’t a commercially available 1080p screen at any size close to 4″.

  • JabroniUNM

    No thanks, HTCs blow when it comes to battery, and a 1080p screen will just make it worse, give me more efficient battery consumption, not crazier specs!

  • jdrch

    Not to be a wet blanket, but 1794×1080 != 1080p. The latter requires 1920×1080. I love that this is a high res screen, but it still won’t be able to fully display an unscaled 1920×1080 video.

  • Holy moley.. Add a digital pen and 5 inch screen and that sounds hot.

  • leoingle

    Anybody crying about the size the screen needs to take their gay ass to the iPhone forums. And take your lil girlie hands and skinny jeans with you.

  • I’m a grown man, but I just giggled like a school girl

  • Ken Bosse

    just like shopping for a new card…you get a new phone, and boom days later something better is coming

  • r0lct

    Considering we saw RAZR HD benchmarks over for months ago and its still months away I wouldn’t get too excited yet. Hopefully we’ll see by end of year.

  • ericl5112

    If this is legit, I’m buying the international version.

  • Mchl496

    Holy crap… the Thunderbolt 2 has arrived. I can say that because the Rezound was a follow up to the Thunderbolt, and its been just long enough for tech blogs to not think the Thunderbolt is the biggest joke out here.

  • Ohiwastedmylife

    Why is the adreno 320 a question? The benchmark clearly states adreno 320

  • trob6969

    This is the phone I’ve been waiting for! I have the rezound and love it so IF these specs are in fact accurate, and htc doesn’t skimp on an SD slot and swappable battery like they did with the One X, its my dream phone!

  • ckamc

    this thing better have at least a 2300 mHa battery or I am going to be pissed with HTC. I understand that they think thin is cool but I swear battery life with my Rezound is disappointing

    • LionStone

      Well the S3 processor in the Rezound, along with screen doesn’t help the battery life too much either. The S4 in my Dinc 4G, with 1700 mAh has been doing fine so far on the first full charge. Been tethered on 4G for 3 1/2 hours and its dropped to 70%.

  • According to this benchmark, it has a resolution of 1794×1080. Yes, you are reading that correctly – this phone has a 1080p display.
    I was wondering if there was ever a smartphone with interlaced output since people keep mentioning 720p and now 1080p when talking about smartphones.
    I was also wondering why is a 1794×1080 resolution called 1080p, when 1080p is specifically 1920×1080. Unless it’s not fullscreen and there’s some unused space.

  • S2556

    My brand new gs3 hates this article…

  • Honestly, This looks like a tablet, especially with that 126 pixel area missing for on screen buttons. The quad core, and LTE radios would more than make it reasonable to be a tablet, especially the size of the battery needed to be able handle the battery drain of both quad core and LTE radios. As much as people want this to be a phone, the battery alone needed to run this thing would be massive. My money is on a new HD tablet from HTC. Even with that model number.

  • God i hate Sense 4.0 though.

  • Alan Paone

    That’s gotta be a tablet, that many pixels on a phone is way ahead of the curve and kinda silly

    • Larizard

      if it is a tablet, this is gonna cost us an arm and a leg.. Verizon is getting rid of subsidize pricing on their tablets, aren’t they?

      • arthur2142

        They already have gone away from subsidized pricing on tablets. A new Xyboard 10.1″ 16GB is currently running $629.99 (no subsidy)

    • The rezound was ahead of the curve.

  • fanboy1974

    My crap just crapped in my pants.

  • Tony Allen

    So this must be the reason VZW passed on the OneX.. 🙂

  • Jack

    htc was my favorite until they abandoned the rezound’s ics update and did not keep their promise early 2012 ics for the rezound lol now its almost fall and it is still on GB. i hope you fail htc and this is personal i was looking forward to upgrading to this htc one xxl, but now im waiting for the next nexus phone with key lime pie that will come on verizon near christmas. Im sick of fragmentation i also had the first epic 4g and it sucked now the rezound now i learned my lesson. im a nexus fan for now screw hardware im all for software now with android.

  • I started to regret my SG3 purchase until I read it could be a 5″ device. That’s too big. The SG3 is even a little too big for my liking.