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HTC Device Headed to Verizon Stops by GLBenchmark – 1080p Display, Model 6435LVW, and a New Snapdragon S4?

Hold on to your pants, people. A new HTC device, with Verizon written all over it and codenamed DLX or dlx, popped up at famed benchmarking site GLBenchmark recently and has specs that are guaranteed to blow your mind. First, we can see the model number is HTC6435, making it sound like the follow-up to the Rezound which was HTC6425. Other than model number though, the Rezound and any other HTC phone in history will fail to compare. 

We can see that the device is clocked at 1.5GHz, but we get the feeling that this isn’t the standard S4 that has been in a variety of phones as of late. If you check out the benchmark scores,  it hits well above 100 on the Egypt Offscreen (121.1Fps) and Pro (110.5Fps) 720p tests, something that I don’t know if any other phone has been able to accomplish. The HTC One X for example, topped out 64.8Fps and 94.8Fps, respectively. To reach scores that high, we would almost expect this to be the MSM8960T chipset with the Adreno 320GPU. It’s basically like a turbo charged or “Pro” version of the 8960 that most phones are using these days.

Aside from the processor, we need to talk about display. According to this benchmark, it has a resolution of 1794×1080. Yes, you are reading that correctly – this phone has a 1080p display. Along with the new processor and mega-display, the phone runs Android 4.0.4 and will connect to Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

Is this the rumored 5″ device that we first heard about back in April? I’d say it very well may be. And yes, it’s OK to pick up your jaw now.

Via:  GLBenchmark

  • heyrel

    Should I get an Evo 4G Late or this??

  • mikeg3644

    this will be my next phone. can’t wait! Amazing specs!

  • 明尧 刘

    So we can actually calculate the screen size right????
    we know 126 pixel lines are used for the virtual bottoms(notification banner) on screen
    and the notification banner must be around 1 cm
    so the length of the screen maybe around 15 cm
    and the width maybe 8.5 cm
    SO WE GOT A 6.6 inch screen- –
    yea,,, probably flyer2…
    what do ya all think…

  • omg OMG OH MY GOD I WANT I WANT!!! If this was out in the next 18 days…I have S III in the mail but just to hold my data in place. I want an LCD screen phone…I hate AMOLED PenTile dim crappy screen of S III

  • sdierks

    Isn’t anything beyond 720 a waste considering the human eye can not actually tell the difference between 720 and 1080 assuming a range of 12 inches and people have average eyes.

  • CopierITGuy

    Did anyone else just think to themselves, “HTC Droid Life X” (DLX) as the name for this phone? Now that would be a freakin’ awesome name! It’s the Droid for everyday life…

  • S_T_R

    $20 says it’s a tablet. $10 more says it’s a 10″ tablet. There isn’t a commercially available 1080p screen at any size close to 4″.

  • JabroniUNM

    No thanks, HTCs blow when it comes to battery, and a 1080p screen will just make it worse, give me more efficient battery consumption, not crazier specs!

  • jdrch

    Not to be a wet blanket, but 1794×1080 != 1080p. The latter requires 1920×1080. I love that this is a high res screen, but it still won’t be able to fully display an unscaled 1920×1080 video.

  • Holy moley.. Add a digital pen and 5 inch screen and that sounds hot.

  • leoingle

    Anybody crying about the size the screen needs to take their gay ass to the iPhone forums. And take your lil girlie hands and skinny jeans with you.

  • I’m a grown man, but I just giggled like a school girl

  • Ken Bosse

    just like shopping for a new card…you get a new phone, and boom days later something better is coming

  • r0lct

    Considering we saw RAZR HD benchmarks over for months ago and its still months away I wouldn’t get too excited yet. Hopefully we’ll see by end of year.

  • ericl5112

    If this is legit, I’m buying the international version.

  • Mchl496

    Holy crap… the Thunderbolt 2 has arrived. I can say that because the Rezound was a follow up to the Thunderbolt, and its been just long enough for tech blogs to not think the Thunderbolt is the biggest joke out here.

  • Ohiwastedmylife

    Why is the adreno 320 a question? The benchmark clearly states adreno 320

  • trob6969

    This is the phone I’ve been waiting for! I have the rezound and love it so IF these specs are in fact accurate, and htc doesn’t skimp on an SD slot and swappable battery like they did with the One X, its my dream phone!

  • ckamc

    this thing better have at least a 2300 mHa battery or I am going to be pissed with HTC. I understand that they think thin is cool but I swear battery life with my Rezound is disappointing

    • LionStone

      Well the S3 processor in the Rezound, along with screen doesn’t help the battery life too much either. The S4 in my Dinc 4G, with 1700 mAh has been doing fine so far on the first full charge. Been tethered on 4G for 3 1/2 hours and its dropped to 70%.

  • According to this benchmark, it has a resolution of 1794×1080. Yes, you are reading that correctly – this phone has a 1080p display.
    I was wondering if there was ever a smartphone with interlaced output since people keep mentioning 720p and now 1080p when talking about smartphones.
    I was also wondering why is a 1794×1080 resolution called 1080p, when 1080p is specifically 1920×1080. Unless it’s not fullscreen and there’s some unused space.

  • S2556

    My brand new gs3 hates this article…

  • Honestly, This looks like a tablet, especially with that 126 pixel area missing for on screen buttons. The quad core, and LTE radios would more than make it reasonable to be a tablet, especially the size of the battery needed to be able handle the battery drain of both quad core and LTE radios. As much as people want this to be a phone, the battery alone needed to run this thing would be massive. My money is on a new HD tablet from HTC. Even with that model number.

  • God i hate Sense 4.0 though.

  • Alan Paone

    That’s gotta be a tablet, that many pixels on a phone is way ahead of the curve and kinda silly

    • Larizard

      if it is a tablet, this is gonna cost us an arm and a leg.. Verizon is getting rid of subsidize pricing on their tablets, aren’t they?

      • arthur2142

        They already have gone away from subsidized pricing on tablets. A new Xyboard 10.1″ 16GB is currently running $629.99 (no subsidy)

    • The rezound was ahead of the curve.

  • fanboy1974

    My crap just crapped in my pants.

  • Tony Allen

    So this must be the reason VZW passed on the OneX.. 🙂

  • Jack

    htc was my favorite until they abandoned the rezound’s ics update and did not keep their promise early 2012 ics for the rezound lol now its almost fall and it is still on GB. i hope you fail htc and this is personal i was looking forward to upgrading to this htc one xxl, but now im waiting for the next nexus phone with key lime pie that will come on verizon near christmas. Im sick of fragmentation i also had the first epic 4g and it sucked now the rezound now i learned my lesson. im a nexus fan for now screw hardware im all for software now with android.

  • I started to regret my SG3 purchase until I read it could be a 5″ device. That’s too big. The SG3 is even a little too big for my liking.

  • Knlegend1

    If this uses on screen navi I’d let this be my first HTC android phone.

    • LionStone

      Hehe…weren’t you one of the naysayers…saying the Droid Inc4G was it? 🙂

      • Knlegend1

        Me? no lol….guilty…

  • Name

    Galaxy Note II

  • Aryeh Hersh

    If i hadn’t needed to preorder the GS3 to keep my unlimited i probably would need to restrain myself from slashing my wrists!

  • Louis B


  • Tyler Chappell

    Aww, the RAZR HD is going to be a child’s toy. So cute.

  • Ali I.

    This is a New HTC tablet headed to Verizon. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960 S4 Pro, an updated version of the Snapdragon MSM8960 S4 that equips today’s smartphones along with an Adreno 321 Graphics chip. This may be the beginning of HTC tablets, along with the HTC Vertex. 🙂

  • Rob

    And just like that our Galaxy S3s are outdated!

  • JDS

    coincidence that galaxy s3 gets released the same day the first leaks for this beast appear?

  • akazerotime

    Fire up the hypebeast machine Kellex..

  • AhsanS

    This or the RAZR HD?

  • Droosh

    Holy pixel density Batman! This gives the Retina Display
    cataracts !

    • trob6969

      The rezound’s 342ppi gave the Retina Display’s 326ppi cataracts already! Lol

  • Brian Trahan

    HTC makes wonderful hardware and this doesn’t surprise me that they have a beast of a phone that will be out hopefully soon. There is a flaw though, I see it is running ICS so maybe it will get JB by 2014 or 2015.
    -signed a resentful Rezound owner.

    • Champion1229

      the Rezound kinda failed at becoming a popular phone. It has the specs but Verizon already had their money invested into the Razr, not to mention the Nexus. Sad though bc i LOVE my rezound. The screen is amazing and I couldn’t live without the Beats.

  • jjpredmore

    dude wtf i just bought an s3 todayyyy

  • CaptainHowdy13

    And I just got a Rezound a few months ago! The worst most wonderful part of the android game. Newer awesomer devices all the time

  • bjn714

    Awesome! 126 pixels of huge legacy menu button!

    • Azn_Android

      Made my night.

  • Huh… A 5″ tablet. Next…

  • Asuriyan

    I like how qualcomm, after a pretty lackluster year with their initial dual cores, came out of left field to become king of the smartphone SoC world again. I always prefer phones with their radios, so it’s nice to see them carrying their weight in other aspects as well.

    • Cowboydroid

      That’s the way it’s supposed to work in a world with real competition.

  • Sounds. . .INCREDIBLE!

  • PixelDestiny

    If only this was a Nexus and sold in the Play store off contract for sub-$500. I know, I’m dreaming. It’s tempting but I won’t upgrade if it means I will lose my unlimited plan. I guess I’m stuck with my Thunderbolt until I can get a significant upgrade off contract at a decent price. I’m looking at you Google! Make my dreams come true!

    • I know that the display conference (STI?) had 400+ppi screens. Ridiculous, yes, but still amazing. At those levels, I hope its a balanced PenTile LCD, otherwise the power draw would be insane.

  • Tenaj

    But a HTC…… ooooooo so close

  • Alexander Garcia

    1080p on 5″ display!? Unnecessary!

    • Cowboydroid

      Shutup! Whatever you have right now is unnecessary! This isn’t about necessity.

  • alex drum

    Recovery mode text is going to be tiny!!!!!! its small enough on 720p

  • steve30x

    Well lets see we where left out on the GSII and then Samsung had the Nexus for Verizon in the end so HTC has the One X out and perhaps Verizon is indeed holding out for this device..hmm

  • Stephen D

    Meh. Not interested unless it’s the next Nexus. Can’t stand Sense or any skins.

    • Liderc

      Have to agree, I don’t want any skin on my device. I’ve tried every skin so far and none of them improved upon anything. I simply don’t understand the point, even business wise it doesn’t make sense to me. You don’t need to make a new skin to differentiate yourself, the phones are already different, especially when the skins suck so much.

  • Rampage1

    great now im going to have to sell my one x int. and get this.

  • majormudafuckinhun

    Mine! These are the best times for geeks!!

  • Steve Douglas


  • Wait, I haven’t even finished staring at my Tegra3 One X yet! But holy crap this is awesome!

  • Tech Boner

  • t3chi3

    HTC giving some love as usual

  • Could be Rezound 2

  • 1794×1080 sound like 1080p with on-screen soft keys. 1920×1080 would be 1080p. So where did the extra 126 vertical pixels go? The soft keys. Remember, the Gnex is 720p (1280 x720) but usually benchmarks only report the screen as 1160×720 because they don’t count the softkeys. Hmmmm….

    • actually, I think it’s 1184×720. 96 pixel height on Gnex.

  • Richard Hayden

    I’m not a big HTC fan but this gives me hope that if HTC can put something like this together, so can Moto and Sammy.

    • Neither of them could replicate the look, build and display quality of the One X yet! So what’s your point?

  • New_Guy

    This is on the heels of the announcement that HTC is not making anything but top of the line anymore. I really want to see what this is.

  • chris125

    Hope they put a large battery in it. Then again it’s HTC so prob not.

  • BRIM

    I have the Rezound and man is our screen simply a beauty but a screen this size…1080 is uncessary.

    I hope it’s OUR version of the One X but BETTER

    • Maybe it’s not a phone. 5″ or 10″ , phone or tablet. If it’s around 5″, 1080P is unnecessary and power consumption will be another problem.

    • Champion1229

      who would use a 5 inch screen….thats would mimic putting a nexus 7 tablet into your pocket. NOT POSSIBLE lol

      • BSweetness

        The millions of Galaxy Note owners around the world want to use a 5.3″ screen. It might not fit in your skinny jeans, but it fits easily into normal pants pockets.

        • Champion1229

          i disagree, my 4.3 inch rezound barely fits in my pants pocket. A 5inch phablet would be a nightmare to get in / out of pockets.

          • BSweetness

            The Rezound is also thicker than the Note. Thickness has a greater impact on pocketability than screen size when you’re talking about the 4.3″ – 5.3″ range.

          • Champion1229

            But considering most HTC Phones on Verizon have been roughly the same thickness, HTC Thunderbolt predecessor to Rezound was almost the same so its safe to infer that the Rezound and this unnamed device would share roughly the same thickness. And I hate it when my phone doesn’t fit in my skinny jeans its just like wtf squeeze it in my pocket and look like I’m carrying a brick in my pocket or just hold the damn thing…. always decide on the later.

          • BSweetness

            It’s not safe to infer that at all. Phones are becoming thinner and thinner, including HTC’s recent high-end One series. It’s far more likely that this phone will be more in line with the design ideas seen in the One series than in previous HTC Verizon phones. Also, the Thunderbolt and the Rezound were thicker because they used first generation LTE chipsets.

          • Champion1229

            I thought the rezound had newer LTE Chipsets and also if this article is proven correct they mention a successor to the rezound and most of the time when there is a successor the company tends to keep the design similar. Another reason why I’m beginning to doubt this article its kinda contradicting its self, follow up to the rezound which is a 4.3 inch phone while its also stating a possible 5 inch screen that would in no way resemble the design of a rezound or further the Thunderbolt (jumping back 2 generations of HTC “related” phones). Not saying its a bad article just saying theres a little bit of a contradiction within the article (it is all just RUMORS after all).

          • BSweetness

            The Rezound doesn’t have the LTE chipsets that are in this phone. That makes them older. And the article speculates that the model number makes it seem like it could be a successor to the Rezound, but at no point does it say that this is the successor to the Rezound.

            There’s a big difference between contradiction and speculation based upon the available information (in this case the model number, which does line up with the model number of the Rezound). There are no contradictions in the article regarding any of what you said.

          • trob6969

            Actually this would make a good follow up to the rezound considering the rezound was the first smartphone with a 720p ‘true’ HD display. So shouldn’t its follow up be the first with a 1080p? Makes since to me.

          • Champion1229

            makes since but isn’t it a little over kill for a 1080p phone i mean once you get anything over 720p on a 4 inch phone i believe the ppi becomes greater than what the human eye can detect resulting in the 1080p screen looking just as good as a 720p at that size.

          • No. Considering the eye strain is high for a device with a screen of 18-20 inches, how many complain how LEDs cause headaches if not harm one’s vision, and how back lighting causes the eyes to get tired (contrast with eink tablets) the higher the pixel density will definitely help. Also if it can handle that on the internal screen then any outgoing HDMI video, pictures and graphics will also, or at least should also be a good to optimal experience.

          • feztheforeigner

            Screen size does not mean the same thing as having a bigger phone. We are making phones with smaller bezel, on screen buttons, and making them thinner/lighter…

          • Exactly. People, well, many are just retarded.

          • Android4life

            My 4.8 inch galaxy s 3 fits fine in my pocket and could easily make it to 5 inches but I guess that’s the sacrifice you scene kids make when you wear skinny jeans

          • Liderc

            The Rezound is thick though, harder to fit in pockets. My Nexus is bigger than the Rezound and slips in easily because it’s thinner.

          • trob6969

            If the rezound barely fits in your pocket then you must wear VERY skin-tight jeans and have trouble fitting anything in them. I also have a rezound and I just can’t believe people actually consider it thick. Of course there are thinner phones on the market, but the rezound thick?! That’s just plain ridiculous.

          • Champion1229

            I have the Rezound and absolutely love it, but its definitely not as large as some make it out to be however, it is definitely not skinny jean friendly and to me, it looks cumbersome when wearing cargo shorts. The top corner sticks out and well you get the picture lol which is why I’ve found that on cargo shorts, it fits better in the bigger bottom pocket.

        • Louis B

          5 inch phones fit “easily” into your normal pants pockets? I guess the world in your view only consists of people over 6’3 tall wearing super baggy jeans.

          • BSweetness

            Nope. 6′ here and regular cut jeans. Fits just fine.

            Like I said, it might be a tough to get into skinny jeans (or other tight fitting jeans), but the thinness of the device makes it much more pocketable than most people think.

          • TheOiulkj

            It really depends on your definition of “fit”. I mean, technically I could fit an xbox controller in my pocket, but it wouldn’t feel too comfortable walking around like that.

          • BSweetness

            When talking about a phone, the definition of “fit” pretty much always means that it can easily slide in and out of a pocket and be kept in an pocket comfortably. By saying “fits just fine,” that’s what I’m clearly referring to. I didn’t say, “it fits, but it fits a little awkwardly like a Xbox controller would if you wanted to put it in your pocket.” I said it fits fine, meaning no problems.

          • What planet are you living on. There are girls 4 ft tall saying its not too big and there are tons of videos on youtube showing how thin and pocketable it is. You must be a smurf or something.

      • I don’t wear skinny jeans but I do have small hands! I am also concerned about petite jean pockets as well…and the other ladies know that it’s hard to fit big phones like this in our other “pockets” when we wear sweats/yogas. What then?

  • Murphy

    But can it beat Chuck Norris in a fist fight?

    • majormudafuckinhun

      It can beat Chuck Norris holding a Galaxy S3 at a fist fight!!

  • rockstar323

    If this is the 5″ device I would probably look past a locked bootloader. The specs look amazing.


      How generous of you….

  • Mark Lewis

    That framerate at that resolution is astounding!

    • Seriously, this new Adreno 320 GPU must be unbelievable.

    • Droosh

      That framerate is very good since it is over 40. Keep in mind that the offscreen framerates don’t take into account the actual device resolution.

      • palomosan

        Man, that’s a beast, hope it’s only 4.6in like the Gnex.

        • leoingle

          You need to shut your dirty mouth and to get your head checked.

  • Kizipotamus

    Too bad it wont have Jelly Bean for months.

    • Jason James

      too bad Jelly Bean isn’t officially out yet

      • Kizipotamus

        Except it is. And my point stands either way. OEMs take forever for updates.

        • So does Verizon. Be happy with what you have, or root/ROM. That’s the joy of Android isn’t it?

      • Liderc

        The Rezound never got ICS, Jelly Beans already live on GSM Nexus’ and the Nexus 7.

  • bose301s

    DO WANT!!

  • My last HTC had about 2 hours of battery life and far worse specs. I am not hopeful.

    • New_Guy

      Was it a Thunderbolt?

      • Yes it was!

        • New_Guy

          That explains a lot…unless you have an amazing custom ROM (which I do) that phone was made before anyone knew just how bad the VZW LTE was on battery life. Proof of concept: If I put the phone on 3g, it lasts up to 17 hours with moderate use easily (without the custom ROM). With a custom ROM I can obviously squeeze out some more. The One Series has definitely showed major progression now that the world knows about the LTE appetite for batteries =).

          Don’t be stung by a 2 year old phone my friend!!!

          • my thunderbolt got at most 10 hours of use with mobile network off and wifi off…….. now i have an s3 and get about 15 hours with 4g on all the time. both heavy usage.

          • New_Guy

            Um yeah…other than it being a Thunderbolt, there was something wrong with your phone. I’ve taken two trips out of the country in which I had to turn the network off and the phone lasted for almost three days without a charge…You should have used the warranty on that one my friend…

        • jd11669

          I have had a thunderbolt since day 1 and I average 6-8 hours with more than moderate useage….

          • New_Guy

            …on LTE or CDMA?…if CDMA, you should have taken it back to Verizon because something was wrong. If LTE, then what else is new.

      • My galaxy nexus isn’t much better, however. Droid maxx is the king of phones for me now. Motorola must have some sort of power management going on because the extra battery size sure doesn’t seem to justify the far superior battery life. Or maybe it’s just the processor manufactures design? Whatever.

        • New_Guy

          Well, it is a 3,300 mAh battery, and there is no other phone in the market that even comes close to that. Considering a batt that size, after market, would run upwards of a $120 I would say it’s more the battery size than anything else =)…

        • majormudafuckinhun

          My Nexus was horrible on battery life! I have the rezound now and it’s much better. Look at the reviews for the one x. The battery life is much better on this new wave of phones. They need to make sure this thing is packing a huge battery and removable storage.

        • Liderc

          It’s double the size (mAh) of other phone batteries, of course it’s going to be superior…So if you get 6-8 hours on your Nexus, you’ll get 12-16 hours on the Razr Maxx, even more since its screen isn’t nearly as bright.

          • It’s less than double the size if the Galaxy Nexus extended battery and easily lasts 3 to 4 times as long.

          • Liderc

            Complete bullsh*t, we’re talking about the normal battery which is 1850mAh and the Maxx in no way last 3 to 4 times as long. I have the Nexus (stock battery) and my father has the Maxx. I told him to get the Maxx because of the battery life alone and it in no way last 3 to 4 times as long as a Nexus. I just took a business trip with him and he got just over twice the time I did on my Nexus and I was using my phone a lot more than he was.

            The battery is good, it’s just not that good. Telling false truths makes you look like an idiot, tell the truth, it will still sound good.

          • I own both and I use these phones like crazy. The Gnex extended 2100mah battery usually approaches empty by 10am while the Maxx will last me 18 hours with battery to spare. It’s not BS. Perhaps my use/environment is different than yours. I have owned two GNexs with four batteries with the same results. Only owned 1 Maxx. I am convinced there is something other than just battery going on there. Maxx also consistently gets notably faster LTE speeds so perhaps an inferior radio in the Gnex causes it to work overtime in my area.

          • Liderc

            A wizard did it.

          • Or a Gremlin!

    • The Thunderbolt came with a 1400mah battery as standard, with its 1st generation power-sucking LTE radio, whereas the 3G Incredible 2 that came out shortly afterwards had a 1500mah battery. What the hell was HTC thinking!?

      • Right! That’s what I’m thinking. I’m not sure htc thinks things all the way through.

  • This thing will be locked down tighter than Fort Knox. Moving along, nothing to see here.

  • JosephMoreno

    This seems more like a tablet with those specs

    • Model number is that of a phone though.

      • Could easily be a Rezound Tablet. I wouldn’t put it last Verizon to market another Android tab with crazy features. Could even be a 7″ to lure buyers into a 4G package once the Nexus 7 starts to get noticed on the streets.

        • Allen Byrd

          That actually sounds pretty awesome. I’d like to see a 10.3″ Rezound tab with Beats audio.

          • Liderc

            Beats audio is a sound equalizer that boost base, you can do it with any equalizer in the app store.

  • Randy Kelly

    going to have a locked bootloader anyway.

    • That will be easily unlockable via the HTC website like most other HTC phones.

      • Not necessarily heh. The One X on AT&T is not on HTCDev to my knowledge. After Verizon locked the Galaxy S3, I would be surprised to see any unlockable phones unless it’s a Nexus.

        • New_Guy

          That’s a disappointing thought…

        • rhyming bltch

          Exactly. I think days of UB’s are done. Maybe a few select devices at unsubsidized prices

          • gsmisthefuture

            On Verizon devices maybe. There are plenty of devices with unencrypted boot loaders that are carrier unlocked devices or on GSM carriers

          • I remember being really surprised and almost shocked when I learned that in the US people buy phones subsidised.

        • After the way this Nexus has been treated on VZ’s network, do you really think we’ll see another one?

          • Liderc

            I think so. With the Nexus 7 coming out, I think Google’s going to start looking at letting multiple manufacturers take a crack at the Nexus “brand” and they’re going to want to have them on the biggest network in the US, it makes business sense for sure.

        • Butters619

          There is a work around though that isn’t very hard, but it’s not “officially” supported

  • I came.

  • dcvolcom909

    The only problem is that it’s an HTC ….

    • relkma

      Exactly… I’ll stick with my nexus!! Thanks anyway.. :p

  • swervesauce

    With the lackluster “wow factor” the Inc 4G delivered, I’m anxiously awaiting for a killer HTC on ol VZDub

    • bigillz

      The inc 4g isn’t a top tier phone though.

    • The Inc4G is merely a continuation of the Droid moniker. It doesn’t need to be a flagship model to sell. I feel it should have been dubbed Eris 2 because of its size and slightly lower specs. Nobody ever said it was a superphone.

  • OhAaron

    What if it was a One X…. 😛

    • nwd1911

      The mysterious One XXL?

  • s23


    • Pretty much.

      • Allen Byrd

        I can’t lift my jaw off of the desk. It’s okay to call 911 now.

        • Allen Byrd

          This’ll be great as long as it can multitask. It frickin’ better, that’s all I’m going to say. That was the ONE feature that the One series lacked. (heh get it)

          • michael arazan

            so, are we talking the first lte quadcore phone?

          • chris125

            maybe first lte quadcore in US. Samsung already has a quadcore lte phone.

          • heyrel

            Actually there are no released quad core lte phone the international S3 doesn’t have lte . Late is only in the Us right now.

          • chris125

            Actually there is. Google it. It was released in Korea. Lte and quad core…

    • feztheforeigner

      I bet it has on screen buttons too (a first for HTC)! I’m guessing this because 1080p is 1920×1080, the benchmark gave out a resolution 1794, meaning we would have a nice 106 pixel count for our buttons.

      • yep, that’s what I said earlier. the resolution was the first thing that jumped out at me.

      • ericl5112

        On a screen 5″+, I think I’d be ok with that, for once.

    • too bad upgrading would toss you into that shared data plan.

      • schlanz

        No it doesn’t. However it does toss you into a tiered data plan. Unless you buy full retail. Or unless you’re an employee.

      • Lactose_the_Intolerant

        Upgrading your existing phone by purchasing this at full retail will preserve your unlimited account.

    • I’m with yah man dear god