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Yessir, the LTE Galaxy Nexus is Technically “Supported” in AOSP by Google Again

If you follow us on Twitter, then you probably saw us break this news yesterday afternoon. For those who don’t, feel free to be proud of your LTE Galaxy Nexus again because it technically falls under the “supported” tag by Google in AOSP.

As you may recall from back in February, we threw a bit of a fit when we found out that CDMA devices were no longer officially supported. Most of us had no idea what this meant until we raised that stink. Eventually, an Android engineer clarified that it really just meant that they were not allowed to make some CDMA binaries available, hence the reasoning for removing official AOSP support.

When Android 4.1 hit AOSP yesterday though, one of our readers noticed that the CDMA/LTE and orientation sensor binaries were now showing as available for the LTE G-Nex, essentially making it official again. Master of AOSP, Jean-Baptise Queru, said that it is supported in an “experimental” fashion.

So, there you have it. Throw a mini-party. This doesn’t mean that you will see updates any faster. It also doesn’t mean the ROM game will change all that much. After all, it wasn’t officially supported for months and things hummed along fine.

Cheers Nick!

  • Walter

    Kicked my Nexus to the curb yesterday for the Galaxy S III. LOVING MY DECISION!!!

  • I can’t decide if i should get a nexus or an s3 on verizon.

    • Walter

      I’ve had both, S3 hands down.

  • Greyhame

    Awesome to see the VZW Nexus “supported” as much as the GSM version. I hope through all this nonsense of carriers sullying the Nexus name, Google has learned, and in the future all Nexii will be truly supported in AOSP. Probably a long shot, I know. But the army of Nexii Google is planning on launching without carrier branding is a step in the right direction!

  • Jean-Luc Picard said the Nexus was an experiment. got it.

    • that explins why it was built so cheap

      • La2da

        Joe Dirt.

  • jak_341

    Excited about JB! It’s hard to fathom that in a few months, we will be close to Key Lime Pie (if Google keep up the trend of releasing a new OS near the Holidays).

    • Many, including me, are hoping that they will hold off on another update until next year. I suspect ICS was more of a “get it out the door to sell the Galaxy Nexus” which gave them time to clean everything up for JB. JB is the true finished product, ICS (compared to JB anyway) seems so slow and janky.

      With the next one, I hope they truly take their time and make it really amazing. As amazing as coming from GB to ICS was.

  • I’m sure Verizon made them say “experimental”, even though it’s no different from the GSM support.

  • sahilm

    The Android Police article quotes JBQ as saying Toro still has some issues when building from source, and he specifically says that building Toro from source is “experimental at most.”

    He also said he would post something on source.android.com detailing what the issues are.

    The Android Police article is actually a really good read (sorry Droid Life, but it does go into more detail)

    • moelsen8

      Yeah Android Police tends to be a lot more technical and in-depth on everything, and they pay a lot of attention to security-related stuff. My 2nd most-visited site after DL. Pretty Awesome overall. Their app and game roundups are very nice too.

      • sahilm

        Yeah, I would say the same. I love DL’s faster articles at times, and I love their more focused coverage on Gnex (as an owner).

  • I am curious, if the LTE version is supported, is it just the Verizon LTE or the Sprint LTE as well?

    • ddevito

      No Toroplus (Sprint) support. Very strange

    • xxdesmus

      Sprint isn’t officially supported.

  • Stewie

    Rename that to throw a half-party, the unit is still behind the GSM variant, and there will be issues not yet resolved, we are “almost” there, but not fully.

  • r0lct

    Little off topic but I just did a warranty replacement for a coworker’s DX2 and they are out and got a Galaxy Nexus instead.

    • KleenDroid

      The guy got a really good deal.

      • r0lct

        Yeah, especially just the jump to 4g let alone the hardware.

  • Apostrafee

    I loaded that JB leak that was initially posted on here and its like having a brand new phone again. My battery life tripled, it’s smooth as margarine and impresses me more and more. And the support is amazing! Love it

    • I’ll agree with everything you said EXCEPT for the battery life. Yours did NOT triple. Put the crack pipe down and just enjoy Android!

      • John

        Lol. Ya it’s just the typical placebo effect after flashing something new like that I’m sure.

      • Apostrafee

        Oh yessir it most certainly did.

        • Fact… I’ve been using my phone for 3.5 hours, and i’m 82%.

          • Greyhame

            Proof or it didn’t happen! =]

          • KevinOgilvie

            There is a deep sleep bug that can be fixed by opening maps and getting a lock on GPS. Fixes the battery problems some people have. Weird I know.

        • reeby

          Most likely you had a malicious app that was removed when you wiped your phone. Or a bad rom

          • Apostrafee

            Wrong…stock or running a ROM all my apps are exactly the same. I keep my phone in order and always know whats on it. The battery life is just better and is consistent since I loaded it.

      • ddevito

        Mine has improved IMMENSELY as well. I would say it’s close to 3x better. (compared to the old 4.0.4 leaked ROM)

        • duke69111

          Did you install all your apps and such or were you just playing with a fresh install?

          • ddevito

            All my apps automatically installed.

      • HerroMoto

        Yeah +1 to this, ever since JB my battery life has been absolutely terrible. I love everything about it though so smooth.

      • r0lct

        It’s probably a bunch of battery sucking apps he hasn’t re-installed yet. I haven’t seen any noticeable difference.

      • My battery life didn’t improve until a certain rom’s last update, but now it is definitely bettery, at least 2x. JB absolutely ROCKS!

        • 4n1m4L

          Bettery 🙂

        • Larizard

          like, how long can a full charge last you now? and which ROM are you using?

          • KevinOgilvie

            Vanirbean 8.0.1. Full charge lasted me 14 hrs easy yesterday. You have to get a lock on your GPS in maps to fix the deep sleep bug. That’s the key.

      • CampyGuy

        I can’t verify the increased battery life claim, since I returned my VZW GNex weeks ago (though I’ve been waiting for this). I returned my VZW GNex after it kept dying after 7-8 hours each night just sitting on the dresser. My GSM GNex misses its buddy. 🙁

    • margarine!? This is a butter household!

    • My battery life has gotten MUCH worse, but only because I use my phone WAY more now because JB is so good.

      • Apostrafee

        That’s what shocked me because there are a lot more features and I was anticipating worse battery life but truthfully it has drastically improved. I wonder why some have and some haven’t?

      • niuguy

        My battery life is worse but I’m not surprised. I’m waiting for the top tier ROMs to release their work.

      • Steve Wojciechowski

        +1 to this 🙂

    • EatUrCrap

      What’s AOSP?

      • OhAaron

        Android Open Source Project. It is where the source is posted for Android/Nexus devices.

        • EatUrCrap

          So does that mean my Galaxy Nexus is going to get Jelly Bean soon?

  • So, it’ll still take Verizon six months or more to release an official JB OTA, just like it has taken them 3-6 months to issue just about every other OS update? Wow. Joy.

    • ddevito

      if you’re using a GNex than simply do it yourself.

      • rodney11ride

        x2 why are people on Gnex waiting for OTA? their buggy at best anyways… wtf

        • ddevito

          I know, seriously…if you’re not the type to do it yourself, then fine – but don’t whine that it’ll take Verizon so long to update it OTA.

      • PC_Tool

        I tried…

        I’ve been building AOKP on my own for a while now (Roman would announce the merge, I’d hop into my Linux partition and start syncing…usually beat the upload to goo), but this is a completely different beast…

        I don’t even know how to begin handling the binaries. I set up the repo, synched it…even built it for full_toro_userdebug.

        Got an OTA .zip out of the deal and it totally didn’t work. 😀

        I know it’s something terribly simple I am likely missing (previously mentioned binaries or kernel?), but the docs on Google don’t even mention the binaries…

    • Troubled_Asian

      Unfortunately, I share your sentiment. However, a really good fully functioning JB AOSP rom will be out in no time, and it will be really easy to put on your GNEX. And when the official OTA finally comes out (probably in 6 months after Verizon has had time to “test” it), you will be able to install it because you have a Nexus.

  • Racketier

    So what DOES this mean then? Not a whole lot I guess?

  • TheWhiteLotus

    Already sold my Nexus. I’ll only be supporting the GSM versions from now on. I don’t care if Verizon is going to now. They’ve already lost my money and won’t get it back.

    • Long Nguyen

      You want some cheese with that whine?

      • TheWhiteLotus

        I just vote with my dollar. If you’re on Verizon and have the Nexus, every dollar you give them is basically saying “please, continue to not update it until 6 months after it is released, continue to block Google Wallet from the market since you want me to use your ISIS system, please continue installing Verizon apps on my phone before I buy it, etc.

        • moelsen8

          wholeheartedly agree with everything you’re saying. you have to vote with your wallet. i’m getting off the verizon train too, it’s just a matter of when. might be when the next nexus (or round of nexii) drop at the end of the year, depending on price and how much my ETF is. i’m sick of this carrier subsidized garbage. it only promotes/reinforces their power trips.

          • rodney11ride

            your absolutely right. you better switch to At&t who is so far behind the 4g train without any track in front of them. hahahaha. they cant even purchase it. Verizon isnt going to sell them any. good luck

          • wickets

            I’m mainly a verizon customer, but where i am at&t is a lot better so for me not being on verizon is an easy choice to make….Im sure there are plenty of people in the same situation

          • moelsen8

            see the thing is, i don’t care about 4g. it’s a novelty act at this point in time. good speeds when you’re sitting still near a tower and have a charger handy. i’d rather have battery life otherwise.

        • Frank Urbanski

          While I do agree with you, I cannot deny the fact that they have been the best provider over my 14 years with cell phone (also on T-Mobile and ATT). Luckily I have the ability to customize my phone to make up for all of the cons you’ve posted.

    • BTLS

      Somebody better dial 9-1-1 and call the wuaaambulance

    • You sure showed them!

      • TheWhiteLotus

        Yeah, believe it or not, corporations don’t like losing money. It’s people like you who don’t really care when they completely screw up your experience and continue to give them more money that makes it not make a difference. If you’d only give your money to carriers who DIDN’T completely screw up the Nexus, then we wouldn’t have this problem.

      • rodney11ride

        your right. they dont like losing money… but for every one of you who switched to another carrier they just got 10. because their the best. you didnt matter to them as a single person. trust me.

        • moelsen8

          that’s like saying we might as well sit here and be good little consumers. yeah, it’s probably completely useless. but ya gotta do something.

    • PC_Tool

      Don’t listen to the trolls. Voting with your dollar is a *good* thing.

      Just because some anonymous internet twats feel either jealous, ineffectual, or are just plain jack-holes doesn’t demean the act in any way.

      More people need to do this, and a lot of haters need to grow the hell up.

  • Ben Tarpley


  • can’t throw a complete celebration yet. Binaries for NFC, GPS, and camera are still missing

    • wickets

      arent those missing for gsm too?

    • don’t see those for the GSM version either.

    • ddevito

      that’s because the GNex isn’t (and will never be) a TRUE “Nexus” device, by definition. GSM version doesn’t have support for those either.

      • KleenDroid

        Well it is what it is… But at least it’s a completely unlockable phone… a rare thing on Verizon.

  • Ryan Powell

    I wonder if Verizon placed an order for more Gnex and Google said not until you allow the binaries to be available.

    • moelsen8

      i doubt verizon placed an order for more nexii. they haven’t supported this phone since the beginning.

      • La2da

        Maybe all the good buzz from I/O and free publicity from Apple’s patent trolling generated some sales and VZW pulled its heads out of the sand.

        • La2da

          *head out of the sand

  • Ben Tarpley


    • While we are at it can I get my Nexus 7 now too?

      • Ben Tarpley

        Looking forward to seeing that extra $250 disappear from my back account at some point today like everyone else started to see yesterday. Don’t usually look forward to see it disappear, but it’s a nexus!

        • Mine disappeared this morning. 🙂

          • KleenDroid

            Money disappears out of my account all the time. But I think it’s because I’m married.

  • DrAndyRoid

    Gimme that JB already!

  • John
    • TheWenger


  • r0lct

    Nice. I would imagine this was done with Verizon kicking a screaming all the way through.

    • Matt Gondek

      This idea makes me happy…just imagining a little Andy with it’s foot on VZW’s throat