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My Verizon Mobile App Updated, Widget Returns With Support for Share Everything


Fans of the My Verizon data widget, go hit up the Play store, as Verizon updated it today with an “enhanced widget” to support their new Share Everything plans. The widget had previously been killed off while Big Red worked on a new version that was compatible with shared data, so folks without unlimited plans will surely be glad to see this little guy back in action. We should point out that the widget will also no longer refresh itself in the background – you have to tap to get it to refresh.

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Cheers jeesung!

  • Aron

    There’s a new set of widgets on the Play Store by a 3rd party which automatically updates in the background and also includes widgets for minutes & texts. Check it out

  • Will not update automatically – seems like a backhanded move by VZW to make people accidentally go over their data limits to me.

  • Dale C

    If I am the 2nd phone on a contract, I cannot log in with the main number’s credentials (the only log-in I have) apparently, so I have to use the computer to see stats – that is annoying – also, the data bar doesnt update automatically like it used to, so I have to go into the stock data usage in settings to see what I’m using, but I don’t quite trust that one either…

    Anyone else have the issue with logging in as the 2nd phone on a contract?

  • soremekun

    Why do I have to log in (EVERY TIME!) after tapping to refresh. It should remember my credentials and just update the data count.

  • nessa

    i burned 3.8gb on speed tests the past hour since they turned LTE on in my area 🙂 didnt realize til i refreshed.

    • indianafanatic

      3.8GB on speed tests? In 1 hour? Seems like there’s a typo in your post somewhere.

      • nessa

        Nope I’m getting up to 45mbps down and 20up and I did like non stop tests for ah hr.the verizon widget went from 200mb to 4.5gb

  • TFernandes

    One day with 4G = 1 GB of data. I’m not used to this… But I plan on going over 20 GB just to stick it to Verizon!

  • Looks like Play Store on my GNex didn’t get the memo. I was putting off installing the last update as it’d have stripped off the widget. After reading this, downloaded the update. And still got ripped off. No widget love for me.

  • It now works on my thunderbolt with Cyanogenmod 7.2 on it. The old version would never sign in.

  • DavidB

    It never left the home screen of my Bionic. But perhaps that is because its a corporate-liable phone? Regardless, most the Verizon apps are useless anyway since unless youre the plan admin u cant log in to any of them. Hope ICS comes soon so I can disable all this Verizon crapware on this phone.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    ANyone have a Link for the Log in Client? I can’t get this damn thing to work. Always an issue rooted.

  • JK37

    If im not mistaken it came preinstalled on my Galaxy SIII , not like i need it with unlimited data

  • bakdroid

    Never disappeared in the first place. But, sucks that it doesn’t auto-update. Very stupid Verizon!

  • Anyone wanna put the apk up to the Non-GNex Verzion so we can sideload it and see if it actually works? haha.

  • That damn app has never has worked on my GNex, I assume because of the custom ROMs. Could never login. Widget used to work till they killed it though.

    • jeesung

      i couldn’t log-in with the old version, though the data widget worked fine. i can login with this new app version.

  • Scott Juffe

    Its’s not available for my Nexus or my Xoom 4G. Both stock.

  • Mine doesnt work, but was never taken off either

  • dyoungprod

    “the widget will also no longer refresh itself in the background – you have to tap to get it to refresh.” This is ridiculous.

    • sc0rch3d

      depends on what happens when you click it. does it just refresh on the home screen or take you to the verizon app? if to the app, i can understand why. verizon bein verizon. 🙁

      • jeesung

        tapping it takes you to the app, instead of just refreshing

        • michael arazan

          So at first people see 200 mb used and think they’re ok but they’ve probably used more. WTG verizon, just keeping that butt-hurt campaign rolling strong.

    • considering that its for people on limited data… its perfect. Why would you want this always running in the background on data when you’re limited?

    • 2001400ex

      Ya, who put the notes in the app? Must be a re tard. It says to tap to refresh, and tap to open the app. Wtf? You can’t just two to refresh without opening the app?

  • Sting

    Giving me a sign on error….

    • brian

      same here……apparently vzw knows about the issue, they think it has something to do with LTE

  • The Galaxy Nexus version isn’t showing an update.

  • Fernando Montenegro

    I not available for Nexus with Jelly Bean Rom

    • I installed it this morning but see my post above. Theres a GNex version specifically. Why I don’t knnow. Probably so the Unlocked Bootloader of the GNex doesn’t destroy the O-Zone layer per Verizon’s TOS.

  • RCCola85

    Lmao it’s “incompatible with” my Verizon LTE Galaxy Nexus. Guess I can assume that’s because I’m running Jelly Bean. Oh well.

    • no, there has always been a separate Gnex version. It gets updated usually a few days after the main one.

      • RCCola85

        *slaps self in the face* I always forget that. Thanks

  • This app is incompatible with all of your devices.

  • TrevorSP

    I have unlimited but I like to use this to see how much I use that others can’t 😛

    • Same here, does that make me a bad person?

  • Sp4rxx

    Mine was never taken away or warned me that it would ….

    Do I just uninstall and reinstall then?

    • jeesung

      mine wasn’t taken away either.

      you can just update in the Play Store and it swaps the old widget for the new one.