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Verizon Galaxy S3 Rooted, Custom Recovery Flashed.

I’ll do my best to save the choice words that I have over the fact that Verizon’s Galaxy S3 is the only one in the world with a locked bootloader, and instead let you have fun with that. What I will say, is that I thought we’d have root by the end of weekend and we had it before last night came to a close. The folks over at RootzWiki rooted the device by flashing a custom system.img file with su, that then allows you to push a recovery.img like CWM. It’s a great first step.

Unfortunately, the bootloader is still locked, so there is work to be done on that front if we want custom kernels and a fully open device. It’s tough to tell if we’ll ever fully unlock, but you know that there will be groups working on it. Just like with root, give it some time.

Lastly, I’ll say this one more time – the ONLY Galaxy S3 in the world, that we know of, to have a locked bootloader. The only. AT&T was fine with it being open, as was T-Mobile and Sprint. This one though, locked. Classy.

Via:  RootzWiki

Cheers Steven, Brian and Terris! 

  • Alix8821


    Sorry For All Caps, But I wanna root now, and doubt i could at work…

  • J Dub

    This still just floors me. Mainly more so for Samsung. They should have grown some balls and said “No.” They are selling oodles of these things. You really think VZW is not going to bring the hottest Android handset this year to rake in the dough?

  • Can someone clarify for me why you would want to flash a custom ROM on the SIII? Without all of Samsung’s “micro-feature” this is just a normal phone. If you wanted to install a custom ROM why not just get an… just about any other phone?

    If the reason is only, “Because we can, or at least, by principal, should be able to.” then fine, whatever. I think we’re having that old, mountain and molehill problem though.

    • tehserver

      Some of us don’t like Touchwiz. If there was a way to remove it or at least turn it off, then there would be less of a need.

  • Lye

    Ugh I’m just gonna get this


  • Sith77

    Well don’t feel bad the sound has a locked OS lmfao Verizon refuses to update it to ICS officially so the majority of rezound owners are forced to flash the latest leak Version. Verizon is going hill FAST this year with their crappy deacons as to boot loaders and OS updates . They only care about Motorola and that’s it .

  • Nick
    • Nick

      You don’t have to own a GS3 to sign this!!!!!!!!!

  • After all this I am returning my GS3 (that hasn’t even arrived yet) and switching networks. I get Android so I can play with my phone how I want. Hopefully they wont take ages to credit the money back into my account.

  • Master O’Disaster

    For those of you thinking that you can get VZW to change on this, I can already tell you Verizon’s response: They. Don’t. Care.

    Can you think of any situation where Verizon made a significant policy retraction based on customer dissatisfaction? If this new “ram the
    new, more expensive, Shared Plan Down Your Throat” didn’t cause enough uproar to get VZW to change, nothing will. Verizon wins again.

    With regards as to why VZW locks their bootloader, it’s their discretion – Especially when they think it could affect their revenue stream. Maybe VZW is getting ready to pounce on the people who tether on the remaining unlimited data plans, and they felt the locked bootloader would restrict that (fortunately not so, if it the GS3 is rooted already). Who knows?

    All I can say is that I’m glad the Verizon GS3 is rooted, and hoping that the locked bootloader is something we can quickly forget about soon. (Fingers crossed).

  • WickedToby741

    Verizon is making it easier and easier for me to walk away. At this point, AT&T is even starting to look appealing. I’d love to do T-Mobile or Sprint, but I’d like my cell phone to actually have service where I live.

    • donewithVZW

      Use StraightTalkSim using the Att network option

  • Larizard

    Week after week, these kind of news just rectify my decision to go with the 6 month old Galaxy Nexus.

  • chris125

    I wish the carriers and manufacturers would make an official unlock method and have those who wanted to use it sign something sayin if you F up the phone it is your fault and register the IMEI # of the phone in their system. That way those who dont care will not go through the hassle of doing it and those who do will go this route.

  • Julian Coronado


    • CapnShiner

      Oh no! You have to wait 2 more whole days! how will you survive?

      • Julian Coronado


        • Just Sayin’`

          As if anybody cares about third world problems. Theirs do not count.

  • can someone explain to me why AT&T would lock down the HTC One X bootloader but not the SGS3? Makes no sense to me.

  • MrEnglish

    I almost bought this phone, luckily I read the post about the locked bootloader and said phuck it.

  • I will not be renewing my Verizon contract. From their locked down devices, to their Galaxy Nexus boondoggle, to their ever increasing prices for less service, I will not support this any more. Anyone joining me?

    • Bionic

      nope, you get what you pay for, im sticking with the best Network and best signal

      • jaybar

        it’s pretty ironic that I get sh*t for signal in my house/town…just outside of philadelphia. it’s ridiculous

        • Cameron_Watt

          im in the same situation. bad signal and teeth grinding slow lte. done with verizon in march, going to tmobiles $70 unlimited plan

      • donewithVZW

        You are a victim to Verizon’s aggressive marketing strategy if you actually believe that.

    • donewithVZW

      Already did. I get a similar service on StraightTalkSim with a GSM Nexus all for hundreds less per year.

  • although most of us know what we’re doing, don’t forget there are allot more idiots out there that don’t know and still try. so as much as I want unlocked bootloaders, I can understand their point of view, its a liablity. and like allot of other stupid things that are liablities, its stupid. luckily for most devices there are workarounds and these are usually allot tougher which keeps the idiots from trying. just my $0.02.

    • Bionic

      I only use one-click root because i honestly dont know what im doing when it comes to typing in lines of code and all that crap

      • CapnShiner

        Once there is a 1-click solution available, I don’t see the benefit of rooting any other way. As far as I know, the end result is the same. Why waste time and effort?

  • Chris Clancy

    someone get the wahhhhhmbulance……

  • Guys, should I just go with the nexus instead of gs3

    • Motherfucker


      • donewithVZW

        The GSM ones may be but if something has the Verizon name on it, it is guaranteed to be lesser.

    • Bionic

      I would say no, the S3 will out perform nexus in every aspect

      • SirSoloDolo

        Yet the Nexus will still dominate the Developer community. SIII isnt even worth rooting.

        • Bionic

          yes it will, but that does not mean its for everyone

    • At the very least, go with the gs3 for the superior radios… too many people have had trouble with the GNex.

      • SirSoloDolo

        Thanks to Samsung terrible radios….wait who makes the SIII again?

        • Uh, you do realize that just because Samsung makes the phone, doesn’t mean they make the radios (or any other part inside). The gs3 does have superior radio (qualcomm, at least for VZW in the US). No one disputes that.

  • Nexus….FTW

  • Jon

    Great news on XDA. They have already well on their way to figuring out a way to load custom kernel. Looks like this phone is not nearly as gimped as everyone thought at first. I think we all need to calm down and let them do their magic. Don’t return your phone just yet. We will all probably know before the weekend is out if they are going to be able to completely bypass the locked bootloader in every way that matters.

  • bakdroid

    Again, everyone is so quick to blast Moto for locked bootloaders, slow updates, etc. and yet it is clearly Verizon holding the cards for all these problems. I have been saying it since the DroidX, Verizon has been, is, and always will be the problem for locked bootloaders and slow updates. Period.

    • It would seem like it’s VZW’s fault for that, but all moto devices are locked, even on other carriers.

  • TiredofNexusDouchbags

    I can’t believe I am going to say this, but The Nexus Crowd is getting worse than than the Isheep.

    • fartbubbler

      only if I file suit against your comment.

  • wm snyder

    We the Verizon For Verizon And by Verizon……..Wait wait..what happen to the word people………Verizon says………what people?

  • Jason Purp

    This is ridiculous. I have a RAZR so I’m not affected specifically by this article, but still. It’s just a phone. Unlock the thing and let people have fun. Why does Verizon need to make a big deal out of it

  • Everyone should head over the VZW facebook page and give them a big FU (i just did) about this. Maybe we can make a big deal about this publicly.

  • I wonder if we can expect Samsung to standup to Verizon on this by releasing an unlock tool such as HTC did.

    • CapnShiner

      I highly doubt it. Considering that Verizon is the only carrier to require a locked bootloader on the GS3, it was most likely Samsung’s intention not to lock the bootloader in the first place. If Verizon made a locked bootloader a requirement before they would offer the device, Samsung probably has no choice. Bootloader unlock tools only make sense for legacy devices. Only enthusiasts, hackers, and devs like us care about locked/unlocked bootloaders and if an unlock tool is released we will all use it. In that case, they may as well have left it unlocked to begin with. So if they were going to allow the GS3 bootloader to be unlocked at all, it would be from the start like all the other versions. This is just Verizon being Verizon.

  • Soofdawg

    Verizon really knows how to piss off their own customers…especially loyal ones. This type of control is counterproductive to relationships with the android user base. If it wasn’t for the network, I would’ve left long ago.

  • wm snyder

    people don’t have a choice at&t sprint and tmobile are all the same i I hear people complain all the time. If the goverment wants to sell spectrum ,broadband take the phones away from carriers then see how friendly they become just buy your latest tech phone from manufactures. This my friends is competition in our the customers Favor!

  • sremex

    Just leave verizon. Switch your network for two year and verizon will have to listen. There network can’t be the best without your money. Also don’t forget the government requires the big companies to share their network at low costs to smaller companies, so that means you can get the almost the same network.

    • CapnShiner

      I know that Sprint resells their service to several MVNO’s, like Virgin Mobile, but I don’t know of any on Verizon’s network. I would like to see some examples.

  • jaybar

    My GS3 is coming next week and I’m planning on keep it but I can’t wait to hear Verizon’s response as to why they have the only bootloader locked GS3 in the US/world. sigh

    • chris125

      they will probably blame it on samsung. That excuse worked with moto since all their US devices were locked down, not gonna work with samsung.

  • azndan4

    Well, that rules out this phone for me.

  • Glen

    Maybe when Google bought Motorola for the patents they sold their best bootloader lockdown methods to Verizon.

  • wm snyder

    Big Red is the color of the Devil!! lol

  • That’s why i love my Galaxy Nexus…Bought the wife the GS3, thankfully she doesn’t care or want a rooted phone.

    • PC_Tool

      Same here. Had I bought the SIII for myself, I’d have canceled the pre-order already.

      We’ll see how the wife’s runs stock for a week. If it has *any* issues, she’s agreed to return it. No need to stick it out another 2 years on VZW if the device isn’t freaking flawless.

      • wickets

        totally agree with you pc_tool, but flaw one was the home button and that was flaw enough for me plus google explicitly said that from now on with a nexus they are by- passing carriers and doing upgrades etc directly…..that made getting the s3 an even worse choice

    • Same here too! Galaxy Nexus great for me, and GS3 on the way for the wife, locked bootloader will be fine for her.

      I bet there are many of us in that same boat… All Galaxy Nexus phones are no more than 6-7 months old anyway, not up for renewal unless you have multiple lines or pay $$.

  • Skittleoid

    I would have totally got a Nexus hands down… BUT the camera and radios suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ugh no phone can have everything 🙁 Not the Galaxy Nexus and not the Galaxy S III

    • Bionic

      Not unless Motorola were to make a nexus

      • Skittleoid

        Are the cameras better now for Motorola? I I have the droid x and the camera is useless in low light and not great in high light.

        • chris125

          no moto cameras still suck.

        • my Razr Maxx takes dang good pictures (and video)

        • Bionic

          The camera on the Razr Maxx is awesome.

    • Jon

      I feel the same. I returned the Gnex because the camera was awful and every pic was slighltly out of focus even in broad daylight. Also the speakerphone was abysmal. I also had call problems with my Mic. Such a shame cause I would love to have been rocking jelly bean on a gnex right now.

      My S III arrives next week, and I think I’m going to keep it. Sucks that without the ability to acess the kernel, it will likely be a while to see a competent custom ROM based on Jelly Bean on the S3.

      At least on this phone, the call quality and speaker are supposed to be good and the camera is awesome. This I can live with.

      • Skittleoid

        I agree with you. I think I can live with it. Camera is going to be sweet! The device community will figure it out just in time for some key lime pie if you know what I mean. 🙂

        • wickets

          gnex camera on jelly bean is better than good

          • Skittleoid

            Software part of it is great and all but it is the hardware which really limits a camera as one can easily flash a rom to have the same software.

          • SirSoloDolo

            The camera on the Nexus is more then sufficient. If I wanted a powerful camera I’d use my digital camera which is better then what any phone can produce

          • Skittleoid

            I would love to believe that. I’ve seen some samples and reviews and from what I can tell it is not the most sufficient for my day to night shooter. I’m a teen and have no need for perfect quality from a dedicated camera. I need a phone that can handle getting some fast mountain bike pics and not in just bright light. Don’t get me wrong I love everything the Nexus stands for and the people that have them

    • x

      WHY THE HELL NOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • S2556

    boycott verizon. if only they didnt have such a good network… : /

    • Bionic

      exactly, love it or leave it. I choose a great network over stupid bootloaders


    I have a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. I waited for two years for a Nexus to finally arrive on Verizon. I bought it and thought “I’ll never want another phone, EVER.” And on Monday my new Galaxy SIII will arrive and I’ll send my Galaxy Nexus off to be sold for $185 through a phone buyback program. It’s complicated how this happened.

    I’d actually keep my Nexus if not for a few critical issues that (hopefully) should be addressed in the next Nexus. For me, I didn’t get the SIII for the faster processor, the 2GB Ram, the thinner and lighter design, or the better camera. I bought the SIII because *I CANNOT USE MY NEXUS AS A PHONE*.

    The voice chipset used in the Galaxy Nexus is flawed and doesn’t work with all Verizon towers. As a result, there’s a problem for many people in certain locations (including me, where I live) where outgoing audio on calls is lost and the only solution is to end the call and call back. This isn’t a problem when talking with friends/family – sure it’s annoying but I can deal with it. It IS a problem when talking to co-workers, or my boss, or when calling any kind of support line. I have been relegated to using my laptop and calling via Gmail when I need to make any kind of important phone call. That’s not okay by me. I pay a ton of $ monthly to use Verizon’s voice services, and having a phone that’s incapable of reliably doing so is something I cannot continue to live with.

    The issue with outgoing audio, where the microphone cuts out, is not a software problem. It’s present in any ICS ROM I’ve tried, any kernel, even on the Jellybean port. I’ve had 4 replacements (this is phone #5) and each phone has the same problem. My partner’s phone gives him the same issue, too, and his Nexus has run the stock ICS software since the day he got it. He’s also had multiple replacements for the issue, none of which have solved the problem, and all of which have run the stock ICS software from Verizon/Samsung/Google.

    So, maybe the next Nexus will be better. I’m hoping for LTE that it uses a similar solution to the GSIII (an LTE modem integrated with the microprocessor, which really helps with battery life and radio performance), and that the chipsets used in the next Nexus don’t have compatibility issues with Verizon’s towers. Maybe I’ll be able to make a phone call without worrying that I’ll have issues with people hearing me on the other end, and maybe I’ll be able to keep the phone for more than 7-8 months. Of course, this is assuming the next Nexus even comes to Verizon.

    • Laki S.

      I’m sorry, I don’t wanna be a pill, but your comment was awful long and after the first paragraph I realized you wouldn’t be talking about the topic at all, but about your Nexus… Is there a reason for that?

      • LionStone

        I’m sorry, your comment hadn’t even mentioned the SG3, at least his did. And just because he speaks the truth, which may actually be useful to people…the fact remains GN fans don’t like to hear any negative comments, even if it is relevant or accurate. Just look at the “review” of the Droid Inc4G…a top of line phone with replaceable battery and storage slot, yet people poopoo it because its not 5 frigging inches with an hD display!

        • Laki S.

          I actually don’t own a Nexus, so whatever fight you’re trying to pick with me won’t work. It was a question, not an invitation for an argument.

          • LionStone

            I never said you did own one nor care AND not trying to pick a fight…just made a comment to your question which was that his comment was relevant.

          • Laki S.


    • I’ve been in your boat too… (also saw your post on XDA). It’s a very real issue that few enough of us have experienced to get no attention from Samsung or Verizon. I’m sure you’ve read enough to know, it’s likely a combination of the poor radios in the Galaxy Nexus and specific towers on Verizon. For many, the 4.0.4 update (including new radios) fixed the problem, added with a factory reset. FYI, for me the 4.0.4 update fixed mine. but I was unable to use the phone for voice calls for nearly 5 months.

      The good news is, as locked as the gs3 bootloader may be currently, it’s all Qualcomm and the radios will be exponentially better than the GNex (for US verizon model). I’m sure we’ll get the bootloader unlocked eventually, so don’t discount the gs3 just yet.

      We’re so lucky to have so many great devs… even with the BS vzw puts us through and tries to lock us down, almost always we have answers and options… I’m sure the next series of Nexus phones will be even better.

    • i agree, i too have had 5 gnex phone,mic still cuts out,verizon said I am on a fringe area,its just crappy radios,why dont they just admit it

  • Why are people in the comments blaming Verizon and not Samsung?

    They always blame Motorola when Motorola releases a phone with a locked bootloader (and Verizon is Motorola’s largest customer in the USA so they have to listen to them or they’ll quickly lose their market share), now somehow Samsung is all fluffy and it’s Verizon’s fault…

    • break

      Because the S3 isn’t locked on any other carrier. The moto phones were locked on all carriers.

      • quiklives

        Just want to add that Samsung is very clearly/obviously not in the habit of locking bootloaders, not just the other SIIIs but most/all of their other phones.

  • Christopher Riner

    I was gonna say– why in the hell would they release factory images if the bootloader was locked? Ol’ vzw up to their antics again.

    I am not gonna lie, I might have said out loud once or twice, “yeah, verizon will prolly have the only s3 with a locked bootloader” but never did I truly believe it.

    F*ck you verizon. Motorola, sorry for all the previous f*ck you’s. We have our culprit red-handed.

    The truth always comes out in time.

    • Well, you can flash factory images to a phone with a locked bootloader. They’re signed, no? Ref: RSDLite and SBF.

      • Christopher Riner

        yeah, my passed few phones have been samsungs. I had a droid x, but all I used root for was barnacle wifi tether and jrummy’s droid overclock, so I never had to worry about sbf or anything. But I guess you’re right. BUT– as soon as I saw the post where they released their factory images, for some reason I was just like, “yup, the dev community is already starting to swarm this phone. Hope the gnex doesn’t lose too many in its dev community”. Looks like I definitely don’t have to worry too much about that one.

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    This story is sooooooo misleading….

  • Glen

    At least now we know why Verizon took longer to release the phone–to lock it down. I am very disappointed. I first started rooting on the OG Droid, But have been working around the locked bootloader on the Droid 2 since the OG broke. I was looking forward to the jpys of a more open system since Moto won’t open theirs. Same old nightmare again, but at least we have this work around. Thanks, Droid Life, I am breathing again.

  • Nick V

    And this is one more reason I will be walking away from Verizon after 15 years…

    • otter34

      Doubtful. Everybody threatens but nobody pulls the trigger. They know that

      • Nick V

        Sorry you doubt me. I have already began looking at my options and I am looking at T-Mobile as my carrier. I will be getting the Galaxy Nexus unlocked, and as long as they can move my cell number to their network, I am gone.

        • Bionic

          LOL @ t mobile. They’re network blows outside of any major city

          • Nick V

            Good thing I live in Philadelphia.

          • Ray

            Even in Philadelphia their network blows. Many people I know have Tmo and they never have service and if they do the call drops. Good luck, Verizon will take you back under a shared plan. I live in Philly also and Tmo is the worst of all the carriers in this city. Just go with Metro or Cricket you won’t tell the difference.

          • Or Straight Talk GSM. They run off AT&T’s towers and AT&T has the best 3G service in America behind Verizon.

          • Bionic

            Yes its a very good thing, because if you drive in rural PA you’ll lose signal.

          • it isn’t COMPLETELY T-Mobile’s fault… they had to wait for the FCC to geenlight their AWS spectrum before even building a 3G network.. Because our system forces all carriers to use different spectrum except CDMA carriers apparently. (all of our CDMA carriers operate at the same frequencies)

          • Bionic

            It dont matter who’s fault it is, facts are facts. Placing blame does not improve their signal.

      • Bionic


      • islandak

        Sure I’ll stay, as long as I can keep my unlimited data. I’ll buy my phones used or at retail for that. But if VZW eliminates grandfathered unlimited nothing keeps me from changing carriers. I will have to compare what is available, but BELIEVE me, if it makes financial sense, I would jump ship in a heartbeat.

    • Bionic

      have fun, i hope you live in a city that gets good signal from sprint or whoever. becuase once you try to go camping or anything else, your’re fuckkedd

  • quiklives

    While my knee-jerk response is simply gratitude that I have a Nexus, I understand that it’s not for everyone, and I can see the appeal of the SIII so I’m not going to troll everyone with “Shoulda got a Nexus!”

    But in all seriousness, the only solution to crap like this is for all of us to get off Verizon’s service whenever possible. I’m in a contract on my GNex, but I’ve decided that once I’m out of that, I’ll buy the GSM version of the next Nexus straight from Google and go with a cheap pre-paid plan.

    • Christopher Riner

      I am gonna have to agree with you on this one. Hopefully we see 5 nexus devices come out this fall– I would love to see the Motorola HD as an lte nexus, but I doubt that’s gonna happen.

      Either way, I think we are gonna start to see a stray from contracts in the coming year.

      • wmsco51

        followed by a price hike in prepaid! Just watch.

        • chris125

          probably not. There aren’t that many on prepaid plus with not paying to subsidize the phone that is why it is and will stay so cheap.

    • PC_Tool

      Spot on. Doing the same. My next phone will be a Nexus…but it will *not* be on Verizon’s network.

      Yes, it is the best network in my area. But their network is no longer enough of a reason to put up with their BS.

      As each of our lines hits end-of-contract, we’ll be moving over to T-Mobile and dropping down to 2 smartphones from 4. VZW can start kissing my $300 a month goodbye.

      • KleenDroid

        $300 ouch…. You should have taken advantage of the deal on Droid Life a while back where you got a discount of 20 per line of unlimited data. I have five lines of unlimited for 200 per month. Sadly you can’t get this deal anymore…. heck can’t even get unlimited

        Good thinking Verizon… They are daring their loyal customers to leave.

        • Yeah, why the hell wasn’t that deal made more public? I NEVER heard about it until MONTHS later, wtf?

    • sonicyoof

      But seriously, Nexus is the answer.

    • feztheforeigner

      I got both and switch between my favorites. But not everyone can have the best worlds, good luck with your choice!

  • Destroythanet

    Verizon tried to change the GSIII into an iPhone that needs to be “jailbroken”. Bastards.

  • Sean Wood

    Called this AM to find out what my fee to terminate was… next Jan it will be managable… then BY BY big red…

    • Bionic

      see ya

    • CapnShiner

      Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out 😛

    • Niteperson

      More bandwidth for us!

  • next time i get a new phone, it will NOT be on verizon,

    but i will still be on droid-life 😀

  • chucklehead322

    Just more proof that Verizon isn’t thinking about their customers…. only the almighty dollar.

    • Bionic

      this is typical business behaviour

  • Chris

    This is why when my contact is up im leaving verizon. To hell with em, if i have to get a I*hone so be it just cant stand how they treat there customers anymore with there Share Everything plans and locking there phones down tighter than Fort Knox.

    • violator702

      Why would u have to switch to Apple if u changed carriers?

      • Immolate

        Sounds like petulance.

  • pcguru30

    grr.. I gave up a galaxy nexus for the S3 because I figured it would be a better phone and since both were samsung there wouldnt be a lock issue.. hopefully the samsung stock doesnt give me reason to want to root as the droid x did

  • Ademar

    Verizon is f@#king No Go at this Station!

  • Ademar

    I’m seriously considering returning the phones, some advice anyone. I really hate the fact that my bootloader is locked. I didn’t extend my contract by any means, I have Verizon because I travel very frequent and there aren’t any dead spots with this carrier.

    • CapnShiner

      Don’t return the phones because of this. As someone else already posted, the XDA community has already successfully loaded a custom kernel on the GS3. It is only a matter of time before a complete and stable bootstrapper will be available and the Verizon GS3 will run just as many ROMs as any other GS3. Have a little faith in the devs.

  • kixofmyg0t

    BLAME MOTOROLA! Remember Motorola is the only ones that lock and encrypt bootloaders right?

    Btw the Verizon S3’s bootloader is indeed LOCKED and ENCRYPTED.

  • mustbepbs

    This makes me so god damned pissed. Seriously, Verizon? I can picture some douche bag guy making this decision and cackling after. What’s the point? Why ruin the fun of a few people with this? It’s just such an a-hole move..why? Why are Verizon such a-holes? Why stand out and be the ONLY carrier in the world to have an encrypted bootloader? Why expose yourself to that negative press on EVERY Android tech site? Why? What the ****.

    And I don’t want the damn Nexus. It’s old and it’s only getting older. Who knows what the next version of Android will bring. Maybe too much for the Nexus to handle.

    • Jim

      It’s so old that mine is running 4.1 JB. Shut your mouth troll.

      • mustbepbs

        Old as in hardware. You can have fun with your crappy camera and no signal. I’m sure Verizon will find a way to crap on your parade in the future.

      • kwubba

        Not sure how he’s a troll..he’s talking about the SG3 being locked on a posting about SG3. He simply wants the latest hardware..I have a GNEX, BIONIC and now a SG3..he’s right the hardware is now 6-8months old.

        “Please stop Android on Android Crime”

      • Ethan

        @twitter-84987104:disqus Dear lord, you took that awfully personally. It wasn’t an attack on you, he was just expressing his frustration. Relax, man. The Nexus does have *slightly* outdated hardware specs (1.2 gHz dual core, 5 MP camera, etc) and while it is still a Nexus and will always be fantastic, it does lose out HARDWARE-WISE to something with an 8MP camera, 2 GB RAM, 1.5 gHz S4, etc.) You’re defending your Nexus like it’s your child.

    • Ken

      After the first day, the SG3 will be getting older. Really don’t understand your point. Crazy that the older Nexus will be running (*and is already running because of the unlocked bootloader*) a newer version of the Android OS many months before your new SG3 is running it. And will probably run the OS after JellyBean, when your device has a 50/50 chance of getting an update to that OS.

      • guest

        Who cares, the Galaxy S runs jelly bean too. Doesn’t mean I its not old and something anybody wants.

      • mustbepbs

        Just because you run the latest Android version doesn’t mean anything in terms of hardware. The hardware sucked to begin with, even more so now 7-8 months later.

    • My GNex is running vanirBEAN v8.0.1 Jelly Bean, and its has smoked every phone ive put it up against. Even the S3

      • mustbepbs

        How about you see if it smokes it in areas that count, as in anything but swiping home screens and opening menus? What about gaming performance? Camera? Radios? Hell, people who look at benchmarks see that it’s twice what the GNex is.

        • Camera?If i wanted a great camera i would’ve bought an iPhone. I need a phone, not a SLR quality camera. But, now that the camera has an imporved auto-focus, its quite good. Gaming? Runs Shadowgun, Max Payne and GTA3 pretty damn smooth. Radios? I’ve never had a problem (i live on the outskirts of a smaller city (< 50,000). Dont hate the player, hate the game.

          • rruready

            Seems to me that if you are so happy with your phone, why would you need to defend it to some guy on the internet? You know it works well for you, right? Getting angry that some random guy online about it just makes it questionable that your really happy with your phone.

    • Nexus is so old that we’re already running JB. Good luck getting a port for your locked SGS3!

      I can’t believe people are surprised by this. With all the shady crap that Verizon does this was to be expected.

      Honestly, nowadays it’s go Nexus or nothin’.

  • CIFchamp24

    “This one though, locked. Classy.”

    Would you expect anything less? Nothing but the best from Big Red!

  • Murphy

    Can I time warp so I can switch carriers already?

    • William_Morris

      It’s just a jump to the left…

      • Ben Sawa

        and a step to the right

  • m6droid

    Well well well….everyone freaking out last night and whimpering about returning their phones. I wake up this morning and lo and behold…Droid Life has a birthday post for me! Thanks Droid Life and rooting community. My S3 comes on Monday.

  • Thraxbert

    How long will people keep bitching about Verizon’s terrible policies before they vote with their wallet and go to another carrier like they should?

    • JBartcaps

      How long will you keep bitching about people bitching?

      • KreeTerry

        Yo I heard you like bitching, so were gonna let you bitch about other bitching while those same people bitch about you bitching

        • LiterofCola


        • New_Guy

          Oddly enough, this is the best comment on the thread.

    • droidman101

      Verizon has, by far, the best network of all the carriers.

      • yep….and customer service compared to AT&T is a dream (no that that’s saying much).

        • LiterofCola

          AT&T customer service is atrocious

          • Kyong Han

            Not really. I bought both One X and SGS3 for $49.99 each, overnight shipping free and upgrade fee waived, had numerous credits put into my account easily through simple phone call, I rank AT&T very good in CS.

          • LiterofCola

            Pre-ordered a GS3 for my girl on June 6th, they never shipped it. Called them on it, they said “Oops! Sorry!” So after a rippin’ them a new one, they submitted a second order with a free car charger. They cancelled it without even a notice. They ONLY thing that kept me from shutting down her service and porting her number over to Verizon, was the fact that they said they’d submit a THIRD order for a GS3 for free. Supposedly, this is supposed to arrive today. And no, not even a shipping confirmation to her email regarding this third order. Looks like on Monday, I’ll be bringing her to Verizon with me. I’ll gladly pay a little extra for better customer serivce and a better network.


          • Jarred Sutherland

            The fact that you “ripped them a new one” over a phone is probably why you continued to have problems. The person you spoke with had zero to do with the original problem, yet you treated them like dirt over such a minor issue (a phone is a minor issue). Not defending AT&T, but you aren’t dealing with the big bad corporation, you’re dealing with a CS rep that probably gets “ripped” all over from people like you and probably cant stand to hear you rant and rave over such a stupid issue.

          • LiterofCola

            Not a stupid issue at all when you think about it. And I actually was very courteous at first, keeping my patience even though we got hosed. But after being hung-up on three different times by three different reps (and no, I wasn’t giving attitude at this point) while transferring me to the appropriate department, and after speaking with four different employees, I was over it. Such incompetence should not be rewarded with kindness.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Well just remember when you’re treated like dirt for issues you cannot control. If you’ve ever worked for a big corporation, mis-routing, missed deliveries and all sorts of other things are just par for the course. Your CS rep can do nothing but follow what is setup by the management. So no, you still had no reason to rip into someone over the phone.

          • LiterofCola

            Agree to disagree

          • michael arazan

            Exactly, the CS people are like verizon customers too in the eyes of the corporation, they treat us and CS like mushrooms, keep us in the dark and feed us sh$t. When I have problems with them I’m very nice and tell them to take their time I’m in no hurry, cause I want what ever done right. But most of the time its me helping them with my problem with my phone, and even joke with them to read android blogs, they’ll give you more information than verizon!

          • Anthony Armando

            amen. i never direct my anger/frustration at the rep on the line, they had zero to do with my issue. my issue is with the company they work for. i make certain to never say use the word “you” in an accusatory way, whenever i voice dissatisfaction with services i always refer to the company (comcast/verizon/etc). i try to use the reps name as often as possible, people love the sound of their own voice. i do have a tendency to get passionate about things and rant, so i make a very conscience effort to catch myself when i do, apologize to the rep, and make it clear that i understand that they arent to blame, but the company, and state that i am just very disappointed as a long time customer. i also make an effort to joke once in a while if i can, but i am no stand-up.

            i rarely have a bad service call.

          • cb2000a

            I have had great experiences with ATT service.

        • Butters619

          If you live in an AT&T LTE covergae area it is awesome. Their HSPA+ made me want to punch children.

          • nightscout13

            Once they roll out more LTE towers, their speeds will slow down. When Verizon first had LTE, the speeds were stupid fast with no lag, but now there’s too many 4G phones hogging the bandwith.

          • chris125

            verizon’s lte is still plenty fast.

          • michael arazan

            I average 12 mbps down and 5-6 up, never any faster. Is that fast? I’ve read that most people with local 4g get 20mbps on average and 12 up. I actually read once, may be exaggerated, that two people got 30 and 40 mbps. What is fast for verizon?Also the closest 4g towers are 6 and 8 miles away, so I’m guessing that has to factor in as well too.

          • C-Law

            When I first got my gnex, I got 12mb at my house. Now I get 6-8mb. The fastest I found was a few miles from me towards Houston. I could get 56mb! Now in the same area it’s around half that

      • I agree and this is enough to keep most people on Verizon ’cause 99.9% of them never root, and never need an unlocked bootloader. That being said, if just 0.1% of us would go through all the troubles to do that, why couldn’t Verizon just let us do that!

        • WickedToby741

          Isn’t it funny how that works? It’s a feature only a small percentage of care about anyways, so we’re going to disable it. If it’s a small percentage, then why is it such a big deal? Most people don’t use more than 2 GB per month, so we’re just going to go to tiers. If most people only use 2 GB per month and the network can handle that with ease, then why the need to kill off unlimited data?

        • feztheforeigner

          I just don’t get the point of blocking our root access…

          First: It only affects, as you said, .1% of us

          Second: Those who root know what they are doing (generally) and will not come to Verizon with a bricked phone, they will fix it themselves

          Third: We will (see article above) always find a way to root our phones. Why make it harder than it has to be when all your doing is pissing off the people with the greatest ability to sway the consumer base?

          We are the people others look to in phone guidance and I cannot recommend Motorola any longer thanks to their bootloader, don’t cross Samsung off that list too!

          • jroc74

            The thing with me…..I know bootloaders only effect a small percentage of users….so why not recommend Moto phones to others? I never do that because of something like bootloaders. I never turn ppl away from the iPhone either.

            I dont try to impose my beliefs and opinion about bootloaders and rooting on others when it comes to these phones. I look at what they want n need from a phone. Just based on my kids mother using my Moto phones for the past 2 years….she wants her next phone to be by Moto. She doesnt know the first thing about rooting and bootloaders.

        • 4n1m4L

          i work at a nuke plant in the middle of the desert. The only carrier that gets a 3g signal, is verizon. at&t doesn’t get any service in buildings, and t-mobile only gets 2g anywhere. The nexus works perfectly for me. I get access to verizons expansive 3g, their fast 4g, and nothing is locked. I found my way to like verizon.

    • mustbepbs

      Some people just can’t time it correctly to take all of their lines out of service. Plus some people have a lot of lines due to families.

      And it’s a trade off. At least with Verizon, we can use our phones like phones. And their 4G network is boss. They know people won’t switch. Mother ****ers.

      • LiterofCola

        Yep, people bitch because they want to have their cake and eat it too. It’s not enough to have the best network with great customer service, they need unlocked bootloaders, cheaper phones, cheaper plans etc. etc. etc.

        • Tony Allen

          Oh I’m sorry.. when I subsidized my soul for that device.. I didn’t know it didn’t actually belong to me.

          People bitch because you’re on an enthusiast’s site. These are the people that care about this sort of issue. Not the general consumer, because they don’t care about this sort of stuff. I’m sorry if you think we’re all just bitching because we like to use our devices differently than the other 99 percentile. If we’re such a small number, a minority, then what difference does it make if the bootloaders are unlocked or not?

          I think my $300 on-contract device should be able to do just about anything I want it to do within reason. It’s not like tethering costs extra anymore on these new shared data buckets, so we’re not going to be “crushing” their network anymore with tethering workarounds. Yes, bootloaders should be unlocked, it’s our hardware, and it’s not their place to say how we use it. If they don’t like what we’re doing with it, they have the right to cancel our service. Yes, phones SHOULD be cheaper.. someone else already said it. They make next to nothing on the subsidy of the phone, that’s not what’s important to the carrier, that’s just a bonus on top of those 24 months of service we HAVE to lock into to get the device. Yes plans should be cheaper. Europe really has a great deal on this, they have had limited data plans for a long, long time, but devices are dirt cheap over there, service is pretty-well excellent because generally everyone is on the same network so to speak. Lastly their plans don’t cost you an arm and a leg like they do here. The only ones who have it worse than we do are the Canadians because they sign up for a three-year contract with one device.

          • LiterofCola

            If you particularly don’t like the service/policies of a particular company, then you have a variety of other companies with different policies to choose from. If the bootloader policy is so bad for you, then cancel your contract, pay the penalty, and join another carrier. Problem solved. And yes, yes if wishes were horses, then all phones would be free, carriers would only charge $20 for unlimited everything and they would hand out free accessories just for choosing to be with them. I would absolutely love that….would it ever happen? No.

          • TheOiulkj

            Let me guess, you’re one of those apple fanboys who just accept everything at face value and goes through life without voicing a complaint because you’re just powerless consumer. You probably wouldn’t even know what to do with an unlocked bootloader and that’s why you’re trolling the comments of people that do.

          • LiterofCola

            Ha Ha no, sorry to burst your bubble, I’m not an Apple fanboy, I proudly use my Razr Maax every day. And as far as voiceing my opinion to a company as a consumer, you obviously didn’t read my comment earlier in this article. I just know which battles to fight, but you go ahead an Occupy Verizon if you want. And were you born knowing how to flash your phone, install roms etc.? Nope, you had to learn. I haven’t learned (yet) because it doesn’t interest me at this point. So no, I wouldn’t know what to do with an unlocked bootloader, probably like you wouldn’t know what to do with an open vagina. And sorry, just because my opinion differs from yours doesn’t mean that I’m a troll.

          • KleenDroid

            For what we all pay to Verizon yes I think we should have our cake and eat it too. I pay a small house payment to Verizon every month. For that I want great service AND unlocked bootloaders.

      • KleenDroid

        I did vote with my wallet. I purchased a Galaxy Nexus with an unlockable boot loader. This is where I will remain till another option comes out. Also all 5 of my lines will be up next year and I won’t be getting any new phones that will change my contract.

        • Amen to that!!! I already tweeted VZW & told them that I will never buy another phone from them. I’ll pay my monthly penance, but that is it. I love my Moto, but unless I can buy it thru Google or another 3d party, I’ll live with something else.

          • VZWindirect

            And the guys at Big Red are still laughing their ass off at your tweet. VZW doesn’t make squat on you buying your device from them. Their money is in that ” monthly penance” that you continue to pay them.
            And shops like mine that recon phones will love guys like you that will hod on to unlimited data forever, because I make a killing off selling phones. I pretty much added $50 to every recon’d phone in my case on the 28th, and have not been able to keep up with the demand since. Hell, I got $350 out of a Charge today……I wish they would have dropped unlimited months ago.

          • KleenDroid

            I don’t mind paying full retail for all my phones myself. I don’t think I’d get a used phone unless it was flawless. I am more concerned about my phone being unlocked which is why the Nexus is my choice.

            I love hearing that business is good though for you. All you need to do is sell around 20 used phones a day and if you have good traffic I’m sure you do that. Heck, if you can sell a Charge for 350 I know you could sell ice to an Eskimo. I love it…

          • michael arazan

            Well the newer phones that are out now, with minimum of 1.2 g processors and 1-2 gb ram are all you’ll need for a few years. As long as your phone was built well and you don’t drop it a bunch and get it wet it’ll probably last for at least 3-4 years. I have a new phone but my og droid also still works great, and use it as a music player and alarm clock, and wifi.

          • steed

            Your just like an enama bottle. People come to you for service and this is how you rip them off, you are no different from a companies.

      • You know, I wonder how long a Droid RAZR MAXX can hold up when using it as a hotspot. If it can last for 8 to 10 hours, I will seriously consider buying one and toss it into my bag (I always carry one), then I can use any smartphone I want through tethering.

        • KleenDroid

          Good luck when you buy that new RAZR Maxx for tethering. You will get a new plan that includes free tethering and you will eat up your data allotment in no time flat. Its nice that they let you tether for free knowing you can’t really do it for long.

          • C-Law

            Not if he buys it full retail

    • Compeyson

      Because unlike other providers where the users are used to asking themselves, “Do I have signal?” before making a call, Verizon users are able to just make the call.

      Wherever. Even inside the Hoover Dam I have 4G. I take a drive to San Fran? 4G the ENTIRE WAY.

      Also, I have a Nexus. So I’m pretty elated right now to have an unlocked boot loader and the most far reaching/stable service their is.

      • SaurusX

        Yep. A signal everywhere except at my house apparently. I usually have no bars and sometimes no service. No, I don’t live in a bunker. I’m in the suburbs of a major city. Nice huh?

        • CapnShiner

          I would be willing to bet you would have the same problem with any carrier. I used to have a very weak signal in my apartment when I had Sprint and I was still living in that same apartment when I switched to Verizon. I still had a weak signal. Part of the reason I thought Verizon would be better was because a friend who had Verizon would get a much better signal when she would come over. I guess her LG Venus had a better antenna than my LG Voyager but I thought it was the carrier’s fault before I switched. When I moved to another apartment in a different part of town the same phone had 4-5 bars all the time. I know signal strength varies per location and all carriers have spotty coverage in one place or another but sometimes it’s the building you’re in that’s to blame. Your house may not be a bunker but it may as well be. If you don’t want to move, I suggest getting a microcell.

          • michael arazan

            You can use google maps on your pc, set google for your zip code, and google verizon towers and it will show you on G maps. I did it to find regular towers and 4g towers because i live half a mile from a vzw tower, but the two 4 g towers closest to me are 6 and 8 miles away.

      • Justin

        Uh, no. I live in a major university town. Network is spottier than a jaguar with chicken pox. Some times data is up, sometimes its not. Sometimes I have voice sometimes I do not. It really is a crap shoot. And they’ll stand there and tell me they can’t replicate the problem while my phones right in front of them all have no signal. Also the tower by my house takes a lunch break around midnight for about 50 minutes every night. Moving soon, hope Tacoma has better network.

    • Also: some people (actually, the vast majority of consumers) just want a cool new smart phone and don’t give a rat’s ass about rooting and hacking.

      • chris125

        Agree. Ask people who dont read sites like this what a rom or bootloader is and they will have no clue. All they care about is that the phone they have works, if people cared so much about hacking the nexus would be the best selling phone on every carrier but it isn’t

      • LiterofCola


      • KleenDroid

        You are correct… and that’s awesome. But those of us that do expect more should have it. Since we are the ones all of our family and friends come to to explain how their phones work and help them with their problems. I’ve got 6 people ranging from family to employees that have me root their phones and load what they need because they don’t know how or want to take the time. It’s not that they don’t like added benefits.

        If I didn’t care about rooting I would not be on Jellybean which is so much better that ICS. Heck many people have only just received ICS within the past week which is ridiculous since many of us have been running it for the past 7 months. Now many of us are on Jellybean which would not be so if it were not for root and unlocked bootloaders. Those that don’t mind waiting till their next phone for Jellybean is fine with me…. too bad though cause it’s pretty darn nice.

    • Remember close to half the country doesn’t live in a city, and reception with specific carriers gets spotty in rural areas, or nonexistent. Many of us have little or no choice of carier if we want to be able to make calls everywhere we go on a daily basis. Where I live, you’re either on Sprint or VZW depending on if you live out east or west of town. Some people who travel around all areas actually carry two phones.

      The upside to this is since ATT reception is virtually nil, very few people have i*hones 🙂

    • X-DroidX

      I agree with you..but like the other guy said, better coverage, I did have ATT and had problems with coverage at my own house in Virginia Beach. BUT!!!, THe more verizon pulls this BS, the less important coverage is becoming!

    • nightscout13

      Verizon 4G is unmatched, that’s why.

    • honk

      2 weeks ago is how long. Took my service over the AT&T. Got my S3 while everyone was still crying ponies over it and saving $60 a mo. Dunno what all these rivers of tears are about service. The reps on the phone and in store were much more intelligent and informed. Verizon I quiz them on current news plans etc they all stare dumfounded with a expression of a lemur who has had a lemon pushed into its colon.
      Yeah I do not get fast LTE here but least my 4g is working vs the 3g that used to work through Verizon but in the last year has been a huge pile of feces when it would get connection.

      AT&T waived all fees, Verizon had a list up it’s rear for me and the reps kept demanding to set me up on TIER data. Yes I could have stuck it out with the locked up S3 to keep my unlimited data, but that $60 a month (720 yr) extra was just BS.

      • KleenDroid

        This is good to hear. I have five lines and I am now awaiting the last line to run out that has a contract… “mine”. At that point in time I will look around since Verizon simply does not have my undying loyalty anymore. Their customer support has been wonderful but they are making it more difficult by the day to want to stay with them. The only thing helping me remain is the deal I got here on Droid Life a while back where you only pay $10 per month each line for unlimited data. I have five lines so the savings add up. The deal was 30 bucks each with a discount of 20 each.

        While I like this I don’t like that I now have to pay full price for my phones to keep this plan. So I guess if I don’t want to pay full price for 5 phones I will look to see what other companies will offer me to leave my many many year loyalty to Verizon. I am sure Verizon thought all this through. They may lose some loyal customers but they will make more money….

        • Christopher Bauman

          Guess it depends on your data usage among all the lines? Personally I think I save more staying with my unlimited 4g (I’m in a near perfect coverage area) and just paying full for the phones. I use with normal usage 4-8GB or higher of data every time.

          It’s kinda of funny in a way. If I went with one of their stupidly planned out data tiers, where you are basically forced to use wifi as much as possible. Shouldn’t they either make the data WAY WAY cheaper or PAY me or my isp as they are forcing people to push phone data over their home internet connection. Would be hillarious if you could send verizon a bill at the end of the month saying that your isp meters the data routed onto their network via wifi and they charge as much as the cell companies do for the phone data traffic =) ROFL.

          Anyways Part of the legal agreement Verizon agreed to when paying the FCC for the spectrum, they are now using part of for LTE, is that they could not sell phones that were locked (bootloader or anything else). They managed to wiggle out of it by using some BS excuse of a loophole about needing a reasonable ability to securely maintain and build out their network. I think the key word being REASONABLE. It was broad enough for Verizon to give the FCC and all of us the finger and lock stuff as they please.

      • chris125

        that is because verizon already had you and at&t or any carrier will work super hard to get new customers. They really don’t care once you are on contract with them.

    • MrEnglish

      Personally, I’ll bitch as long as Verizon policies suck but the actual cellular service stays better than all other carriers in my area. I’m locked in a love/hate relationship. Reminds me of the actual physical relationships I have but I digress.

    • I’ll be leaving Verizon as soon as I can afford to. Only six months into my contract, maybe at 1 year I can unload my GNexus and pay the 1 year ETF and go somewhere else where they don’t lock down every damn device. Should have went with my gut but just had to have the GNexus- couldn’t wait.

    • Michael Quinlan

      I can’t speak for anyone else, but on June 29 I voted with my wallet and bought a Galaxy Nexus from the Play Store and a Straight Talk SIM to go with it. I’ll be porting my Verizon number to Google Voice in the next 72 hours. The rest of my family is already on Page Plus, with an OG Droid, X, X2 and LG Ally – and only the OG was bought from Verizon. My Bionic is going on Craigslist as soon as the port is complete.

    • Guest

      Unfortunately, this information was not available at the time of pre-order. I was sure the phone would be broken within a short amount of time and given that every other version that came out since I have pre-ordered the Verizon one has been unlocked, there seemed to be no cause for concern. Sorely disappointed. 🙁

    • Frogskins

      If you want an unlocked bootloader, go with a Nexus. That is what it is for. It’s not like Verizon isn’t giving you that option…