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Verizon Galaxy S3 Rooted, Custom Recovery Flashed.

I’ll do my best to save the choice words that I have over the fact that Verizon’s Galaxy S3 is the only one in the world with a locked bootloader, and instead let you have fun with that. What I will say, is that I thought we’d have root by the end of weekend and we had it before last night came to a close. The folks over at RootzWiki rooted the device by flashing a custom system.img file with su, that then allows you to push a recovery.img like CWM. It’s a great first step.

Unfortunately, the bootloader is still locked, so there is work to be done on that front if we want custom kernels and a fully open device. It’s tough to tell if we’ll ever fully unlock, but you know that there will be groups working on it. Just like with root, give it some time.

Lastly, I’ll say this one more time – the ONLY Galaxy S3 in the world, that we know of, to have a locked bootloader. The only. AT&T was fine with it being open, as was T-Mobile and Sprint. This one though, locked. Classy.

Via:  RootzWiki

Cheers Steven, Brian and Terris! 

  • Alix8821


    Sorry For All Caps, But I wanna root now, and doubt i could at work…

  • J Dub

    This still just floors me. Mainly more so for Samsung. They should have grown some balls and said “No.” They are selling oodles of these things. You really think VZW is not going to bring the hottest Android handset this year to rake in the dough?

  • Can someone clarify for me why you would want to flash a custom ROM on the SIII? Without all of Samsung’s “micro-feature” this is just a normal phone. If you wanted to install a custom ROM why not just get an… just about any other phone?

    If the reason is only, “Because we can, or at least, by principal, should be able to.” then fine, whatever. I think we’re having that old, mountain and molehill problem though.

    • tehserver

      Some of us don’t like Touchwiz. If there was a way to remove it or at least turn it off, then there would be less of a need.

  • Lye

    Ugh I’m just gonna get this


  • Sith77

    Well don’t feel bad the sound has a locked OS lmfao Verizon refuses to update it to ICS officially so the majority of rezound owners are forced to flash the latest leak Version. Verizon is going hill FAST this year with their crappy deacons as to boot loaders and OS updates . They only care about Motorola and that’s it .

  • Nick
    • Nick

      You don’t have to own a GS3 to sign this!!!!!!!!!

  • After all this I am returning my GS3 (that hasn’t even arrived yet) and switching networks. I get Android so I can play with my phone how I want. Hopefully they wont take ages to credit the money back into my account.