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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean: Tips and Tricks

With Google beginning their roll out of a brand new OS, Jelly Bean, it’s time for all Android lovers to start learning the tips and tricks. With the bump from 4.0 to 4.1, the notification bar is enriched with information from Google+ and Foursquare, Voice Search and Google Now are learning from our habits, and Android is now even recognizing the music we listen to. Since we have only had access for not even 24 hours, we’re still learning too, so if you see something we haven’t covered, please leave it down in the comments section below. 

What’s this song: Google has introduced the “What’s this song?” widget, which will most likely put SoundHound and Shazam out of business. Hold your device next to the source of audio and it will then recognize the song and inform you of what you are listening to. How sweet is that?

Google Now Settings: If you will begin to integrate Google Now into your daily life (which most people should), you will want to know how to tune and tweak it to allow for full-on customization. At the bottom of the Google Now display, there is settings menu which will bring an option for “Google Now Settings.” Inside there is the heart of how Google Now operates on your device.

From here, you tell it about which cards are important to you. Do you travel more than most others? Then you’ll want the airline info on the top rather than the Sports card. On the other hand, if you’re a daily commuter, having Google Now learn your commute routine and being on the lookout for a quick alternative route is where this service will shine. There are many things that we are still learning about Google Now, so you can bet we’ll be posting a ton more info on it as we continue to dig.

Camera and Gallery: Google decided to fancy up the camera and gallery application in Jelly Bean. By introducing a new deck-of-cards like view and swipe controls, looking through your past shots and through your lens at the same exact time is now possible. In the picture I have below, on the right side is my previous shot and on the left is what you see through the lens at that moment. It’s definitely a nifty feature.

Hands Free Actions: A neat little trick in Google Now is the ability to simply say, “Google” without having to touch the mic icon. It will take you to Voice Search and from there, a world of information is at your fingertips. It makes for a nice trick to show off to a friend or fellow Android geek.

Two Finger Gestures in Notification Bar: Depending on the action, some notifications can now be expanded with a two-finger slide motion. For example, after having taken a screenshot, you can either have a small thumbnail on the left side or expand it with a swipe down gesture to see a larger thumbnail. This also works for emails and text messages which will truly come in handy for people who live from their notification bar (most Android users do).

Notification Bar Additions: As you may have noticed, the Android team took a lot of time to make sure the notification bar is the place to be. With integration for apps like Google+ and Foursquare, interacting and taking care of business right from there is the new “in.” If you miss a call, you can simply message or call back straight from the pulldown. To “+1” a photo that you were tagged in on Google+ is now also an option right from the notifications.

I don’t think either Kellen or myself have come out and said how much we love Jelly Bean so far. The Android team has officially blown our minds and they personally told us there is plenty more to come. If you happen across some other tips or tricks for Jelly Bean, let us know in the comments below. We will also update this post if we find other goodies ourselves. Learning about new Android software is always our favorite part of the job. Enjoy the Bean if you’re lucky enough to have it on your device already.

  • Long-pressing a notification brings up a shortcut to go to the usual app manager page for that app. You know, the one that has “force stop”, “uninstall”, and “clear data”? The one that you’d normally have to navigate through menus to get to.

  • cereed09

    Anyone having a problem with saying Google and it won’t listen?

    • Michael G

      Swipe up to the Google Now page and then say Google. If you just tried saying “Google” from your home screen, it doesn’t work that way. That’s what I did at first. “Google……..GOOGLE….GOO-GLE! Oh wait…” lol

      • Me too…then I looked around to see if anyone was watching me make a fool of myself…hahaha

  • Loving jellybean and our newly activated 4g….so much excitement in one week. Also for those that flashed the vicious version and have the CDMA 64 on the drop down screen. Simply download the eri.XML file and copy and paste into your /data folder. You can also the file to put any text u want…I chose my initials…pretty sweet.

  • triumphtriple

    How about a way to get to the notifications bar while in a full screen app!? It seems like more and more apps are full screen nowadays which makes it worse!

  • Larizard

    just about ready to jump on this, but im a newbie and im not sure what a “full wipe” is…

    • wickets

      Its all mumbo jumbo to me too so I skirted the issue and bought a gsm version. It would be so cool if some tech person did remote root etc….I would pay 100 or so for a handholding while i went through the root and unlock process

      • ty

        Really? You can download Pete’s Root Tools and other applications of that nature and all you do is plug in your phone, and when the window pops up you click “download drivers” then you click “root + unlock” and then it walks you through it. Takes like 10 minutes, tops.

        • wickets

          some of us are stooooopid, what can i say? 🙂 The furtherest I got was the green android dude with big red exclamation(?) mark all over him….that alone took a few hours because there was some issue with the samsung drivers. Anyway, some of us are techno jinxed I guess

          • try wugfresh. worked for me and i was a virgin as well. he took it slow and easy and it was painless.
            http://www.wugfresh.com/dev/gnex-root-toolkit/ you can use the same tool to flash the JB ROM. just copy .zip file to SD CARD after following wugfresh instructions.

          • wickets

            thanks…that is what I landed up using to root….ok will go back to his page for jb…thanks a million

          • wickets

            Im officially jb’d. Thanks and yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

          • wickets

            took some xanax and tried again….rooted YAYYYY… now to go get the JB, the google and scotch versions

  • Larry

    Because I’m the “proud” owner of a RAZR, it is not possible to know!!!!

  • dsass600

    Google should be the name of the voice assistant. Like the actual name, similar to how siri is the name of that service.

  • mmeiklejohn

    jelly bean is so freaking awesome.

  • chuckfu

    So, I don’t seem to have Google now enabled. No card settings of anything. Is there a way to enable it after initial setup ?

    • chuckfu

      When I swipe up and open Google it say network error. Please check connections. I’m not sure if that’s when the call to Now is trying to be made.

      • warispeace84

        is your wifi on? if so its probably the wifi bug, just turn it off and use your data connection.

        • chuckfu

          Nope. No WiFi. I’ve tried 3g and 4g.

  • shr1k3r

    Does anyone know how to bring up the keyboard to respond to messages in the notification bar?

  • drewbie_al

    Here’s one that’s a small feature, but necessary for some games (*cough*shadowgun*cough* *cough*magic piano*cough*): You now have the option to block notifications from individual apps. Go to the app info page (e.g. Settings, Apps, pick an app), and there’s a check box labeled “Enable notifications.”

    Boom: no more ads for Justin Bieber songs.

  • RW-1

    Anyone care to comment on the corrected hi res contact pics? Yes!

    • Larizard

      THIS. Google has the balls to show high-def images on stage during the keynote, when GNex users have always been stuck with crappy contact images… and this issue has been on their boards for 3 years!

  • Matt

    I cannot find anything about Now tracking our music. Could you share some more details? Thanks!

  • How do you get your cards back if you swiped them away.. Lol, looks like I may be reflashing the ROM.

    • Havoc70

      They will rebuild themselves by using the phone, doing voice searches, using maps etc. I did the same thing and it took about a day to get some back

  • mattyb

    Just noticed little things like transition animations when hopping from app to appfrom recent app button. Also, animation + new button configuration in browser quick controls. Jelly Bean is such a fantastic upgrade from ICS!! Thank you Droid-Life & Android Developer Community!!

  • Chris Badalucco

    turn by turn nav voice is new and much improved. i assume its the same voice from Now.

  • Is anyone having an issue with capturing screenshots? I keep trying but it takes the pic and then says it can not capture it.

    • Jon

      No problems so far

  • Jeremy Martin

    @ tim-o-tato How did you get your status bar to say Verizon Wireless? Mine says T CDMA 64

  • fgonzo98

    How does the camera perform now with the STOCK camera app? I switched to ProCapture and now have amazing pics…the stock camera app didn’t do to well. Better??

    • For me it hasn’t changed in terms of quality. Although the interface is improved.

  • Jason Purp

    When typing in the Messaging app, if you press the uppercase key on the keyboard once and then press it again, you’ll have the option to do a line break (or whatever it’s called, same thing as pressing the “enter” button on a keyboard) instead of entering a smiley face. You can also just hold the uppercase button and the option will appear.

  • You guys also forgot that if you hold home you can quickly launch google now

    • Brian Calendine

      you can also just swipe up on the home button.

      • decaf

        actually anywhere on the dock (whatever it’s called) …swiping up on the back/recent buttons works as well, ad does anywhere in between them

      • bjn714

        And it is also available directly from the lock screen by swiping up.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      You sir, just made my day. Didn’t know I could do this.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    JB and yet ICS is not even fully out to phones and tablets yet.

    It truly is fragmentation hell any way you look at it.

    • That’s not google’s problem. I don’s see any fragmentation on Nexus devices.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        point out where I said it was Google’s problem? I’ll be waiting.

        Until you do that, the point of the fragmentation issue is so many OS systems running makes it hard for providers – hardware and service – to keep up and allocate resources. For example.. Asus TF201 can handle JB. But they will still be strugglinh with improving ICS when who cares now as JB is available so get on with JB. But they won’t they will continue to toil with ICS. And at the same time, the RAZR is just now getting ICS (for some), but now with JB.. ICS will be old news and providers need to constantly have teams to support at least 3 OS versions – GB, ICS, JB – based on floating around hardware they have.

        The Android OS is fragmented as hell. Period. End of story.

        • will bartlett

          so what?

        • will bartlett

          so what?

    • not if you have a nexus device. if you want that same “integrated” experience you get from an iPhone then get a Nexus, end of story.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        guess first maybe you need to understand what fragmentation is as it has nothing to do with whatever your going on about

    • if you want that integrated experience that apple touts then just get a nexus. end of story. i’d much rather have a native google experience than some half-baked 3rd party oem experience anyway.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        I thought your first response was “the end of the story” blah blah blah

    • bjn714

      Let’s stop with the f word, ok? Way over used and usually incorrectly used. When you buy a phone that is not a Nexus you are buying the OEM’s software in truth and not really buying Android. Sure it is based on Android but it isn’t truly Android. The Nexus line is truly Android and isn’t “fragmented” beyond hardware restrictions of older devices (unavoidable) and some delay in carrier approval for the Nexusish devices carriers sell due to technological differences in how the devices operate.

  • If you tap on a contact photo from their main contact screen, it will expand to show the whole image and also give you an option to change it without editing the contact.

  • Terrable

    I think I will be buying a GNex today on ebay. I was going to end up paying retail for one anyway so why not now? My Droid X with ICS is just not cutting it…way too buggy.

    • Jim

      no don’t. wait for this generation’s Nexus phone.

      • Terrable

        Will there be one this year? I figured since ICS launched along with the GNex and JB launched with the Nexus 7 that there wasn’t going to be another Nexus phone until the next version of android.

        • Jim

          I think there’s gonna be one coming with the source release or something. Gnex already has a last-generation processor (Not Tegra 3 or S4), it’s weird to think they would go with a tablet-only Nexus this generation.

      • Tony Allen

        I genuinely don’t think there is going to be one.

  • Knlegend1

    This almost make me want to go out and get the galaxy nexus lol.

  • is there a trick to opening up apps using google voice.

    • msnight04

      Do you mean Voice Search? Google Voice is an alternative phone/text system.

      • LionStone

        I’m sure he means Voice Search…not sure if it will with JB…I know on Vlingo, I just say “launch- Pandora” and bam.

        • Havoc70

          It does open it but you have to set the option to open/search app for some reason it isnt set to on by default

  • rmp20

    Anybody else having trouble loading sports teams in their card? My “edit teams” under settings is grayed out. Not sure what’s that’s all about.

    • Michael Forte

      Yeah same here.

    • Yeah, it’s been said in some other forums, that Now will ‘Learn’ which teams you like. I’m still waiting though.

    • Ugafan

      I searched Atlanta Braves once, and it automatically added it to my teams. I’ve tried with other teams but haven’t been able to get them to save.

      • tyguy829

        yeah seems like only some teams/sports/leagues are working. I’m a soccer guy and was trying to get it to find me Euro 2012 scores, and it just kept google searching…

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I just tried it… I see what you mean… I got it to work though after I asked about the Red Sox game and it showed up as a card EDIT became available (Yankees Suck)

      • I searched for the same team 10 times, and nothing……:(

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          I SEE what the problem is…. It doesn’t add teams that aren’t in season. Red Sox popped up just fine… Gave me the score and the time for the next game and opponent… When I searched Celtics and Patriots it just did a Google Search… I guess it won’t add unless the team is in season.

          • I searched Yanks and Red Sox, they popped up with scores but nothing got added.

    • TheDrunkenClam

      Reds fan here!
      I swiped up from the home button and opened Google Now. I said “Google” asked “what’s the score of the reds game?”. It replied, in a girl’s voice, reds lost 5 to 0″. Then aI asked “What’s the reds schedule” and it told me the next game. This experience is so cool. But it still hasn’t popped up with any sports cards in Now nor allows me to edit my teams. Tomorrow I’m going to head downtown on the metro (Washington DC) and see what kind of info it’ll provide. What’s storage to me is that it gives route info when it can tell you’re about to leave and drive somewhere, but what if you’re not going to the same place each time. And the example with the Thai restaurant notification route info it gave kellex in the morning… Not sure how that’s useful.
      Anyone else know ways to trigger the seri-like moments where it talks?

  • Shane

    Does anyone have any input on changes in battery life in JB? I’m not in love with it on ICS on my GNex

    • tyguy829

      Im getting ridiculously better battery life than any ics rom ive tried even with google now cards constantly active. No worries in this department

      • Chris M.

        Its been good so far, but I’ve heard varying stories.

  • ChristopherLeMeilleur

    “What’s Hot: Battleheart. Popular in your area.” Leave it to Google to be the good guy. MikaMobile already packed up their bags and said screw Android…

    • Tsabhira

      Was thinking this same thing. Great game, but the dev has taken a big crap on us.

  • enerjak

    How awesome would it be if Motorola released the Razr HD with JB instead of ICS. One can dream, right?

    • eddieonofre

      I have a dream…

    • How about they update all of their devices to JB first? I’m worried that I’m going to get screwed again really early on into my 2 year contract. They better plan to give the Droid 4 JB, or I’m going to jump ship, like I should have after they screwed me over as a D2 user with no ICS.

      • Anthony White

        Just flash JB onto it.

        • michael arazan

          Has anyone heard when they will update devices to 4.1?

          • ty

            Well they JUST pushed ICS updates to most RAZR users….so I’d say January? February? Although JB is closer to ICS than gingerbread was so maybe it’ll be sooner. Should’ve gotten a Nexus.

          • I’d look more towards mid-September for JB on the Razr/Maxx, coinciding with the release of the Razr HD (the spec bumps and on-screen nav keys should be enough to set it apart and drive sales, so the software bump on the older devices won’t hurt sales). The rest of Moto’s ICS-upgraded devices at roughly the same pace after that we see ICS roll out move forward. Motorola used to pride itself on its update portfolio/schedule, and we’ll see if they can get back on track.

          • Oh right, let me just buy the Nexus K, with the magical keyboard. Oh wait. None of them have a keyboard.

      • Long Johnson

        Should have gotten a GNex. Duh

    • Or if you just buy a Nexus as Google intended.

  • RedPandaAlex

    Fantastic to see the degree of control of Google Now. I have NHL Gamecenter and don’t always want to be told the score of an ongoing game if I’m watching it later, but I DO need reminders of when they’re going to start.

    • otter34

      Exactly!I record everything. I don’t want live updates. So I can tell it to just remind me the game is on?!

  • Droseum20

    Thank you for the article, just installed a few hours ago. How do you use the multiple picture feature? I don’t see it in the article, but I may have missed something.

    • bjn714

      You mean in the camera? Just swipe te viewfinder to the side.

    • From the camera app, swipe the screen from left to right. Then pinch to zoom out.

  • J.B

    Just flashed this from a AOKP rom, played with the new JB rom. Not really that exciting yet, maybe when a real ASOP rom comes out. Until then it’s a headache to get it installed, then everytime you reboot you need to clear the cache.

    • PC_Tool

      You are using an old version…

      No cache wipes needed on the latest versions.

    • Michael

      I’m kind of waiting for AOKP to get this, but might try JB out tomorrow/saturday

      • Jacob121791

        Go get it now. It is very cool….

    • yup! look for the update. its all working right now. i have been playing all day and the more i play the more i love. will miss some features of AOKP and will miss tablet more from paranoid. but i will not go back to ICS…

  • Michael

    can we get a video of how the “what’s this song” works? Also on the google now, anytime you say google it comes up? what prevents it for pocket searching when google comes up in a conversation?

  • jcdc

    The new quick controls implementation in the browser are nice!

    • bjn714

      Completely agree. No need for ICS Browser+ anymore. The animations look nice on the quick controls plus if you hold over each of the main options more sub-options come up.

      • MikeCiggy

        Now we just need them in Chrome

  • p_droid

    The big question: VanirBean or Vicious?

    • tyguy829

      Have tried them both. Getting better battery life and wifi performance on vicious

    • Anthony White

      VanirBean. That’s what I did.

  • RedPandaAlex

    For those with 10-inch tablets, I just set up an emulator with a 1280×800 device and it didn’t move the notifications to the top like the Nexus 7–they’re still in the bottom-right corner. Which is good because I was freaking out about what Jelly Bean might do to my poor Xoom.

  • Julio R

    I hope it gets ported to the OG Droid.

    • time to move on, man…

    • bjn714

      That may be a tall order considering even ICS is a stretch on the OG. The gnex JB is already 100mb bigger than most ICS roms so there would need to be some serious trimming required.

    • KleenDroid

      The OG was an amazing phone and it got a lot of us started on this journey. But its time to move up to a phone that is capable of taking advantage of the new software and all it has to offer.

      I’ve been running ICS for almost 7 months now and it’s great but Jellybean is nothing short of amazing! And even more awesome that the Nexus got it the day it was announced! Since you have an OG you will of course want to go with a Nexus or another equally unlocked phone.

    • Anthony White

      Haha! Dream on man!

    • warispeace84

      Gingerbread was a stretch, let alone ICS. Move onto the galaxy nexus and be happy.

  • Some amazing changes, notifications especially. More innovative than iOS 6 for sure.

  • blakjakdavy

    Long press a notification to go to app info

  • Braydon Meck

    I am enjoying the fact that I can back out of a messaging convo to view all sms threads, instead of being pushed back to the homescreen, FINALLY!!

    • sc4fpse

      Seriously? That has been a huge gripe of mine! Glad to hear it’s fixed!

    • That is interesting because that is according to the android app guidelines wrong. The back button is supposed to take you back to your last activity and never create a new one. The top left button in an app is supposed to take you to the next higher activity in an app, even if it requires creating a new activity. So it is wrong technically, even if it is nice.

    • Mr Waldo

      OMFG YES! I’ve always hated that

    • Weird.can’t we already do that.if I wrote someone a text.then hit back I always go back to all sms threads.actually takes a few backs for me to get to home screen.

      • Braydon Meck

        In ICS (or any other version of android) if you were to click on an SMS notification, and then try to push the back button to view your other messages you would be pushed back to the home screen, no longer the case in JB.

        • CoCoCalypso

          if you want to go back to all messages in ICS you push the icon in the upper left hand corner… instead of the actual back soft key

        • Maybe it’s a rom thing cause I’ve always been able to do it

          • no wait, NOWWW i see what you mean.

    • TheDrunkenClam

      When in a message, the top left corner there is the green mms Smiley face with a back arrow next to it. But I do agree it was annoying to not be able to press the actual back button

      • Braydon Meck

        I know but I could never get it through my thick skull to press that button instead of back,

    • Icon in upper-left corner to get to convos. If you click a notification for a message, back takes you to whatever you were doing before you clicked the notification, whereas when you press it after clicking a convo by opening the messaging app through a regular shortcut, that’s when you get pushed back to the list when you hit the back button.

  • brendan

    this is easily one of my favorite android versions ever. i think android 2.1 is my all time favorite though

  • Julian Coronado

    I’m getting the Galaxy S3 in July whenever Verizon decides to release it. But do you think the SGS3 will get JellyBean? It should but how would Google Now work if the home button is physical?

    • tyguy829

      Probably a double tap?

    • Michael

      they’ll figure it out. and the GS3 should definitely get it, you are supposed to get major updates per phone

    • tanknspank

      well the gs3 already has s voice, so I doubt it will get any of this google now stuff unfortunately.

    • PC_Tool

      Long-press on Home on the G’Nex opens the Google Now “dial-bar” as well.

      This should also work on the SIII.

      • Julian Coronado

        Alright. I guess. But I thought S Voice already used that?

        • PC_Tool

          I don’t think Samsung is going to have S-Voice *and* Google Now on the same device…it’d be a tad redundant.

  • One thing I noticed: Pictures load automatically in the GMail app now.

  • How about they bring back Facebook in the phone book !

    • Michael

      Facebook and google have differing opinions on the contacts thats why it’s not included.

    • yong

      There is a sync option in the settings to synce facebook

    • Raven

      Try SyncMyPics.

  • jeesung

    the carriers need to skip ICS and update from GB to JB

    • Honestly, ICS is kind of a necessary step. It provides a stable code base that they’ve been working with for a while now, and makes the transition that much smoother. That being said, I’m fairly certain that anything that got ICS will have no problem running JB, so I’d expect the lion’s share of those devices to be upgraded. Hoping the new “light” skins adopted by OEMs will speed the process along.

  • Amenemhat1

    I think I am going to wait it out about a week. But man is it going to be torture not to put this on my G-Nex now…

    • Mapekz

      I have it running on Toro and it is perfect. I’m about to go test 4G out as wel.

      • 4G is working perfectly. Will test WiFi when I get home. If it works as well, there is no reason not to flash this. Everything works perfectly!

        • bjn714

          Not quite perfect but pretty darn close. It takes varying amounts of time to boot past the Google logo (multiple times in excess of two minutes to get to the boot animation) and then I tried to lock it after playing for an hour or so without adding any apps yet and it just froze and then rebooted after a minute or so. Then every time I tried to lock it with the power button it did the same thing. So I went back to AOKP for a few weeks until source drops. But overall it is quite good on the VZW Nexus.

        • WCDave

          WiFi works, as does 4G. WiFi tether, on the other hand, does not.

          • Yes it does it worked for me just fine

          • WCDave

            Indeed, the native wifi hotspots works fine after a restart

    • tomn1ce

      I’m on the same boat, I usually don’t root my device. Who knows when VZW will bring JB to the G-Nexus….I think I’ll be rooting my G-Nexus for this update instead of waiting for VZW to act on it….

      • If Google/Sammy was able to get a stable build to VZW about 3-4 weeks before I/O, there’s a small chance they could hit the Mid-July rollout with the rest of the Nexus devices. VZW has a lot of ‘splainin to do after the 4.0.4 debacle, hopefully they’ll get their act together.

    • Wyveryx

      no need, this thing is running like…well….like butter! I’ve tossed it up on my cdma version and it’s only improved my experience.

  • TrevorSP

    I can’t wait for a RAZR ROM! 🙁

    Hopefully DroidTh3ory pumps one out quick 😀

    • subiedude85

      Crack flasher… Although I feel the same way.

  • youngnamlee

    Today was a good day for G-Nex owners!

  • ddevito

    Tim – do you know how to tell it to add a calendar appointment?

  • They still haven’t gotten rid of those 3 dots in the camera app, huh? Outside of that JB looks amazing, especially with the speed improvements.

    • bjn714

      You mean lights out? Where the status bar disappears and the nav keys turn to dots? How should it be done? You still want to be able to get out of the app, don’t you?

      • Absolutely. I don’t mind the status bar disappearing, but fading the nav keys would be a better options than turning them into dots. I know what the keys are, but not everyone remembers.

  • droid

    i have jellybean, but don’t have the “what’s this song widget” where did you get it?

    • ddevito

      the widget is called ‘Sound Search’

    • Trent Folan

      I’m also missing it.

    • manomanoman

      it’s called “sound search” in the widget list

    • droid

      thanks guys! Guess I missed it.

    • Ntegrity

      Did you disable Currents, Books, Google+, etc?If so, “enable” them till the widget shows back in the drawer. Just worked for me…

  • ddevito

    Been rocking JB since last night. Let me tell you this is not a small update. It’s awesome.

    • WCDave

      Just backing up my ICS before i do a full wipe and install v3.0 – i’ve looked through the forum with the versions on it – have they addressed the key issues (Atm) such as lack of LTE, wifi issues, GPS issues? I’m in no way expecting them to be fixed (it’s an alpha, and I’m giving it a go – that’s what the Nexus is for) but I’m just curious as to what exactly works, and what doesn’t, in 3.0?

      • ddevito

        well…the issues you describe appear to be radio related, so I would say that this is code only, perhaps whenif Verizon creates new radios those issues will be addressed.

        But I do not (nor have not) had those issues

      • everythin seems to work on mine except for foxfi

      • Not for me i’m using Team Liquids build and no problems at all here.