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Fully Working Verizon Galaxy Nexus Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROMs Already Available

If you were a seasoned Android user watching the Google Keynote yesterday where they announced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, you had to be thinking “when will I get this on my phone?” Google said “mid-July” but some of us just can’t wait that long. Late last night, developers jdkoreclipse and Team Liquid were busy porting a nandroid of 4.1 on a GSM Galaxy Nexus over to Verizon’s, and it’s working.

The file is flashable through ClockworkMod Recovery, but fully updates you to Google’s next OS with all the features intact. The new Google Voice Search, the “buttery smooth” transitions and everything that was announced yesterday is running smoothly on the phone. A full wipe is recommended before flashing however so you might want to make a backup before hand. Get yourself some Jelly Bean at the link below!

Via: RootzWiki [2]

  • Man, we barely have CM9 on my D4….

  • Should I flash this or should wait for the “mid-july” update? Will that be OTA by Varizon or hosted on Google Server and we’ll have to flash ourselves?

    • spickle

      JB will be sent to Verizon mid July but who knows when Verizon will ok it. i’d flash now

  • going hard

    seems like theres lag to it, ill try rebooting though

  • I’ve been sitting here for the past 10 minutes looking at the “X” logo. Does it normally take this long on first bootup?

    • going hard

      me too man, mine just finished, wish you luck

      • Thanks, it finally went through. Now to play the restore game.

        • Flat_Stanley

          How long did it finally take? I’ve been waiting ~7-8 minutes and I’m super nervous. I’ve never done this before.

          • Sorry for the late reply but it took about 15 minutes. Hope yours went through ok…

  • going hard

    hows the battery? did it improve to anyone?

    • tehserver

      It seems to have improved for me. Normally I have to plug my phone in about 13:00 due to poor signal where I work, but it’s still at 50% as of 12:19. I’ll have to do more testing when I have consistent signal for conclusive results.

  • upr0ck

    Google now isnt letting me edit my teams. I am on jelly bean v2.1 and anyone notice running hotter than normal?

  • Flat_Stanley

    Given all the newly available toolkits, etc., is the Droid Life Guide to rooting/unlock the GNex up to date? I’m thinking about taking the plunge…

    For reference, I’m talking about the stuff here: http://www.droid-life.com/2011/12/15/galaxy-nexus-roundup-ice-cream-sandwich-tips-bootloaders-extended-batteries-day-one-thoughts-and-more/

    I will be starting from ground zero. I have NO experience with rooting/unlocking, though I’m very tech savvy. Most of the resources on the internet are scattered and go out of date quickly.

    • easiest way to root GNex IMO:


    • billy routh

      Yes it is. Don’t use a one click method, take a little time and follow the directions on Droid life and the links to the other sights, its not hard by any means. It sounds like it is but once you get started its a breeze.

  • MrToTo83

    This runs great on my Nexus!

  • chandler

    not sure what i am missing, i am rooted. i downloaded the file, do i need to rename it?

  • Geocranium

    Alright so I flashed the TORO 4.1 update, and I’m having wifi issues like everyone is saying.

    Is there a fix for this?

  • Johnathan Denney

    Has anybody figured out how to get apex launcher to work with 4.1?

  • Christopher Quan

    After installing jellybean I got an email from the android team telling me to enjoy my HSPA+ nexus. Note I’m using a Verizon nexus

  • duke69111

    Adobe Flash appears to be working on 4.1.

  • going hard

    guys im scared to but should i root my phone and flash that 4.1 rom to my vwz nexus? im scared but i know verizon will let me down with updates >.> probably postin in the wrong place to

    • SeanBello

      you already should’ve lol…I can’t imagine your pain seeing all this awesome stuff flying around and not having it!

      • going hard

        im about to unluck the bootloader and im nervous as hell man

        • SeanBello

          don’t be. you have a huge community to help. right now you’re the equivalent of being thirsty in an oasis.

          • going hard

            ive unlocked not sure to try and back up or delte the stock revory file so i can cwr

          • SeanBello

            always backup 1st. then CWR. you have the touch version of CWR right?

          • going hard

            no, lol i wish. when im about to back up it says its going to replace an img so adb can work, not sure what to do. should i let the toolbox replace it? can i get another stock img incase things go bad?
            btw im partially using the toolbox and the steps from this page

          • SeanBello

            hold on, I’ll get you a couple links.

          • going hard

            thanks man

          • SeanBello

            no doubt

          • going hard

            so ill make that nandroid, right?

          • SeanBello


          • going hard

            i have to root it first >.>

          • SeanBello

            I thought you were already rooted if you were trying to make a backup lol

          • going hard

            lol i didnt root because toolbox said if the roms im trying to flash have root, then you can skip this step

          • SeanBello

            Here, follow this step by step. You can’t go wrong: http://theunlockr.com/2011/12/14/how-to-root-the-samsung-galaxy-nexus/

          • going hard

            i think i got the hang of this

          • SeanBello

            awesome! this part is a one time thing too. after you’re all rooted, it’s crazy easy, and it’s a much faster process to restore all your stuff now. if you have a lot of apps already, the 1st app you should d/l is titanium backup.

          • going hard

            alright, will do lol

          • SeanBello

            well yeah, but after that and before you flash a new rom. it takes hours to let google re-d/l all your apps through the market after you flash. it takes about 10 min through Titanium. after you’re all rooted and you do your backup, d/l these before you flash a new rom:
            Titanium Backup: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup&feature=nav_result

            Rom Manager: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.koushikdutta.rommanager&feature=nav_result

            SMS Backup & Restore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.riteshsahu.SMSBackupRestore&feature=nav_result

            And a file explorer that has root access. some people swear by Root Explorer. I prefer ES File Explorer. Astro File Explorer is another option.

          • going hard

            thanks man your a life saver 😀 just got done with the nandroid, might backup efs because its reccomended. also i have to delete some coding so that cwrt stays when i reboot

          • SeanBello

            awesome. are you going with the new JB rom or AOKP?

          • going hard

            i wanted to try hd revolution, but ill go with jb since theres almost no issues

          • SeanBello

            make sure you flash that zip that fixes the wifi issues.

          • going hard

            thanks will do. havent been that nervous since my eris, thanks for helping me man

          • SeanBello


          • going hard

            ill install busybox so i can nandroid >.>

          • going hard

            what do i backup with titanium?

          • SeanBello
        • SeanBello

          ps: unlocking the bootloader is by far the easiest part

  • Justin Mack

    Alright stupid question, with missed calls you have the option to send a message, i use Google Voice and the first time i went to use that feature I was given the choice what app to use, well I goofed and used the stock SMS app. Any clue how to reset that?

    • Junior

      Go in to “Manage Apps”. Select “SMS”. Scroll down to bottom where it says “Clear Defaults.”

      • justin mack

        I did try that
        initially, and for some reason it did not clear it, luckily I had a backup from like 5 minutes prior and I since loaded that up.

        • justin mack

          Well it would help if i actually scrolled down enough to see “clear defaults” and not just clear data…

  • Wyveryx

    Joygasm! It looks and runs like a champ!

  • WCDave

    Argh… 3% download at 54.1KB/s? I can’t wait another 1 hr 10 mins!

  • duke69111

    Just stumbled upon this by accident. If you go to settings, about phone, and tap on Android 4.1 rapidly, a picture of a jelly bean pops up and and Says Android 4.1 jelly bean. Kind of neat.

    Loving this rom so far. It’s really sleak and runs well

    • Larizard

      long press on it, and fling jelly beans away!

  • cknight91

    Can someone write up some quick easy steps on how to do this the correct way for me and anyone else having trouble remembering? Haven’t done this in a while and am forgetting 🙂 I am currently unlocked/rooted running aokp toro milestone 3 and have titanium backup/Rom manager installed. Thanks!

    • Amenemhat1

      First step is get AppExtractor (the paid version). After backing up your ROM and successfully installing the 4.1 ROM, you will be able to pull in all apps and data, including call log, SMS, MMS, WiFi passwords, etc.

      Steps: 1. Download ROM + Gapps (if necessary, not sure yet) to phone, 2. Use CWM to a) backup current ROM, b) wipe data/cache, c) install new ROM + Gapps**, and 3. use AppExtractor to quickly port all the app data from your recent backedup ROM.

      Good luck!

    • 1. Nandroid backup from clockwork- most important
      2. Backup all your apps, I use mybackup pro
      3. backup texts calls if you need to (sms back & restore/ call log backup & restore)
      4. Reboot into clockwork
      -wipe data
      -wipe cache
      -advanced–>wipe dalvik cache
      -mounts and storage—>wipe system
      5. install jellybean
      6. ???
      7. profit!

    • duke69111

      Here you go. No warranty is given and you do it at your own risk.

      You can figure Titanium backup out on your own.

      To Flash – Real Quick

      1. Open Rom Manager
      2. Click reboot into recovery
      3. Use the volume keys to select backup and restore, use the power key to select
      4 scroll to backup with the volume key and choose backup
      5.when the backup is complete, click go back,
      6. then select mounts and storage
      7 then select format system, then cache, then data.
      8. Once its wiped, choose go back, then install zip from sd card, (need to have already download the file to the internal storage.)
      9. choose zip from sd card
      10. then select the file you downloaded to the internal storage to install.
      11. Reboot and hope you didn’t screw up.

    • cknight91

      Thanks for the replies, everyone.

  • Flashed one last night…. LOVE IT but tether was not working… decided to go back to ICS and had HORRIBLE boot loops… not even nandroid. would fix. ended up having to reset to stock and unroot to start over again. I am scared to go back.

  • SoCoolCurt

    wow that’s impressive and seriously tempting. i’m going to wait for an AOKP version though and a compatible franco.kernel for the battery life. looks great though.

  • lulz, it was for the

  • MrToTo83

    Ohhh how I love Android!

  • do we have to flash a gapps package or is it included?

  • Christopher Quan

    buttery smooth is a damn understatement

  • Houston

    hey i’m noob i just did a nandroid back up and i’m about to clear the cache and stuff when i do this, will I still have my pics etc..???? especially after upgrading to jellybean

  • does anyone else have an absurdly low wifi connection strength? Also I haven’t been able to lock on to 3G or 4G yet.

    I’m using the liquid rom.

  • bholc

    Do Netflix and goggle play movies work?

  • It works great too! Amazing fluidity!

  • Micah Gemmell

    So…. there should be roms for the samsung galaxy s3 by the time the verizion version actually ships, right? I almost wish I got the nexus… for this reason alone…

  • Link below looks to fix the wifi issue for Liquid.


    • ^—- Came here to post this… worked like a boss. +1

    • Geocranium

      Okay so I downloaded that and such, but how can I flash it?

      I have ROM manager, but whenever I touch “reboot into recovery” nothing happens.

      • reboot into recovery, install zip, choose zip, confirm, reboot. If you can’t reboot into recovery you’re doing something wrong.

  • ndeer2

    Wiped and installed but chrome wasnt installed or the defult browser?

    • It’s default only for nexus 7 (I believe), but you can still d/l and make it your default.

  • zulu208

    is tethering built into this rom?

    • Sean Lally


      • zulu208

        excellent! I can’t try this rom if I can’t tether to 4g. read people weren’t able to get 4g so will have to keep reading.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Amazing. So happy.

  • vitriolix

    WHA? NICE!

  • Steve Edholm

    So fast! I love this thing. Very easy to flash. Sad I am only stock for now, but I can’t imagine it will be too long. Damn this is awesome

  • Mike_Cook7

    Hey Apple, GFY! Android and its community is by far the best.

  • davinc1

    Would this work with GSM?

  • itsjustmehere

    plz help me, I really want to flash this, I am unlocked and rooted on stock 4.0.4, if I flash this will I still have root? and if I have any issues could I flash back to my 4.0.4 nandroid backup? thanks in advance

    • PC_Tool

      Nandroid, flash (jdk or liquid), and go.

      Shouldn’t be any more difficult than that. If you have issues, restore the nandroid.

      • Kenneth O’Byrne

        Haven’t tried restoring a nandroid myself, but it seems in the topics some people had problems reverting. I suggest backing up you’re SD card in case you have to revert to stock. You can however do this after you have JB. If a nandroid fails you may just want to try flashing fresh JB and connect to comp or send a nandroid to google drive.

        • PC_Tool

          My “sdcard” is always backed up…isn’t everyone’s??

          AS for restoring nandroid: Just did it over lunch.

          Wipe/factory reset – format system – wipe dalvik: restore.

          Seems to have worked. Can’t say it’ll work for everyone though…nandroids can always be finicky.

      • Larizard

        I have question. I just rooted my Gnex with the steps here:


        but now i think i got temporary root access. not sure.. I got ROM Manager installed. I tried to Flash CWM recovery from the app, but it stops after the progress bar completes and gives me a “an error occurred while attempting to run privileged commands!” message.

        Any idea what I did wrong?

        • PC_Tool

          Use WugFresh’s Nexus toolkit (v1.4). It’ll help make this process much easier for you.

          • Larizard

            Thanks for the reply. I figured out the problem. The su.zip I was using was outdated (1000+ kb), so I never got temp root.. lol. Found out that the newer su.zip was about 600kb, i pushed that to the /sdcard/ and got root!! 😀 I felt so smart. lol.

            Yea, I found WugFresh’s toolkit, but nothing beats learning it the hard way, xD I’ll do that next time.

            Another question though. So people are suggesting to do a full wipe before installing JB. Is this how you do it?
            1. wipe cache partition
            2. wipe data/factory reset
            3. go to advanced and wipe dalvik cache

            Power off (rather than reboot)

            If so, then what after powering off? thank you so much, i appreciate the help. 🙂

          • PC_Tool

            My steps were simple, though I was already unlocked/rooted. (VZW Galaxy nexus)

            I started from CM9 7.1 RC.

            I rebooted into recovery (I have CWM Touch Recovery).

            I selected Wipe device/Factory Reset
            Then Advanced – Wipe Dalvik
            Then Mounts and Storage – Format System

            I then installed Vicious JB (Liquid).

            I rebooted (it took a while).

            I did *not* restore any backups nor allow google to “backup or restore” my device.

            I installed my apps manually (I have them all copied from /data/app to my desktop and install them via WugFresh’s toolkit)

            I played with it for a bit, rebooted a few times, and then went back into recovery to install the stock kernel from the same thread as Liquid’s JB rom.

            Let me know how it goes…and good luck!

          • Larizard

            cool thank you. I’m not so sure what you mean about not letting Google backup. do you mean, you didn’t sign in with your Google account? Why not? i’d rather sign in, though. Will that cause any problem with JB?

            Also, what’s the difference between the stock kernel and the one that came with Vicious?

          • ok – I am rooted – and did the backup – now…. how do I flash the JB Rom…. I assume its simple, cannot find instructions anywhere?

          • Larizard

            Just doing it right now. I’m gonna follow @PC_Tool:disqus’s steps he mentioned above. Let me know how yours go.

          • Larizard

            Hey, thanks for your help!! I got VanirBean running!! 😀 I have one last question though. What do I first? Do I do a Titanium Backup? Do I need to do a Nandroid too? I just wanna know what steps I have to take before I can just enjoy Jelly Bean with reckless abandon!

            PS: This thing is sooo buttery smooth. Google wasn’t kidding at all!

          • PC_Tool

            Don’t restore apps. Install them all manually. sucks, but JB handles the /data directory differently, which is why so many folks are having trouble.

            You can nandroid your JB install for sure.

            AS for your earlier questions of stock vs vicious kernel, I just wanted something stable and reliable and stock does the trick…and I really haven’t seen the need for a performance boost. 😉

          • Larizard

            Cool, thanks for the heads up. I am using VanirBean though, and so far, I did not have any issues at all, even of I chose to let Google restore my apps. Only issue I have is the Tumblr app not letting me scroll, but it seems like that’s the app’s issue not my phone.

            I just found out that VanirBean v5 is running the Popcorn kernel. No idea what that means, but I know it’s not stock. lol.

            One thing I noticed is that VanirBean came with SuperSU, which I’m not sure how different it is from Superuser. I have them both installed on my phone, and I’m guessing they do the exact same thing? My guess is that SuperSU came with VanirBean, while Superuser was automatically restored by Google backup. What do I do? do I need both, or can I just uninstall Superuser?


          • PC_Tool

            YEah, you should be able to uninstall Superuser.

          • I am having this issue, where do I get the updated su.zip?

          • Larizard

            I found it in this forum. It’s on the third post in the thread I believe.

    • quiklives

      Yes, this is rooted.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Android dev community, you guys are the coolest!

  • SD_Scott

    I cannot express how thoroughly impressed I am with the new voice search…

  • pezjono

    Rocking it right now. It really doesn’t look THAT different to ICS, but the differences are behind the scene. It really is MUCH smoother and I have yet to play around too much with Google Now, but I can see some good uses for it. Be warned, WiFi works, but it is known to be a pretty weak connection across the board. I too am experiencing it.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Hey since the Moto phones are rooted with ICS on them like the RAZR Bionic, and D4 can this version of Jelly Bean 4.1 be flashed to those too. Will it work? Has anybody tried it yet? If not, can you? Worse case it won’t install right?

    • RoadsterHD1

      Anyone have an answer?

      • Gr8Ape

        worst case is the rom won’t boot, or loops, or goes bonkers. at that point, just reboot into recover and reflash your backup

      • TROLOLOL

        yea you can. I just tried it and it worked great!

      • Why would you think a GNex rom would run on a moto phone?

    • Tyler

      It will not work. ROMs are phone specific even a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon cant use a ROM for a Galaxy Nexus on AT&T or Sprint or T-Mobile. Worse case is it will bork your phone up.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    What an awesome DEV community.
    BTW, the coverage on this site had been top-notch. I applaud thee, droid-life.

  • PC_Tool

    Running Liquid’s right now…I suppose it may be too early to tell, but has anyone tested both?


  • teejaycard

    I’m getting a lot of force closes with many of my apps. Mainly the one that I use the most NFC Task Notification for my NFC tags.

    • Futbolrunner

      JD or team liquid?

      • teejaycard

        Team liquid. I figured it out. Secure settings only works with a CM9 or AOKP rom and I’m trying to get the 4g toggle to work. But still when I go to delete a Tag it comes up FC. So I’m guessing I’ll have to wait until they make a Jelly Bean rom huh? Kindof new to all of this ha.

  • sickpuppy

    Noob here. So you have to be rooted to do this? Never flashed anything to my g nex. A little nervous. Too bad verizon wil Make us wait on 4.1

  • Andrew

    Just flashed Team Liquid. This thing is smoooooth

  • When this gets AOKP…….my phone may never see another ROM again.