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Fully Working Verizon Galaxy Nexus Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROMs Already Available

If you were a seasoned Android user watching the Google Keynote yesterday where they announced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, you had to be thinking “when will I get this on my phone?” Google said “mid-July” but some of us just can’t wait that long. Late last night, developers jdkoreclipse and Team Liquid were busy porting a nandroid of 4.1 on a GSM Galaxy Nexus over to Verizon’s, and it’s working.

The file is flashable through ClockworkMod Recovery, but fully updates you to Google’s next OS with all the features intact. The new Google Voice Search, the “buttery smooth” transitions and everything that was announced yesterday is running smoothly on the phone. A full wipe is recommended before flashing however so you might want to make a backup before hand. Get yourself some Jelly Bean at the link below!

Via: RootzWiki [2]

  • fes

    Whats the best jellybean rom for galaxy nexus

  • JamieB

    this rom did not work for me, I get error “can’t open /sdcard/romname.zip (bad) Someone may want to check this out.

    • CJNex

      I’m getting the same problem

  • achaff86

    I can’t edit my team in google now, has anybody else had this problem?

  • JustinRadice

    Has anyone flashed v7 directly over v5. Would doing that wipe my info, apps and data?

  • Hey Droid-Life, can you do a short comparison of different Jelly Bean roms out there right now? It’s really hard to tell which one is currently the best, has the most bugs, or has added features.

    I’m currently on VanirBean, because it has battery percentrage, but that’s the only reason. Should I switch to Vicious or Jelly Belly?

    • ojaymayo22

      AMEN! PLEASE do this droid-life!

  • Christopher Saroka

    Couldn’t add “Team” in my favorite teams. Also couldn’t type email address in Swiftkey settings. Buggy, but was fun to try. Butter is real!

  • cknight91

    This worked for me but the GPS/Navigation bug is too big so I restored back for now 🙁

    • Same here. Loved how smooth JB was but issues with GPS and network/Wi-Fi connections have me back at ICS for now. Think I’ll wait for the official OTA.

  • cknight91

    Is there a build that includes a fix for the GPS/Navigation issue yet?!

    • Michael G

      Hope one comes out soon. I don’t use my Navigation too often but when I do, I need it bad. Such as yesterday when it showed me driving about a half mile OFF the road I was on. lol Glad I’m not the only one. Luckily I found my destination.

  • Matt

    i have a little problem with my galaxy nexus from verizon. i just installed the zip from clockwork and it is stuck on boot animation for jelly bean. i think i might have messed up i didnt do a factory reset. would this affect it? how long does it take it been about 10 minutes?

  • OTA on Jelly Bean in july? … this year ?

  • regbs

    Thanks for posting this article then neglecting to include links to the actual files. Why help your readers when you can leave them no further along than when they started? Nice news flash, Eric: “4.1 dropped today, but I can’t be bothered to provide my readers with anything useful like a url.” wtf

    • PC_Tool

      Links to rootzwiki are provided at teh bottom of the article…would you like them to hold your hand as well?

  • Kristopher Boddie

    This update is awesome! Very stable and smooth!

  • xxdesmus

    Tethering didn’t work and it updated my baseband …that was a pain to downgrade. Couldn’t restore to my previous backup either. JB looks amazing though.

  • onlineguy

    wiped everything and flashed viscous stock jb and stuck on google screen any thoughts

    • spickle

      boot loop. same thing happened to me. i pulled the battery for a few mins and it fixed it for me. this was after i wiped and redid it 6 times before i tried it.

      • Bigsike

        I am still getting a boot loop every time I reboot. It’s very odd but every time I power down it will boot loop twice then finally boot up. I can’t figure it out what’s causing it.

        • spickle

          yea i still can’t either. but since it’s working i haven’t tried to reboot.

        • achaff86

          I can’t get it to boot up ive tried 3 times by pulling the battery but still nothing

  • spickle

    i’m boot looping. before install i wiped/cahce and was fine. i rebooted and now i’m boot looping. i wiped/cache and restored my backup and are still boot looping. help would be lovely right about now. 🙁

    • Bigsike

      Same here mine boot loops twice before booting correctly.

  • spickle

    i’m boot looping. before install i wiped/cache and was fine. i rebooted and now i’m boot looping. i wiped/cache and restored my backup and i’m still boot looping. help would be lovely right about now. :insert sad face here:

  • jonnyrock

    Got this on my phone through Wugs Gnex Toolkit yesterday and it’s working great (haven’t tried wifi).

    BUT, Lightflow isn’t working? It has su permissions and everything…

    • Bigsike

      It’s working for me 🙂

  • spickle

    i’m bootlooping. i wiped/cache and are now bootlooping. i wiped/cache again and restored the backup and are still bootlooping. help will be lovely right now now. 🙁

  • SeanBello

    anybody else having problems with the ringtone picker? when i choose “system” to select a system ringtone, it opens up my file explorer at the root of my SD card

  • name

    So is the razr getting this at end of July or an I dumb

    • you probably an dumb.. :

    • but more seriously.. you’ll be getting it towards the end of the year.

  • Firemedic

    What do you mean Jelly Bean? Im still screaming for Ice Cream!!

  • Done and done. Had never rooted before but took my time, did some research and meticulously followed all the steps in the WugFresh RootKit. Downloaded the Zip, installed using CWM, making sure to wipe cache. I only had the “X” boot-up screen for about 4 minutes? Everything seems to work flawlessly. Awesome!

    • Southrncomfortjm

      Thinking about doing this tonight. No sense waiting around for VZW to get around to sending this out.
      Did you have to back everything up and then reinstall afterwards? Or were all of your apps and widgets preserved?

      • I backed everything up in Root Toolkit, but have not reinstalled, only because I don’t mind having a clean and minimal phone. Contacts, calendar, and e-mail are all synced through the Google account, of course…

        So far I’m loving Jelly Bean. It’s super smooth and fast. My only complaint is that the battery seems to drain faster than with ICS.

  • bluesrocket

    I believe, using my past experience with VZW, the official VZW update for my VZW Gnex should be available in December of this year.

  • Southrncomfortjm

    New to rooting, so pardon the ignorance. Would I have any issues if I root now but want to go back to official Jellybean when Verizon finally rolls it out? I’m not interested in using root specific software, just want to use Jellybean.

    • spickle

      you can root flash JB then unroot. but i’m pretty sure when the OTA JB from Verizon comes out you’d have to be on stock 4.04 to accept it.

  • jose espinal

    Can someone please point me the way on how to flash this into my phone sorry I’m a newb so I would probably need some manuals lol

    • spickle

      read down in the comments, it’s there.

  • Andrew

    Jelly bean is sick. VerizonG-Nex 4.1

  • I followed the directions for unlocking, rooting, and flashing. After rebooting the phone is taking a while to boot up. It has been about 20mins. Should I wait it out or take action? The screen is showing the multicolored X with the colors flashing, but hasn’t gotten past this point. Any info is appreciated.

    • You might want to try formatting your cache partition.

      It also doesn’t sound like you have followed the directions on the forum pages correctly.

    • tehserver

      Pull the battery and turn your phone on again. This seems to be an issue with these roms. I’ve done the factory reset and wiped everything, but it will still take a few minutes to boot up.

  • Larizard

    okay running into problems. I got my Gnex unlocked and rooted. installed ROM Manager from the market, and im trying to flash CWM Recovery. When I tap it, it asks for the model and I pick “Galaxy Nexus (Verizon)”. The progress bar goes off, but then right before finishing, it stops and says ROM Manager is not responding. Help please?

    • bluefolder

      Had same problem with ROM Manager freezing up right there.

      Exit out of ROM Manager and clear it from your multi-task list. Go to Setting -> Apps -> Running -> ROM Manager. Then make sure to stop it from running and close it down. Then try ROM Manager again. First 2x it didn’t work, but third time I tried to flash CWM Recovery it finished running and was fine. No idea why the freezing happened, but if its just a hiccup, who cares?

      Haven’t gone on to install Jelly Bean yet. Just happy to finally have a phone that’s rooted so I can backup my apps.

  • Jackson

    Boot animation soo sleeeek

  • OreoMan

    Holy crap Jelly is quick!

    • Jackson

      Hell yes it is omg

  • Jackson

    Sooooo smoooothhhhh

  • Diablo81588

    Man, that was fast. Hope there’s a MotoNexus around the corner 😛

  • cknight91

    Umm, so I just tried to install the Vicious Liquid build. Rebooted into recovery, created a backup, then wiped data, cache and dalvik cache. When I clicked on mounts and storage to wipe system, my phone is now just showing the android dude with the blue circle thing spinning….and just keeps spinning…for about 10 minutes now. Anyone know what the issue is???

    • Jackson

      you did flash it right?

    • tehserver

      Sounds like CWM disabled your home/power button. Press it again to get the screen back and then you’ll have to use the volume buttons to get it enabled again. CWM says something below the menus when it happens, but I can’t remember what it is.

  • Larizard

    How big is this file? I’m on public WiFi and its going 0.1 MB/sec…

  • dean2359

    ok guys im kinda new at all this. I downloaded this and its super fast and smooth. My question is can i use my original rom i was running previously “over” this? Do I simply just flash the rom againwhile retaining the 4.1? and what about the gapps,do I need to reload them too? Thanks

    • SeanBello

      no to all of that. it’s not possible and gapps are included in this.

      • dean2359

        Thanks ,I guess I’ll just have to wait for the official version so I can use my favorite rom on top of this.

  • walter guevara

    How do I get screen shots and the reboot into recovery features back?

  • mr.blurryfingaz

    Everything works pretty well for me. But gmail and YouTube keep force closing. Any ideas?