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Download: Official Jelly Bean Wallpapers – Installable App Included

Goodies time! Our buddy @kovdev grabbed the new and official Jelly Bean wallpapers and tossed them together in an installable app for you all to enjoy. If you were looking for the next beautiful wallpaper pack, this is most definitely it. Google, doin’ big things in the wallpaper game. 

Download:  JellyBeanWalls.apk

Download to your device and then install as you would any other non-market app. Give a shout out to Dave when you can too.

Cheers Dave!

  • I think it is wonderful wallpaper.

  • You can find the application on Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kov.gallery.jellybean In addition, you can also download Jelly Bean live wallpaper from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.androidwasabi.livewallpaper.jellybean

  • Just okay…..Not so good.

  • Juan


  • EatUrCrap

    Love the wallpaper on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus, feels like JellyBean already!
    Haha but seriously, I really hope I get it the same time as the other Galaxy Nexuses.

  • AndrewScottRox

    Pretty high “meh” factor.

  • Akashshr

    Motorola Wallpapers are just awesome! These are not that great

    • Azn_Android

      I find Moto wallpapers to be very gaudy… that and they clash with their UI pretty badly.

  • nightscout13


  • Jonathan

    I’m still wondering when my razr is getting ICS. lol

  • James_Kernicky

    Upload it to Megaupload…wait what?

  • Detonation

    Here’s a zip of just the image files for those that would rather put them on their sdcard than have to install an app:


    You might notice files named wallpaper_06 and wallpaper_07 are skipped – the apk didn’t have these.

    • Those missing numbers weren’t included. Your guess as to why is as good as mine.

    • Awesome. Downloaded these onto my Gnex, and used the gallery photo editor to increase the shadows to bring out some more black (for battery saving purposes as well as looking cooler) and man these look great. Nice and clean. Thanks!

  • impact

    Honestly I don’t think these wallpapers are that great. Very dull..

    • theineffablebob

      I love them. Very stylish and abstract.

      • michael arazan

        Thank you for the post

        • John

          And thank you very little for you post.

  • Is the wallpaper from the leak a few days ago available anywhere?

    (this wallpaper)

    • jstew182

      Yes please! I was really hoping it would be part of the package!

    • I didn’t see that one included.

    • Hehehehe… Thomas Kwammus. I know you in real life. That is funny.

  • eddieonofre

    Jelly bean is almost out and I just got IceCream Sandwich on my bionic,

  • Steve Koch

    They’re all ugly.

  • Neat.

  • And there goes the server. Sorry ya’ll. Looks like Tato switched it over though.

  • Tony Harper

    Sooooooo when can we expect to get JB on the Nexus Galaxy???

    • TheWenger

      Verizon or International?

      • kretz7

        Is that a serious question?

      • Travillion

        Definitely international. Will most likely take Verizon another few months at least.

    • sc0rch3d

      google said in the keynote that the OTA update would be out mid july. personally…i’m following JBQ on twitter. 🙂

      • What in gods holy name does Jean-Baptiste Quenot have to do with anything?

    • GSM, mid month. VZN – 3 months. AOKP 3 days?

    • When Google drops AOSP for it?