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Verizon Kills the Data Usage Widget Days Before Family Share Kicks in, We Hope They Have a New Solution


For reasons unknown, Verizon has decided to kill off the Data Usage widget that is included in the My Verizon app. Over the next couple of days, users who have the app installed will be notified that an update will remove the widget from their phone, but that they can remove it themselves today, if they’d like. It’s a puzzling move because Share Everything will be here in 2 days, which means people will need to know the current status of their data usage now more than ever. In the mean time, they are recommending that you dial #DATA to track usage. 

Data Widget Sunsets on 6/25

Beginning 6/25, Verizon Wireless will no longer offer the Data Widget. From 6/25 – 6/27, users will be asked to update My Verizon Mobile. Once available, customers will receive a software update which will remove the Data Widget from their device and they will be unable to re-install it.

Customer Experience/Notification

Beginning 6/25, upon touching/selecting the Data Widget, My Verizon Mobile will launch and display a pop-up window with the following message:

“As of June 25, 2012, the My Verizon Data Widget will no longer be supported. We will send a software update to you when it becomes available. At that time, the widget will be automatically removed from your device.

If you prefer, you may remove the widget from your device now by touching and holding the widget to move it to the red remove section on your screen.

To check your data usage, visit My Verizon Mobile via the App Tray or dial #DATA.”

Ways to Track Data Usage

Advise customers to visit My Verizon Mobile or dial #DATA to track their data usage. Visit the My Verizon Mobile InfoManager topic for details.

Before we all start in on the, “Here we go again, Verizon trying to screw us over!” stuff, let’s give them a chance to release a new way to track data. I can’t imagine that they don’t already have something in the works that will be introduced on Thursday or shortly thereafter. Since Share Everything plans are quite the change, this current widget probably won’t work any longer, hence the reason for killing off this current widget.

Update:  They do have a new widget on the way. As we suggested, the old one won’t work with Share Everything, so they needed to create something that would.

Cheers Robert, Ross and everyone else!

  • Aron

    There’s a new 3rd party set of widgets on the Play Store now called Verizon Usage Widgets.

  • mel

    Ummm thats because the data widget monitors YOUR phones data usage and with share everything, the data is shared. You can still check usage on my verizon mobile or set up data alerts online so you dont even have to worry about it.

  • marballe

    Unknown reasons? What about: killing the data usage
    widget so that people can’t easily track their usage, which lead to
    extra revenue on overage charges.

  • DW

    Didn’t Verizon know they were changing their data plans? You would have thought they would have updated the software to correspond with it. Oh wait…that would actually take some thought to do something for the Verizon customer. SMH.

  • Michael

    can we ban this person?

  • bigden75

    The data widget only tracks the phone number its on not the whole account.

  • Jack Coleman

    So? droid razr + ics = data tracking in settings > fugly widget.

  • Ricky

    Probally because they know people will see how fast their data is being used up with that new Family Share plan.

  • Verizon: “Whent over your limit bro? *trollface* “.

  • Flyehard

    Mine actually stopped working about a month ago.

  • aaCharley

    I was commenting to a friend about the use of the WiFi tether hack that bypasses the neeed for a hotspot plan. He told me that his phone was able to tether now using the app included on his DroidX2. So I tried the standard included app on my DroidX. It worked without getting the notice that I had to contact Verizon to subscribe to more data service. That was a surprise. We both have the unlimited data plans.

    • skeet

      been doing this for months

    • capecodcarl

      Doesn’t work on my HTC Rezound’s Mobile Hotspot. Just pops up a window saying “Warning: If you would like to subscribe to Mobile Hotspot/Mobile Broadband Connect, call: Consumer: (800) 256-4646, Business: (800) 899-4249.”

  • jer85008

    They could easily let people use the same one if they are not on the share everything plan. Suck it Verizon. Glad I took the ICS leak for my Rezound, at least I can set a cap for my data so I don’t end up getting “Verizoned”….

  • r0lct

    I think that twitter feed just lists people’s names as they get moved to the new plans

  • Shadowcell

    I don’t understand the nature of this article. I’m not seeing this “update” to remove the feature and my data widget is working fine. Is this affecting all android smartphones or just ones running ICS?

  • Al

    So with share data they bent customers over. Now they just tossed the lube out the window. Verizon no es bueno.

  • duke69111

    I can’t even get the My Verizon app to let me login, it keeps giving me username and password do not match. I can go to the main site and login with the same details with no problem.

  • Cutting back the amount of data you have, then not letting you know how much data you’ve used. The beast it’s hungry. It won’t stop till it has all your money. Why is our economy doing so bad? Hmmmm, I wonder.

    • MoneyTalks

      Don’t blame Verizon! We, the customers, are allowing this to happen. Does anyone believe that if ALL the folks who can upgrade now, decided to use a flip phone instead of a smart phone that it wouldn’t force Verizon to re-do their plan? Money talks, people. It will not get any better until enough folks don’t upgrade, go to a non-data plan phone ore leave Verizon (if there is a better alternative). As long as the customer base pays whatever Verizon demands then we haven’t seen the end of this! Think about what happened with NetFlix. They demanded more for less and the people left them in droves. Even though they agreed not to do all their plans, they still have not regained their full market share they had before!

  • cmonnats23

    Real reason for removing the widget: To make you it hard for us to keep track of data used and unknowingly spend MOARRRR!

  • Oh yeah, they have a solution all right: To charge you an overage fee. {{-_-}}

  • yellowcanary73

    My question is why this was not already done before the change over to shared data…..

  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    who cares, unlimited data, don’t need no stinking data widget.

  • i’m guessing they are working on a family widget,so each person will see the total that the family has used so far

  • jhardy93

    Verizon is really trying to lose me as a customer.

  • bakdroid

    Why does anyone care on this site? Everyone has already bitched about the shared data and said they are going to buy off contract. So this is a non-issue. Seems like people on here are just bitching to bitch since there is no GNex or Moto articles for people to hate on.

  • MikeCiggy

    Soo every other developer just works on there application and then updates their current version with a push. Verizon needs to shut down their existing app to get ready for the new version. Pretty ass backwards.

    • CORYK333

      Welcome to VZWs world……….

  • enob

    Mine is still working, even if I tap to open it. There is no update in the play store either

    • JoshGroff

      “Over the next couple of days, users who have the app installed will be
      notified that an update will remove the widget from their phone”

      Wait what? (direct quote from the first paragraph of the article.)

      • enob

        “Beginning 6/25, upon touching/selecting the Data Widget, My Verizon Mobile will launch and display a pop-up window with the following message:”

        • JoshGroff


        • JoshGroff

          Lol, although, it does say “beginning 6/25” we all know how long it takes for VZW to roll stuff out.

      • enob

        lol I guess it does contradict itself

  • nsnsmj

    Yeah it sucks, but if you have an ICS device, you will still be able to have a better look at your data use, unless of course, Verizon takes that out of settings.

  • I haven’t been able to use the my verizon app for months because it’s it needs a login app that’s no longer on the market so this doesn’t bother me at all.

  • justsomeguy

    chill out with the language dude. this isn’t uncutAndroid. You could’ve still made your knee-slapping comment by easily swapping a few letters with some symbols to clean it up a bit.

    • bakdroid
    • droidinmind

      He must be P!$$ED!!

    • Mike

      Now you’ve gone and offended Ned Flanders.

    • John

      Welcome to the internet.

    • shehippie

      …..you mad bro?

      • SolipsisticPsychologist

        ….you unoriginal filthy hippie?

    • michael arazan

      Well a lot of people are P.O.’ed about the new tiers with the minimal amount of data, plans should have started out at like 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 gb data for family plans. Verizon designed it to make people go over limits. And they don’t have a great track record with keeping their apps running well either after changing them around.

  • chey023

    Maybe they are delaying the share everything plan. hahahahahahahaaaaa

  • Fakerjs

    Just disable auto updates for the application and. Don’t update it manually.

    • skeet

      hell yea thats what i did

  • Kevin Park

    Maybe an indication of ics update on every device.. since it has its own data usage feature….


  • Sp4rxx

    That’s the live twitter feed

  • The Ogler

    Settle down. It says it right there at the end (or everyone stop reading?):

    “Advise customers to visit My Verizon Mobile or dial #DATA to track their data usage.”

    It’s just bundled into My Verizon now. The same as it always was. If you were silly enough to get screwed into the Share Everything plans, then your penance should be a few extra clicks anyway. Not everything needs a widget.

    • Sp4rxx

      Agreed. But it is nice to simply look at your screen and there it is without having to click through the app. With multiple lines, you have to choose which line to see first before it displays the info you need.

      • Nick S

        The widget is nice, indeed. I just trained a few family members to use the widget to gauge their data usage to prevent overages (Netflix being a major culprit). Hopefully Verizon comes out with something similar to it.

        First world problems, I know lol

  • Brett R

    Hasn’t worked for me since 5/16, so I’m not too worried, pos app.

    • Shadowcell

      It’s not really a stable live widget so at times you have to actually go into the app for it to update.

  • Angry Customer

    My guess is because of the share everything plan, maybe to hard for Verizon to figure out how much data is being used between different devices on one plan…

    • Trueblue711

      If they can track it for billing purposes, there’s no way they can’t just pull the same data that their billing systems log and report it through the widget.

      • capecodcarl

        Maybe the data they’re using for billing purposes and the data they want you to see are two different numbers.

  • RCCola85

    Hey guys, they pretty much already addressed this on Twitter:


  • They are removing it of course, they will update app later with a newer way to support the shared data…. keep flaming people

  • mecevans

    Uhh Why cant they just update the current app?

  • IdBeMad2

    Of course they are going to remove that before the shared plans come out…. They are relying on people’s laziness to earn them some extra money. I haven’t used # anything since flip phones were the big thing…. The best thing about it is they are going to make a killing off of it cause people wont do #data……Love my unlimited!

  • mecevans

    Sometime Q4 2012.

  • Jason Brown

    it doesn’t seem that it will be that bad and that vzw is working on a newer version:

    “At first it may seem like some crafty way to trick customers into going
    over their data limits on Verizon’s new Shared Data Plans; however,
    luckily that is not the case. Apparently, Verizon is coming out with a
    new/updated one very soon to replace the old one. This new one is
    designed to work specifically with their Shared Data Plans, and will
    apparently work with older plans as well.”


    • That’s all well and good but why is that new software not ready for release with the new Share Everything Plans? Nobody can answer that.

      • duke69111

        The only thing Verizon can release on time is price and plan increases. 🙂

        • SolipsisticPsychologist

          Damn straight! Duke nailed it on the friggin head!

    • Or better yet, why disable the old one before the new one is ready?

  • Ted

    They probably do not yet have a way to track individual phone data usage vs. shared data usage independently, and if the widget only provided tracking specific to your device, then it would present a false impression of what you have available if others on the plan used data also. You’d run out without knowing it, and they don’t want to get blamed.

  • YourFriend

    I bet Verizon will disable the data watch setting on ICS too so people will go over their data limit.

    • Sp4rxx

      Did you sprinkle conspiracy spice on your cheerios this morning?

      • Al

        I know I did.

  • Liderc

    Anyone else feel like verizon is run by like a 3 year old baby?

    • Named Stewie?

    • will bartlett

      3 year olds arent babies…

      • Liderc

        technically until 3 they’re babies, then toddlers.

        So maybe he just turned 3?

        • Cheese

          wrong…a 3 year old is not a baby….

          • Liderc

            “The term infant is typically applied to young children between the ages of 1 month and 12 months; however, definitions may vary between birth and 3 years of age.”

            You lose.

  • How convenient! I’m not worried since I’m holding on to my unlimited data for at least 2 more years.

  • Jared Gould

    I would guess they are updating the app with a widget that shows all shared usage and don’t want people using the current one which will be inaccurate.

  • michael curtis

    I can’t belive Verizon is really doing all this, anyone still sitting out front of wall street should move over to the Verizon building

    • whodoyothink

      anyone sitting out in front of wall street needs to get a life. Smelling up the street in front of a Verizon building isnt going to solve a thing

  • Lame…

    They could at least replace it with a shared-data compatible widget.

  • They claim to be releasing a new widget “in the future”. With Verizon “in the future” probably means 6 months or better. Why the new software wasn’t ready for the new Share Everything Plan rollout is shameful really.

    So basically they’re making a money grab via overage charges because 99% of the population won’t log into their Verizon account to check their usage and 99% of the population doesn’t know about #3282.

  • I’ve had to rely on this more than ever, because I swear that the past few months have somehow been eating more of my data than it used to. This is after almost completely stopping the use of spotify, and being on wifi as much as possible. (Unfortunately through an accidental update to our family plan we don’t have unlimited anymore)

  • I agree with not crying “wolf” just because they’re killing off the only accurate way to track data usage (the built-in feature in ICS is not the same as getting usage directly from Verizon), I’m hoping that a new My Verizon app with a new widget that tracks shared data usage account-wide in near-real time comes along, or the new plans will be nearly unmanageable.

  • faber

    Here we go again, Verizon trying to screw us over!

    • Hah 😛

    • slops

      this app is probably being replaced by one tooled to track the shared data. i doubt they’re going to do away with the data tracker completely, that wouldn’t be a good move at all, probably open them up to some sort of legal shenanigans.

    • I am currently running ICS from the soak — the Data Widget functions fine. What the heck are all of you whinning about?

      • michael arazan

        What about everyone else who isn’t on data sharing ?> F them? For those w/o ICS 4.0 and aren’t on data share are going to have to go to website and log in every time to track usage?