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Reminder: Verizon’s Share Everything Plans Launch This Thursday

Whether you are ready for them or not, Verizon’s Share Everything plans will be here this Thursday, June 28. Most of you are probably thoroughly schooled on them at this point, but we wanted to take one last opportunity to make sure you are all up to speed, since this move by Big Red marks a drastic change to the wireless game, one that other carriers will likely follow in the near future.

What are Share Everything plans?

Think of them like the family minute and text plans that you have been a part of for years now, but for data. With a Share Everything plan, you purchase a bucket of data at a flat rate for your whole family to use, just like you did with minutes and texts. You no longer have to buy individual smartphone or feature phone data plans on Share Everything. Deciding which plan will best suit your family is the key here, which requires some analyzing of the amounts of data you are currently using.

How are they priced?

The tiers are as follows:  1GB for $50, 2GB for $60, 4GB for $70, 6GB for $80, 8GB for $90, and 10GB for $100. Along with a data tier, you also have to factor in your “per device” cost which is $40 per smartphone, $30 per feature phone, $20 per Jetpack, and $10 per tablet. Mobile hotspot is included with Share Everything at no extra cost as it pulls from your data bucket. If you would like more than 10GB, you can purchase extra 2GB add-ons for $10 a piece. If you go over your data bucket limit, you are charged $15 per 1GB overage.

Minutes and texting are unlimited on Share Everything plans, so your only worry is data usage.

You can read more about pricing at our step-by-step guide to selecting a plan.

Can I keep unlimited data? Do I have to switch to Share Everything?

Yes, you can keep unlimited data. No, you do not have to switch to Share Everything. We wrote up an entire detailed post on this scenario of keeping unlimited data that I recommend you read.

Should I upgrade now?

Maybe. If you want to enjoy one last discounted (subsidized) price on a phone and keep unlimited data, you have to upgrade before June 28. If you upgrade after at a discounted price, you will have to change your plan to either a single person tier (2GB for $30) or join a Share Everything plan. Further details on upgrading now, including Galaxy S3 pre-orders, can be found at this post.

What if someone on my family plan upgrades after Share Everything is live?

While I have yet to get a definitive answer from any higher-ups at Verizon, it is my general understanding that you can always choose something other than Share Everything as long as you are a current customer before June 28. If you are in a family plan now and one of your lines upgrades after June 28 and chooses Share Everything, it will not affect your line. From what I have gathered over the last few weeks, you would not have to choose to join their shared plan. Also, if you want to upgrade after June 28, you can choose between a Share Everything plan and an individual tiered plan starting at 2GB for $30.

These are just the basics, but if you want fully detailed info about Share Everything, you can find it all at this link. We asked readers to tell us if Share Everything would save or lose them money, if they wanted to switch carriers because of them, and more.

  • jizzo

    If the main line on a 3 line plan has unlimited data can that be shared with all 3 lines or do you have to purchase a data package

  • Unlimited Text
    Unlimited Talk
    Unlimited 3G Data
    =$40 a month @ BoostMobile

    Yeah. I’m good.

  • Hating Verizon

    Craigslist is my friend. Son had a DX and I just got a like new Bionic for $130. It’s no Razr but for $130 it’s better than locking in a new contract with Big Red.

  • vega25

    I’ve got to say, kudos to droidlife.com for sticking to this issue and making it the subject of a number of posts. Personally, I appreciate that the website is taking an interest in making this whole transition to shared plans as clearly understandable for the many many VZW customers out there. It is relevant to my Android experiences as a whole, and I feel as if Droid Life cares about the issue and how it affects customers. Thank you.

    In the interest of full disclosure about the type of personality that I am: There are other Android blogs out there which I read, and some of them think that bluetooth headsets or the n-th phone case deserve as much coverage as this issue. I don’t get it.

  • StevieJobsJr

    Question about using upgrade to flip.I have a upgrade that i want to use. Which phone is the easiest and most profitable to sell? Also if i go into the store do I just tell them to leave it unopened and thats it?

  • Saraz2099z

    Can you guys believe Verizon is doing this?


    I mean how do they get away with it?

  • once again, another non negative post vanishes. . .

  • Willeminx

    ok, I bit the bullet and got me a SGSIII 32gb blue. I have a family share plan and a hubby who will upgrade his dumbphone, maybe, to the next iphone. I did not want to take a chance of losing my unlimited when he did so. (But, I have bought my last 2 phones, DX and Bionic, off Craigslist). Used my upgrade and $100 off. At least I have locked in, actually like my Bionic with the extended battery. Once ICS rolls in I’ll be happy, will list the SGSIII on Swappa and get me that big new Motorola Droid whatever it is with the big-ass camera. At least that’s the plan so far…I’d do the nexus off the play store but no CDMA and I’ve got kids to keep track of here. So, wish me luck…

    • JazzoRenee

      Sounds like a plan, Razr HD will be a great phone too.

  • so like an hour ago I pointed out that my wife and I, using less than 4G total each month with her incredible 2 and my x2, will actually save like 90 bucks a month on this system. And we’ll get free hot spot so I can cancel that on my xoom. Now the post is gone. Does this site only exist to bash Verizon or what? Because anything positive I post always disappears. . .

    • sododgy

      Your post didn’t disappear. Learn to expand to read more posts. I’m reading this entire comment section at 2:19 am (eastern) on 6/26 and I saw your previous post. Real talk, pay more attention.

    • JazzoRenee

      Droid-life wasn’t bashing it, but if you are not on a family plan, it is not as beneficial as Verizon would lead you to believe.

  • Lax77

    I finally ran the numbers for our 5 line, all smartphone, business plan… Looks like we are the minority that will be saving a boatload with the new plans. $550 down to $300 ish. I was ready to perorder a SIII to save my unlimited but now I’m holding out for the Incredible LTE with no worries.

  • I honestly think these plans are great for a lot of families. They include some great features that a lot of families have requested. Of course they will not work for everyone, especially a lot of people that comment on Droid Life. But I think this is a good step for VZW and them listening to what people had to say about their plans.

  • Bob S

    If it was $10-$20 per device, that’s fine…but $40 is way too much. That’s what I am paying now for an additional smartphone and this doesn’t save me anything.

  • my wife and I use less than 4 gigs per month on my x2 and her incredible 2. this system is actually going to save us like 90 bucks a month.

  • RJ

    Im keeping my unlimited plan ill just buy phones outright they cant force me to change

  • Jason James

    the people who use little data are you using 4GLTE? i just had 4G turned on in my area and my usage jumped a GB. are you guys factoring that in or no?

  • Will Rehse

    I asked a verizon associate yesterday about one of a family plan upgrading, and he told me they have the option of going with the current tiered system or going to the share everything themselves. the family plan is not forced to disolve

  • DroidCzar

    I know most are against the shared plans, but I think they are just poorly implementing it. The device charges are fine for the line charge, but I would have liked to see some data included (like 1 GB per smartphone, 100 MB per feature phone line). In my case, I have five lines (1 unlimited, 1 2GBsmartphone, and 3 feature phones. I pay $215/month for everything now (including taxes). Under the new plan, it would cost $170 ($40 each smartphones, $30 each feature) plus taxes (we’ll say $20). To add even 1 GB would bump it to $220 plus taxes, thus costing me more than the current plan without even matching the 2GB per smartphone that would be the minimum needed. Bumping up to 4GB would bring the bill to $240 plus taxes. Under my idea, I would have 2.3 GB for less than what I spend now. If I added 2GB more, than I would be paying $230 plus taxes ( a slight increase that I could swallow. It would also encourage the smartphone upgrade because for the $40/month you get a taste of data with it.

    I know I would consider more smartphone lines if there was a more reasonable option. Five smartphone lines using my current plan would be $305 (with 2GB per line allotted). After Thursday, it would be $300 (plus taxes) for the same 10GB allotment. Under my proposal, $250 plus taxes – I know they don’t want to save people money, but getting more people into 4G smartphones helps them out and encourages families to get smartphones for kids, etc. and at least feel like they’re getting a better deal, instead of being bent over a chair.

  • MRising

    I will actually save money on this plan. Just my wife and I. Both have Bionics. She uses around 1GB, I use around 2-3GB. So $80 for our phones and $70 for 4GB. $150 total. We are spending $165 now.

  • AntiJeff

    just came across a Sprint add featuring the *Phone 4s W/ UNLIMITED DATA

  • MentatYP

    Who else besides me panic-bought a Galaxy S III to beat the deadline?

  • Colin15

    Luckily Best buy just called me and said my Verizon S3 came in today.

  • yoohoo15

    I work for Best Buy Mobile. My Verizon rep has confirmed to me that after the 28th, if you are on a family plan and someone wants to upgrade, you have the option to keep your current plan “as long as it exists in our system.” This of course doesn’t apply to unlimited data since it’s just a feature, not a plan, but that at least made me feel a little bit better. An obvious disclaimer though, if after the 28th someone upgrades and wants to switch to Share Everything, the entire account will be converted to that. I foresee a lot of issues with authorized users changing the account around without proper communication with their account owners.

  • Ok, so I have unlimited data on my primary line (Rezound) and a 2nd line (OG DInc) under a 200MB data plan that is used primarily as my in-car GPS because I already have a mount for it. The Rezound is used as a data hotspot for the DInc in those cases. And yes, I’m too lazy to get a new mount and deal with repeatedly removing/replacing my Otterbox on the Rezound, at least at this point.

    That 2nd line has an upgrade discount available, so I’m trying to decide if I should pull the trigger on a 2 year tiered plan and get a new phone (+$10 per month extra), keep things the way they are until something really interesting shows up (like the Google Nexus tablets) or cancel the line altogether saving about $35 a month but possibly complicating things down the road if I want a new device but don’t want to replace my main line.

    The 2nd phone (if I get one) would likely be used as a test phone and put through the paces with ROMs and addons pretty vigorously, so that’s also a

    Any suggestions?

    • gilbert lardneck

      I got one, save your money. Unless your a dev there’s no need for a “test phone”.

  • Oh yeah, Verizon, got a nice new Droid 4, shiny, with unlimited 4G LTE. And I’m going to waste so much data, it’s not even funny.

  • Sp4rxx

    Actually the share everything works out well and is cheaper – i don’t understand why it’s such a hassle. My g/f and I both have smartphones and rarely hit 2-2.5GB each per month. So given the high side, we could choose the 6GB plan:

    $80 (2 smartphones) + $80 (6GB plan) = $160 Total

    Is that correct? Because based on the documentation pulled together in this blog entry above, that is a helluva lot cheaper than what we pay individually! Not to mention the corporate discounts, if they still will work. Heck, even if they don’t work anymore after this, it’s STILL cheaper.

    • sdcoiner76

      It all depends on the usage of the member of your family plan. In my case I would be paying $30 more every month on the new plan. Also, I pay about $160 a month now for 2 smartphones with (one with unlimited data & one with 2GB/month) and one feature phone. This is also with unlimited texting for all of the phones.

    • MentatYP

      Share Everything looks like it works out well for big talkers. For those who don’t need the unlimited minutes and texts and are instead bigger users of data (which I’d argue is increasingly the case) it’s a bad deal.

    • Sp4rxx

      [replying inline to self to address all]
      Then why complain when every smartphone nowadays has some form of wifi? Data tiers mean nothing if you are using wifi when you can.

  • Screwed

    $50 for 1GB? What are they smoking?

    • omar lopez

      Retarded pricing!!! I use no less that 3-4gigs per month alone not including what my wife and daughter use!!!

  • Raven

    Well, I guess it is full price phones from now on (or at least until my 5 year old daughter gets a phone and we need to add a line).

    So, that brings up a question. With this new share plan is it possible to have 3 people sharing 4GBs or so, but have one of the plans capped at only 1 GB a month? I know there are apps outside of Verizon (such as NetCounter) to track your usage, are their any with a parental lock to shut off data at a certain point?

    • Jason James

      get her an ICS phone that lets you limit it, plus verizon has an option to limit your kids data, minutes, etc. but it cost like $5/month its called “usage control” just look on their site second column row 4 on your main page

  • Seeing how some people commented without reading carefully before, you might want to consider rewriting “Yes, you can keep unlimited data.” I fear some people may think that they can keep their unlimited data WHILE sharing the data with his/her family.

  • master94

    This is why we need Google to create Google Wireless, all the carriers are trying to rape us for our cash.

    • omar lopez

      I would love to see Google Wireless. This would revolutionize the wireless industry.

      • michael arazan

        Google could start by buying t-mobile and upgrading/ updating it, since they already have a foothold in the market.

  • Butters619

    Share everything….but especially your money!

  • Maggs

    Can I add a line and still keep my unlimited?

  • FuckyColdMedina

    I just wrote and impassioned 1000 word response to this post and it got moderated out.
    I guess BRO.

    • Butters619

      I’m starting to think it’s Disqus and not moderation because it seems like a lot of people on forums that use disqus have been complaining that their comment was moderated out. But maybe they just don’t like you.

  • Buy the Rezound for $80 to keep unlimited data for 2 years and buy the next Google Nexus device for around $399. I think that’s a solid plan. Yes?

    • Who says the next Nexus phone will be $399 with Verizon LTE compatible not just GSM

      • Wishful thinking but based on their current price in the Play store, it would only make sense for them to keep the same price for the next.

      • Well, I ended up ordering the GNex with extended battery instead of Rezound because I don’t want another hefty phone like my Thunderbolt with the extended battery. I will root and install Bugless Beast, and I’m always nearby a wall outlet so I should be fine until, and hopefully, Google releases a Verizon LTE Nexus phone in the Fall.

  • Already bought and sold my SIII to help subsidize the next phone I actually want. No way I’m losing my unlimited data!

    • TheWenger

      Haha good idea. Piss off VZW.

      • Considering that it took me talking to 3 customer service agents to get my order right and working AND the fact that their CEO is basically on the record saying this change is meant to nickel and dime consumers, I don’t feel bad at all.

        • Where did he say that? Source please. (curious)

          • I can’t seem to find it right now, but I’m pretty sure it was either on here or on Engadget.

  • Shadowcell

    Haha. Yeah sucks to be on tiered! I got me a Droid Razr on Father’s day with unlimited data. Yep, stuck with an 8-month old phone for 18 more months…………forever………….*tear rolls down eye*

  • verizonFAIL

  • otter34

    If I’m not part of a family plan and have unlimited data now but want to upgrade after this date will I be forced into tiered data plan?

    • kyle

      Yes. If you buy phones at full retail, you don’t upgrade your contract. That allows you to keep unlimited data.

      • otter34

        Wow that sucks if that’s the only way

        • will bartlett


        • Jim

          Verizon Sucks Big Time

  • Aryeh Hersh

    My understanding is that when one line on a current plan upgrades, that line can either keep the tiered pricing (or move to tiered pricing if it is a first time smartphone upgrade), or the entire plan will move to share everything. The reason being that there really is no longer a “primary line” under the current nationwide plan. There is a plan for minutes, for example my plan has 1400 minutes & unlimited texts, and then we pay 9.99 per line plus 60 for unlimited on 2 smartphones. If one dumb phone upgrades to smartphone, or if a brand new line is added to the family plan then they have 2 choices within the current (nationwide) plan design.
    1. keep same minutes and just add data at the tiered rates.
    2. switch to an individual plan with tiered data or shared data.

    If the members on the family plan want to go shared then that is something that is totally separate from any upgrades. Even if someone takes subsidized pricing on their unlimited data plan, they WILL NOT be forced to the shared data, they will only be forced onto a tiered pricing plan.
    The same concept applies to dumbphone—>smartphone upgrades. If you do not CHOOSE to switch to shared data then the new smartphone will be on tiered.

    Everyone needs to remember that the shared data are overarching plans encompassing all the phones – they are a replacement for the nationwide plans. You cannot have some lines on tiered/unlimited data and some on shared, however I must stress again, if you do not actively choose the shared data you will NOT be forced onto them no matter what upgrades are selected.

    I hope this clarifies and alleviates some of peoples fears.

    • SixTen

      This post was very helpful to me. My family currently has 3 dumb phones + 1 smartphone with unlimited data. My parents are planning on upgrade and getting one smartphone when they are due for an upgrade in july so it will be 2 dumb phones + 2 smart phones.

      No one else has really explained what happens when part of the plan wants to upgrade, everyone seems to be talking only on getting their new 2year contract and phone.

      I hope this is true when I go in with my parents to get their new phones, so there can be 1 smartphone with 2GB of data, 1 with Unlimited, and 2 dumbphones all with the current pricing.

      • Edwin M

        Unfortunately, if all of the phones are under one bill, no matter what you upgrade, you will be forced into their new plan because you will be re-signing a new contract. If they have upgrades, use them now if you want to keep your plan that way, otherwise say goodbye to th e unlimited data.

        • Aryeh Hersh

          You are only resigning a contract on the one phone line, not on the overarching plan, and they will NOT force you onto the new plans.

    • Edwin M

      I think you have it wrong. Once you decide to upgrade a phone after they intro the new plan, the only plans available will be the share everything ones. That is the way the in store reps presented it to me anyway.

  • and if you dont want voice minutes from verizon, you can either pay full retail price or bring your own phone, and get 5gb of data for 49.99 on the device. Then choose use a voip like google voice to do your calls and texts

    • jacob

      youve never used google voice, have you?

  • I was told by a store employee, and by VZW customer service that you will never be forced onto a shared plan, and that if you lose your unlimited, you can move to a tiered plan.

    • The tiered plans are about equally expensive. That’s the issue here. Not being forced onto a shared plan.

  • serrastone

    Feh, I was considering getting the SIII when it comes out, but now that it’s been pushed back, I have a feeling that if I add a line for it- it’s going to cause all hell to break loose with my plan.

    • Ken Bosse

      I didnt think of that, I’m trying to add my girlfriend as a add a line on our plan, but it wont be until July 2nd..hopefully individual plans still work

      • serrastone

        Yep, I have 3 lines now from upgrades. 😛

    • If you pre-order, you keep your unlimited data.

  • So I have an upgrade that I will do in the Fall, both my wife and I are on a family share with unlimited data. She is under contract until Aug 2013, what happens to our plan if I upgrade and buy a discounted phone? Does it switch over both of ours and she loses her unlimited data or do we all go to the share? No one has answered this yet.

    • Just make sure to select an individual tiered data plan when you upgrade yours and your wife’s unlimited data plan should stay put.

    • If you upgrade after the 28th you will lose your unlimited data. You have 3 options. To keep your unlimited you provide your own phone at full retail. You can upgrade at a subsidized rate and not move to share everything but you lose unlimited and go to tiered data 2GB / $30. Or you bite the bullet and move to share everything and lose unlimited data.

  • ozoscar83301

    One question, it is my understanding that when you sign up for one of these sharing tears you can also turn your phone into a hotspot without the 30 dollar fee that there was before, the question is if you have grandfatherd unlimited do you get that feature after the 28th? or if after the 28th you want to have that do they still charge the $30.00 fee?

    • serrastone

      Much better free ways to do the tethering if you are on a custom rom. No way would I pay an extra $30 a month for something that should can can be free!

    • KleenDroid

      If you remain on your current plan you will pay the fee. Or root your phone and get it for free. You already have unlimited data so you may as well use some of it.

      • soremekun

        Don’t root. Use FoxFi.

        • SolipsisticPsychologist

          Yeah this would be great if it actually worked on friggin HTC phones, but for most like my Rezound, it does not work because of stupid HTC’s hotspot lock. And I’ve talked to the developer on multiple occasions, and he basically seems like he has zero interest in trying to break their stranglehold and get it to work for our phone’s. So phuck FoxFi.

          • ozoscar83301


        • Sp4rxx

          Doesn’t work on my RAZR …. rooted and got a great tether app!

          Go root!

    • ozoscar83301

      i already use a good app that works even if you are NOT rooted, i was just curious incase for some reason in the future this app would quit working

    • MKader17

      Yes, once you start a share plan with some other people you will be “sharing tears” as Verizon makes you pay more for less.

  • Danny stone

    I wonder if the unlimited minutes include calling to Canada? If they do it would save me money but I do not want to give up my unlimited data tho…..

    • I would be surprised if it included calls to Canada.

    • They don’t. Canada and mexico plans are unaffected for now.

  • Murphy

    C’mon Google…..please please please let your unlocked Nexus phones be around $400

    • Butters619

      Saying they will carry an unlocked CDMA/LTE Nexus…

      • After my contract is up with Verizon, I’m jumping ship. If El Goog can sell unlocked GSM nexus devices for only $400, that would be exactly what I’m looking for.

        • RAZR_FANN


          They do. And they’re only $399! They don’t have a CDMA/LTE version though.

          • wordword

            ..and they won’t. Don expect Google to sell any CDMA Nexi from the Play Store. CDMA is locked up tight. GSM is free as can be.

        • Butters619

          Are you going to go with a regional carrier, T-Mo, or AT&T?

    • Diordna11

      Careful….. The radio on the GNex sucks. Go with a motorola or you will be dropping lots of calls. If you gotta have a GNex get a GSM version on TMo.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Meh… only issue i’ve ever had is dropped data after long periods of streaming… I don’t have dropped calls ever.

      • azndan4

        Never dropped a call on my galaxy nexus. But the Wifi and Bluetooth module did stop working on my Motorola atrix. And my droid x had abysmal call quality.

      • areffes

        You shouldn’t assume every device has the issues that your specific one has. I’ve been using a Gnex for 7 months now and I have not had one dropped call

        • MelissaD

          Thats ‘because no one wants to call you.

      • KleenDroid

        Sounds like something you read somewhere so it must be true… lol

        I heard somewhere that Motorola phones have a locked bootloader. But I bet that’s true. :-*

      • ChrisTraeger1

        I see you Angelface77


  • watchthesky

    Debating which phone to use my upgrade on this week that hold its value best to resell later…

    • Murphy

      Duh, SGS3, not even a question.

      • serrastone

        Pushed back to somewhere between the 9th and 11th. =/

  • malowitz

    For those who preordered the SIII on-line with Verizon – when you click your link in the e-mail and enter your confirmation number (apparently the number called order number isn’t the order number) – is yours still “in progress” with no ship date available at this time? That’s what mine give me 8 days after ordering.

    • Yep, mine is the exact same way. And yeah, what’s with the order number not actually being the order number?

      • soremekun

        Just be ready with the astro glide.

    • i just checked mine right now…and no joke…the expected ship date for mine is 5/31/1772…didnt know one of the key features of the SGS3 is time travel

      • OreoMan

        I can’t imagine what George Washington and Benjamin Franklin would’ve done with a smartphone and Swype! They could’ve knocked out the Constitution in record time….sharing updates and thoughts via Google docs and IM!

    • Mine just changed to expected ship date of July 9th.

  • CORPORATE CUSTOMERS: according to my rep, this change will not affect us, at least not right away. That may change down the road. But my rep says not to worry, that our plans won’t change, and we will still be able to use our upgrades…..That being said, I have 3 upgrades left and am using all of them in the next 2 days, “just in case” (Corporate customers have 30 days to return phones and receive a full refund and the credit back). This will provide some flexibility. I recommend this to any other corporate/legal customers.

    • Raven

      What is the definition of a Corporate Customer? I have a personal phone, but I get an 8% discount on my bill and any Verizon purchases through my company. Will this help me any?

      • I am not sure. Do you have a verizon rep? If you do not then I would summarize you are not considered corporate. But I am just guessing here. 8% discount doesn’t sound like corporate (I get 22%). How many lines do you have on your account? I think part of the key here is you would need way more than 10, in my case 30 something. With 30 people, the share everything is basically unusable.

  • kevlar

    Will the pricing be the same if its an individual line?

  • znewman

    Just bought my wife a Rezound so that she can keep her unlimited data.

    • Reggie

      I did the exact same thing.

    • My wife’s GNex is on the way.

    • Edwin M

      I had an upgrade to use. I have the Rezound and my wife has the iPhone 4s and she doesn’t want to get rid of it. I figured I would use the upgrade to get the 4s and then flip it for profit. When I went to the store, they guy was trying sooooo hard to convince me to save the upgrade and that the share everything plan wasn’t that bad. Let’s just say I have my unlimited data and i flipped the iPhone for a $250 profit.